OK, we won, and scored a fine goal to steal the points, Livingston did sit in, often with 8 or 9 people behind the ball as a game plan but fundamentally Hibs did not play well, because Stubbsy and his backroom team made too many changes and and the 3 5 2 simply didnae work with the personnel selected. For me they paid Livingston no respect and nearly got a boot in the knackers for it. We played 65 minutes like it was a training game, and that is unacceptable. You are an honest man Alan, admit it when you get it wrong pal, we will respect you for it.

So to the team…

Oxley – Didn’t have to do much to be honest, other than to pick it out the net after a stooshie in our goalmouth with three minutes to go.

The three……….

Watson – I like the look of him, a good player who was involved through out tonight.

Fontaine – Best Hibs player, strolled through the game.

Hanlon – Big Paul actually did well tonight, he had to, which tells you a tale of where it went wrong.

Boyle – Played as a left winger, did ok first half and did the odd thing second, chucking in a couple of decent low crosses, but he is weak and easy knocked off the ball. Surprisingly, the match sponsor/ 12th man, Stevie Wonder, voted him man of the match.

Fyvie – Lively and hard working, he was decent through out the game, I like him.

Robertson – Scott genuinely does the unseen tidying up, he had to tonight and had a reasonable game.

Craig (Captain) – Useless, he took every dead ball, made an erse of most, passed it back constantly and slowed things down. Its like playing with a man down. I assume those applauding him when he came off for Stanton were doing it from the sheer joy at seeing him removed?

Stevenson – Played as a right half for those who mind that, not quite as great as he has been the last couple of weeks, but his cross was sublime for the 89th minute winner.

Cummings – Took his goal well and had a few chances to seal the game and missed them. Gets better every week though, I like Jason. Subbed for McGeouch.

Dje Dje – There is something about Franck, he is a decent player and his header to win us the game was a stoatir, one Alan Gordon would have been proud of. I do think him and Jase are too similar to play together though.


McGeouch for Cummings – I thought Dylan sped up our play and made us look more dangerous in what had been a pedestrian performance.

Stanton for Craig – Sammy made more forward passes in 10 minutes than Liam made in 80.

Nae Allan, Gray or Malonga?????

Stubbsys gang – As I said up top, I think we made an erse of it tonight, poor formation, wrong players, slow pace, lack of entertainment and disrespectful to Livingston. Not impressed, that is not the way I like watching Alan Stubbs’ Hibs.

Livingston – Plucky and came with a game plan that nearly came off. I reckon they might stay up, the have the nouse, just no luck.

Referee – Not too bad, given the shite we have seen this season.

Fans – Quiet and ehhh, missing. Under 8000 is not great, it was even a Hibs Kids game, on a school night???

Man of the Match – Liam Fontaine, he does things the right way.



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