KP – May update

Afternoon all,

I hope you and yours are still safe, this is a tough gig now, the past few months have been extremely difficult but keep ticking away and doing your bit, looking out for all – including the wider Hibernian family.

In the middle of this month the decision to curtail and end the season was made – no surprise there – but the certainty and clarity was welcomed. The club released an announcement at the time thanking our magnificent support, describing how we continue to amaze everyone with extraordinary backing – CLUB STATEMENT | 2019-20 SEASON

Our club continues to contribute heavily in the Joint Response Group (SFA/SPFL) discussions to resume football in a safe manner (JRG presents its Return to Football strategy to Scottish Government | Scottish FA). We now have a plan made in pencil how that may look (subject to change, long way to go before August and moving through the phased approach by the Scottish Government).

– Scottish FA will lift football suspension on June 11 to allow teams to return training in a controlled environment
– Phase two (June review if positive results) professional sports teams can return to full training
– Phase three (July review if positive results) sport can resume with a restricted number of spectators
– Phase four (no set date) football continues with further restrictions eased

Football is likely to be played in August if all goes well. Will matches start behind closed doors? most likely, at first. However, there is a desire to reintroduce fans as soon as it is deemed safe to do so by the medical experts. We’ll know more where it is all positioned in the summer reviews by the Government and medical experts.

The club will continue to review what that means for fans, getting our support back to matches at Easter Road is a priority and I’ll be there to support to make sure we have the right flexibility for us.

The reconstruction ‘proposal’ looks doomed to failure. We’ll maybe find out more this week (we may not even see this put to a vote).

If there is meaningful talks in future years, looking at the reorganisation of Scottish Football, with a better model (competition and financial) for the benefit of the game it might get off the ground between members.


Since 1875


The club see Since 1875 as a big part of making the atmosphere as good as it can be. After discussions between the group and club they’ll be located in Section 45 of our East Stand next season.


The official Hibernian FC website with news, transfer rumours, online ticket sales, live match commentary, video highlights, player profiles, mobile content, wallpapers and

I would like to update you on a number of key areas that I’ve flagged recently with the club on behalf of supporters.

Season Tickets and Deadlines

The Season Ticket Early Bird Deadline is set for 5pm, Thursday 4th June alongside the seat reservation deadline and extended finance option (well received).

Continue to explore flexibility options for supporters on deadlines.

KP – I’m hopeful of a solution and trying to find a balance that is positive for all, supporters and club.


Our communication throughout this uncertain time has been outstanding and exemplar. Supporters appreciate the transparency and honesty in the clubs messaging. Continue to keep supporters updated even if no ‘new’ news.


HCF update

An excellent update from our club foundation here – Interview with Charlie Bennett Hibernian Community Foundation CEO


 Important work in Edinburgh and East Lothian


 Hibs class


 Supporting Young People


 Developing Partnerships


 Easter Road bucket collections going a long way


 Child food support


 Further growth in HCF programmes


Away strip launch.


Following on from the fastest selling Hibs strip of all time we have our away strip now. I’ve always been a fan of judging any strips in the flesh in the clubstore (Does them more justice). Roll on July.

Thank you to all the Hibernian players that have moved on at the end of this campaign. Best of luck to you in the future.



The official Hibernian FC website with news, transfer rumours, online ticket sales, live match commentary, video highlights, player profiles, mobile content, wallpapers and

Hands off Hibs


Approaching 30 years for this momentous moment in our club history. As a 4 year old at the time I can remember vividly attending the supporter rally on the 9th June 1990 in the scorching heat. The magnitude of the situation is something that will never be forgotten.

HANDS OFF HIBS | Football | Hibs History | Hibernian Historical Trust | UK

Stay connected for the latest news and events from the Hibernian Historical Trust. For more information, contact us
If you were supporting, contributing, planning, thinking or just there – on behalf of my generation and the next one down and so on, thank you for all that you did at that time. We’ll always be eternally grateful to everyone.

Club call outs this month.

Season Tickets sold – 7000+ (Outstanding)

John Ogilvie (1928-2020)

JOHN OGILVIE (1928-2020)

The official Hibernian FC website with news, transfer rumours, online ticket sales, live match commentary, video highlights, player profiles, mobile content, wallpapers and
Hibs togetherness among staff and fans is helping club through coronavirus crisis – Greg McEwan

Hibs togetherness among staff and fans is helping club through coronavirus crisis

Easter Road employees support cost-saving measures while supporters step
Changing Room (new 5 week course)


The official Hibernian FC website with news, transfer rumours, online ticket sales, live match commentary, video highlights, player profiles, mobile content, wallpapers and
Clubstore update


The official Hibernian FC website with news, transfer rumours, online ticket sales, live match commentary, video highlights, player profiles, mobile content, wallpapers and

The club is reaching out to supporters online more than ever and want to make sure they have the most up-to-date information for us.

Please double-check your details by following the steps below.



This is what it feels like to be Hibs. Johnston | The Omni Guy@TheOmniGuy

Missing @HibernianFC on his birthday, so only 1 thing for it…. #EasterRoad cake. #Persevered with this one for sure!

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

238 · Edinburgh, ScotlandTwitter Ads info and privacy21 people are talking about this

Here whenever you need me –

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KP Update – April

Morning all,

I hope you and your family remain safe and well since my last update.

Scottish fitbaw is never dull is it? Hard at the moment to find the sensible and genuine voices in the sea of theatre theatrics being played out.

I’m glad our club is working hard on the biggest issue facing our game – resumption of football in safe manner (the club has a big influence in the joint response working groups here –
The club has been strong during this crisis period doing a lot – Supporter wellbeing messages and support, contacting specific supporter groups by phone to check-in, a real desire to look after its staff and players internally, launching our Thanks to the marvellous NHS and staying respectful at all times. The Hibernian approach of making our fans, community, city, club and team proud definitely in full swing now.

Looking forward to our club showing leadership, creating positivity and unity for all in the coming weeks and months.

All eyes on May 12th SPFL EGM after requisitions by Huns, Gunts and Stranraer. This meeting combined with the Joint Response Group and the next 2-3 weeks will give us a good idea of Scottish Football’s direction.


I would like to update you on a number of key areas that I’ve flagged recently with the club on behalf of supporters.

Season Tickets and Deadlines

The Season Ticket Early Bird Deadline is set for 5pm, Friday 8th May and the seat reservation is set before Thursday 4th June. I’ve asked the club to extend these dates to one that will fit for both parties – especially given the economic landscape and uncertainty surrounding this season ending and next season beginning. The club has already commenced that review before I asked and I’m positive we’ll hear shortly.

KP – Keep working together here (Supporters and the club) to demonstrate a powerful sign of commitment and determination to get through this period.


Lot’s of great updates recently and supporters really appreciate being kept up-to-date, ask is for the club to keep doing this as soon as they possibly can (appreciating the situation is fluid) which will help supporters on a number of decisions.

KP – Club has a plan for a number of different scenarios and will move quickly to update supporters once more is known from Joint Response group and the SPFL. This will cover assurances on this season and next (Difficult position at the moment whilst so much is still unknown but I can give you my promise there will be options for supporters).


This subject has miraculously appeared on Scottish Football agenda again, I want to make sure our voice is passed on regarding this – I know how important it is. There is a substantial number of Hibs supporters against reconstruction full stop, especially no to temporary. There is a fair number that would like permanent reconstruction and are open to change. The club is aware of feelings from here and elsewhere. I’ve passed on this supporter feeling as strongly and as best I can.


The Fastest-selling Hibs strip of all time. An outstanding initiative – an idea that was suggested and championed before release by both supporters and club (great minds think alike).

The club has great exposure on this – Over 1million online impressions and shared around mainstream media – that we’ve all seen, around the world. Fantastic. This club can certainly do magical things. “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”.


Another great example of club and supporters thinking similar is a tribute to Absent Friends.

I picked this up last year from supporters and I have been working closely with the club to find a point in our season calendar to allow supporters the opportunity to show their remembrance. All was set for one of our last home fixtures in the 2019/20 season to have a matchday dedicated to Hibernian people in our green and white memories that are no longer here. That plan will now be moving onto the next available opportunity but please be assured the club is committed to the idea and fully support it.

To those Hibernian people no longer here, their memory marches on.


Another exciting development from the club, and part of the continued drive to improve services for Supporters, is the clubs new partnership with Merchant Services Provider SportingPay, This partnership will enhance the matchday experience for us massively with a card and contactless payment solution – part one of the Food Kiosk and Hospitality improvement. This ticks a lot of boxes – the partnership is worth a substantial sum of money to the club, it offers quicker, easier and safer way to pay for services and builds on the clubs pledge to build on being the Greenest club in Scotland.


Club call outs this month.

Club statement – CLUB STATEMENT

Ron Gordon Club Statement – CLUB STATEMENT | RONALD GORDON

Season Tickets sold – 5000 (Fantastic)

Darren McGregor Interview – INTERVIEW | DARREN McGREGOR

Christian Doidge Interview – INTERVIEW | CHRISTIAN DOIDGE


Stephane Omeonga Interview – INTERVIEW | STEPHANE OMEONGA

What Hibs means to me – Ryan Porteous – WHAT HIBS MEANS TO ME | RYAN PORTEOUS

What Hibs means to me – Michael Weir – WHAT HIBS MEANS TO ME | MICHAEL WEIR


20 Years (29th April 2000) since the last game on the Slope yesterday (29th April 2020). So many memories shooting doon the Slope. Always felt the height of the stonework down the front or this image of East Stand post work gives a great view of what that Slope was like.

Interview with the late, great Lawrie Reilly here at the time – “Hibs shooting down the slope in the second half was like a war cry back then”.

Immerse yourself in this nostalgia –


Really enjoyed this content from the club – ya beauty.


Hibs fans are barry – what about this strip collection from Niall Manson

Enjoyed this creativity from Finlay Martin


Great work by the team in charge here taking donations on behalf of the Bounce to provide new Hibernian NHS Thank You Strips to children in Sick Kids hospital next season. At time of writing there is 15 tops purchased.

Massive respect to the one supporter that donated (purchased) the equivalent of 15
tops for deserving children. May Hibernian luck go with you wherever you go.

30 in total so far. Magic.


This is what it feels like to be Hibs.

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KP – March Update

Evening all,

I hope everyone is safe and well, do all you can to protect yourselves, your family, friends and community. Best of Hibernian luck to all those being badly affected by events. It’s a very worrying time for all. Here if you need me in any capacity, Hibs or not.

Only 4 weeks ago I was summarising about our five-year strategic plan and next steps on working together to take us to the next level. The world has changed as we know it since then but the vision and values laid out by the club recently will set Hibs up to be a leader in bringing back some form of normality in the near future. I have every faith the club will continue to find energy from all their talented staff to keep the positive engagement, providing useful information and helping with morale – “football always seems to be the most important of the least important things”.

Great article here with Graeme Mathie. The club and players were keen to support the community before social distancing came into place but they aren’t let those barriers hinder them.

Hibs fans get surprise calls from first-team stars as club makes brilliant gesture to supporters

The Easter Road side want to make sure their supporters are coping well in the current climate
We’ve heard from Leeann and Ron too during this time. Both give honest and frank update on where we’re at – speaking with purpose and openness is always appreciated.




It’s clear that the next steps for Hibs and Scottish football is still on the shelf at the moment – rightly so, number one priority is saving lives – everyone is patiently waiting to see how this dynamic situation changes, it’s clear there is no direction of travel towards a decision yet and that is probably sensible but with each passing day and week, it makes decision making harder. I’m expecting to see Hibs in the flesh around August (the next month will confirm how realistic that is). Whatever is decided, Hibs will be ready to take it on. Keep that Scottish Cup on your radar.

We’re all missing football right now. Hibs games will be important for connecting with family and friends when this nightmare ends. I can’t wait to be back in a Hibs crowd home or away, with my fellow supporters, cheering on our team. I know a lot of us feel the same and we’ll never take it for granted again. Football will be important on that normality journey.

Thanks to everyone that got in touch over the last month with any query big or small, keep them coming – always available.


Club call outs this month.



The official Hibernian FC website with news, transfer rumours, online ticket sales, live match commentary, video highlights, player profiles, mobile content, wallpapers, and more
What Hibs means to me – Paul Hanlon

What Hibs means to me – Keith Wright

What Hibs means to me – Joelle Murray

Dougray Scott interview

Ryan Porteous interview

Nathan Ring interview

Steve Curnyn interview



Season Tickets are now on sale. Absolutely understand the position each supporter has on this. Football really isn’t important at the moment and Hibs acknowledges this in a number of comments within statements released. Priority number one for the club, behind the collective national effort to save lives, is looking after their people – that’s all employees right through to supporters and the community.

The release is definitely not the same approach as previous campaigns, there is no pressure to renew at the moment and the club will be as flexible as it can – it’s moved the deadlines out and will pay the interest on finance payment plans (a fantastic gesture, this is a substantial amount of money when combined per supporter). Opening Season Tickets up provides the immediate opportunity for supporters that had been asking for that door to be open being available now for them to contribute. The club will be there for you when you’re ready.

season Tickets


Below is a snapshot breakdown example of prices per game if choosing a standard East & West Gold seat within the early bird period (silver and bronze segments will be cheaper) and highlights the benefits of a season ticket overall.

Adult – £22.11
Senior (65+) – £13.42
Student (FTE) – £13.42
Youth (12-17) – £8.42
Child (2-11) – £5.53
Accessible – £18.16

Useful FAQs – FAQ

Points I’ll bring up at next opportunity (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a sizeable proportion).

– Supporting Singing section/Since 1875. Last month I highlighted about accommodating the group better – they contribute a lot to atmosphere/matchday experience and are a great influencer. It’s great to hear the club is working with the group on this – “The club is currently discussing with representatives of the Singing Section options for the new season and beyond. It is most likely this section will move from their current position in the Famous Five Upper. This move will be temporary whilst a consultation takes place across the whole supporter base to find a new long term and sustainable solution. Those in the current Singing Section will be contacted directly by the club.”

– Season ticket flexibility. I’ll work with the club to find the right balance on season ticket deadlines (early bird prices (8th May) and seat reservation (4th June)) as much as I possibly can for our most at risk supporters.

Excellent video of our favourite Football Programme Shop on Albion Road. Brian’s ‘bits of paper’.

“I love what I do, selling programmes.”

To some they’re just bits of paper, but to Brian football programmes are so much more. #AViewFromTheTerrace every Friday on @BBCScotland and @BBCiPlayer @TheTerraceTV // #AVFTT4466:21 PM – Mar 20, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy156 people are talking about this__________________________

Hibs fans are barry – this twitter thread started by Hibs on Tuesday 24th March has over 300 outstanding images from Hibs fans and is worthwhile procrastination.



Hibs in the Community have been fantastic at producing content aimed at filling a void in young people’s lives. Football and Maths challenges is just the start Hibernian Community Foundation (@hibsincommunity) on Twitter

Our community charity have also completed a fantastic piece of work with Tesco Leith to handover food for learning hubs in Primary & Secondary schools across Edinburgh supporting category 1 students and NHS key workers. Kick on.


Very sad news that always positive Hibs supporter Laura Mulholland passed away recently. Laura lived for her 10-year-old son and Hibernian. She was Hibs daft and she’ll be sorely missed. A JustGiving page has been set up by the family for donations to be collected for her boy at this time. Hibs community do your thing and look after him 


Help raise £1000 to my nephew Aidan who’s mummy died suddenly on Tue 24th.


Too late to make this matchday experience suggestion?





Realised I was announced on 28th March 2019. It’s been an… action-packed year shall we say.

Hanlon Stevenson Foundation are increasing content (just released a keepy-uppy challenge), keep track of them below.



This is what it feels like to be Hibs.


Look after you and yours and the club will be there and ready when this is all over.


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The science of soap – here’s how it kills the coronavirus

NHS Coronavirus advice: how to wash your hands properly

Viruses can be active outside the body for hours, even days. Disinfectants, liquids, wipes, gels and creams containing alcohol are all useful at getting rid of them – but they are not quite as good as normal soap.

Health authorities have been giving us two messages: once you have the virus there are no drugs that can kill it or help you get rid of it. But also, wash your hands to stop the virus spreading. This seems odd. You can’t, even for a million dollars, get a drug for the coronavirus – but your grandmother’s bar of soap kills the virus.

So why does soap work so well on the Sars-CoV-2, the coronavirus and indeed most viruses? The short story: because the virus is a self-assembled nanoparticle in which the weakest link is the lipid (fatty) bilayer. Soap dissolves the fat membrane and the virus falls apart like a house of cards and dies – or rather, we should say it becomes inactive as viruses aren’t really alive.

With COVID-19 becoming a global health threat and the novel coronavirus spreading to every continent except Antarctica

The slightly longer story is that most viruses consist of three key building blocks: ribonucleic acid (RNA), proteins and lipids. A virus-infected cell makes lots of these building blocks, which then spontaneously self-assemble to form the virus. Critically, there are no strong covalent bonds holding these units together, which means you do not necessarily need harsh chemicals to split those units apart. When an infected cell dies, all these new viruses escape and go on to infect other cells. Some end up also in the airways of lungs.

When you cough, or especially when you sneeze, tiny droplets from the airways can fly up to 10 metres. The larger ones are thought to be the main coronavirus carriers and they can go at least two metres.

These tiny droplets end on surfaces and often dry out quickly. But the viruses remain active. Human skin is an ideal surface for a virus. It is “organic” and the proteins and fatty acids in the dead cells on the surface interact with the virus.

When you touch, say, a steel surface with a virus particle on it, it will stick to your skin and hence get transferred on to your hands. If you then touch your face, especially your eyes, nostrils or mouth, you can get infected. And it turns out that most people touch their face once every two to five minutes.

It is recommended that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

It is recommended that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

Washing the virus off with water alone might work. But water is not good at competing with the strong, glue-like interactions between the skin and the virus. Water isn’t enough.

Soapy water is totally different. Soap contains fat-like substances known as amphiphiles, some of which are structurally very similar to the lipids in the virus membrane. The soap molecules “compete” with the lipids in the virus membrane. This is more or less how soap also removes normal dirt from the skin.

The soap not only loosens the “glue” between the virus and the skin but also the Velcro-like interactions that hold the proteins, lipids and RNA in the virus together.

Soap is the most effective method of protecting yourself

Soap is the most effective method of protecting yourself

Alcohol-based products, which pretty much includes all “disinfectant” products, contain a high-percentage alcohol solution (typically 60-80% ethanol) and kill viruses in a similar fashion. But soap is better because you only need a fairly small amount of soapy water, which, with rubbing, covers your entire hand easily. Whereas you need to literally soak the virus in ethanol for a brief moment, and wipes or rubbing a gel on the hands does not guarantee that you soak every corner of the skin on your hands effectively enough.

So, soap is the best, but do please use alcohol-based sanitiser when soap is not handy or practical.


Follow the government’s latest travel advice for people travelling back to the UK from affected areas, including whether to self-isolate. Don’t go to the GP or hospital, stay indoors and call NHS 111.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Dear Members:

I hope this finds you well, in what is worrying times. However, we thought as a Branch we may be able to offer assistance to you. 

If any of our Members (especially the older Members within us that are self-isolating or those in the Vulnerable groups) require any assistance in getting some food, pet food even or supplies, newspaper, etc (stock permitting) then please do drop us an email on our dedicated help email. 

We will get back to you and we can do a contactless doorstop safe delivery on a Saturday between 3pm-445pm. (Other times may be possible if not suitable) 

Thank you and do not hesitate to get in touch.

Stay Safe & Be Strong.



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Good Afternoon,

In light of COVID-19, Coronavirus outbreak we have taken the tough decision to cancel tonights St.Pats Night in the Hibs Club, Our sincere apologises to all, but we hope you will understand that this is an unprecedented virus and we feel it would be irresponsible for us to go ahead with it. 

We shall either rearrange for another evening or offer a full refund to those that have purchased tickets. Our apologises once again but the health of our members is more important.


St Patrick’s Branch Committee 

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A big thank you to all our 2020 reaffiliated members

A big thank you to all our 2020 reaffiliated members, see our membership report. Also including some member’s questions answered.    

Dear members  

Just a further thank you to everyone who reaffiliated to the Branch for 2020, we can report our re-affiliation membership from 2019 into 2020 is 450 members.  

With the reaffiliation timeline closed, we will now look at our waiting list of new members and progress these applicants. Our new members will be permitted up to our maximum of 505 members, you recall this cap on membership put on all branches in 2018, (our membership in 2018 was 505).    


During the reaffiliation period a large number of members, still angry with the Hibernian Supporters Association (HSA) handling of the January EGM, had asked what our Branch’s current relationship is with the Executive Committee of the HSA. We should also point out a number of members were so angered and although wishing the branch well have decided not to reaffiliate to the HSA.  

Therefore in response;  As you will recall having collated the required 50 signatories we demanded an EGM of the full association last year, this was to debate and force a vote on a democratically raised and agreed branch motion.  As you will also recall when the EGM took place in January with over 100 association members in attendance the HSA Executive chose to close the meeting without due debate or taking the all-important and required vote, this vote to conclude whether our motion would be carried or indeed rejected by the full Association membership. This was seen by both your committee and our branch members as a rejection of the democratic process.     

Your committee then reported that following the EGM we were approached and offered a meeting with the HSA trustees, to discuss the full situation? We consulted this offer with our members at our next full branch meeting late January and our branch agreed that we would accept the offer for further discussion. In early February we were informed by the HSA the meeting may take time to arrange, this was the same response at Februarys delegates meeting however at the most recent March Delegates meeting, March 5th, we have been informed the meeting will not now be progressed by the HSA. 

We fully understand those members who have decided not to reaffiliate to the Association and we fully support their decision. We are also proud of the numbers who have decided to pay their 2020 contribution and wish to support the branch going forward, our current stance, therefore, remains to continue where every opportunity allows calling for a democratic response and conclusion to our motion set out at the EGM 

We also understand from the delegates meetings that there are some possible planned changes to the various HSA office bearers this to be announced at the HSA AGM in May, your committee would point out that despite our obvious differences especially on the outcome from the EGM, and despite the normal truths and untruths of what St Patrick’s have said or done, we can clarify to our members we have always credited all HSA office bearers with the hard work they put into the Association and like all members of the association, we will work to support a democratic and transparent HSA.   

For anyone unaware of the motion put forward at the EGM, please see our website within the member’s page under the meeting & minutes section.  

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KP update – February

Morning all,

February quickfire update – will need to look out the cardboard jaiket for Hampden. Again.


Hibernian Chairman Ronald Gordon unveiled our five-year strategic plan to shareholders at the club AGM during the week.

Every area of the club has been analysed to bring together an ambitious plan that sets out a vision to build on the progress made recently.

Key call outs

  • Compete in top 4 for all competitions and participate in Europe
  • Double our investment in the player budget by 2023 (currently at its highest ever level – primary focus will always be football)
  • Grow number of Season Tickets and matchday tickets
  • Increase turnover by 50% by 2023 and 100% by 2025
  • 1million investment to improve Easter Road (PA system, Big Screen, Advertising digital ribbons, Food Kiosks(in-house service), Corporate Hospitality). A festive celebration about the club every game
  • Refine and define the Hibernian brand

Points I wanted to flag that might’ve went under the radar from the headlines

  • We play to serve our community – which is an important part of the heritage of Hibs
  • Aim to be the most recognised and admired Sports brand in Edinburgh
  • Build consistently exceptional teams that compete for trophies every year – football always comes first
  • Provide first class customer service – we treat everyone with respect
  • Innovate and take risks
  • Promote a ‘can do’ attitude, a culture that we can do anything, nothing is impossible
  • Have valued and long lasting relationships with corporate partners
  • Season ticket value – give value and thank you to season ticket holders (membership, discounts and exclusive offers)
  • Being creative how we sell tickets (packages and bundles)

Ron talked about being grateful and thanking the support and HSL for financial support of the club – now looking at how we can develop more opportunities for contributions for those that want to (anything additional is always straight to football – not at the expense of something else). Ron also extended his gratefulness and admiration to Tom Farmer and Rod Petrie for leaving the club in a great place – that will continue and to grow more we will invest.

Ron closed the meeting with a very powerful ending – The tradition, heritage and history of the club is special and should be honoured but the clubs best year are ahead of us, not behind us and we need to work together.

Thanks to everyone that got in touch over the the last month with any query big or small, keep them coming – always available. Lots of good conversations around a number of points recently – cup ticketing pricing and seating, Hėarts ticket allocations, Since 1875 and more.


Club call outs this month.

2020 AGM and Strategic Plan

Joelle Murray first to agree Part Time Pro contract with Hibernian Women


Greenest club in Scotland



Points flagged to the board by myself (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a sizeable proportion).

– Supporting Singing section/Since 1875. The group recently did a survey, with club backing, on potential safe standing/sing section location. Now its looking at what possibilities and opportunities there is on accommodating the group better – they contribute a lot to atmosphere/matchday experience and are a great influencer.

KP – The club are keen (as much as we are) to improve the atmosphere and are definitely open to change. Now it’s working together to deliver a well thought out plan and execute in the correct manner. I’ll keep working with all parties to keep on top of this to make sure we’re hitting full potential.

Since 1875 survey results.



Some Hibs fans are special – Alan Lugton was one of them. Great to see an appreciation of him and his Hibernian history workings during the recent LIvingston match on the 72 minute. His memory will march on.


Hibs fans are barry, especially on our travels – some majestic nostalgia posted recently.



Hibs in the Community are ramping up the outstanding work they do in the local communities.


At the start of February they launched Hibs Class – a new educational programme designed to encourage young people in primary schools to lead healthy lifestyle and gain confidence.


Not Hibs related but a fantastic story how football is a powerful tool – I’ve nae time for bullies, well done all involved.

Dnipro Kids turnstile Collection.


I was delighted to hear Dnipro kids raised £1,520 during blizzard conditions in the recent Livingston match. Echoing the massive well done to the volunteers that stood out to collect and of course, the donators.

Dnipro Kids February update can be found here Dnipro Kids – February Update

You can make a small donation to their fundraising efforts through their update – I’ve sent a small donation over.


This is what it feels like to be Hibs.


On to Tuesday night and beyond, to quote Ron from Wednesday night – “Everyone is indispensable and necessary to the success of the club. We’re all necessary to succeed” – we’re all necessary on Tuesday and in this exciting season end.


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Just back and that was very decent….

Nice sticking it up that whinging fat jambo fud Robertson, he gret and moaned on Radio Scotland post match, ye didnae lose 1-0 you lost 5-2 and more clinical finishing and it would have been more. Sucked it up ya Gorgie Fud. I know I had a reader who is unhappy about my digs at other clubs and players, its fitba, its banter, the wee jambo fud had his own pop at Hibs tonight, its fine, its our game.

Usual rules apply, I was in my seat in the west lower, and didnae have the benefit of reruns and reverse angles on the telly. On the football front, they did start brightly, as did we. It was a penalty to Hibs when Boyler got booked, I never saw the penalty the gorgie goon moaned about. No Newell made us set up as a 4, 4 2ish but we did attack in waves all through out of the game, first half it didnae really come off, second we are a joy to watch, especially when Omeonga replaced Whitts, when Steph’s energy re-invigorated a slightly flagging team. Jamie G came on a scored a peach, as did Steph, Jacko,, Docs and Scottie…..good eh?

I met Graeme Mathie pre match and had a 10 minute blether, he wants the same things as us, good players and a winning Hibs team in front of a full Easter Road. I like him.

One big observation, the brave move to break the rules by the young team dropping from the top tier to bottom of the Famous Five at half time dramatically changed the whole stadium atmosphere, the east joined in and it sound like a crowd much larger than 9500 hardy souls at the game. Even us the west put down our vol au vents and joined in. Well done guys!

The team….

Rocky, hesitant and slow tonight for me tonight. Bombscare at corners. Good shot stopper though.

Paul McGinn strolls through games, good, steady, solid. A decent signing who goes forward and appears to enjoy playing for Hibs. That will do just fine for me.

Adam Jackson scores goals and sets goals up. He is very good going forward and good heading a ball, but not sure he defends well when playing team that don’t challenge him. Good goal that broke the deadlock.

Paul had a weird game, I liked him taking the penalty, I didnae like it was poorly hit. He defended well then made a boob. Another player who is better when up against good teams.

Lewis was decent first half and excellent second, well done Lewis, that is what we know you can do and why you are our first choice left back.

Whitts, it didnae work for me tonight, sorry, was all over the place. Hibs improved greatly when Steph replaced him.

Docs had a contained first half but got better and better second half. Scored a smashing goal too.

Allan was poor first half, seemed to do the wrong thing all half. Second half he was like a new player, especially we playing deeper or even when pushed wide, his link up play Stevenson was superb and he too scored a great goal!

Boyler. To quote an American owner I know. Wow! I thought he was brlliant, a fucking menace. Three players booked for fouling him, a couple more might have been. He was often unplayable. My only worry is live on TV others will be thinking he is a snip at 5 million. he is worth double that when on that form.

Doidgey had a quiet first half but was very influential second, put himself about and won lots of ball. Good effort, should have scored one of his many chances.

Marc didnae impress I am afraid, he needs to get better.

The Subs

Steph changed the game for me, upbeat, high tempo, skill, ability and desire, Why has he not been starting beside Docs, Hibs are better when they two are together, Superb goal too.

Jamie Gullan replaced McNulty with 10 to go and made a great impression on me, he scored a lovely goal after a wonderful ball from Chris Doidge. Looking forward to see more and more of Jamie.

Horgan came on for a Boyler who was away hame to pit plasters all over his legs. The boy had been booted up and doon all night. Some nice footwork from Daryll though.

The Management

Jack is getting it, he is learning the Hibernian way and I like what I am seeing. He must ken the defence needs major surgery, he counters it by having us play fast, flowing, attacking fitba and we score more than the opposition. I have a feeling something good is going to happen, I really do.

The Ref

Got Hibs disallowed penalty wrong, I believe they might have had one, there was a sending off for one of the consistent kicking out at Boyler and I didnae see a staright red for the ICT player, yellow aye, straight red, no. Poor really.


Parking Robertson’s anti Hibs comments, they are a decent team who play football the right way and if they came up, say at the expense of the Gunts, they would cope well with many of the teams. Best of luck to Keats too, one of us. Good wee support down too. Have the puddle drinkers sold that many for Tuesday night?

The Fans

Pretty poor 9500 attendance, although I get why many would stay home when its live on cooncil telly. The Since 1875 guys move at half time was a master stroke, what a good atmosphere second half, thanks to them. Cheers guys, get your fund raising link up, its pay day for many.

Man of the Match

Easy, Boyler, he was superb. Honourable mentions to Greg Docherty, Paul McGinn and Lewis Stevenson.

Next up, the up the relegation candidates and Gunter the Munter. Wont be the biggest attendance with them only selling 11 tickets but if they win the Hunfest on Sunday, it could increase to a few hundred. I hope we batter them.

See you behind the goal.

Hibernian Forever!

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Just Back and that was a bit flat.

Big crowd, chance to go above Livi and get right behind The Sheep and we go and do a Hibs. That was pretty poor, too many Hibs players didnae fancy it, a fe wbasically didnae try, the changes didnae work, were late and the referee was a disgrace. Livi are industrial, they play little football, although Efe was majestic much of the game. I have lived the majority of my life in Livingtson, I have nevee liked the football club, I still don’t, but then drugs were never my thing.

We started with the same team as last Sunday, or so we were told at 2pm on twatter. A late change meant Joe Newell droped out the team, and the squad, Lewis came in and Melker Hallberg came back into the squad. A couple of things around that, what happened to Joe? Why has Melker dropped down so low in the pecking order, especially when two good games a season Slivka is starting, why I am at at why has the drive, skill and dynamism of Steph Omeonga not getting a game, when Slivka and a half arsed Allan are? Onto Allan, his penalty was piss poor, sloppy, I felt his approach to the whole game was one of a player no really enjoying playing in the cauld? Paul Hanlon is too casual, nearly causing a goal by a half hit pass back and Lewis has now had two poor games in a month, I have never had to write that, and it makes my soul ache to type that.

I like the shape of the team, its very attack minded, although no Joe Newell means we are less effective down the left as Joe is a better atacking left half than Lewis. Boyler gives his all, so does Docs, John’s Big Brother and Adam Jackson and good and steady, Marc makes clever moves and is getting fitter, but is not match fit (although no as unfir looking as the Livi Number 3), Doidge scores and offers no very much more for too many games n’all.

I thought the boss managed the game badly and should be at least partly to blame for blowing a good chance to chase 3rd down.

On to the team….

Rocky had no chance at the goal, but has no idea what teh word urgency means and his distribution is poor.

We played as a back three most of the game.

Paul McGinn is fine, makes the odd error but can pass, wins the ball, can defend and does attack well. Paul is a not problem for Hibs, he is a solution to the permanently injured Sir David Gray, the man that won us that cup on that day, scoring that goal.

Adam Jackson has developed into a good, reliable defender. I like him now, sans the Yorkshire Pudding.

Paul had a good enough game today but is prone to being sloppy, it has to stop.

Lewis didnae have his best game, I hate to say, he an dSlivka, both of them were at fault in the run up to the Livi goal.

Greg Docherty was excellent, I expect he always will be.

Vicky Slivka proved why he should go in the summer. Two good performances are followed by a piss poor, effortless, shirking one, next he will be losing his place for yonks before the whole cycle starts again. To think he keeps Stephane Omeonga, Fraser Muray and Melker Hallberg out the team?

Scott Allan should have stayed in, heating on and watched a film on BBC2 today as he was rotten, he missed a penalty taken with all the gusto of a player who thinks he is better than he is. Pity that, it is magic when he is magic.

Boyler never stopped twisting, turning, running on, taking a man on and trying to improve the flatness of the game. I love the way he takes a ball in and turns to go forward, too many of his team mates go back wards every time a sign of a lack of confidence for me. Not our Boyler, he loves going at teams. Hi srun to keep the ball in when his two striker pals stood and done nowt said it all. They targeted him and Docs today, that tells you something. Thank Sauzee for Martin Boyle.

Marc McNulty kept making runs not picked up by his team mates, he is a player but is lacking service.

Doidge scored, can someone tell me what else he offered all game? A few seconds before he scored he let an excellent cross from I think Horgan go right across him when a better player would have stuck his head on it. When I say a better player, I mean Colin Nish would have. Ite weird, he scores goals but……

The subs well too late and wrong for me, dead simple. Okk they were attacking players but two if them can be too cautious. None of the three can do much in the time allowed.

Let me explain that a little.

Fraser Murray did get 25 minutes BUT 10 of those minutes are in a position where he can do very little. Flashes of excellence, a good shot popped off but matinees will never make Fraser a regular. He is better than Slivka imo, so give him a start. Prone to going backwards with a pass although by no means the worst.

I get why we want to play Jamie Gullan ( I found out today he is a Jambo, fuck sake son), I want to se eteh laddie play too. But not out left with 15 to go. If he is good enough, play the laddie.

Daryll Horgan comes on and passes back too much. Pity as when he does take a man on and stick a ball in, its pretty decent. No for 10 minutes though.

I thought Jack’s approach was poor today. It was clear it wasn’t working the way it was set up, it was clear their 3 was poor so we dont feed Boyler enough to challenge him, the changes were ‘soft’, it needed Stephane Omeonga, we got Fraser Murray and Daryll Horgan. Sorry, that was mundane, and was not good enough Jack. 60+% possession means nothing when half of that is going backwards is not what we pay to see.

Livingston are horrible to watch, I imagine its like being on hallucinatory drugs, or at least selling them. A pub like team who come to grind out a result, pushing, pushing and pushing, ohh aye and pulling, shoving and kicking as the ref ignores it all. Ugly fitba. ugly team, 300 fans, most of whom must have supported someone else before dealing with Livi. You wouldnae pay a score to watch that every week. Their Goalie however was very good, as was their defender, a boy called Ambrose from Nigeria, he looks a player, one to watch? Bit cheaky yon slippers, smoking jacket and cee-gar but seemed to get away with it. He cheated last minute right enough.

The referee was a fucking idiot and if I was a Celtc fan I would say he had a thing about Hibs, a thing he didnae like, maybe a bad night doon the docks or short changed in Ali’s Cave? The throw in decision told you all we already knew, we have refs who either hate Hibs or over compensate for supporting our club. No idea what that useless baldy pricks background is but he is a fucking buffoon.

The fans, lots of us but no atmosphere as the east didnae sing and dafties corner in the Famous Five Uppers words were blown away straight doon to North Berwick. Move back to the East Stand guys, the atmosphere is now dire, no helped by a boring, half arsed Hibs perfromance. Good crowd too.

Man of the Match was Martin Boyle, well mine was. Martin is worth the entrance fee.

Next up is Inverness and Fat Robbo the Jambo Jakey. They are doing ok in the diddy league and will come to ER looking for a lucrative draw. We welcome our hero James Keatings back (great news about James today). James will always be a Hibernian hero, the man that run the other way on that glorious day. Pre match, lets show the love for the laddie, he is a good guy, treated badly by injury and those *&*^ at the SFA. During the game fuck um though, its all about Hibs.

See you on Friday, Hibernian Forever!

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