B&W snow

Livingston 0 Hibernian 0

Usual rules apply, the majority of you saw the game on the box, with the benefit of commentary in Gaelic, replays and such like. Me and 1665 fellow Hibs fans sat in the snow, chittering watching Alan Stubbs Hibs at there worst, the players and management let us down tonight.

Hibs fans were buzzing (well our teeth were chattering) after hearing of the Huns draw at Alloa. This was our chance to get right up the Huns erkies. We blew it.

Back four was same as Sunday, McGinn and Henderson with Big Marvin at the back of diamond and Anthony Stokes never at the tip, with Dagnall and Jason up front. Very few Hibs players shone, indeed I thought Livingston played some nice fitba with 60% possession first half, just nothing up front thank Sauzee. We plodded and peed about but really were poor and missed real chance to sneak up on The Rangers International. Poor tactics, lack of changes that came too late when they happened, poor performances from players who should be trying harder and a complete lack of desire. Deary me.

The players

Mark Oxley gets pass marks most games as he has so little to do, today he flapped and fumbled, wasted time we never had and miss kicked so much I thought it was Pa Kujabi in goal.

Gray was ok but he disnae get passed a man enough and when he does his crosses are of mixed quality.

Darren McGregor challenges well, he gets stuck in but he was another one that flaps about too much.

Paul Hanlon again challenges well but he too flapped too much and let a pretty duff forward give him a bit of a hard time.

Lewis Stevenson simply cannot beat a player, ever. He delays his pass, cut backs and too often takes the sting out of any attack.

Marvin Bartley, had a fantastic 70 minutes, really head and shoulders above most of his team mates. Last twenty he was blowing out his not inconsiderable backside though.

John McGinn had a McGinn doing very little out on the wing for the majority of the game. Nae McGeouch, we need out best ball player in the middle. The times he did he offered so much more.

Liam Henderson started well but drifted out of the game.

Stokes started at the top of the diamond and first half had plenty of the ball, but as a natural goalscorer, we need him doing just that, given his two colleagues further forward were so poor.

Jason did very little, which is something I am saying too often. We cannot afford passengers, he was a passenger most of the game. He is off form just now.

Dagnall done a Keatings, indeed he could have been Keatings, wins his place and did nothing to keep it. I dinnae want hard workers up there, I want goal scorers.


Kevin Thomson came on with 20 or so to go, replacing Dagnall and did ok, which was not enough today.

Boyle came on for Jason, missed kicked it once, miss-passed it once and did nowt else, well how could ye, when you are brought on with five to go?

Keatings came on at the same time as Boyle, for Henderson had a mazy run and nowt else. Too little, wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too late Stubbs.

Alan Stubbs has us salivating most weeks, today we were spewing. Your three striker tactic didnae work, you took to long to change something that wisnae working. That was guff Alan and today, for the first time I realised we will not win this League, we missed the chance today.

I felt Livingston played some nice football, especially first half and gave us a game. Not bad for a budget of thruppence and two juice bottles.

The referee did everything in his power to ensure the Huns result woulnae matter, well done ref, you succeeded you duff twit.

My man of the match today was easy again, Marvin Bartley was immense for 70 minutes for a second week in a row.

Rubbish Hibs, absolutely RUBBISH!


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