A big thank you to all our 2020 reaffiliated members, see our membership report. Also including some member’s questions answered.    

Dear members  

Just a further thank you to everyone who reaffiliated to the Branch for 2020, we can report our re-affiliation membership from 2019 into 2020 is 450 members.  

With the reaffiliation timeline closed, we will now look at our waiting list of new members and progress these applicants. Our new members will be permitted up to our maximum of 505 members, you recall this cap on membership put on all branches in 2018, (our membership in 2018 was 505).    


During the reaffiliation period a large number of members, still angry with the Hibernian Supporters Association (HSA) handling of the January EGM, had asked what our Branch’s current relationship is with the Executive Committee of the HSA. We should also point out a number of members were so angered and although wishing the branch well have decided not to reaffiliate to the HSA.  

Therefore in response;  As you will recall having collated the required 50 signatories we demanded an EGM of the full association last year, this was to debate and force a vote on a democratically raised and agreed branch motion.  As you will also recall when the EGM took place in January with over 100 association members in attendance the HSA Executive chose to close the meeting without due debate or taking the all-important and required vote, this vote to conclude whether our motion would be carried or indeed rejected by the full Association membership. This was seen by both your committee and our branch members as a rejection of the democratic process.     

Your committee then reported that following the EGM we were approached and offered a meeting with the HSA trustees, to discuss the full situation? We consulted this offer with our members at our next full branch meeting late January and our branch agreed that we would accept the offer for further discussion. In early February we were informed by the HSA the meeting may take time to arrange, this was the same response at Februarys delegates meeting however at the most recent March Delegates meeting, March 5th, we have been informed the meeting will not now be progressed by the HSA. 

We fully understand those members who have decided not to reaffiliate to the Association and we fully support their decision. We are also proud of the numbers who have decided to pay their 2020 contribution and wish to support the branch going forward, our current stance, therefore, remains to continue where every opportunity allows calling for a democratic response and conclusion to our motion set out at the EGM 

We also understand from the delegates meetings that there are some possible planned changes to the various HSA office bearers this to be announced at the HSA AGM in May, your committee would point out that despite our obvious differences especially on the outcome from the EGM, and despite the normal truths and untruths of what St Patrick’s have said or done, we can clarify to our members we have always credited all HSA office bearers with the hard work they put into the Association and like all members of the association, we will work to support a democratic and transparent HSA.   

For anyone unaware of the motion put forward at the EGM, please see our website within the member’s page under the meeting & minutes section.  

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