Just back and its just too many changes Neil…………


By Sauzee that was frustrating. It would be easy to blame Livingston, but really it was all our own fault. Poor team selection by the Management, some piss poor performances from established players and you cannot miss a penalty in the way Flo did. Tactically Livi, like the Hun filth, came prepared and did well to earn their point, it might have been three. We chucked in too many laddies, some brilliant, some very good, some not good enough. They have an excuse, they are boys trying to do a mans job.

For me Milligan was poor, Slivka was invisible, Boyle was rotten then started trying with ten minutes to go, just not good enough. Thank Sauzee for Ryan and Efe, they are a joy to watch, Adam Bogdan is a good keeper, Daz gives his all and Hyndman has something, although upper body strength and shooting practice needs worked on and Flo cares, how he is benched in place of young Allan is beyond me. To start with the team he did start with was disrespectful to a very decent Livi. They are a fitba team, laddies playing against them is not acceptable. Too much thinking about who to rest, not enough about how we might win a game. Dropping Lewis Stevenson for example, is like cutting your nose off to spite your face.

The Team

Bogdan – Lost a goal he could do nothing about, otherwise I am comfortable when he plays, same with Ofir.

Efe at the right side of a back three, magnificent. To be our most creative attacking player from that position tells you how piss poor our midfield is.

Daz done fine, its nice to see him play for his team.

Ryan is superb, great goal, he has all the balls that Ollie hasn’t in the opposition box, his goal underlined that. Learn from it Ollie, Ryan is the real deal, the future Captain of Hibernian and Scotland. What a goal, that was a 70’s centre half’s goal if ever I seen one!

Milligan gets worse every time I see him. What is going on?

Slivka should have his match appearance money deducted, he didnae turn up. Seems to only try in TV or big games.

Mackie done his long term future no harm, a player there with lots to learn. Start by studying Lewis Stevenson son.

Boyle was sh*te for 80 minutes. He tried for 10. Personally I will be happy when he is playing in the Asia Cup or whatever the feck it is he is fixated with, we can then concentrate on not trying to fit him in to every team. Must improve.

Allan is not good enough, sorry.

Shaw is weak, lightweight and disnae get stuck in. Not good enough although I hope he starts buying protein drinks and works on his upper body strength.


Kamberi replaced the limp Shaw at half time. He should have started. OK he should NEVER miss a penalty so weakly but he has presence and works his socks off. He is ten times the player of Shaw or Allan at the moment although only a couple of years older. Support the laddie, don’t pick on him for feck sake.

Horgan replaced Hyndman. I was happy to see Horgan, wrong decisions and all but I wish he had replaced Slivka. Great ball for the equaliser.

The off form McLaren replaced Allan, neither done anything? What is that about?

The Manager changed it too much and we paid the price. Every week we do this. Make your mind up and stick with it.

The Ref did fine, despite our moaning. Our problems were not from him.

My Man of the Match was probably Efe, however Ryan was a bawhair behind and his wonder goal secures the Bounce/St. Pat’s bottle of Red Kola for me.

Next stop, the Hunnery. I have seen the plans for Hibs fans access and egress today. They are practising for Celtcs visit, its fair to say, metal cordon’s too and from the car park, police escorts to the M8, Hibs security facing and filming the Hun fans, the only time the Huns will get near us is the waft of sweat, Buckie and intolerance during the game. Not that I give a sh*te, we mastered those barstewards 30 years ago, nothing has changed.

Can I wish each and every Hibs fan the best of Christmas holidays, I extend that to any fitba person who is not born with the joy of Hibernian but reads the Bounce and for followers of Heart of Midlothian and The Rangers 2012, I hope your next shi*te is a bunch of Holly.

Hibernian Forever.


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Just back….and that was ugly

Freddo Morelos is one ugly looking hun eh? Almost as ugly as the game tonight. They did to us what we done to Celtic on Sunday, but we nicked a point, take it and move on.

Its late, am cold, I am not long in so I will keep it short. We lost a tactical battle tonight, the huns shut us down and we had no reply. That happens, they are not great but well drilled . They are a bunch of diving cheating barstewards though, Slippy has taught them well, Stevie Wonder, who was a late replacement for Thompson, never seen a thing.

The Players

Rocky laddered his tights early, Lenny was going barmy at him as he limped off. Adam replaced him and had a stormer.

Lewis had his work cut out tonight, he took them on.

Efe had a handful in Morelos to share defensive responsibilities with Ryan on. Plug gave Efe a torrid time.

Ryan too struggled with Plug, but I felt he finally mastered him. His tackle on Billy Bluenose or whoever it was well worth the booking. I believe the scouse gangster reckons had that being a Hun he would have been sent off. There is no Hun tackles like Ryan, learn that now.

Whitts had an error strewn game but did have some lovely touches too.

Mallan was closed down first half and looked poor, improved when moved left to accomodate Milligan.

Horgan was again closed down, makes the wrong decisions too often and was hooked at half time.

Slivka blew hot and cold and did not look fully fit. He should have blasted his chance high into the net, instead he dribbled into trouble.

Hyndman was my pick of midfield, he is creative and never gave up. He is not strong enough though and his shooting is weak.

Ollie offered little tonight other than to miss two very good chances, first one was a panicky blooter, the second, he shat it and tried to tap it.

Flo ran himself into the ground, more so when passenger Boyle came on and offered little. I would like to see the foul on the acting hun at the end, was there contact at all?


Milligan replaced Horgan at half time, he still does not look as assured to me as he did when he joined?

Boyle replaced Ollie and offered little, he is a wet paper bag nowadays. Passing it back when he should be shooting, looking more tired than guys that have run their guts out for 90 minutes is not good enough. Time to get Mrs Boyle to change the nappies and feed the bairn during the night pal.

The Huns are a bunch of diving, play acting fandans, with a support who only know sectarian songs, outwith a song about a Plug Ugly Columbian to the tune of the Banana Splits, which no doubt ends in some shout of fu** the Pope or some other intolerant backward red neck inbred brother/ sister  pis*. Its fair to say I have not warmed to them.

The Hibs fans turned out in numbers, well done all. 18,600 with 1,800 Huns is 16,800 Hibernians. I just wish there was a link from the singing section to the east stand, its like have two different sets of fans in the ground.

Neil was out thunk by Slippy tonight, Dinnae let that happen again Neil eh?

The Ref is a fud, even if my oldest son felt he had a decent game. I didnae.

My man of the match was Adam Bogdan for his three wonder saves.

See you all on Saturday for another game of high press, that nulifies the life out of football.

Hibernian Forever!

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Just back, well no really but…..

Go on my Bonnie Bhoys!

Late not because I was sinking black gold in celebration, but because after over doing the cooking sherry at the works do on Friday, I was hame pronto to put up the Christmas Deckies after doing my best impression of a burst couch yesterday! Tea now in the oven, small glass of shiraz breathing, Just Back to be done.

Hibernian’s performance of the season so far. From Rocky to Flo, every one of the laddies gave their all and it might have been more than the two we scored. I know the dodgers were missing players, we were missing more, I know they had a hard game on Thursday, they have 10 times the cash we have, tough toly. We bettered them all over the pitch, the high press worked perfectly. In Efe and Ryan we have two magnificent defenders, Flo in full flight is a joy to watch, Mallan, Horgan and Hyndman all found their mojo, Slivka scored early and made them work. Wow, I knew my faith in the master, Neil Lennon would come through, what a performance Hibernian.

I thought Celtic looked disjointed and heavy legged. Nae luck eh. Them playing McGregor so deep really does leave them with only Forrest going forward. Press them and they are hopeless. We pressed them.

The Team:

Rocky – Has won his place back with a safe performance, great to have to good keepers fighting over the No 1.

Whitts had a couple of poor passes but, with the help of Emerson, kept Sinclair quiet.

Efe was magnificent. Better than anything they have by a country mile.

Ryan Porteous today became a man. He is Hibernian through and through and had the game of his life. I fully expect this laddie to have many games just like that, and he will become the captain of both Hibernian and Scotland one day. I was bursting with pride for you at the end pal. Fantastic.

Lewis back where he belongs and stopped Forrest playing.

Stevie Mallan appeared to be back of the diamond and had his best game in a Hibs jersey.

Slivka scored early and did well until injured by a red card challenge by the boy with the shorts that are for too tight for him that used to play for us.

Emerson Hyndman’s return has seen Hibs improve. The laddie is a player, links up the midfield and front men and covered Whitts very well. Great game and I hope we keep him at Easter Road.

Daryll Horgan played top of the diamond and ran too tight shorts Broon into the ground. The Celtic backies must have been sick of him today he never stopped.

Ollie gave his all and had a good game, playing against people of a similar age.

I thought Flo was back to his old self today. The way he took his goal was brilliance, the roar was a joy to hear. Remember the laddie is 22 but plays like an old pro. I bet he sleeps well tonight!


Young Sean Mackie replaced Slivka at half time and had a very impressive second half. If Ollie, Ryan and Sean are the future of Hibernian. We are in safe hands.

Young Lewis Allan got five minutes at the end replacing Shaw.

Celtic, well they were well beaten.

The referee was fine, some daft decisions as ever when playing the infirm but he tried to let the game flow especially second half.

The Since 1875 guys never stopped and got a strangely quiet Holy Ground going. Nothing from the Celtc end which for me underlines the importance of selling them minimal tickets. B*gger the 1500 seats income, we could not hear them, meaning their players couldn’t, it benefited Hibs, that is all I care about.

Man of the match for me was Ryan Porteous, he never put a foot wrong. A magnificent performance.

Right, off for my tea.

Hibernian Forever!


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Just back and that was much better Hibernian


Cold, wet and dreich, I sat in my car in a car park pre match wondering why I love the fitba. 2 hours later, I tell you why, because seeing your team win, in front of the die hards, away from home in some souless Lanarkshire cowp, sitting with supporters who back the team, want us to win, roar the stand roof off when we finally get that goal. It special, its fitba, its being a Hibby.

Reading the lineup on twatter at 2pm, I sat baffled, Nelom starting after his lackluster efforts last Saturday, and dropped on Wednesday, Lewis in the midfield holding role, Bogdan then injured in the warm up, och jings here we go again. And for the first half we huffed and puffed, Mavrias looking puggled, Nelom looking disinterested, Mallan looking better, Lewis struggling in the middle, Boyler all over the place without offering much, Oli and Flo slogging it out with the heifers at the back of the Accies defensive, it was sair to watch. We might have had a penalty had the ref not been that cheating Rangers barsteward Madden , Porteous was fouled in the box, nothing given. Boyler was then bundled in the box, their sub goalie landing on Boylers napper which seen him carried off. It was a blessing, Neil ran on to an affectionate cheer form the Hibs support, their second keeper was replaced by their third and Hyndman came on. Hibs came out second half like a different team.

We have struggled recently, many blame the strikers, for me its the link from midfield that is missing. The link returned second half. Stand up Emerson Hyndman. To have a player who could feed the front line properly, work hard in the opposition third and when Horgan replaced the hapless Nelom he added to that missing link. His ball for Oli Shaw’s goal was a peach, as was Ollies finish. As I said the roar of relief in the Hibs end was a joy to hear.

Hamilton are a poor team, a more confident Hibs team would have brushed them aside. How a club with around 500 fans in a 2200 crowd survives is beyond me.

The Team:

Rocky came back to replaced Adam injured in the warm up. He had little to do, when he did he dealt with it.

Nelom, I am sorry he is rotten. A fellow bouncer suggested I watch Neloms warm up, I wish I had not. It looks like he does not give one shi* of a shi*. Very poor.

Efe was magnificent. Efe is magnificent.

Ryan Porteous is future captain of both Hibernian and Scotland. If he leaves us, it will be for much more money than Super John McGinn.

Mavrias looks like a full back in the latter part of his career, nothing fancy simple passes, steady but no David Gray.

Lewis played the Milligan/ Bartley role and found it difficult but done just fine.

Stevie Mallan I felt offered a bit more today and did fine.

Slivka drifted in and out the game, a player but final ball is not what it might be.

Boyler was injured, a sair yin.

Oli worked his socks off, put himself about and showed the promise I had not recently seen, he scored a fine goal too.

Flo again worked his socks off, was unlucky with efforts and he plays better when teh fans support him. Well played son.


For me the introduction of Emerson Hyndman changed the way we played. he looks to go forward, likes to slide a pass through to the forwards and generally lifted out play. He looks like the type of Hibs player we like. Stay fit son.

Daryll Horgan also came on for Nelom and improved our attacking play, he is direct and takes a man on. Much more the Hibernian way than passing the tits off the fans and the ball without getting anywhere.

I have nothing more to say about Hamilton.

The referee is a lazy Hun barsteward. To see him tell Hibs players not to waste time celebrating after Hamilton has wasted the same time since kick off as he turned away, showed him up for what he is. Refs from the centre circle.

An emotional moment was seeing our manager, Neil Lennon run on after Boyler got hurt. The welcome he was given as he came on told Neil everything he needs to know about how we feel about him and his managerial role at our club. A poke in the eye of the erses who talked of getting rid of him. Feckin erses that they are.

Neil came to the Hibs end after the game with his players to thank us for our support and us for their efforts. Let the wobble be over Neil and lets get Hibernian back up where we belong. You are the right man for Hibernian.

My man of the match was a square go between Ryan and Ollie. Ollie gets it for the goal. Ryan won the square go.

Onwards and upwards.

Hibernian Forever.


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Just Back and the bogey team almost went full snotter..


So, going into today, instead of looking to overtake us, they were looking to avoid being consigned by mathematical impossibility to 5th place. And we were looking to draw level with Statement FC ahead of their likely mauling at the hands of Celtic tomorrow. They won’t be able to read the script but someone will be ready with the stubby crayon in cloven hoof to write the inevitable statement.

After an outstanding outing last week it was hard to see what changes could be made but our manager is nothing but focused entirely and ruthlessly on the job in hand. A place was always going to be found for Scott Allan. And Darren. So that meant dropping Swanson to the bench and Dylan’s cheek bone break consigned him to the stands…but giving us the strongest bench in months. Stronger than the stench of mediocrity that emanates from the Bus Shelter, that much is certain.

Kilmarnock forward, The Rotund Orc Sympathizer, was nominated for the PFA Player of the Year this week. Begrudgingly, I have to say that it is justified. He’s having a career Indian Summer, scoring goals and is the main reason (on the park) why Kilmarnock have accumulated so many points. You never know, given the political mix of the other 3 contenders, he might even win. And he was to almost be the proverbial not being over till the Fat Striker scores routine again today. Almost, I said. Off the park, their manager Steve Clark has also been nominated for the PFA Manager of the Year. Again, deservedly. A dour, uncharitable sort, I find it hard to buy into the media love in with the Killie boss. No doubt he and the plastic pitch have done well this season. Not in question. But he really is a miserable, uncharismatic sod. And his teams can be Turbo Turgid Gunt at times…But it works for the Silly Killie Boys because unlike the Gunts, their Orc reject forward scores goals.

Both of these individuals are in direct competition with two of our shining lights. Our talisman, our favourite son and our manager, full of personality and passion. Today, our team won but our POTY contender was arguably not even as effective as Ordinary John McGinn. Super must have been somewhere else. Lennon must have been pulling his hair out on the sidelines and not just because of his usual pet hate (The It’s All About Me Robertson in the Middle) but his players individual nervousness, concentration lapses and decision making.

I might as well start with the Killie goals. One was a stormer but the build up to the free kick that it resulted from was poor stuff. The second had come from Kamberi and Boyle being defensively, like the Chuckle Brothers – to me, to you, a wee daft flick, and BOOM. And the opening Killie goal was just Keystone Cops. A delivery from our rhs saw the Fat Striker completely unmarked. Completely unmarked and static. And yet he still got a free go courtesy of Efe and Darren. All 3 avoidable, all 3 giving the crowd the collywobbles and Lennon grey hairs. And that was before they had a goal chalked off to make it a possible 4-4 with minutes left.

However, thankfully, we bagged 5 goals at the other end. F-I-V-E. As in 5. And it wasn’t even in the pishy league cup qualifying rounds.

Scott Allan had opened the scoring in the first half with a great near post shot. Steven Whittaker had restored our lead in the second half with a Slivka-esque sneaky run from deep to convert from close range. Jamie had put us in the lead again at 3-2 with a real penalty box strikers play. Great movement and fine strike. Kamberi was strong and imposing as he bagged a 4th but it wasn’t until a Brandon Barker mazy and shot made it 5 that we could relax. It must have been a joy for the neutral but could we do this a little less stressfully please Hibs? Nah, thought not.

Rocky – not too much to do and he had no chance with the 3rd. Distribution was patchy.

Lewis – if Dylan is our metronome, Lewis is Greenwich Observatory. Set your clocks by him. He really is that reliable. Excellent and composed. Somebody had to be

Paul – the best of the central defenders

Darren – Boyd tried to get physical and he had to stand up to it.

Efe- one moment dreaming, the next a dream

Boyle – in and out, at fault for the 2nd with Kamberi

SJM – possibly his least effective game this season

Allan – official MotM. He scored a good goal and contributed to another.

Whittaker – the other player scoring highly on the Stevenson Effort Scale. Good goal too.

Kamberi – works hard but found it a hard shift. Good goal.
Jamie – great strikers finish, sacrificed to bring on Barker

Danny – came on late or Allan. Busy 5 minutes.
Barker- other than the goal, he wasn’t great

Referee – the ignominy of having sent off Lewis once. I’ve not forgotten or forgiven. But my prejudices don’t undermine my opinion that he made it all about himself.

Man of The match – for effort between Lewy and Whittaker for me. But I am going for Lewis. Overall, nobody else came close across the entire 90 mins.

3 MAHOOSIVE POINTS. Mind the gap useless Jambo Bastards. Mind the gap, Fat Striker.

Over to You, Orcs. The pressure on you tonight must be unbearable. Un-fucking-bearable. Probably beggars belief.



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This Week In History Of Hibernian FC……16th to 22nd October

Memory Man

These are the memories of  the Hibee Memory Man and memory only. No Googling, cards up sleeves, hypnosis nor mirrors used! His opinions are his own take on things of course.

– Saturday, 16 October 1993: SPL: Hibs 1-1 Celtic.  Top of the table Hibs retained top spot despite dropping a point at home (this season was the last of one for a draw, two for a win) to lowly, managerless Tims (Liam Brady had been emptied after a 2-1 midweek loss to St Johnstone in Perth on Wednesday, 6 October; the short-lived reign of Lou Macari was imminent). Gareth Evans gave us a well-deserved lead, from a well-worked move, going up the slope after 72 minutes, but we could not add to our lead.  something we came to rue when substitute Gerry Creaney fired in a spectacular and undeserved equaliser, totally against the run of play, with but five minutes remaining.  I was there with my Dad, and we stopped for a very fine pie supper from that chippy at Powderhall on the way back to Bearsden (which is full of hunz; well-heeled hunz, but hunz all the same).  Talking of hunz, we would go into the following week’s League Cup final against them at Parkhead (Hampden was being renovated or reconstructed.  Or both) as league leaders!  Heady times indeed to be a Hibby!  Indeed, I recall some discussion with the Glasgow Branch (of which I was a member at the time; guys like Jack Glancy, Bill Campbell, Ian Robertson, Kevin Robertson, Masher Mackie etc. are all true Hibbies; good guys that go every week and have done for years; for decades, in fact) re whether Hibs had ever gone into a Cup final as League leaders before.  Possibly the League Cup final against Motherwell in 1950.  Anyway, here’s hoping that this time next week we have another League Cup final against Motherwell to contemplate!  Get it right up the Old Firm!
– Saturday, 16 October 1999: SPL: Motherwell 2-2 Hibs.  Not sure of the scoring sequence or the scorers, but I think we led twice and that Pat McGinlay and Mixu Paatelainen were the scorers (although I might be getting mixed up with the 2-2 draw at Easter Road on Saturday, 11 December 1999 when that happened).  I was working as a retail underwriter in Standard Chartered in Cardiff at the time and had to work a lot of Saturdays, while the Rugby World Cup was on.  Anyway, I mind sitting in Scott’s Bar at Windsor Place killing time by having a pint while waiting for a bus home and the score flashing up on the custard and jelly.
One postscript to this game is that that season (our first back following promotion the previous season) we drew 2-2 with Motherwell thrice (including twice at ER) and lost the other Fir Park fixture 2-0.  Not a good return v the GJP’s team.  (Not that he was the GJP then, of course!)
– Saturday, 16 October 2004: SPL: Hibs 2-0 Dundee United.  Goals from Garry O’Connor (in the first half) and Steven Fletcher (in the second) ensured the three points remained in Leith as Tony Mowbray’s resurgent Hibs continued their fine form.  Was at this with the usual suspects as I still lived in Leith then.  But I left at half-time as I’d been oot all night and the following morning (including a visit to the then radges’ emporium which was The Old Salt) and I had to work in The Alhambra at 6.  So I missed Steven Fletcher’s first competitive goal for the first team.
One post-script to this match is that we won all three League fixtures between the teams this season (2-1 and 3-2 at Easter Road and 4-1 at Tannadeechee), but were knocked out of both domestic cups by them.  The 2-1 Scottish Cup semi defeat (which I came up from Wales for) after leading through Riordan’s penalty early in the second half was particularly galling.  I loved Tony Mowbray as a manager and I loved his team and the pretty, beautiful, sexy, exciting football they played .  But, Christ, it was difficult to escape the conclusion that they bottled it on the big occasion too often.  Which is why I feel that JC is not given sufficient credit for the League cup triumph of 2007.  I appreciate it was largely Mowbray’s team; but I feel it was JC’s management which made the difference.  It’s an imponderable, but that is my opinion.
– Saturday, 16 October 2010: SPL: Hibs 2-1 Killie.  Managerless Hibs recorded their first home League win since Saturday, 6 March (when a Danny Galbraith goal saw off the same opposition (I was there; at the Shetlandand Orkney Supporters ‘do’).  Not sure who scored, but I think Riordan got at least one, if not both.
One post-script to this match is that two days later Colin Calderwood was unveiled as our new manager.  I mind sitting looking at that arrogant, supercilious visage in the photo on the BBC Scottish football page on the internet at work and thinking to masel, ‘What the hell is Rod Petrie thinking off?  This guy has a bad managerial record, has been working as number 2, and has no knowledge or experience of Scottish football.  This will not end well.’
Hibs’ derby record since Saturday, 3 September 1983 (when we lost 3-2 at Swynecastle; only our second defeat there since JFK was still alive) was exactly that.  I had only recently turned 16 on Saturday, 17 October 1987, I had been supporting Hibs for four years and I was into my fifth year of Secondary education.  I had yet to experience the joy of a derby victory.  In the 17 games between the two since their promotion in 1983, this was the record:
3.9.83: 2-3: Tynecastle (Callaghan, Irvine)
5.11.83: 1-1: Easter Road (Thomson)
2.1.84: 1-1: Tynecastle (Irvine)
28.4.84: 0-0: Easter Road
25.8.84: 1-2: Easter Road (Kane)
27.10.84: 0-0: Tynecastle
1.1.85: 1-2: Easter Road (Jamieson)
2.4.85: 2-2: Tynecastle (McBride 2)
31.8.85: 1-2: Tynecastle (Durie)
9.11.85: 0-0: Easter Road
1.1.86: 1-3: Tynecastle (Harris)
22.3.86: 1-2: Easter Road (Cowan)
30.8.86: 1-3: Easter Road (McBride)
1.11.86: 1-1: Tynecastle (McBride)
6.1.87: 2-2: Easter Road (McCluskey, Weir)
4.4.87: 1-2: Tynecastle (Roddy McDonald og)
29.8.87: 0-1: Tynecastle
8 draws and 9 defeats.  and all but 2 of those defeats had been odd goal ones.  And several of those odd goal defeats had been when we had succumbed to a late winner by them (for example, Derek O’Connor’s injury time winner for them in August 1984; or Sandy Clark’s late winner at Tynecastle in August 1985).  Make no mistake, the rejuvenated hertz under Mercer, McDonald and Jardine based their whole identity on primacy over us and supremacy in the Derby fixture.  They wanted it more than us.  They understood that Derby games have more in common with boxing than with football.  and they were brawlers to our artistes.  The only times that we have enjoyed the upper hand in derbies in my time as a supporter, i.e. under McLeish, Stubbs and now Lennon, is when we have outfought them.  hertz, as a Club, is a playground bully, and, if you ever had the misfortune to experience bullying as a kid (which, I, unfortunately did in Strathaven), you’ll know that bullies don’t like it when their victim or their intended victim demonstrates that they won’t be bullied and starts fighting back.  Saturday, 17 October 1987 witnessed a weak club start fighting back.
Hertz entered this fixture as League leaders.  They’d won their previous six matches.  We, on the other hand, weren’t on a bad run, either.  And we had made some positive new signings, such as Andy Goram and Neil Orr.  Also, at that time we were blissfully aware of what a pair of shysters Duff and Gray were.  The sun may not exactly have been shining on Leith in October 1987; but hope was in the air.  On to the game itself, a capacity crowd of 23,396 was in attendance and it was treated to an early goal as Eddie May put Hibs ahead after only 6 minutes.  However, this lead was to last but nine minutes before Robertson equalised for them.  But then – after 41 minutes – it happened: a May corner, a Kano header: 2-1 Hibs at half-time!  For all hertz’ pressure in the second half, they couldn’t find a way past Goram in the Hibs goal!  when the ref finally blew for full-time exuberant Hibbies descended on to the pitch.  A sight which 21.5.2016-style goaded the diet-hunz, who proceeded to 21.5.2016-style invade the pitch with malicious intent.  A combination of the bizzies and the stewards prevented a serious situation from developing.
Hertz’ derby invincibility was over.  their four year run mere history.  There are some interesting post-scripts to this match and its significance, though.  Firstly, Andy Goram managed in his first derby what Roughie failed to achieve in 17, i.e. a Derby win.  I always feel sorry for Roughie here.  He’s a far more benign individual than the Lancastrian .  A great goalie, Goram, but not a very nice individual.  Secondly, Hibbies of my generation had only known Derby misery prior to this fixture, but guys born 10 or 20 years earlier had experienced the joys of a run between 1965 and 1979 (there were no derbies between 1979 and 1983, so it would be unfair for either set of supporters to include those four years as part of an unbeaten Derby run) in which hertz only beat five times: four in the League and once in the Scottish Cup.  Indeed, between 1968 and 1973, hertz failed to score a single league goal against us.  And in the 1970s they beat us only twice!  And we had gone 12 games unbeaten against them between September 1973 and November 1978.  Indeed, the current 7 game unbeaten run is our best since March 1976!
Interestingly, this victory was the first match in our own six game unbeaten run against them.  Which, including this game, comprised of three wins and three draws.  Sadly, Saturday, 1 April 1989 was the first of a 22 unbeaten run for them.  We should be aiming for 23.  Starting next Tuesday.
The hunz are undoubtedly the foulest institution in football, their fan base including thousands of roasters. However, as a Hibby, victory in the Derby is what really matters.  We’ve got the upper hand at the moment, but Hibbies of my vintage recall the bad times.  We don’t ever want to experience them again.
Tuesday, 24 October 2017 is a bloody good date for creating more Leith laughter and simultaneously more guffawing at Gorgie.
– Saturday, 17 October 1992: SPL: deid hunz 1-0 Hibs.  A late goal for the home side defeated a plucky Hibs, who looked good for a point until about 8 minutes to go when McCoist (I think) grabbed the only goal of the game.  Saw the scores coming in in the Banner Cross boozer in Eccleshall Road, Sheffield.  Where I watched the hunz beat Leeds in the first leg of the ‘battle of Britain’ clash in the Champions League the following midweek.  the local Sheffielders could not believe the amount of union jacks in the home end at Ibrox.  I had to explain that this was what Rangers fans did.
– Saturday, 17 October 1998: 1st division: Hibs 2-1 Morton.  A late winner by Barry Prenderville.
– Saturday, 17 October 2009: SPL: Hibs 1-1 Dundee United.  A first half goal by Zemmama gave us the lead, before they equalised in the second half in front of roughly 13,500 fans.
– Saturday, 17 October 2015: 1st division: Apologies, but I cannae mind!
– Saturday, 18 October 1986: SPL: Hibs 1-1 Aberdeen.  Not that we knew it at the time, but this was the last time Alex Ferguson managed his Aberdeen team at Easter Road.  It was also the last time he would competitively manage anyone at Easter Road (although he did bring his Man U side north for Gordon Rae’s testimonial on Monday, 3 October 1988; a night when Joe Tortolano  cut Strachan in half and was sent off for that challenge after about 8 minutes).  Given that the Dons took the lead roughly midway through the first half, Gordon Chisholm’s close range shot following a corner (I think) going down the slope after about 76 minutes rescued a welcome point against a team expected to beat all opposition every week; much in the way the current Celtic team are.  Also, this was only the second point we had taken against them at Easter Road since the Willie Irvine game of Saturday, 15 October 1983.  Indeed, it was only the third point in total we had amassed against them since that game (we had rained on their title parade in a 2-2 draw at Pittodrie on Saturday, 5 May 1984; in truth, but for some outrageous refereeing by Alan Ferguson, we would have won that day.  Alan Ferguson was guilty of even more egregious refereeing in their favour in a League match at Easter Road on Saturday, 23 March 1985.
Our record against Aberdeen in the 1980s was as follows:
1979-80: (1980 part) 1-1 away (the only away point we took that season, i.e. we lost 17 out of 18 away League matches.  We were actually winning until they equalised very late on); 0-5 home
1981-82: 1-1, 0-3 home; 0-1, 1-3 away
1982-83: 1-1 autumn 82 ER; 0-2 Pittodrie 1.1.83; 1-4 (Scottish Cup ER Jan 83); 0-0 ER May 83 (Strachan missed pen for them); 0-5 Pittodrie May 83
1983-84: 2-1 (ER, Sat, 15.10.83); 1-2 Pittodrie Dec 83 (Irvine); 0-2 (ER, Feb 84); 2-2 (Pittodrie, Sat 5.5.84; McGachie, Rice)
1984-85: 1-4 (Pittodrie, Jamieson, Sat, 1.9.84); 0-3 (ER, Tues, 6.11.84; Durie missed pen for us at 0-0); 0-2 (Pittodrie, Sat, 5.1.85); 0-5 (ER, Sat, 23.3.85)
1985-86: 0-3 (Pittodrie, Sat, 10.8.85; John Collins’s debut); 1-1 (ER, Sat, 12.10.85; Cowan); 0-3 (Skol cup final, Hampden, Sun, 27.10.85); 0-4 (Pittodrie, Sat, 14.12.85; Durie sent off at 0-1); 0-1 (ER, Sat 22.2.86); 0-3 (Scottish Cup semi, Dens PArk, Sat, 5.4.86)
1986-87: 0-4 (Pittodrie, Weds, 13.8.86); 1-1 (Chisholm, ER, Sat, 18.10.86); 0-1 (Pittodrie, Sat, 13.12.86); 1-1 (McCluskey, ER, Sat, 7.3.87)
1987-88: 0-2 (ER, Sat, 26.9.87); 1-1 (Pittodrie, Weds, 25.11.87, Kane); 0-0 (ER, Sat, 9.1.88); 2-0 (Kane, Tortolano, Pittodrie, Weds, 4.5.88 – SIR DAVID GRAY’S DATE OF BIRTH!)
1988-89: 1-2 (Kane, Hibs wore all-white, Skol Cup q-f, Weds, 31.8.88); 0-0 (Pittodrie, Sat, 3.9.88); 1-2 (Archibald after 30 seconds; Archie also missed a penalty at 1-0 early in the second half, Sat, 5.11.88); 0-2 (Pittodrie, Sat, 7.1.89); 1-2 (Houchen, ER, Sat, 8.4.89)
1989-90 (1989 part): 0-1 (Pittodrie, Sat, 12.8.89); 0-3 (ER, Weds, 25.10.89)
Not a good record, as you can see.  Although it did begin to improve (from a very low starting base) in 1987.  By which time Fergie was exercising his hairdryer motivational tactics on inveterate drinkers like Norman Whiteside.  Cracking player big Normski, mind.  that goal to win the FA Cup final against a very good Everton team (knackered from their CWC exploits against the cheats of Rapid Vienna in midweek) was a thing of beauty.
– Saturday, 18 October 1997: SPL: Aberdeen 2-0 Hibs.  The purple-shirted Hibs lost the second of what would transpire to be a run of seven successive defeats.  To this day I still cannot comprehend how Lex Gold did not relieve him of his responsibilities after that run.  I really, really cannot.
– Saturday, 18 October 2003: SPL: Hibs 0-2 Livvie.  There was a larger-than-usual-for-the-time crowd of roughly 8,900 for this game because, sadly, on Monday, 6 October 2003 the legendary Joe Baker collapsed and died at a charity golf day in, I believe, his native Lanarkshire.  Joe, as we all know, was (and still is) a Hibs legend.  There was a special programme and contemporary players from his two spells as a Hibby would be introduced to the crowd at half-time.  This attracted a few waiverers who would not normally have parted with hard-earned cash to watch Bobby bloody Williamson’s Hibs live.  I, and all my mates, had a season ticket, of course.  So I was there.  Sat in the East.  Seat P73.  Digressing slightly, but this was the first year that our group split in terms of location of ground for STs.  Fun Bobby, Dazdog etc. decamped to the West Upper that season.  Where they have remained.  I used to go there for Cup ties.  So, for example, I saw us knock Celtic out of that season’s League Cup (on Thursday, 18 December 2003) from that stand.  2-1 was the score.  And we gave them a goal start!  A repeat on Saturday would be just fine and dandy!
On to the match, Hibs were murder.  Abominable.  I was a season ticket-holder for all of BW’s tenure, and I can honestly say that it was a really depressing time to be a Hibby.  And that season – his last in charge – was dire.  There were only three highlights all season: the ten men Garry O derby win on Sunday, 17 August 2003; the aforementioned Celtic League Cup victory; and last, and certainly not least, the penalties League Cup semi win against the old hunz, when only 7,000 of us bothered our jacksies to go through to Glasgow and actually physically attend.
This match was very similar to an earlier two goal home loss that season.  When we had hosted Motherwell on Saturday, 13 September 2003.  And the legendary Johnny Cash had passed away the previous day.  Autumn 2003 was a sad time for losing heroes.
One post-script is that Livvie would be us four times that season.  As well as this match, they beat us 1-0 at their lego-pit on Saturday, 17 January 2004 (I was there; it was dire); 2-0 in the League Cup final on Sunday, 14 March 2004 (possibly the most depressed I’ve ever felt coming out of Hampden; and I was at both Derbies played there; as well as numerous other cup final humiliations); and 4-1 on the last day of the season.
One omen is that this was – prior to this season – the last time we played Livvie in the League Cup.  We beat both Rangers and Celtic in that year’s tournament.  Is that an omen?
– Saturday, 18 October 2014: 1st division: Livvie 0-4 Hibs.  Was on Alba.  Missed it as I was working in the boozer.  Cannae mind who scored, either.
– Saturday, 19 October 1985: SPL: deid hunz 1-2 Hibs.  A week before the much-anticipated Skol Cup final and we travelled through to the place where we had booked our spot: Ibrox.  The home side was desperate for revenge for their Skol Cup exit, but, equally, we were desperate for revenge for the undeserved victory the deid hunz had recorded at Easter Road on the second day of the season (Saturday, 17 August 1985; John Collins’s home debut for the Hibs; we lost 3-1; hunz invaded the home stands, causing a 28 minute delay to kick-off; oh, and hertz got humped 6-2 at Love Street that day; I’ll type that again: hertz got humped 6-2!  I love that statement!).  Again, I was not at this game; which took place on the last weekend of the October week for those of us who grew up on the West coast (I mind that my second cousins in Leith; both Jambos, unfortunately, always had their October week a week later than us greater weegies).  I mind listening to the match previews on Radio Scotland and David Francey opined that he expected Hibs to win because he had seen the recent Skol Cup semis and, consequently, he believed Hibs were more likely to win!  David Francey, for that, and for your commentary from Dens in May 86, I think I love you.
On to the match itself, both the hunz at my school (Strathaven Academy) and the following day’s papers (with hunz as journos aiming to please the lumpen-bampotariat- plus ca change, ca meme chose) were exceedingly churlish in that they refused to provide Hibs – as a team, as a club – with any credit.  Rather they focused, in the case of the papers, on one person and one person only.  Alan Rough!  The Mail on Sunday’s heading was ‘ROUGH ON RANGERS’ with the sub-heading ‘HIBS OWE IT ALL TO THEIR KEEPER’.  While the hunz at Strathaven Academy, while acknowledging that Roughie had played a blinder at Ibrox – again, also attributed our win to ‘that effing Fenian b******, Colin Harris’!  You see, this was our second consecutive League win there in the calendar year 1985 (we had also won 2-1 there on Saturday, 12 January 1985; my Dad’s 42nd birthday!), and on both occasions Roughie played a blinder and Colin Harris scored a late winner!  Two reasons why both are forever legends in my eyes.
A Stuart Munro og had put us ahead on 38 minutes, Harris doubled our lead on 85 mins before the ref handed Davie Cooper a penalty, which the latter converted.  The attendance was 23,478, at a time when League matches between the two at Ibrox were often watched by no more than 15,000.  According to the hunz at school, Hibs took a huge support to this fixture; who sang noisily for 90 minutes!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, an away day win at Ibrox!  We’ve no had one of them for a while!  I just love winning there!
– Saturday, 19 October 1991: SPL: Hibs 0-0 Motherwell.  A week before the much-anticipated Skol Cup final (can you see the trend here?!) we hosted Motherwell and disappointingly only drew.  This was concerning because we were big favourites against Dunfermline, and for our much-vaunted team with Keith Wright, Mickey Weir and Pat McGinlay, all prolific in the early part of the season, to draw a blank was a worry.  I mind seeing the scores coming in in the Banner Cross boozer in Eccleshall Road, Sheffield during a fine Saturday afternoon’s carousing watching the Rugby World Cup (England won in Paris).  Man City won 1-0 at White Hart Lane; so the boys I drank wi, predominantly Man City fans, were happy chappies.
– Saturday, 19 October 1996: SPL: Motherwell 1-1 Hibs.  A week after beating the deid hunz 2-1 at Easter Road, temporary manager Jocky Scott and his magnificent mouser took us through to darkest Lanarkshire.  Kevin Harper scored for us and Jim Leighton achieved the rare distinction of, I believe, the only red card of his career.  ‘It’s a funny old game, football’, as a pipe-smoking commentator once sagely observed.
– Saturday, 19 October 2002: SPL: Partick Thistle 0-3 Hibs.  Two goals from Garry O’Connor and one from Mixu Paatelainen made it four wins on the bounce for Bobby bloody Williamson’s Hibs (we would make it five the following week thanks to a Grant Brebner goal at Pittodrie; and it would’ve been six if BBW hadn’t subbed both strikers at only 1-0 up against hertz with only 8 minutes to go a week later.  That still rankles today; 15 years later).
– Saturday, 19 October 2013: SPL: Hibs 1-1 Celtic.  This was live on the custard and jelly; so I watched it down here.  A clearly offside Paul Heffernan gave us the lead after about quarter of an hour, and, subsequently, for all Celtic’s possession and dominance, they were toothless (a bit like us on Saturday against Aberdeen).  However, the Tims did eventually equalise with around twelve minutes left.  We were lucky to get a point; a point which, it transpired, was the last of Pat Fenlon’s tenure as manager.  I liked wee Pat and felt that Leigh Griffiths carried him for two years.  Also, I felt that he should’ve been relieved of his duties following Malmo.  But I thought at the time emptying following a Cup derby defeat was the wrong decision.  And that TB (condolences to him and his family at this sad, present time) was the wrong candidate to replace him.  I would’ve gone for Kenny Shiels.
– Saturday, 20 October 1984: SPL: Hibs 2-0 Dundee.  On Gordon Durie’s debut it was his slightly older new team-mate Paul ‘Kano’ Kane who scored the goals.  The first was after 43 minutes and the second after 58.  Kano, of course, comes from a big Hibs family and I recall him telling Big G outside the 4 In Hand (on Sunday, 17 April 2011; we lost 2-1 at home to Hamilton Accies!) how his actual debut was in a friendly v Swansea City.  Even if Cardiff City are my second team!)Ray Kennedy gave him a hard time and how George Cowie of hertz inflicted a bad injury on him in the Derby played at Tynecastle on Saturday, 31 August 1985.
A couple of postscripts to this game.  Firstly, Kano’s first competitive goal for the Hibs had been scored the previous season during a 3-1 win at Easter Road on a night that there was free admission because the original fixture had been abandoned due to fog.  A game which attracted an unusually large attendance for the time of around 10,000 spectators.  The free admission goodwill gesture clearly worked.  It’s strange, because Hibbies tend not to remember the reign of Kenny Waugh as being one characterised by lavish spending on the part of the Chairman; but the late Mr Waugh senior did put his hand in his pocket on a number of occasions.  And despite an abortive attempt to buy hertz in 1981 (which led to Donald Ford encouraging a certain obese, egomaniacal, uber-capitalist to buy the club.  And we all know what happened next), Kenny Waugh was a true Hibby.
Secondly, Kano always has time for you as a Hibby.  On Sunday, 8 September 2002 he led the Hibs over-35s down to Manchester for the Soccer Masters at the MEN Arena (where the recent terrorist atrocity at the Ariana Grande concert occurred) and partied long into the night with us fans who had made the pilgrimage at the less-than-salubrious Black Lion pub in Salford.  And on Sunday, 22 October 2005 at Pittodrie I buttonholed him to tell how I’d been in Cape Town recently and an old former playing mate of his faither’s, Beefy was asking for him.  Kano was genuinely interested.  As the song goes, ‘he’s one of our own’.
Thirdly, this would be Hibs’ last League win until Saturday, 12 January 1985; when we won 2-1 against the deid hunz at Ibrox.
– Saturday, 20 October 1990: SPL: Hibs 1-0 Motherwell.  That kind man and poor Scotland manager George Burley liked the Hibs so much that he scored for us after just six minutes; despite playing for the away side.  It was the only goal of the game and this match provided our last League victory until Saturday, 2 March 1991; when we beat St Mirren 4-3 at Easter Road thanks to a last minute Gareth Evans strike.  We had been a goal up through Paul Wright before the Saints roared back to lead 3-1.  Geebsie then reduced the deficit with a rocket shot, before Wright equalised (with a penalty, I think).  This match was the first time that League season we had scored more than once in a league game.  Season 1990-91 was depressing indeed.
– Saturday, 20 October 2007: SPL: Motherwell 2-1 Hibs.  Two goals from future Cardiff City striker Ross McCormack (he would join the Bluebirds the following summer) ended our unbeaten League run.  They had already beaten us 4-2 at Easter Road (on Wednesday, 26 September 2007) to knock us – as holders – out of the League Cup, and would beat us a total of four times that season.  We only beat them once; thanks to a lone Colin Nish goal sometime in February, if I recall correctly.
Interestingly, I heard this scoreline coming in in Dempsey’s boozer in Cardiff where I was in the company of the South Wales CSC No. 1, who had been watching the Tims hump the deid hunz 3-0 (  I had my Pat Stanton era retro Hibs top on as I was going to see The Proclaimers at the St David’s Hall that night.  Loads of Hibbies there!  Loads of people wi green and white Hibs scarves.  A fantastic rendition of Sunshine on Leith concluded the evening.)
– Saturday, 20 October 2012: SPL: Ross County 3-2 Hibs.  Goals from Leigh Griffiths and James McPake were not enough to salvage a point up there in Dingwall.
Ulises de La Cruz Hibs
– Saturday, 21 October 1995: SPL Hibs :4-2 Motherwell.  On the day that we cut the green tape between the goalposts at the then new North Stand (it’s been officially known as the Famous Five Stand since the summer of 1998, I seem to recall) between the goals going down the slope, we raced into a three goal lead inside the first 20 minutes through two by Darren Jackson (one a penalty) and Keith Wright (I think).  Into the second half and Motherwell pulled one back, before Jim Leighton saved a penalty which would have reduced the deficit further.  Mikey O’Neill then scored a classy goal to restore our three goal advantage, before the determined Steelmen grabbed another then continued to attack until the whistle blew.  An exciting end to end game that appeared to be over and done with with 70 minutes remaining was anything but.  The Hibs were in good form and the future looked promising.  another false dawn, unfortunately.
– Sunday, 21 October 2001: SPL: Hibs 2-1 hertz.  By now back living in Leith, I had one of my legendary (even if I do say so myself) early morning Hibby radge Russell Harties for this.  The party started at 9am and the peeve was in full flow as we watched the 3-0 at Tynecastle and 6-2 at Easter Road videos.  We rolled up  to the Vicky Bar (our then main pre and post-match haunt) about 2pm.  a few more then a couple in Tamson’s before we just made the kick-off.  And thank Christ we did as Ulises De La Cruz put us a goal up after only 29 seconds (I think)!  To this day I still have arguments with fellow Hibbies about whether it was an intentional shot or just a miss hit cross that deceived the hertz keeper.  Old cynic that I am, I maintain to this day that it was the latter.  but no one was complaining and we merrily sang ‘Happy birthday 6-2’ to the 1,414 Jambos who actually bothered their miserable backsides to  attend this match  in sporting acknowledgement of the fact that exactly 52 weeks had elapsed since they were very fortunate to only lose by that margin at the Leith San Siro.  De La Cruz made it two after 20 minutes with an open goal tap-in and we smelled blood. Sadly, that was the entertainment over for us for the day.  Although, Steven Simmons’s second half goal for hertz ensured that the remaining 20 minutes or so were somewhat painful.  Still, a 2-1 Derby win is never to be sniffed at and another radge evening ended up in the Burke and Hare at God knows what time in the morning.  I was not very productive at work the following day to put it mildly.
– Saturday, 22 October 1988: SPL: Motherwell 1-1 Hibs.  Cannae mind who scored our goal, but Kano missed a penalty and Stevie Cowan (of all people) scored their equaliser.
– Saturday, 22 October 1994: SPL: Dundee United 0-0 Hibs.  Went up to this wi my Dad and Davie Ince of the Glasgow branch.  A decent travelling support should’ve seen us collect all three points, but nobody was too upset with the point at a place where we did not have the best of records.  However, that season Dundee United ,who had won the Scottish Cup the previous year, by beating the old hunz at Hampden on Saturday, 21 May (I had them to win 1-0 and won £40 at the bookies!)) would be relegated and, in the process, failed to score a single goal against us.  We won 5-0 and 4-0 at Easter Road and the other fixture at Tannadeechee by 1-0.
– Sunday, 22 October 2000: SPL: Hibs 6-2 hertz.  It’s strange to think that fully 17 years have elapsed since this seminal, era-defining result and performance.  To this day, I think this and probably the home leg v Athens the following September are the most complete performances I’ve been fortunate enough to have actually seen live from a Hibs team.  And I include 21.5.2016 and 18.3.2007 in that statement.  A bold statement, I know.  but that is what I think.  Just my opinion.  I’m just another Hibby, just like you.
I’d traveled up from Wales for this and the Sunday afternoon in the Vickcy was brightened up by the old hunz losing 2-1 in Perth live on the telly.  Kenny Miller was roundly praised by all and sundry.  Not.  On to the match and hertz scored after three minutes through Andy Kirk.  In truth, they should’ve been two up shortly afterwards.  but slowly but surely the Hibs began to assert themselves and when Mixu had a goal disallowed midway through the first half everyone was unimpressed.  It appeared that Pressley had thrown himself to the ground simultaneously with Mixu out jumping him and conned the ref.  However, the Finnish force of nature scored twice in a minute immediately before the break to give the good guys the least they deserved at half-time.  The second half was like a dream.  Zitelli made it three with a shot which took an unusual bounce as it outwitted the superlative Antti Niemi in the hertz goal.  This probably sounds absurd, but Antti Niemi could have serious complaints about not winning man of the match that night.  Without his heroics hertz may well have lost double figures.  Mixu completed his hat-trick after 74 minutes following a fine move entailing some excellent cross-field passes.  If you own the DVD or video of this game, stop it at this juncture and listen quietly.  The DJ plays ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad’ by Moby in sporting recognition that hertz are feeling bad!  How magnanimous is that?  We are the good guys, Hibby Family Members!  With less than ten minutes John O’Neil nearly burst the net with number five, before one of the most perfect moves I’ve ever seen from the Hibs culminated in Russell Latapy putting us 6-1 up!  We were chanting about wanting 7, but some poor defending allowed Colin Cameron to reduce the deficit to 6-2. It was like watching a schoolboy’s dream of how Hibs should play in a Derby.  I had never seen the like before.  I have never seen it again.  Will we emulate it on Tuesday?  Yes, please.
The celebrations went on long into the night.  the highlight being Mikey Farrow’s claim that his girlfriend Teresa, then heavily pregnant with the baby who would actually be born just fourteen days later and  called Shaun, would be named ‘Mixu David John Russell Farrow’!  Got a nice ring to it, Mikey!
– Saturday, 22 October 2005: SPL: Aberdeen 0-1 Hibs.  The fifth anniversary of the 6-2!  Traveled up from Wales for this.  got the train up wi FunBoy, Moodz etc.   A single goal from Deek for the Hibs in that season’s black away strip helped the mood!
– Saturday, 22 October 2011: SPL: St Mirren 2-3 Hibs.  Leigh Griffiths twice (his first goals for the club) and one from Sean O’Hanlon provided us with a rare win under the soon-to-be emptied Colin Calderwood.
– Saturday,22 October 2016: first division.  It’s only last year and I cannae mind!  Sorry!
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This Week In History Of Hibernian FC……9th to 15th October

Memory ManThese are the memories of  the Hibee Memory Man and memory only. No Googling, cards up sleeves, hypnosis nor mirrors used! His opinions are his own take on things of course.

Again, 9 October has not featured many Hibs matches in recent times. This is due to the comparatively recent trend for International fixtures being scheduled for weekends around about the second weekend of October.  Talking of International fixtures, that wee torn-face ginger Gordon Strachan can get tae . If he’d played John McGinn instead of persisting with possibly the least talented individual ever to accrue eighty caps for his country, i.e. Darren Fletcher, we might have a World Cup qualifier to look forward to.  If he’d started with Leigh Griffiths in the earlier matches, it might have made a difference, too.
Anyway, honorable mention to the late John Winston Lennon who would’ve been 77 today, had he not bumped into a Catcher In the Rye-wielding nobody-who-became-a-somebody by murdering him on Monday, 8 December 1980.
Here goes:
– Saturday, 9 October 1971: top tier: Hibs 0-1 Tims.  Clearly, I wasn’t at this game (I was exactly nine days old and, given that my Dad had sent my Mum back to Scotland to have me (they lived in Cheadle Hulme at the time), I would probably have been sleeping at either my Edinburgh Granny and Grandad’s at 1 Niddrie Marischal Gardens, Craigmillar or at my Leith Granny and Grandads at 16 Prince Regent Street, Leith.   A crowd of 39,000 (including, presumably, at least 20,000 tims) saw a goal by Lou Macari with less than 20 minutes left take the two points.  This was, of course, a great Celtic team.  They had reached the European Cup final against Feyenoord only 17 months earlier.  They had also lost a Scottish Cup Final to Eddie Turnbull’s SSBs only 18 months earlier.  ET was, of course, now in charge of Hibs.  But he was in the early stages of the revolution which would lead to the evolution of the legendary Turnbull’s Tornadoes.  I’m too young to have seen them live, of course.  But, having watched the old footage on video and DVD, there’s no doubt in my opinion: that was the last great team for a protracted period.  Between 1971 and 1975, Hibs were not just a great Scottish team, they were a great British, great European team.  Sad to relate, that we’ve failed to emulate that in the last 42 years.
One post-script is that just two weeks later (on Saturday, 23 October 1971) that Celtic team would face a highly unfancied Partick Thistle team at Hampden in the League Cup.  One of the greatest ever shocks in Scottish League Cup history transpired, with the Harry Wraggs scoring four in a seismic first half.  Celtic pulled one back in the second half, but the Jags held on for an historic 4-1 victory.  46 years later, almost to the day, we will face Celtic at Hampden in the League Cup.
– Wednesday, 9 October 1985: Skol Cup semi-final, 2nd leg: deid hunz 1-0 Hibs (Hibs win 2-1 on aggregate).  I listened to this on the radio: Radio Clyde.  Dad would not take Grant and I to this game.  Indeed the only times I’ve watched Hibs at Ibrox with my old man were the two Scottish Cup semis there against Celtic in April 1985.  Faither hates the hunz (both the deid club and the tribute act).  This is because he and my Uncle Denis were chased through the Weej by bigoted, grown men after Hibs had knocked them out of the Scottish Cup semi final replay in 1958.  It’s the only game, the only ground I’ve ever had bother at myself.  And, from conversations with other Hibbies and comments read on the various fans forums, violence is always in the air when you wear green and you’re players .them . Despite the off-field concerns, Hibs, having won the first leg more comfortably than the 2-0 scoreline suggested, took a huge support there.  all 8,000 tickets in the Broomloan Stand were filled by enthusiastic, loud Hibbies.  However, there had been a major accident on the M8, so the majority of the Hibs fans did not arrive until late in the first half; by which time we were a goal down on the night.  The goal – a direct free-kick – by the late Davie Cooper was, is the finest goal I have ever seen Hibs concede.  I remember the commentary team on the radio describing it as having gone in the ‘postage stamp’ top corner.  On the radio, all you could hear was the loud, raucous Hibs support.  Gordon Rae had been booked for the foul which resulted in the free-kick from which Cooper scored; which had the unfortunate consequence of ruling him out of the final.  Which was a shame because Rae was a fine servant to the Hibs for many a year.  A real stalwart who had scored some crucial goals in his time at Easter Road; not least a Scottish Cup quarter final winner against hertz on Saturday, 10 March 1979.
Back to the game at Ibrox, the home side had a lot of pressure, without creating much in the way of chances.  And Roughie did not have too much to do.  I have to say that, much as at the time the second half seemed to go on for hours, this was the most I ever enjoyed listening to a Hibs game on the radio until Wednesday, 22 February 2017.  When, of course, we beat hertz 3-1 at Easter Road in the Scottish Cup.  And I listened to it while doing weights in my bedroom.  Nearly decapitated masel while bench-pressing when the first goal went in!
Another memory is that Rangers ended the match with Derek Johnstone up front.  One of the commentators opined that it was ironic that, after all these years, a Jock Wallace-managed Rangers team still had DJ up front.  Serves them right.
But the final whistle finally sounded and the 8,000 (out of 39,282) were jubilant!  I could go to school (Strathaven Academy) with my head held high and, for the first time, since 1979, we had a cup final to look forward to!  The result and this development even featured in that Saturday’s lunch-time football staple – Saint and Greavesie!  St John narrated the news in the opening sequence to the week’s event with the surprised tone-enunciating news that ‘it’s Hibs, and not Rangers, who will face Aberdeen in the Skol Cup final’ accompanying images of jubilant Hibbies in the Broomloan Stand!
We had a good record against the deid hunz in League Cup semis; beating them four times in a row: 1972, 1985, 1991, 2004.  I was at the last two.  Two probably of my top 5 Hibs matches attended.
– Saturday, 9 October 1993: SPL: Motherwell 0-2 Hibs.  Hibs stayed top of the table with goals by Jackson in the first half and Keith Wright in the second beating a fine Motherwell team who had won at Ibrox midweek.  Top of the League and in the League Cup final; it was a good time to be a Hibby!  It even featured on Blue Peter; with John Leslie interviewing fans queuing for Cup Final tickets on Easter Road!
Yet again, the 10th of October has not featured too many Hibs matches over the past three decades.  Personally, I don’t see why the powers-that-be couldn’t revert to all International qualifiers being played on midweeks throughout the season.  As prevailed until 1988; when this disruption to the League season nonsense started.  However, if you’re expecting sensible decisions from an organisation so corrupt as FIFA that it allowed Sepp Blatter global primacy for in excess of two decades, you’ll be sorely disappointed.
Anyway, back to the matter in hand.
– Saturday, 10 October 1987: SPL: Hibs 4-0 Dunfermline.  Two days after the signing of Goram for a club record £325,000, we recorded our largest victory of a League season in which we would only find the net 41 times in 44 matches.  That means that a fraction under 10% of our entire goals tally for the League season was witnessed that afternoon!  And all of them inside the first 28 minutes!  I think I’m right in stating that that was the least time it took the team to score four goals since the 3.10pm hertz 0-4 Hibs game at the Swynerie on Saturday, 18 September 1965 (Jimmy O’Rourke’s 19th birthday; he scored twice, as did the late Eric Stevenson).  I know we’ve scored, for example, six in the second half against Killie on Saturday, 2 April 1983, but I cannot recall any game in which we have the ball over the line so often before the half hour mark.  Bobby Sinnett (who really knows his stuff) might be able to put me right there, though.  I would always defer to his superior Hibby-stats knowledge.
The goals were scored (I think) by Kano, Collins, May and McCluskey, although I’m not sure if that is the correct chronological order of them.  While the crowd was a rounded-up 10,000 (in the papers, anyway).
One post-script to the match was that we would take five out of eight from the newly promoted Pars (who would end the season by being relegated).  We had already drawn 3-3 at East End Park in front of 13,500 fans (including a huge contingent of Hibbies; comprising probably half the attendance) on the first day of the season (Saturday, 8 August 1987).  We would subsequently lose 1-0 at East End Park on Saturday, 5 December 1987, in front of only 5,990 fans.  Before beating them 2-0 (again all the goals in the first half) at Easter Road on Saturday, 27 February 1987.  Goals by Mickey Weir and a ripper by Beastie.  (You can find the latter match’s goals on You Tube.)
– Saturday, 10 October 1998: First Division: Stranraer 0-1 Hibs.  On the day that Scotland played at the Swynerie since the first time since the inter-war period, we traveled to Stranraer.  The home team had already inflicted upon us possibly the most ignominious home League result in our history by beating us 2-1 (they led 2-0 at one point!) on Saturday, 15 August 1998; a date overshadowed by the Omagh tragedy.  And we did not find things any easier in this game; requiring a late goal by Stuart Lovell (I think) to secure the points.
One post-script to this match is that Judas Iscarrot’s team was beginning to come together.  This was our second win in a row following the draw with Hamilton Accies on Saturday, 26 September.  Not that we knew it at the time, but we were in the early stages of a 22 match unbeaten league run.  the longest unbeaten league run in our history.  Although, I’m sure John R Mackay’s seminal 1985 The Hibees book states that we went 17 matches undefeated in the top flight at some point during the 1950s.  Another for Bobby Sinnet, methinks.
Apologies for not being able to mind who we played on Saturday, 10 October 2015 in the First Division, but I cannae.
– Saturday, 11 October 1986: SPL: deid hunz 3-0 Hibs.  Our first League visit to the Govan since the advent of the Souness era.  And the homesters exacted a measure of revenge for their defeat at the Leith San Siro nine weeks earlier by winning comfortably.  the most notable feature of the game, though, for any visiting Hibby was the size of the crowd; or, rather, the size of the home crowd.  Only seven months earlier (on Saturday, 1 March 1986) we had lost 3-1 there (posterity has recorded Blackley’s Hibs as the last team to lose to Jock Wallace’s deid hunz in the latter’s second spell in charge there; not an accolade any Hibby will be proud of) in front of just under 16,000 spectators, which included around 1,500 visiting Hibbies.  Given that the Hibs support at Ibrox that sunny Autumn day would probably have been no higher than that, there must have been 36,500 hunz in the 38,000 crowd.  Where had these self-proclaimed  ‘pee-puhl’ been going on a Saturday afternoon for the past season, if not the past decade?
Having grown up in Strathaven, at a time when Hibs were regularly beating Rangers (four times in the calendar year 1985), the Motherwell fans that I knew were really Motherwell and Rangers fans.  I’ve been called a ‘Fenian b*******’ by guys who would wear a claret and amber scarf to school one day and a red, white and blue one another day on many occasions.  Thankfully, today – in 2017 – Motherwell appear to have moved on from the horrible, wee diet-hun club they were in the early to mid-1980s.
But October 1986 was not a good time to be a Hibby.  We did not know it at the time, but it would be Sloop’s last calendar month in charge of the team.  Having witnessed three games in a week at the end of that month, I can relate that he appeared to have lost the confidence of the players.
– Friday, 11 October 2002: Crunchie’s testimonial: Falkirk 1-1 Hibs.  If anyone deserved a testimonial, then that man was Kevin McAllister.  He really lit up Easter Road between 1993 and 1997.  His strike from outside the box against a very good Aberdeen team on Saturday, 11 September 1993 set the tone for a more-comfortable-than=the-scoreline-suggests 2-1 win.  For Hibbies like me, who had grown with 4-0 and 5-0 defeats to Fergie’s all conquering Dons, that was only our second victory over them at Easter Road since Saturday, 15 OCtober 1983, i.e. nearly a decade!  This was an international weekend and a healthy crowd including a strong contingent of Hibbies turned out to pay tribute to wee Crunchie.  I went through on the train wi Jocko, Fun Boy, Tin Foil etc..  Even though the unusual sight of Gordon Strachan in a Hibs strip was part of the entertainment, we did what we did a lot of when Bobby bloody Williamson was manager, i.e. we nashed to the boozer at half-time.
– Saturday, 11 October 2014: SPL: Hibs 0-0 Dumbarton.  Another disappointing result following the iconic 3-1 victory at Ibrox on Monday, 29 September 2014.  This game featured a penalty which TV evidence conclusively proves went under the keeper and over the line (i.e. a bloody goal should’ve been awarded!), but the ref waved play on and JC missed out on what would have been another goal for the cocky wee Jambo.
One post-script is that this was the Sons’ first League visit to Easter Road since Saturday, 19 January 1985, when we beat them 3-1 in a relegation four-pointer, with goals by Jukebox (going down the slope), Snoddy (up) and a Ricey penalty (up).  Alan Kay having equalised for them only four minutes after Durie’s opener.  That was only the second game that my Dad took me and ma wee bro to at Easter Road (we did grow up in Strathaven; not a hotbed of Hibbies!).  It was the first time we stood on the East Terracing; which was then still uncovered (the late Kenny Waugh would rectify that the following season).  There was huge-for-the-time crowd of over 8,000 (it felt like a lot more) as we had recorded our first win at Ibrox since 1977 the previous Saturday!  We also had the pleasure of seeing the erratic scoreboard positioned on the front of the Cow Shed in fully working order.  Everyone took great delight in cheering as the goals went in for Fergie’s SSBs as they pumped the deid hunz 5-1 at Pittodrie on what was Big Fat Derek Johnstone’s second debut for the away team.  I had told my old Leith Grandad before the game that all the hunz at school were raving about him.  To which Auld Denis drily responded, ‘He wouldnae get a game fer Selkirk reserves, son!’  (Selkirk had lost 20-0 to Stirling Albion in a Scottish Cup tie only weeks earlier.)
Incidentally, this was the first time Dumbarton left ER with any points since they beat us 3-2 on Saturday, 15 September 1984.  An ignominious result which prompted Pat Stanton to resign.


Bizarrely, in the temp job I’ve been doing this week in a pastry processing plant near Bridgend, one of my colleagues is a Gambian called Osman, and yesterday he asked me if I liked football etc..  So I explained that I’m a Hibby and that we had a Gambian player called Pa-Kujabi; a player he recognised!  I stressed how untalented Pa-Kujabi was and how he had been sent off in a Cup Final for us.  Os found this alarmingly funny.  Totally random.
Anyway, back to the matter in hand:
– Saturday, 13 October 1984: SPL: Celtic 3-0 Hibs.  We travelled to their athletics ground.  It was Mo Johnston’s debut for the tims. Hibs wearing green shorts (as we did a fortnight later at Swynecastle) performed admirably (Darren ‘YLT’ McGregor’s favourite word; check the DVD!).  However, Celtic were awarded a penalty with around 72 minutes on the clock – which horrible Peter Grant converted.  Thereafter, the homesters scored twice more in the last ten minutes.  Still, the following days’ papers were full of praise for Blackley’s Hibs.  Incidentally, the debut boy did not open his account for the Jungle Jims that day.

– Saturday, 13 October 1990: SPL: Dundee United 1-0 Hibs.  Murdo MacLeod’s debut.  A large travelling Hibs support attended this fixture and it appeared that we would leave with an unexpected point.  Until injury time, that is, when Willie Miller attempted a pass back which soared past  Goram for the only goal of the day; leaving us empty-handed.  Again.

One post-script to this game is that that was United’s only goal against us that season, as the next two fixtures were nil nil draws, before Felly scored the only goal of the game at Easter Road on Saturday, 12 April 1991.  I was there and it was the first time I had seen us win live since Saturday, 12 April 1986 (1-0 v Dundee, Gordon Rae 62 mins).  I do think I’m a jinx sometimes, boys and girls!
– Saturday, 13 October 2001: SPL: Dundee United 3-1 Hibs.  I listened to this on the radio in ma wee flat in Parliament Street.  We scored early (cannae mind who scored, like) and were leading at half-time.  However, the home side, still aggrieved at our late, late penalty decision from ten months earlier, roared back in the second half with three goals and deservedly took the three points.  This was the time that Judas Iscarrot lost interest in Hibs, as he was too busy meeting up with Sir David Murray and negotiating the deal that would take him to Ibrox on Tuesday, 11 December that year. I’d still take him as Scotland manager, though.  You have to be pragmatic about these things.
– Saturday, 14 October 1989: SPL: Hibs 3-2 Motherwell.  Hibs had suffered a 3-1 reversal at Parkhead on Wednesday, 4 October, i.e. the last League game before the break for the International match.  Consequently, it was good to get back to winning ways in front of around 8,000 fans.  Compare that with the 17,335 who attended the recent 2-2 draw between the teams at the same; albeit seismically changed, venue (Easter Road in 1989 did not have any of the four stands that comprise the Leith San Siro today).  While the state of the stadia and the size of the crowd vary differently in this 18 year compare and contrast exercise, one factor the two matches in this fixture share is that Hibs led 2-0 at half-time (through Collins and Houchen, I think).  In this game, Cusack pulled one back for the Well, before we restored our two goal lead (not sure of the scorer, but think it might have been Houchen again), before the away side again halved the deficit.  Fortunately, Hibs held on to ensure the points remained in Leith.  We had had a fairly bright start to the season, with home wins against the deid hunz, St Mirren and now Motherwell.  While we had lost on trips to Pittodrie, Swynecastle and Darkheid.  Sadly, the season would peter out due to our inconsistency.  But all those problems paled into insignificance when the realisation arose that Wallace Mercer was actively trying to kill off Hibernian FC during the close season.  However, on that sunny afternoon in the autumn of 89, none of us knew just what we would encounter only eight months later.
I sometimes go on to Jambos Kickback (to make myself feel good about myself) and the delusional rubbish that is posted there about our attempts to preclude their CVA and compare and contrast lies about Mercer’s takeover attempt is enough to make me want to launch my laptop through the windae.  Neil Lennon should sit the entire first team squad down and make them watch contemporary footage of that episode. Nothing less than the three points will do when we face Levein’s mob in ten days’ time.  (Although, it’s a little bit funny ,my fave Elton John lyric!), but, if you gave me the choice between winning the Cup Semi next Saturday v Celtic and the Derby three days later v hertz, I would choose the cup semi.  I’d love another crack at the new hunz in a Cup Final at Hampden.  The exuberant goading would be off the Richter scale!
– Saturday, 14 October 1995: SPL: Celtic 2-2 Hibs.  I was at this one.  It was a bright sunny, unseasonally warm day.  We were wearing the then away top, which was a purple and green striped effort; which commentator Gerry McNee described as ‘turquoise’.  I disliked him as a commentator.  Self-important buffoon.   In truth, we got pumped.  But Celtic’s defending was not too clever, and Kevin Harper took advantage of some poor marking to knock the ball past whoever their keeper was that day after about 20 minutes.  No sooner had our celebrations began to calm down and parity had been restored through a Johnny Collins direct free-kick.  Into the second half and Pierre van Hooijdonk gave them the lead after roughly an hour, but they could not add to it.  And with ten minutes to go Gareth Evans dived in the box, which Celtic-hating referee Jim McCluskey penalised and Darren Jackson converted our second penalty in Glasgow in the space of three weeks.  A totally undeserved point, but we were not complaining.  After all, we had seen the converse happen through there all too often.
– Saturday, 14 October 2000: SPL: Hibs 1-0 deid hunz.  On Kenny Miller’s first game at Easter Road following his close defection to the bastion of bigotry. The three points remained in Leith thanks to a well-worked move and superlative finish by David Zitelli.  What a player he was.
We all ken what happened when hertz came a-visiting just eight days later.
On to today, I’m going for the Hibs to end Aberdeen’s unbeaten League run with a 3-2 win, with the scoring sequence mirroring that of the Motherwell game played exactly 28 years ago today.  Stokes, Murray and Swanson to score.
Get yer bonkers bets on now, gadgies and gadgesses!
In something of a rush this morning, as I am working in a warehouse in Nantgarw at 6am, and, consequently, will need to leave at 5am.  Also, a disappointing loss yesterday.  Listened to the second half on the radio, and the comments of Willie Miller and Michael Stewart were revealing.  It appeared that we had plenty of possession, but a concomitant paucity of penetration.  As MS stated, ‘Hibs appear to want to walk the ball into the net’.  I think NL needs to fire a rocket up a few Jimmy Carters and get them to be more urgent and more direct.  Aberdeen appeared to have played a Revie-era Leeds-type of a game, i.e. score against the run of play, then hold out til full-time.  We need to become a bit more streetwise in this League and cut out the silly errors.  We won’t get away with them against the better sides in this division.  Still, I’d sooner see Aberdeen win the title than Celtic.
– Saturday, 15 October 1983: SPL: Hibs 2-1 Aberdeen.  Our only home victory over the Dons during the worst decade to be a Hibs supporter since the 1930s, i.e. the decade of Margaret Thatcher, the miners’ strike, the poll tax, yuppies, dodgy fashion and sometimes even worse music: the 1980s.  When me and most of my mates spent our formative years as Hibbies.  Character building they call it.  Well, I hope the young pups of 17 or 18 who’ve already seen us win the two domestic cups appreciate it.  A lot of Hibbies lived and died and never saw that.  And most of us had to wait a lot longer.
Back to the game, Rougvie gave Aberdeen a first half-lead, but two second half goals by Willie Irvine (on 68 and 88 minutes) burst a few coupons and ensured that Pat Stanton got one over his old managerial partner at Pittodrie (Pat had been his number two there), Alex Ferguson.  Compare this match’s attendance of 7,000 with yesterday’s 19,038.  Several months later, by which time I had started supporting Hibs (I started in November 1983), Shoot! magazine had a feature in an issue (in February 1984) about the next Easter Road fixture between the teams.  The heading was about Fergie’s plan to ‘DESTROY HIBS’!  Sadly, they won 2-0 that day.
– Saturday, 15 October 1994: SPL: Falkirk 0-0 Hibs.  I was there with my old man.  It was a pretty turgid encounter with neither team really deserving to either win or lose.  We drew a lot that season and didn’t finish many games, finishing third.  But for Raith Rovers’s League Cup victory over Celtic (which was funny at the time, of course) we’d’ve qualified for Europe.  But we didn’t know that at the time.
– Saturday, 15 October 2005: SPL: Hibs 4-2 Killie.  We were two down at the interval, but roared back in the second half with what I am told was one of the single finest performances of the Mowbray era.  Not sure who scored, but, given the team of the time, I’m guessing both Riordan and O’Connor were on the scoresheet.  As a footnote, Billy Brown is not the most popular man at Easter Road (and deservedly so, given the nonsense he came out with in the run-up to the Controversial Craig Thomson Cup Final of 19.5.2012), but, at the time, he wrote a column (it was probably ghosted; I doubt thathe could write a birthday card) in the Daily Ranger and the following week he was fulsome and effusive in his praise for Hibs.  We were described as having ‘a right good team’.  Which we did, Billy.
– Sunday, 15 October 2006: SPL: Hibs 2-2 hertz.  Came up for this one.  A good weekend with the usual suspects.  Spoiled only by our inability to retain a two goal lead against a hertz team who were reduced to ten men while the score was still 2-1 to us.  Zemmama and Killen had us two up within 16 minutes.  I was seated in the Famous Five and went for a mad wee dash with my top off and tats displayed along the perimeter at the front of the stand; staying away from the pitch as I didnae want lifted.  We should’ve been more than that up shortly afterwards, and, boy, would we come to rue the missed chances.  Zibi made howler after howler and was certainly to blame for both hertz goals.  Velicka (who would subsequently move to Rangers) got both of them.
– Saturday, 15 October 2011: SPL: Hibs 0-1 Motherwell.  Wearing our purple ‘Thistle’ strip we conceded an early goal, and could not equalise it in the remaining eighty-odd minutes.  This was to be one of Colin Calderwood’s last matches as Hibs manager.  Petrie should’ve taken the money Birmingham City offered in the summer and appointed a decent manager then.  But, no, we had a ridiculous staring competition which only ended when the Chairman blinked first after an even worse 1-0 defeat at home to Dunfermline on Saturday, 5 November 2011.  Calderwood, in my opinion, is the worst Hibs manager in my time as a supporter.  And many of the problems and difficulties encountered by his successors (specifically Fenlon and Butcher) had their roots in the damage wreaked by his lazy, lackadaisical tenure.
– Saturday, 15 October 2016: 1st division: Raith 0-0 Hibs.  Marvin Bartley’s second red card in a month.  And, also, Marvin Bartley’s second red card to rescinded in a month.  No wonder we dropped some silly points this time last year.  And, having listened to the game on the radio yesterday, I don’t know why Lennon took him off.  Bartley is a big, big player for Hibs.  We’ve needed a player like him for years.  And, having seen the Cup Final DVDs, and the article yesterday about his charitable efforts re the Grenfell Tower tragedy, it appears he’s a bloody good bloke, too.  Top man, Marvin!  Grab a goal in the derby, please!
The Hibee Memory Man





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This Week In History Of Hibernian FC…..2nd- 8th October

Memory Man
These are the memories of  the Hibee Memory Man and memory only. No Googling, cards up sleeves, hypnosis nor mirrors used! His opinions are his own take on things of course.
7th and 8th October
There haven’t been too many Hibs matches on either of these dates in my lifetimes, as since 1989 this weekend had usually had international fixtures scheduled on it.  Anyway, here goes:
– Saturday, 7 October 1995: SPL: Hibs 2-1 Falkirk.  After a disappointing week which began with conceding an equaliser to a ten men hertz team in the 6th minute of injury time on the Sunday and also featured a 3-0 reversal at Starks Park on the Wednesday, it was nice to get back to winning ways.  Our opener was a very dubious penalty following what looked like a dive by Evans to me, but Oooh-Ahhh-Jacksona did not let that bother him.  Into the second half and Crunchie (I think) doubled the lead going down the slope before the Bairns pulled one back, which ensured a frantic end to the game.  A sense of relief ensued at the final whistle, but it was good just to secure the three points.
– Wednesday, 8 October 1986: SPL: Hibs 3-2 Clydebank.  A midweek game witnessed our first home League win since Sounessgate on the opening day of the season.  Part-time Bankies scored two early goals, before Billy Kirkwood (with his only ever competitive goal for the club) reduced the deficit.  I cannae mind if Willie Irvine mark 2’s first for the equaliser was before or after the break, but, either way, he scored the winner with his own second of the game after 74 minutes.
One post-script to this match is that that season we would play the Bankies home and away in different competitions on successive Saturdays in February.  On Valentine’s Day (I got feck all cards; as usual) Bankies took the lead in the Premier League match at Easter Road through a Stuart Gordon goal after 14 minutes.  However, into the second half and two goals in two minutes (46 and 47 minutes) through May and Collins (I think) gave us the lead.  Subsequent goals by Joe McBride and Stevie Cowan provided us with a convincing 4-1 victory in front of 5,000 fans.  This convincing victory and performance persuaded the same amount of Hibbies to travel through to Dunbartonshire the following Saturday for a Scottish Cup tie.  The crowd of 6,500 again witnessed an early goal from Stuart Gordon, but this time there would be no more scoring.  I can honestly say that, as a 15 year old in our first year living in Wales (we had moved south in July 1986; due to Dad’s job), that result was one of the most depressing I have ever experienced as a Hibby.  Even today, having attended and suffered in long-distance exile another two relegations, ignominious cup exits to the likes of Stirling Albion, Queen of the South and Morton, two Hampden humiliations at the hands of hertz, a 7-0 at Ibrox, a league 5-1 at Tynecastle, 6-0 at Parkhead, 7-0 at home to Malmo , I can still vividly recall how empty and flat I felt at full-time that afternoon.  The season was finished.  Nothing left to play for.  The fact that hertz knocked Celtic out at Tynecastle later that day (their match kicked off at 3.30pm cos of the rugby and the late Wallace Mercer being an attention-seeking, money-marketing obsessed erse of the highest calibre) did not improve my mood, either.
– Saturday, 8 October 1988: SPL: Dundee 2-1 Hibs.  A crowd of roughly 8,127 included a huge Hibs contingent, buoyed by the humping of champions Celtic the previous Saturday.  Unfortunately, however, recent signing from ourselves Gordon Chisholm gave the home team the lead after 8 minutes.  Archibald restored parity before half-time, before Tommy Coyne scored the decisive goal.  This was Hibs’ first league defeat of the season.  It was also our seventh defeat in eight matches at Dens Park.  A run which immediately followed four successive wins there for us.  Consider these stats, stat-porn lovers (I love a bit of stat-porn, me; you may have noticed!):
– 1982-83: 2nd match at Dens (early 83): Dundee 1-2 Hibs
– 1983-84: December 1983: Dundee 0-3 Hibs
                 April 1984: Dundee 1-2 Hibs
– 1984-85: Saturday, 18 August: Dundee 0-1 Hibs (Thomson 62)
                 Saturday, 29 December: Dundee 2-0 Hibs
– 1985-86: Saturday, 14 September: Dundee 1-0 Hibs (Brown 14; att. 5,410)
                  Saturday, 11 January 1986: Dundee 3-1 Hibs (Callaghan; att. 5,073)
– 1986-87: Saturday, 16 August 1986: Dundee 3-0 Hibs (Ian angus got their third, and, given that he had already scored against us that season with Aberdeen in their 4-0 win over us three days earlier, he achieved probably the unique feat of scoring twice against us in the space of four days with two different clubs)
                 Saturday, 27 December 1986: Dundee 2-0 Hibs
– 1987-88: Saturday, 21 November 1987: Dundee 2-1 Hibs (Coyne ?, 85; Collins 84; att.6,583)
                 Saturday, 30 April 1988: Dundee 0-0 Hibs
However, we would win on our next visit to Dens: on Saturday, 14 January 1989; two days after my Dad’s 46th birthday!  Which, given that I’m 46 now, makes me feel old.  Anyway, that match featured goals from Gareth Evans and Stevie Archibald for us and a Joe McBride equaliser for them.  But Super Joe would score a late winner for them (after Keith Wright had equalised) against hertz on Saturday, 15 April 1989.  A day, of course, overshadowed by the Hillsborough disaster and the attendant cover-up by the polis, the judiciary, the government, the media, the authorities.  I’m not a Liverpool fan, but I am a football fan, and what happened that day and the sub-Stalin-esque co-ordinated web of mendacity spun by the complicit authorities was nothing short of a national disgrace.  27  years before the truth was admitted!  Disgraceful!
– Saturday, 8 October 1994: SPL: Hibs 2-1 deid hunz.  Oh, I did enjoy this game!  I had a mate and his Doris up from England-shire for this match.  It was a beautiful sunny, Indian summer’s day.  We had been oot in Glas Vegas the night before and been to King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut to see a band called These Animal Men and then on to some club.  Cannae mind much about it. Had a couple of Don Revies in Robbie’s pre-match with a few of the Glasgow branch, put a bet on for the Hibs to win 1-0; well, at least I got the margin of victory right!  Anyway, we were sat in the Cow Shed and had a perfect view of Basil Boli’s opener for the hunz.  Thereafter Hibs took control.  However, it wasn’t until the first minute of the second half that Geebsie (fresh from his recent jinx-buster at the Swynerie) equalised with an effort that appeared to come off his knee and deceive Goram in the hun goals.  Hibs’ pressure was telling and how Boli escaped with a yellow card for an outrageous scything challenge on 18 year old Kevin Harper was beyond even Dougie Donnelly on that night’s Sportscene (and Donnelly is a Paris bun).  Into the last ten minutes and a Michael O’Neill corner was bulleted past Goram at the near post by the teenage sensation!  Cue some joyous, radge celebrations!  There was still time for Boli to repeat his assault on Harper.  This time he received a second yellow and walked.  After the game there was a fair amount of paggering in the vicinity of what is now the West Stand, as for that fixture Hibs had experimented with only giving the hunz the Dunbar End.  This had the consequence of lots of hunz acquiring tickets for the wing side of what is now the West Stand.  I spoke to big Peter Marks of the Glasgow branch after the game and he told me that it was full of hunz in there.
Post-script.  This was the first time that Rangers under Walter Smith’s management (his first spell) had lost a game after taking the lead away from home.  (The first time they had lost a game after taking the lead was at home to Motherwell.)  This would only happen to them once more under his management in his first spell in charge there.  Ken where that was?  that’s right!  You’ve guessed it!  Also, at Easter Road!  When we beat them 2-1, having been a goal down at half-time, on Saturday, 12 October 1996.  And even then the bloody ref tried to help them by awarding them a late penalty; which they missed; so the ordered a retake; which was saved!
Actually,second post-script.  Left-back Graeme Love absolutely ruled much-vaunted hun winger Brian Laudrup that day.  Rarely have I seen a Hibs full-back dominate his man so well in such an important game.  I doubt Laudrup had many more dry performances in his career than that day.  And Graeme Love?  Who he?  Where is he now?  I’d like to buy you a pint for that performance, mate!  You were man of the match for me!
6th October
– Saturday, 6 October 1984: SPL: St Mirren 2-0 Hibs.  Having been officially confirmed as manager and simultaneously as Pat Stanton’s successor, his former team-mate John ‘Sloop’ Blackley took his team to Love Street,  where Hibs had not won since March 1979.  Indeed during that time scale (now over five years!) we had played there eight times in the League and once in the Anglo-Scottish Cup (1979-80; the season the Paisley Saints won the tourney), losing eight times, with just a solitary goalless (I think) draw during the 1981-82 season under Bertie ‘Bertie Auld’s the name, fitba’s the game’ Auld (he lived in Strathaven and trained the year above me at Strathaven Dynamo; and according to the liars in the year above me at school, this was how he introduced himself to them.  Probably bollocks, but gullible, naive fool that I was, I believed it as gospel truth) as any kind of reward.  This match, however, featured a first half penalty for Hibs; when one of their players punched the ball off the line and was only booked for his trouble (as was the standard punishment for such an offence in those days).  Bobby Thomson, unfortunately, had his penalty saved by Campbell Money.  Into the second half and Mark Fulton grabbed one of the home side’s two goals.
Two post-scripts to this match.  One: we would lose all four matches to St Mirren that season.  The only time that ever happened.  And, if anything, the home results were worse and more ignominious than the away ones.  We lost 3-2 to a ten men Saints team on Saturday, 8 December 1984 (the day before Band Aid released ‘Feed the Jambos, let them know it’s Christmas time’); in front of only 2,601 spectators (one of the lowest ever post-war crowds at Easter Road; we had let in four at Cappielow the previous Saturday).  And talking of 4-0 defeats, we lost to St Mirren by that score at ER on Saturday, 27 April 1985.  I was there with my Dad and wee brother.  McAvennie ran riot and Ralphie Callachan got a black eye in a wee scuffle with that horrible Brian Gallagher.  The latter was probably still sulking from the 8-1 hammering we gave him when he was at Killie on Saturday, 2 April 1983.
Second post-script.  Mark Fulton would sign for Hibs the following season.  He only ever scored one goal for the Hibs: in a 5-3 Tom Hart Cup victory over Dunfermline on Wednesday, 4 December 1985.  However, he did score two spectacular ogs that season.  Celtic’s fourth in their 5-0 rout of us at ER on Saturday, 7 September 1985 (i.e three days after we beat them 4-3 on penalties after drawing 4-4 with them in the Skol Cup; also at ER).  And – my personal favourite – Dundee United’s first in the incidental game played at Easter Road on Saturday, 3 May 1986.  To be honest, from my vantage point on the sparsely-populated East Terracing, quite how he managed to hammer the ball high into the net, rather than hoof it up and away, was beyond me.  But we were drawing 1-1 when it happened.  When the North Enclosure under the old Pink News sign with CCS in large graffiti letters festooned on the wall erupted in unbridled, unexpected joy and the fans next to me and my Dad did the same and so we joined in and did likewise because we knew – and they knew – and everyone knew – that that could mean one thing and one thing only.  hertz had conceded a goal to Dundee.  And, simultaneously, the title to Celtic.   YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !
Seriously, I don’t think any group of supporters of any team – anywhere in the world – has enjoyed schadenfreude like us good Hibbies did that afternoon!  It’s not up there with 21.5.2016, but, to be honest, it’s in my top ten Hibbie memories.  I’m just so glad I was at ER that day.  Me and ma wee bro had had a fight playing football in the garden in Strathaven that Saturday lunch-time and Grant took the huff and didn’t come through to the game, despite Dad’s best efforts.  You missed out, wee bro!
– Saturday, 6 October 1990: SPL: Hibs 1-0 St Mirren.  A Mickey Weir strike after about 31 minutes gave us the two points.  I was at Bramall Lane that day.  The first time I’d ever been to watch Sheffield United; who to this day I have a soft spot for.  Sadly, the Blades lost 2-1 to Wimbledon.  So Harry Bassett lost to his old club.  Stood on the Shoreham Street kop, which was knocked down at the end of that season and replaced by a new, shiny stand.  First time I ever heard the greasy chip butty (to the tune of John Denver’s Annie’s Song).  One of the best football chants ever.  And I do like ‘a night out in Sheffield’!  Or I did then, anyway!
– Saturday, 6 October 2007: SPL: deid hunz 0-1 Hibs.  A David Murphy goal after about the hour mark maintained our unbeaten start to the league season.  And was our third win there in six visits.  A remarkable record for any team other than the lesser greens.  Was at Cardiff City that day; the Grange End at Ninian Park.  Haven’t got a clue who City played, what the result was, anything.  But I mind getting a text telling me we were winning at Ibrox.  And I mind getting another telling me we’d won at Ibrox!  Happy Hibby days!
5th October
– Saturday, 5 October 1985: SPL: Dundee United 2-2 Hibs.  Our first league point at Tannadeechee since a 3-3 draw in the home side’s title winning season of 1982-83 (Saturday, 26 March, to be precise).  Alan ‘Snoddy’ Sneddon of the fine blonde tash and mullet; almost a style guru and inspiration for Keith Lemon, had prior to this match only scored thrice previously in his Hibs career (one in a 2-1 win at fir Park in late 1983, the second in a vital 3-1 four pointer home win against Dumbarton on Saturday, 19 January 1985, and the fifth in a 5-1 hammering of Morton on Saturday, 9 February 1985 (a game which also featured a first Hibs hat-trick for Jukebox, on what was Joe McBride junior’s debut for the Hibs)).  However, he gave us the lead after roughly 20 minutes with a spectacular shot from outside the box.  Then Maurice Malpas equalised within ten minutes or so.  The same individual put the home side in the lead after roughly 57 minutes, before the one season wonder that was Stevie Cowan grabbed a late equaliser for the Hibs with just four minutes left.  The following day’s papers suggested we were a bit fortunate to leave with a point, but, as the Hibs programme pointed out a week later, this return of five points from six matches was our best since three wins in a row during the 1983-84 season.  Which, if nothing else, illustrates how poor a season 1984-85 had been.
One postscript is that this was the day that a late Derek McWilliams (a Jambo who had formerly been on Hibs’ books) goal at the Swynerie rescued a point for the hertz.  Not that any of us knew it at the time this transpired to be the first of an unbeaten league run of 27 matches (and 31 competitive games in all).  Just imagine what might have happened had hertz won that day?  Ha ha!  As my Uncle Billy says of that season, ‘A Jambo said to me once, ‘you ken that during the 1985-86 season we took seven points out of eight fi youse?’, ah just said, ‘Aye, just think what would’ve happened had you taken all eight!”.  Ooohhhh, the gallus Hibs-hertz banter!
– Saturday, 5 October 1991: SPL: Hibs 3-0 Dunfermline.  The Skol Cup final dress rehearsal on a fine sunny day at the Leith San Siro.  Keith Wright got at least one.  As did Pat McGinlay, from memory.  In fact, I think it was Keith wi two and Pat wi one.  Wasn’t at the game; was back at college in Sheffield by then.  But this match featured on Sportscene, and with my family having moved back to Scotland (to Bearsden of all bloody places) during the summer, my Dad video-taped it for me.  Anyway, the match was sadly memorable for the serious injury which effectively negated Mark McGraw’s embryonic promising season wi the Hibs.  He had played brilliantly in the Skol Cup semi v the deid hunz at Hampden, in my opinion.  (Still one of my favourite ever Hibs games that I’ve attended.  What a night!)  Unfortunately, McGraw’s career at Hibs failed to recover from this.
– Saturday, 5 October 2002: SPL: Hibs 2-1 Dundee United.  One from Garry O’Connor and a memorable mazy run and shot from Ian Murray going down the slope early in the second half made it three successive wins from three successive home games for the Hibs.  United pulled one back late on.  And the then United manager (Sturrock, I think) left the club the following midweek.  The attendance for this game would’ve been below 8,000.  I lived in Leith from 2001 – 2004/05 and was a season ticket holder with the happy bams round about the halfway line, about ten rows from the front, and I doubt we had more than about 5,000 regular season ticket holders in any of those seasons.  Looking back, we were bring through some good young laddies: Murray, O’Connor, Riordan.  It really is a shame to think how both O’Connor and Riordan spectacularly failed to achieve anywhere near what individuals with their potential should have.  Watching the Sheffield derby (4-2 to the Blades, c’mon!) recently and noticing Steven Fletcher get subbed, I thought to myself, ‘he is probably less naturally talented than either O’Connor and Riordan, but he’s played more games at a consistently higher level, and with the wages he’s earned he must be a multi-millionaire, whereas the other two have not got a pot to piddle in’.  A crying shame for all concerned.  I think Hibs as a club should do more – from a pastoral perspective and a financial management one – to discourage any talented-but-wayward laddies from wasting their talent like Riordan and O’Connor.  Two Hibbies who both provided us all with some magic moments.  Especially v hertz!
4th October
super Joe
– Saturday, 4 October 1986: SPL: Hamilton Accies 1-4 Hibs.  Our first league victory since the epic defenestration of Graeme Souness in his debut for the deid hunz at the Leith San Siro.  We had actually won there in a midweek Skol Cup tie on Wednesday, 27 August 1986; Stewart Beedie getting the only goal of a game which also featured a missed penalty by mine host of the 4 In Hand, Kano!  Anyway, two goals from Super Joe McBride and one a piece from Eddie May and George McCluskey did the job in front of a crowd of 3,478.  It was 3-1 at half-time.  Interestingly, this was our first away victory by a margin of three goals since December 1983 when we won 3 nowt at Dens Park.  Although we had led 3 nowt at Love Street (on Saturday, 16 November 1985) and 4-1 at Kilbowie (on Wednesday, 30 October 1985) the previous season.  On both occasions our notoriously bordello-like defence had conceded a late consolation for the home team.  Older Hibbies will recall us winning a League game by a seven goal margin at a venue where we also won by the same magic number of a difference in the Scottish Cup back in January.
– Saturday, 4 October 1997: SPL: Hibs 3-4 deid hunz.  The first of seven straight defeats for a team that was near the top of the table going into this fixture.  An early penalty for the hunz before Pat McGinlay and Barry Lavety gave us a 2-1 lead right on half-time.  One minute into the second half and a Stevie Crawford goal going up the slope had us 3-1 up and believing a famous victory was imminent.  Sadly, a combination of Marco Negri, Gazza and Oli Gotskalskon (sp.?) had the hunz 4-3 up by the hour mark.  It stayed that way.  Our inexorable, ignominious descent into relegation had begun.  Lex Gold really wants his erky-perky booted with size 10 Doctor Martens for not punting Jim Duffy earlier.  A rubbish manager and not suited to a club of the stature of Hibernian FC.
– Saturday, 4 October 2003: SPL: Maryhill Students 0-1 Hibs.  Grant Brebner with a late goal (I think it was in injury time) gave us all three points.  Earlier that day the deid hunz had lost 3-2 at home to the lesser greens.  Glas Vegas must’ve been fun that day!
– Saturday, 4 October 2008: SPL: SSBs 1-2 Hibs.  The second and third goals of Derek Riordan’s second stint with his boyhood heroes provided us with our only League victory over the Dons in what was a very inconsistent season for Mixu’s men.  (We drew 2-2 and 0-0 at ER and lost 1-2 at Todders in the other matches between the sides that season.)  It ended with Mixu presumably signing some sort of compromise agreement (as such deals were then known; they are now known as settlement agreements under the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 (sorry for being such a legal bore; but I do have a law degree and, as a long-term trade unionist, I have helped colleagues in such matters at former employers)), as Rodders was concerned that ST sales would be drastically reduced if he was not relieved of his duties.  In retrospect, I think we were very quick and very harsh to condemn MP.  He inherited a poisoned chalice.  It appeared that JC had possibly lost the changing room somewhat.  Also, when you compare MP’s results – especially his derby results: we won two by 1-0 in the space of 55 days in March to May 2009; we would not beat them again until Sunday, 2 December 2012 in the Scottish Cup, and not again in the League until Sunday, 12 May 2013, i.e. four fecking seasons! – with those of his successors, with the exception of Yogi’s first half of the season, he did alright.  Further, the man is a legend!  I certainly won’t forget his hat-trick against the sh*** in maroon on Sunday, 22 October 2000.  So, Mixu, if you’re reading this, sorry for emailing RP and telling him to bin you.  We should’ve kept you.  Hindsight’s a wonderful thing, though, eh, no?
– Saturday, 4 October 2014: 1st division: Hibs 0-0 Raith.  We virtually always do this, beat the hunz, then make a erse of it in our next match.  Have a look at these stats and weep.  Hibs’ victories over a Rangers club (there have been two of them, Tom English et al) since 1979 and results in next matches:
1984-85: 12 January: hunz 1-2 Hibs
                19 January Hibs 3-1 Dumbarton
11 May Hibs 1-0 hunz (last game of season, i.e. no next game)
1985-86: 25 September: Hibs 2-0 hunz (skol Cup)
               28 September: Hibs 1-0 Motherwell
               19 October: hunz 1-2 Hibs
                27 October: SSBs 3-0 Hibs (skol Cup final)
1986-87: 9 August: Hibs 2-1 hunz
               13 August: SSBs 4-0 Hibs
1987-88: 12 August: Hibs 1-0 hunz
                15 August: Hibs 0-4 Dundee
1989-90: 19 August: Hibs 2-0 hunz
                26 August: hertz 1-0 Hibs
                24 March: hunz 0-1 Hibs
                31 March: Hibs 1-2 hertz
1991-92: 25 September: hunz 0-1 Hibs (Skol Cup)
                28 September: Hibs 1-1 tims
1993-94: 3 May: Hibs 1-0 hunz
               7 May: Dundee 4-0 Hibs
1994-95: 8 October: Hibs 2-1 hunz
               15 October: Falkirk 0-0 Hibs
1995-96: 23 September: hunz 0-1 Hibs
               1 October: Hibs 2-2 hertz
1996-97: 12 October: Hibs 2-1 hunz
                19 October: Motherwell 1-1 Hibs
2000-01: 14 October: Hibs 1-0 hunz
                22 October: Hibs 6-2 hertz
2003-04: 5 February: hunz 1-1 Hibs (Hibs win 4-3 on penalties; Skol Cup)
               10 February: Dundee United 0-0 Hibs
Haven’t got time to continue this sequence, as I need to drive to work . But you get the picture, i.e. we usually have a rubbish result after beating the hunz!  Do the team just go out on the peeve for three days afterwards?!
3rd October
03/10/92 PARTICK THISTLE V HIBS (2-2) FIRHILL - GLASGOW Hibs' Mickey Weir in action
Mickey Weir in action
– Saturday, 3 October 1981: SPL: Harry Wraggs 1-0 Hibs.  Bertie Auld (who had left the Jags to replace the retiring (on ill health grounds) Willie Ormond in November 1980) took his newly-promoted Hibs team back to Firhill for the first time.  And lost 1-0 to a Partick side managed by Hibs legend Peter Cormack!  This was the only goal we would concede to them all season; winning 3-0 and 2-0, before drawing 0-0 in the other fixtures.  Sad to relate that Willie Ormond’s continuing ill health resulted in his untimely passing at the age of 57 in the summer of 1984.  by way of comparison, Bobby Johnstone passed away in autumn 2001, Gordon Smith on Saturday, 7 August 2004, Eddie Turnbull on Saturday, 30 April 2011, and Lawrie Reilly on a Monday in July 2013.
– Saturday, 3 October 1987: SPL: Lesser greens 1-1 Hibs.  This was the much-heralded debut of Frank ‘Where’s ra burdz?  It’s only a wee bit ae charlie’ McAvennie. That horrible, Hibs-hating commentator Andy Walker put the Celts a goal within 4 minutes, only for Alex Miller’s Hibs to steamroller Celtic for most of the last hour of the game.  Andy Watson’s late shot to level matters was the least we deserved.  Another interesting fact is the attendance was 31,805, i.e. roughly half of the crowd from Saturday.  This was only 30 years ago!  Indeed, until Fergus McCann booted some life into the tims, Hibs often played there in front of crowds of 15,000 or less.  Indeed, one 3-2 defeat in April 1984 was watched by only 8,000 fans!  And that was on a Saturday n aw!
– Saturday, 3 October 1992: SPL: Partick 2-2 Hibs.  First game after Anderlecht.  And the scoring sequence mirrored Saturday’s.  A goal down at half-time, before an equaliser by Mickey Weir, before Darren Jackson put us a goal up, before Ray Farningham’s second of the game equalised for the home team late on.  (Please note, I may have got our scorers the wrong way round; but it was definitely Mickey and Darren who scored for us that day.)
– Saturday, 3 October 1998: 1st division: Airdrie United 1-3 Hibs.  Cannae mind who scored our goals that day.  I would make an educated guess at Stevie Crawford, Pat McGinlay and Mixu Paatelainen.  I’m sure Kenny Black got their consolation.  And Gareth Evans – by then playing for them – was sent off against us?  Anyway, the Diamonds were then managed by Gary Mackay, I think.  And it’s always nice to rain on his parade.
– Saturday, 3 October 2015: 1st division: QOS 0-3 Hibs.  Hibs wearing purple shirts continued our good run since the Scott Allan saga was resolved much to the chagrin of convicted fraudster, David Cunningham King.
2nd October
– Saturday, 2 October 1971: Top tier: Motherwell 1-1 Hibs.  I think it was the late Johnny Hamilton who scored the first Hibs goal in my lifetime!  Don’t know how the scoring went, though.  does anyone else know who scored the first Hibs goal and what the first Hibs result was of their lifetime?  For example, I know that Mad Mike’s son Shaun was born on Sunday, 5 November 2000, and that David Zitelli scored an overhead kick winner at the traditional Albert Kidd end of Dens that day?  Anyway, the same day hertz beat the deid hunz 2-1 at Swynecastle.  Maybe a controversial view for a Hibby to have, but when those two meet these days, I prefer to see the hunz lose than hertz.  Didn’t think I could ever dislike any footballing entity more than the deid hunz, but the new hunz have achieved something that I personally thought impossible, i.e. they are a more  disgraceful, self-pitying, obscene, bigoted, deep-fried, of an institution.
– Saturday, 2 October 1993: SPL: Hibs 2-0 Dundee United.  Just eleven days after one Darren Jackson goal was enough to beat the Tannadice men at Tynecastle, two by the same player beat them at Easter Road.  His first, just before half-time, going up the slope, was a thing of beauty.  Incidentally, the attendance that day was roughly 7,700.  However, vouchers entitling the holder to purchase a Cup Final ticket were given out to patrons that day.  This was not announced or advertised in advance.  Possibly due to this, and possibly expecting the same, the attendance the following Tuesday for the home game v Raith Rovers was watched by an improved, and unusually large for the time, attendance of 9,230 odds.  But the vouchers were not repeated that night, which led to some criticism of how Hibs had handled this matter.  Possibly the club, at a time when we only had about 2,000 season ticket holders (this was the last season of the pre-Taylor report implementation of all-seater stadia), was worried about hunz buying tickets for our end at the Cup Final.
– Saturday, 2 October 1999: SPL: Aberdeen 2-2 Hibs.  The Dons were a goal up going into the last five minutes, before Mixu Paatelainen equalised for Hibs in our high-vis away strip of that season (similar to last year’s; but with the Planet Saturn badge; 1999/2000 was the last season of that badge).  However, the Dons regained the lead within a minute or so.  Unfortunately for them – and for SSN’s Frank Gilfeather (an SSB, if ever there was one) – Matty Jack scored our second equaliser in injury time!
– Saturday, 2 October 2004: SPL: Dunfermline 1-1 Hibs.  Our long wait for a win at EEP continued (it would end that season, with a 4-1 win on Saturday, 19 March 2005; the same day Wales won their first Grand Slam since 1978!).  Garry O’Connor had opened the scoring early in the second half, only for the hosts to equalise with about three minutes remaining.
– Saturday, 2 October 2010: SPL: St Johnstone 2-0 Hibs.  Not that we knew it at the time, but this was Yogi’s last match as Hibs boss.  In my view, he lost the dressing-room round about the February of the previous season, and he definitely should’ve gone after Ross knocked us out of the Scottish Cup on Tuesday, 23 March 2010.  But his departure indirectly led to the appointment of the single worst manager in our history (in my view): Colin Calderwood.  I’ll stop now cos I will start swearing.  A lot.
The Hibee Memory Man



This Week In History of Hibernian FC…1st

Your Branch St. Patrick’s are a Progressive Branch of the Hibernian Supporters Association acknowledged as such by none other than the likes of Sir Tom Farmer and Patrick Gordon Stanton, our Branch Patron. Regular communication  with our over 500 Members is key to our growth over the past 7 years when our membership was only 5.

I am delighted that we can add another unique service to our Members……This Week In History of Hibernian FC …..

Our Branch Member, lets call him The Hibee Memory Man, will share his memories of Hibs games on dates in his lifetime…….absolutely all from memory, with zero reference to books or internet. It sounds impossible but utterly true as myself and Chair Dougie have personally testing him out with random dates face to face over a pint that took us here. Utterly amazing . Will bring back memories of games attended folks. Enjoy.

Memory Man

October 1st
October 1st has been a happy hunting ground for the Hibbies!  If I’d been born 35 minutes later, I’d’ve been ‘one of the chosen few’, as a fellow strathaven Hibby once told me.  (But he arrived ten minutes late for a derby once.  On Jimmy O’Rourke’s 19th birthday: Saturday, 18 September 1965.  And, consequently, missed all the goals.  Hibs were 4 nowt up at Swynecastle!  Those kants only beat us once there in 20 years!  And that is fecking true!)
– Tuesday, 1 October 1985: SPL: Hibs 5-0 Clydebank.  The third win wi nae goals conceded at ER in a week!  Two first half goals by Jukebox Durie (ma wee hero at the time) and a second half hat-trick by Stevie Cowan!
– Saturday,1 October 1988: SPL: Hibs 3-1 Celtic.  And we were 3 up at half-time!  Two fi Stevie Archibald and wan fom Gareth Evans!  It was featured the following week on Saint n Greavsie, when the latter complimented Duff and Gray!  Christ!  ‘Who’s Sorry Now’, to quote a Connie Francis classic:
Saturday, 1 October 1994: SPL: Hibs 3-0 the Harry Wraggs.  Two in the first half by Ooh-ahh Jackson-ahh and won in the second, going up the slope, fi Mark McGraw.  I think that was only his second ever goal for the Hibs.  and both were going up the slope (the first was against Falkirk in a 2-2 draw on Saturday, 14 September 1991).
– Saturday, 1 October 2011: SPL: soon-to-be-deid-hunz 1-0 Hibs.  Not that we knew it at the time, but the bastion of bigotry that had polluted Scotland and everywhere else that it went like a junkie’s Tony Hart in a lift would cease to exit within months.  Unfortunately, still playing players that they couldnae otherwise afford they beat us won-nil.  Stacky saved a penalty n aw.
I’m gonnae get this tattooed on ma midriff.  The late, great football commentator and fitba journalist Ian Archer said it all:“This has to be said about Rangers, as a Scottish Football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist.”  Ian Archer 1976
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This Week In History of Hibernian FC…30th

 Memory Man
30th September
My birthday today.  46!  Funnily enough, I was watching the T2 Trainspotting DVD with Cathie and Ian (my parents) last Saturday night and there’s as scene in it when Renton has a wee mini-meltdown and confesses to the less-than-sympathetic-died- blonde-cokehead-sociopath- Sick-Boy that, ‘I’M FORTY-SIX AND I’M F*****!’   That really resonated with me!  For various reasons.  However, my life’s ambition was realised on the 21st of May 2016, but, today, wouldn’t it be fantastic if the Hibs could win 3-2 in Glas Vegas for the third successive time at three successively different stadia!
Anyway, back to the matter in hand:
– Tuesday, 30 September 1975: UEFA Cup, 1st round, 2nd leg: Liverpool 3-1 Hibs.  With Hibs (having missed a penalty (John Brownlie’s weak effort saved by Ray Clemence)) only one up through a Joe Harper goal on a night of biblical monsoon conditions such that the attendance was only 19,000 (for purposes of comparison, nearly 40,000 attended ER for the Leeds fixture in the same tourney only two years earlier), this was always going to be a big ask.  And that big ask was made even bigger by ET’s erroneous decision to drop King Paddy Stanton (the latter’s aerial prowess might have negated half-Scottish Toshack’s).  However, following the half-Scot from Canton’s opener, Alex Edwards equalised after the half hour mark.  At half-time it was still 1-1.  Liverpool needed two to go through.  Unfortunately, they – through Toshack (who scored a hat-trick on the night) – got them.  But, while the role of ‘gallant losers’ (copyright Neil Lennon) is not something to be proud of (after all, you’ve still lost), let’s put Hibs’ two performances into context.  Liverpool won the tournament.  Hibs came closest of all those other teams to knocking them out.  Liverpool won the title that season (from QPR on the last day).  Liverpool won the European Cup the following year.  Then three more times in the next seven years.  It really was a brave effort by the Hibs.  The same season hertz (who had had a fortuitous series of Scottish Cup draws) required a replay – and an og from Walter ‘Fannybaws’ Smith – to knock part-time Dumbarton out of the Scottish Cup semi.
An interesting post-script is the fact that the following night the epic ‘Thrilla in Manilla’ fifteen rounder between the boxing greats Joe Frazier and Mohammed Ali took place.  Now, that’s when heavyweight boxing was good!
– Saturday, 30 September 1978: SPL: Hibs 1-1 Morton.  Hibs, having ousted Norrkoping from Europe midweek, needed a last minute equaliser by Ally MacLeod to salvage a point and maintain their unbeaten run.
– Saturday, 30 September 1989: SPL: Hibs 2-2 Dunfermline.  Hibs, having beaten Videoton 3-0 away (for a 4-0 aggregate success) in Hungery midweek, produced a rather lethargic and tired performance against Jim Leishman’s buoyant Pars (who had already knocked us out of the Skol Cup at ER that season).   We (Dad, Grant and I) drove up from South Wales for this as it was my 18th birthday and I wanted to see the Hibs (supporting the Hibs from so far away is frustrating; you cannae just go to the game, or even drive there and back in the day (like so many south Wales-based Man U fans I know do); it’s a long weekend usually).  So we got up and 5 and off we went!  Robertson opened the scoring for Dunfermline going up the slope, before Houchy equalised going down it.  Into the second half and Judas Goram bizarrely headed the ball out of the box, which started a move which ended with The Messiah (JC) putting us 2-1 up!  (John Collins – the finest Scottish-born player I have ever seen for the Hibs; better than Scott Brown; better than John McGinn; better than Leigh Griffiths, in my opinion – scoring for us on my 18th bday is a very happy Hibby memory for me!)  However, back came the Pars and Robertson got his second of the day to ensure a share of the spoils.  Which, to be fair, was probably about right.  hertz lost 1-0 at the lodge.
After the match I had my first legal pint in the Iona Bar!
P.S.  hertz hosted the Pars the following midweek.  And lost 2-1!
– Saturday, 30 September 2000: SPL: St Johnstone 0-3 Hibs.  This season (2000/01) is still my favourite Hibs season.  We actually challenged for the title until the break.  We had only three games until the break.  We were unbeaten in derbies for the first time since 1976-77.  We f****** hertz 6-2 on Sunday, 22 October.  The week before we had beaten the dead hunz 1-0.  And the fixture before that game was this.  Goals by Russell Latapy, David Zitelli and  the single most talented individual I have ever seen at ER: Franck Sauzee, of course, gave us a comfortable win.  I still rate that Judas Iscarrot Hibs team as the best I have ever seen in my time as a supporter.  Better than Mowbray’s.  better than Collins’s.  better than Stubbs’s.  And better than Lennon’s.  Though I think our present one – if he sorts the defence out – is  a decent side.
– Sunday, 30 September 2001: SPL: Livvie 1-0 Hibs.  Having bravely been defeated over the two legs by AEK Athens midweek, Hibs took a huge support (I estimate that there were 8,000 Hibbies in the official attendance of 10,016) for the short trip to Livvie’s LEGOLAND arena.  It wasn’t a great game, but I thought we were worth a draw.
– Saturday, 30 September 2006: SPL: St Mirren 1-0 Hibs.  It what it would transpire was Tony Mowbray’s last match as Hibs manager, a goal by David Van Zanten (of all people) was enough to see the points stay at Love Street.  I was at Cardiff City-Wolves with The Goose and assorted reprobates.  City won 4 nowt!
Anyway, boys and girls, we all ken that Celtic’s long unbeaten run will be ended today.  As I mentioned above, a 3-2 bet is a good one.  I ken it.  You ken it.  EVEN PATSY KENSIT!
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