Welcome, you are on the St Patrick’s Branch of Hibernian Supporters, website, the historical home of Hibernian FC

This Website was launched on St. Patrick’s Day (17th March 2011) and is continually updated by our branch committee and members.

Hibernian F.C. was born within St. Patrick’s Parish (Cowgate) on August 6th 1875, we were first to wear the Green & White, we are and always will be proud of our history.

Our progressive branch will continue to work hard to uphold the ethos of our founding fathers.

We guarantee you a very warm welcome at St. Patrick’s Branch, Glory Glory.

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Hey guys, just renewed membership but i was wondering if i could get a new card? Mines is about to snap in two.

Hi All Members, anyone wishing to assist the HSA, specifically on door and steward duties, please contact HSA General Secretary Gordon McKinley.

To all members the 2024 re-affiliations is now open please complete by Jan 31st 2024 GGTTH

Thank you

Hi, I have renewed, was wondering if I need to do anything for my 13 year old or does that auto renew with mine ? Thanks

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