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Falkirk 1 Hibernian 1

Usual rules apply, most of you saw the game on the box, with the usual different angles, replays and such like. My view along with the other 2000 or so Hibs fans was behind a goal in a freezing cold stand.

We plodded through the first half yet again, I dinnae have to type that line anymore, its just simply the case for weeks now. The second line is the same, it was frankly awful to watch. The third is the same again, we let them have too much of the ball and looked turgid and ordinary first half. James Keatings continues to mean we play with 10 men, he is hopeless and brings nothing to our team, nothing. The distinctly average Fraser Fyvie came back in meaning yet again Stubbs resorted to sticking two of our best players, McGeoch and McGinn so far out wide, nullifying much of what the two bring to our game, proven by the second half change bringing Henderson for Keatings and almost immediately McGinn and McGeoch have more of the ball and we look much, much better. I wondered what my Jambo mates were going on about when they said Keatings blows hot and cold, he was blowing today, out his erse, he has to be dropped. The other changes saw Jason Cummings back from illness, Dagnall was back on the bench, Gray injured replaced by McGregor and Gunnarsson was back onto the bench whilst Liam Henderson was benched again. It was awful first half, we have little or no cutting edge and Falkirk are spoilers who play for the draw, shameful for a team second top at home.

We started the second much like the first, but in removing Keatings, for Henderson we finally started looking like Hibs again. Liam Henderson again made the difference, he wants the ball, he can beat a man, he looks like he gives a shit, watch and learn. When Dagnall came on, he showed he has a decent touch and more desire than Malonga, who looked ehhh, cold, all game.

McGregor got some cracking balls in second half and we should have won the game really, with two decent chances missed by Cummings and a penalty that would be given all week at the Hunnery, when McGinn was fouled. Only we dinnae get them do we. As Alan Stubbs pointed out in an angry post match interview, John McGinn’s crime is honesty, he gets fouled, he tries to stay on his feet. As I said about Falkirk, they are poor, we should be beating teams like that, instead we are on the same points as them.

Darren Healy

The players

Mark Oxley did well, the goal was at the other end of the pitch, he didn’t seem to be at fault. He needs to catch instead of punch more often.

McGregor, did very well at right back, spend the first half almost as winger but got no service. Second half he did and made it count.

Paul Hanlon strolled through the game, generally does.

Fontaine did well today, he just needs to learn to head a ball properly in the opposition box.

Lewis Stevenson had a very good second half where he linked up with McGinn, McGeoch and Henderson particularly well. I said the same last week.

Fyvie is a funny one, he does so much well, then gives two or three easy passes away, Very frustrating.

John McGinn did little in this daft left wing role he is asked to play in, again I say that every week. The minute he was allowed to move more into the middle, he was part of the improvement in performance and had a strong last 30 minutes. I say that every week too. Learn to pull the trigger though John, you get in good positions you should shoot, we know you can, we have seen you do it.

Dylan McGeoch never stopped trying, I write that line most weeks because it is fact, same again today, especially when he finally got to play more in the middle. He, McGinn, Henderson, McGregor and Stevenson link up well together.

Keatings was hopeless.

Dominique Malonga was poor, the guy looked freezing and never got going whole game. He is truly an enigma.

Cummings scored a tap in after great work from McGregor, missed another just liked it and blasted it when he should have placed it with only the goalie to beat. He will improve with Stokes joins although it will be interesting to see two greedy bar stewards playing beside one another.


Liam Henderson, came on for Keatings after 65 minutes. For the second week in a row, Liam went on to have one of his best performances in a Hibs shirt and his interplay with McGinn, McGregor, McGeoch and Stevenson in particular basically allowed Hibs to rise their game and get a point. Well played son, you have earned your starting place back, that is the way to do it, I am impressed.

Dagnall came on for the icicle, Malonga and showed a deft touch or two, he holds the ball in well and will be a decent signing I think?

No idea the refs name, but he was pretty poor, Falkirk were there to get a draw, they kicked or threw the ball away at any opportunity, their goalie wasted time from early in the first half and he crapped out of given Hibernian a clear penalty, one he would have had no hesitation in giving Sevco.

The first half was gash, you sorted it again Alan, next week, drop Keatings and possibly Malonga, bring Henderson back in and introduce us to our short term striker and favourite son of Erin, Anthony Stokes.

Falkirk played for a draw, at home, when second in the league. That is pish.

My man of the match isnae easy as no one really shone above the rest. But one player quietly slipped into right back and had a good game, setting up our equaliser, nearly scored or winner and slotted Cummings in to win it but it was a bawhair out of the blonde ones reach. Well played Darren McGregor.

Over 2,000 Hibs fans in a 7000 crowd, shows just how big our club are, pity there was nae singing section, the support was flat (and freezing).

We need a killer instinct and to play for 90 minutes, strong second halves and the odd goal are not enough if we want to finish ahead of the Huns and Falkirk at the end of the season.

Glory, Glory.


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