Well the Hibs players put down their Spades, Pails and Suncream for a couple of hours for a runabout a pitch in Kilmarnock. Meantime 1510 Hibernian fans who have worked, attended Uni, College or School, delivered papers, done double shifts, sacrificed a few pints, put a few pounds away from their pensions or suchlike in order to travel the sixty miles or more to Killie, pay the £22 to get in, invest in various pastries, soups and traybakes in support of their club. One lot show how much Hibernian mean to them, the other lot, well, no fucking good enough.

I caught the tail end of Heck’s surreal radio interview. Ok we were robbed, it was never a penalty indeed the Killie player cheated the incompetent ref to earn the penalty, however we didnae have a shot at goals until over an hour into the game. As for his comment about Fraser Murray and Heck being delighted Fraser started and saw out the 90 minutes, do you think we are idiots Heck, you picked him, you chose to give him 90 minutes. 90 minutes where he and most of his team mates gave very little. Weird chat Heck, dinnae think you can bull shit us mate.

Now the nuclear pies….the Killie Pie is not quite what it once was, no quite as meaty, the gravy isnae as nice, the pie is a bit soggier but pie Sauzee, the roof of my mouth is still scalded, I didnae ken whether to gamble a bite or borrow one of the Hibs players factor 50 and get myself a tan oaf the tin wrapper. Scorchio! Washed doon with a Tomato Soup with wee bits of veg floating in it, it was almost tasty.

Now the fitba itself. First half I felt Killie bettered us, but just, we had a strong 20 minutes after a wobbly first ten but faded badly second half. It was never a corner for the corner that got the penalty, it was never a penalty as I mention, Sir David didnt touch the cheat, the referee has this job because his Dad was a ref and supervisor, he is not fit for purpose, fucking hopeless decision. Second half we never got going, the three subs on the hour perked us up a little but taking off Flo and McNulty and Omeonga especially, all at once was poor, especially to be replaced for the lightweight, crisp bag in the breeze Ollie Shaw. Fuck only knows what Heck was thinking? The last two weeks have shown me that Heck is conservative ( I hope in fitba no politics), he disnae like change and is content with us stroking it about between Rocky, Hanlon, McGregor and Milligan, going nowhere slowly and hoping the wingers or midfield get something to the strikers and the punts from Rocky, Daz and Paul were hapless, but at least they go forward, Mark Milligan is boring, he passes it back, he passes it back, he passes it back. Mallan and Omeonga did try, I felt for Mallan in particular. Fraser Murray had some good touches but is another crisp bag. Flo and McNulty were shite, sorry. The spark we had came from Thomas Agyepong, he takes a man on, he is not scared, he has a good shot on him, three in fact, one hit Murray, one hit Shaw, one their goalie tipped over.

Tactics were wrong, it was a pre holiday effort which is fine, pay for our tickets Hibs if you are only going for a kick about. Flacid fitba with hoofs upfield, it was like watching the arseholes from Gorgie, that makes me spew up.

The Team

Rocky had a wonder save and might have saved the penalty, if his distribution was better he would be by far the best keeper in Scotland. It hasn’t and as such he is not. Great save though Ofir!

Sir David Gray, my hero, the captain and scorer of the winning goal on the 21st of May 2016, the day Hibernian won the cup had a torrid time until Murray moved into the middle then Horgan played in front of him. Not at fault for the penalty and how in Sauzee’s name he was booked for it is beyond me. Clearly disnae ken the handshake. This Hunnish country is rancid.

Daz was poor, Brophy gave him a hard time, he clearly disnae like the pitch and his passing stank.

Paul played like he had just woke up. Maybe he had factor 50 in his eyes?

Lewis did well with Omeonga and tried to get forward and get involved.

Mark Milligan was boring, 4 forward passes all game. I dinnae want to watch that in a Hibs shirt, sorry Mark.

Stevie Mallan tried to cover every blade of grass, he had too as many of his team mates didnae bother. Stevie Mallan cares.

Fraser Murray has a certain grace about his play but for me he is far too skinny and did not deserve 90 minutes. His hesitation lost us the chance of an equaliser late on, when he had come in to play in behind Shaw after spending the first hour on the right, he should have shot. He chooses to pass backwards too often which is not what I remember him for previously? I do think he can make it at Hibs but I would loan him out to a local neighbour like Raith, the Pars or Alloa and tell him to come back with some upper body strength like Sean Mackie or Ryan Porteous, he is way to easy knocked off the ball. Crisp poke No 1.

Stephane Omeonga had a quiet game, he met his match in Mulumbu (more of later) and never quite got going.

Flo has the touch of a Jambo, he gave us nothing and clearly has his case packed for Maga.

Marc McNulty is quickly going from herro to zero, he tried less than Flo, go figure. Family holiday in Salou booked Marc?


Well three for three after 60 minutes. Sorry but that was a massive and daft choice Heck, was it that kind of stupidity that lost you the Leeds fans, baffling.

At at Guess…..

Ollie for Marc Mac – Ollie Shaw either gets himself stronger or finds a job in the real world as he will quickly end up in part time fitba. He is so easy pushed off the ball, he looks half hearted. He, like Fraser, need to get out and play proper mens fitba every week. Ollie is a decent fitba player but is a jessie. Weak, easy beat and soft. Nae shame in it, he could come back and be a good Hibs player, just like Fraser Murray. Crisp poke No 2.

Horgan for Flo – Horgan done very little, which was slightly more than Flo.

Omeonga for Agyepong, two proper players swapped. Steph is a player, watching Tam today, so is he. He can take a man on, goes forward not back, is brave and has a wicked shot on him. Keep the laddie fit and I hope we keep him for next season, he could become something much better. Great song for him too. He brightened the fucked off Hibs fans mood somewhat. I hope he enjoys his holidays and comes back to prove hiself at Hibernian next year, he is never going to be in Pep’s long term plans.

The last few games have showed me that whist Heck is at the Wheel, I feel he is more a driving gloves and correct signals boss, than Nikki Lauda (look him up). Boring fitba is not Hibernian, it gets on the fans tits. If we wanted to watch a team like Hearts, we would have been dropped on our heads as bairns and supported that shite. We dinnae. We watch Hibernian, we want flair, excitement, effort, passion, players that care. Passing it back, pissing about, scared to shoot and long punts no where belongs in the shitehouse that is Tineycastle, not for the ‘warrior poets’ who support the Hibs.

Talking of warrior poets, you dinnae become one by getting hammered on peeve and colombian marching powder pre match, spewing it all in a projectile manner all over your fellow fans half way through the first half. That gets you a hiding. There is a section of our support that are total fannies. The rest who spent good money and turned up in their thousands for a meaningless end of season game, well that is why I am proud to be a Hibby. They dinnae deserve us, honest. Noting the Puddle Drinkers had less than 400 at their game last night. That is what yo get when you play Levein fitba, keep that in mind Mr Heckingbottom.

A minute for Killie. I am not one for all the willie pulling about Clarke. He is a good manager, his team are good to watch, but if they were that good, you would think more than 6000 hillbillies and rednecks would turn up to watch them and join in with their Hullo Hullo Hun song? I felt Hibs in their pomp a few weeks back would have beat Killie today. But I suppose its hard to play in flip flops, speedos and sand in your crack(s). I like Brophy, a player, I think the loan player Mulumbu from Thellick is class, a missing link in our own team to be honest. Killie fans are a decent bunch though, bar their Hunnish song, they support their local club. I hope they get to Europe and enjoy the adventures we had last season. I hope Stevie Clarke stays with them, and fights the bigotry aimed at him from that filth at Ibrox, indeed I hope he ends his season but beating the bastards in front of three full ends of Killie fans and Killie get third. I do hope whoever dived to get the penalty suffers a weird injury and misses their whole european adventure because of it, cheating bastard.

Andrew Dallas is incompetent and should be demoted to referee Gunts for the rest of his life, His Dad was a Hun fanny too.

Man of the Match for Hibs, ooft, how about least shite? Two come to mind, Rocky and Mallan. Tam was good when he came on too. Mallan gets it for me, at least the boy gives a shite.

So, we are nearly done, the bubble has popped, Heck at the Wheel is not what I hoped it was, we are flacid insipid and boring. Not my expectation of ANY HIbs team and certainly not the Hibernian who rose like a pheonix from the ashes of relegation. You want to sell season tickets, you want to play in front of big support, its 90 minutes all season. Next week, win, play to win or you will pay the price in season books.

Last word is for our Hibernian Ladies and their cup win, magic, well done ladies, Hibs winning, any gender, any age, any game, playing the Hibernian way is what we want, winning and being the top in the country is simply excellent. Very well done from myself and all at the Bounce, we are proud of you, I for one will make an effort to come support you.

Hibernian Forever!

Huns 1 v 0 Hibernian

When I say I am just back, I mean I am just back in the Hibs car park at the Hunnery and going no where. Just back will follow in a few hours. I will try and make more effort than many of the Hibs players.

Jump forward an hour or two………. I am now in the house, glass of merlot poured and time to ponder as I drove home. I thought we were piss poor, the Huns were there for the taking and we could barely muster a shot on target. I know the game was on the box, so usual rules apply, but by christ I thought we were garbage. Is it fair to ask Hibernian supporters to fork out hard earned cash on a bank holiday weekend, when the players clearly think its holiday time already.

It would easy to concentrate on the scumbags in the Huns end with their Scotland is British Flags, their nazi salutes, 40,000 singing sectarian songs as the police watch (and hum along), it would be easy to blame brother Madden for his inept performance and the drop ball after the assualt buy the woman beater on McNulty but I am not going too, we know theHuns bastards are Scotland’s shame.

No, its Hibs I am fucked off with, that was flat, effortless and lacked any kind of desire. They should be refunding the 900 their gate money. The back four were slow, mentally and physically, Milligan is slower and pass backs are his only thought, Horgan hid, Omeonga never got going, Gauld showed for 10 minutes, then was piss poor, Horgan clearly couldnae be arsed, McNulty done nothing but get the beast sent off, Fraser Murray was poor when he came on. So who gets pass marks, well Stevie Mallan was first class, sprayed the ball about all game, although his earlyish booking stopped him digging into the Huns, Rocky did his job, Flo came on, worked his socks off and spoiled it all by missing a sitter. Finally Tam Agyepong too made a difference but we had left it all too late. In my first criticism of Hecky and Robbie, we gave the Hun filth more respect than they should ever deserve. Do they not know we hate them and expect Hibs teams to come and compete, we didnae? The whole thing played out like that final game of the season with nothing to play for. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. You go to that shite hole (and those that were were today know what I mean, it actually did small of shitey nappies) to beat them. Not good enough, not fucking good enough.

The Team

Rocky actually didnae have much to do, although his floated balls to Gray rarely worked, He missed Efe.

Sir David Gray, cup winner and winning goalscorer against todays opposition was poor until wee Tam came on then Sir Davuid got tore in, canne be easy playing with a disinterested Horgan in front of you? He takes too long to take a throw.

Daz was ponderous and struggled with Defoe. Slow.

Hanlon was terrible for first 20 minutes and again looked half arse and slow.

Stevenson too had an awfuk first half hour and did little good all game. He took too long to take a throw or make a telling pass.

Milligan caused the goal and was a cart horse ting an anchor all day, back pass after back pass earned him an ironic cheer from the Hibs end when he finally played a forwward pass late 2nd half.

Mallon was the golden nugget in the Hibernian toly today, he looked like he wanted to beat the huns and actually gave a shite. Sprayed excellent passes around all game.

Horgan kept looking to the touchline for his factor 50, Viz magazine and Pina Colada.

Ryan Gauld would be brilliant in the Under 16 league, but he looks and plays like a wee laddie in these games. He has little or no upper body stregth and is an easy beat. What a damned shame. Delighted Scott Allan is coming in the summer, not something i thought I would ever type.

Stephane Omeonga just didnae get involved enough today, another damned shame.

Marc McNulty looked disinterested, he was guff. That does not auger well for him joining us longer term?


Flo came on for Gauld, got the Huns rattled then missed a sitter that a year ago he would have tore the net with. No idea what has got in his head?

Tam Agyepong came on same time, replacing Horgan who had got a bit of sunburn on his peely wally skin after missing a bit of shoulder with his factor 50. Tam and Flo did rattle the Huns a bit but I felt we had left it too late?

Fraser Murray came on for Milligan, right idea I thought? He gave the ball away a lot. Given the Huns had a centre half in goals, no way is that acceptable.

Heck and Robbie asked out team to sit off a very average bunch of Huns. Sorry but that is not good enough for me. We let them beat us.

The Huns are repulsive, their fans, players, management, stewards, staff, cleaners, security, their referee and their police officers. They are Scotland’s shame. The shite on our collective shoes. It smelt like that today too. Maybe that old soiled nappy smell wafting around the Hunnery is what you get when 49,000 of them gather together?

The referee had told the Hibs side stand linesman to give no decisions, the Hun bastard then gave everything to them. The drop ball is beyond me? Still a few bevvies in teh Ludge the night will ahev Madden forget it all quickly.

The Hibs fans continue to be vociferous in their support of our bonnie club, noisy, direct, cheeky and a fair few slightly pished/ stoned or wasted? I will call something out though, we need to drop the IRA stuff. Stokesies Da, Beautiful Sunday and Orange bastard songs are not what we are about. Personally I can sing the Rebs songs, I support a United Ireland, I know one persons terrorist is anothers freedom fighter, all of that BUT what the fuck has it got to do with Scottish Fitba in the 21st century? Cut it out please, nae need, we act just like those bastards when we start that pish. Keep it for the pub, hoose, whatever. Hibernian are a family for all.

Man of the Match was Stevie Mallan, he cares.

Next week is a bit of dead duck now. See you behind the goal at Killie for a decent pie and a sugary sweet Hibs traybake. Lets hope the Hibs players turn us like we always do.

Hibernian Forever!

Hibs 1 v 1 Gunts

Just back and it must be horrible watching that Gorgie Gash every week, it makes your eyes bleed. Their fans, the ones that turned up, or certainly the wee Red Hand Gang nearest the east terracing trying to start the Hello Hello chant during the minute’s applause for Billy McNeill summed up Heart of Midlothian for me, putrid, classless wee scrotes who need a good hiding. Well done the Hibs fans and decent Gunts who gave the man a minute of their time.

Usual rules, I was sat in my normal seat in a packed out Hibs end so TV watchers, correct any mistakes I make.

As for the game, well I felt we let them get control for the first twenty minutes, then slowly took over. I dinnae want to talk about them, they give me the dry boak, their offensive fans, their loyalist songs, their complete fucking weirdo of a manager and assistant, they are the shame of the capital, on and off the pitch.

So Hibernian, well I think we defended well right up until their equaliser, we played some nice slick football against the hackers from Haymarket, not incisive enough for sure, Flo looked hapless, McNulty not getting enough or often any kind of service. There left and right backs were there for the taking, Sir Gray and Lewis went at them, Omeonga too went at them, Flo and Horgan for me did not do so enough. Daz and Paul handled the beast up front for them, who should have gone off for fouling Lewis when Lewis was booked. Mallan took a while to get into the game but did do his bit. We just could not break them down.

Pity we didnae beat them, they celebrated like they had won which says it all for me. Still, we remain ahead of them and have an outside shot at Europe.

The Team

Rocky is a good keeper, but his distribution lets him down.

Sir David Gray, scorer of that goal on that day as he captained Hibernian to that Cup Victory had a smashing game today, I felt he could have done with more help from Horgan.

Daz was magnificent, given he had to incorporate both the best fitba and wrestling skills when dealing with the boy who plays up front for the puddle drinkers.

Paul Hanlon too had a smashing game, stopping man mountain.

Lewis had a great game and was very unfortunate with his shot, played in a great ball which Slivka should have scored and should not have been booked when attacked by the aforementioned man mountain.

Mark Milligan had a smashing game today. I liked his efforts after the game with the young Aussie Futsal players, well done Mark.

Stevie Mallan started slowly but really got into the game as we pushed at them.

Daryll Horgan was the last Hibs player to touch the ball before Berra scored his goal for Hibs, otherwise I felt he didnae offer enough today.

Stephane Omeonga is simply a buzzbomb, he never stops, he chases down, is hard but fair, direct, a baller, and all round great wee fitba player. I thought he was superb today.

Flo was the opposite. It’s clear he disnae like playing wide, but too often he looks like he is not trying or indeed caring. He deserved to be hooked at half time, he had been booked, I could see him getting a red.

Marc McNulty should not miss the target when taking a penalty, the keeper saving it is one thing, but missing the target is unforgivable. Otherwise his running is very good, but ploughs a lonely furrow much of the time.


Slivka replaced Flo at half time and for me gave one of his wet blanket performances, better than Flo, but not much better. Missed a good header from a fine ball put across Lewis.

Agyepong got five minutes at the end and I think touched it twice?

I felt we could have brought on another sub earlier, after we missed the penalty and subsequently Berra scored for us, the Gunts looked like they were tiring, instead they got a second wind and equalised, I think Horgan off for Agyepong or Gauld earlier might have seen us keep control, instead it ended up backs the wall and we let the pub team equalise.

Hecky and Stocky continue their unbeaten run in the league, and I do think next season could be a good one, they have mastered Potter and Bloodied Stools, pity we cannae kill them off.

The Puddle drinkers, well fuck them and all who sail them.

Thomson had a reasonable game, he tries to let it flow and booked a fair number of Gunts. If he had more balls he should have sent the big boy off for a second yellow when he fouled Lewis. The second penalty incident was more of a penalty than the first one, and the first one was a stick on!!

Man of the Match for me was Stephane Omeonga, I love watching him play for Hibs, I hope stays after the summer. Honourable mentions for the six players who defend for Hibs, Rocky, Sir David, Daz, Paul, Lewis and Millie, along with Stevie Mallan.

Next up it’s the Huns at the Hunnery next Sunday at 3.30. Must win if we want a European adventure. 900 v 49,000, feels like a fair fight, bring it on!

Hibernian Forever!!

Sorry for the slight delay in the writeup, went to spend Easter Sunday efty with my Family, its important we all do. Yesterday also saw us say goodbye to one of the Hibernian family, one of The Family, Bradley Welsh. Well done the fans of both clubs in showing their appreciation for Brad.

Usual rules apply for telly watchers, no reruns, differing angles or analysis from my seat in the West Lower, if I get anything wrong, feel free to correct me.

The sun was beating down pre match, more Costa Del Sol than Coast O Forth, as I drove through the toon from West Lothian, its great seeing wee bursts of green Hibs tops at bus stops all through town, the Hibees really are back in their droves. The team nowadays just about picks itself, although our bench finally looked a bit more experienced, Celtc, well we knew they would give us a game. Heck’s unbeaten run to hold onto, potentially beating Lennon’s Celtc, it looked like it might just be a cracker.

We set up with our usual defensive six, Mallan & Omeonga in the middle, Horgan right, Flo left, Sparky though the middle. We went at Celtc from the get go and might have taken the lead a few times in the first 10-15 minutes. Celtc then bedded in and starting going at us. It was a real rough and tumble game, plenty good football, lots of feigning of injuries by Celtc players who should be better than that, plenty robust tackles from Hibernian players, often earning yellow cards where none was necessary.

I have a theory that Heck likes to play to hold teams for 60 minutes, that is not to say hold them at 0 0, it might be 2 3 zip for Hibs but its the last 30 minutes we seem to up the pace and go at teams as the opposition tire? Caltc are the toughest nut to crack, in McGregor,  Forrest, Brown and Rogic they have some good players, almost as good as the Hibernian players yesterday, but not quite good enough.

So to our team…..

Ofir was magnificent, not one, not two, not three but four wonder saves. Rocky had his best game in a Hibs shirt. That last 10 minutes earned him man of the match. Mrs Marciano, your mans a Keeper!

Sir David Gray, scorer of that goal, on that day on the 21st of May 2016 when he captained Hibernian to that Scottish Cup win. Well Sir David had his second best game in a Hibernian jersey yesterday, he was superb, up and down that line, linking well, driving us on. His tackle on Scott Brown had the 3 Hibs stands roaring like we had scored a 92nd minute winner v the Huns in a cup final. If Rocky had not had his superman suit on yesterday, Sir David was getting Man of the Match from me.

Darren McGregor has had a new lease of life under the Heck, every week he gives his all, robust, strong, a leader, I wish he was 10 years younger.

Paul Hanlon too has been immense under Heck, he made one small mistake the whole game yesterday, otherwise a flawless performance.

Lewis was Lewis, he never let whatever Celtc threw at him bother him, he gets up, brushes himself down and goes again.

Mark Milligan was the wee chink in our armour yesterday, I felt he was slow, both physically and mentally, he slowed our play down, too many backward or inaccurate passes, he looked tired.

Stevie Mallan I thought came on to a smashing game, especially second half. His challenge on Lustig was perfect, only the Scandanavian cheats rolling about getting him booked.

Stephane Omeonga was a buzzbomb, he gave Brown a torrid time and covered every blade of grass. Excellent player, I hope we can extend his loan or even sign him?

Daryll Horgan had his moments, some excellent moves, othertimes he looks like he needs a lie down.

Flo disnae enjoy playing left wing, its obvious. Only thing he done was push the Celtc player and get himself needlessly booked.

Marc McNulty’s movement is excellent, ok he is on a wee barren run but he does look like he will score when a chance comes along. I hope he too stays, imaging him feeding off Scott Allan’s passes? Took a sore one near the end, hope he will be ok for the Puddle Drinkers game.

The Subs

Double Subs after 70 minutes saw Slivka replace Milligan and Shaw replace Kamberi. I thought Slivka had a good twenty minutes, he got tore in. Oillie for me isnt goo enough, still skinny as a rake, still indecisive in front of goal. If he wants to make it at Hibs he needs loaned out for a season, toughen himself up and beef up.

10 minutes or so of cameo from Tam Agyepong, he never really got into the game for me.

Heck and Robbie pretty much matched up to the champions elect. I know Heck says he has fallen in love a wee bit in love with his players, we have fallen a wee bit in love with you Heck, keep it going.

Celtc look like champions, although they play like Lennon’s champions, not Rodgers. Thank goodness Rogic, their best player for me, only gets 15 minutes at the moment, he drove them on last 10 and only Rocky’s brilliance saved us.

The referee booked 5 Hibs players and no Celtc players, work that one out.

The fans were noisy yesterday, both sets. When I say both sets, I means the Since 1875 fans were giving it laldy from the Famous Five, and the punters mostly gathered in Section 43 of the East also gave it plenty, pity they didnae sing the same song at the same time at any point. The Celtc fans, who all seem to join in with their songs at the same time were very noisy too. It made for a great atmosphere.

Man of the Match had to be Rocky and his wonder saves, but he was run close by a brilliant performance for Sir David Gray.

Next up is the gunts, bring it on. HOOOOOOFFFFFF!!!!

Finally, this Just Back is dedicated to the life and work of a fine HIbernian. Bradley John Welsh, I salute you. Rest in Peace Brother.

Hibernian Forever!

Usual rules, I was behind the goals with 4000 fellow Hibernians so dinnae have the luxury of camera angles, re-runs and zooming in, those that did watch on the box, please feel free to correct any errors I make as my heed is mince!

Hoofball of Mudlothian 1, The Glorious Greens 2 and I am ecstatic, Hibs won El Radgio at the piggery.

A dreich, miserable day, no. 1 son sleeps in and misses the game, sair neck from the horrible Levein Hoofball and worst of all the Puddle Drinkers were better than us first half. Sloppy goal given away by Hibs with a mistake for Milligan in the lead up, no sure who lost the header, then a decent equaliser after good work from Sparky slid home by Horgan but at half time I had the feared we might lose to the pub team and their one song support. Pre match I noticed Leeann and Amanda joined us in the away end to watch the game, fair play to them singing Heck is at the Wheel.

Fear not, for Heck is at the wheel. Subtle tweaks at half time and Hibernian took control. Ok the Gunts had a few half chances but its god awful route one pish to witness, mind it probably suits the single digit brain cells in the home end with their nazi salutes and red hand of ulster flag. The second Hibernian goal was glorious involving Gray, Mallan, McNulty and finally a great dribbble and shot from Daryll Horgan causing carnage in the Hibs end. However it wa snot just about the goals, it was the work of Omeonga all game long, and a defence that stopped everything, that is as good as I have seen Daz and Paul in years, Darrens tackle on Haning was that of a Hibs fan on a Hearts fan, he took the hoofballer out, worthy of his yellow card. Rocky was great too and most of all, the Hibernian support were noisy, supportive and shut the Gorgie Gash up. The end of the game was as a good as a feeeling as it gets, us, our band of brothers and sisters and the team and management as the Bloodied Stools slunk off home and up the tunnel.

Our Team

Rocky was fantastic today, no chance at the goal.

David Gray, Captain of Hibernian today and on that glorious day in May 2016 done well, given he seemed ot take a knock before being swapped out for Spector late in the game.

Darren McGregor was fucking magnificent, he won almost everything and his scudding of the Pony tailed gunt was done with a passion on a fellow Hibby could show.

Paul too was magnificent, the route one hoofball they play makes it a nightmare to defend, a Hibee through and through, he stayed strong and looked like he enjoyed the win at the end.

Lewis Stevenson had a tough time today but done well.

Mark Milligan was a shadow of the player he has been the last few weeks, he does not have the pace to play in these games and his passes were awful slack today. I prefer him as a centre half.

Stevie Mallan had a poor first half, it past him by, but I thought he was excellent second half and his free kick was flying into the top corner before the gunt goalie got a hand to it.

Daryll Horgan scored a decent first goal and a fantastic second, after that he gave us 10 minutes of great work, pity he tires. Well played son, you made my day/ weekend/ week/ month!

Stephane Omeonga is a wee, tiny, hard, fast machine. The laddie is a real fitba player and never gave the Mercer’s a minute. Nipping at them constantly he was magic. Do, Do, Do, Stephane Omeonga!

Flo had a poor first half and was innefective, although he did play a part in the both goals. I thought he improved second half and gave his all.

Marc didnae score today but had a hand in the first goal, his tireless runs into the channels and never gave the Gash a minute.

The Subs

Barts replaced Flo with 15 to go, took him to minutes to settle in but did fine. We sat awfy deep last 10, I was having palpitations!

Jonathan Spector came on for Sir David Gray a few minutes later and I thought he done very well for a debut in a derby?

Slivka replaced the shattered Horgan to massive applause from the Hibs end and did what he had to do to see the game out.

Paul Heckingbottom and Robbie Stockdale set us up to soak up the pressure from the Puddle Drinkers first half, it worked, we went in even. Subtle tweak at half time and we went at them second half. The Heck press appeared and they had no answer other than big hoofs to their 20 stone, 6 foot five Huddie up front. Well done lads, and thank you!

The Gunts are awful. I would give Levien a contract for life at the Guntery, they deserve one another. Mind the Gap!


The referee was very good and let the game flow. Not easy in a blood and thunder derby.

The fans, us, the away end, we were fantastic, singing and getting behind Hibernian the whole game. The guffs have no response to us when we get behind Hibernian. Their wee group of diet huns in each corner tried to get behind their team but dinnae have the IQ to remember the words, do nazi salutes and wave their Union Flags all at the same time. The rest of their ground know they are shite and sat, mute for much of the game. Imagine paying to watch Avril Leveins pish every week, your eyes would be bleeding.

So, man of the match, well was it it two goal Daryll Horgan, was it the superb Stephane Omeonga, was it Paul Hanlon, a Hibee through and through or was it that other Hibby, Daz McGregor? They all had their merits but for me it was Daz for 90 minutes of brilliance capped with nailing The gunt with the poor hair…….. YLT Daz, Hard as Nails!

Fuck the Hearts!

Hibernian Forever!


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This has been a season where the active support of the club/team by fans of our grand old team has reached new highs. Such was the demand for tickets for today’s game the club opened up part of the South Stand to home supporters despite good demand for the same seats from those with a vested interest in the Dons. It is an indicator that the progress made over the last 3 years, on and off the park, is paying dividends. It is also a very tangible endorsement of Neil Lennon and his players.*19, 000 + supporters crammed into ER to see the best two sides in Scotland, outside the East End of Weegeville. They would not be disappointed with the fare. Certainly, the Hibs contingent weren’t…

Having spent the last few days in sunny Valencia, visiting the imposing Mestalla stadium in the process, it wasn’t the glamour of La Liga, Mario Kempes, Rafa Benitez or David Silva that was at the forefront of my mind. It was the feeling of relief at Manises Aeroporto when the wee departures board said my 6am flight from Spain this morning was due to take off as scheduled. I’d be back in Auld Reekie before Baynes on Easter Road would even be open. Back for the only football show in town today….

This game was an opportunity to put pressure on the Reds and make a very clear statement to every other side in the top six that we are not there just to make up the numbers, content to simply settle for mid table security in our first season back.*With the Gorgie mob in action at lunch time, we knew a win would be mighty beneficial in this natural order malarkey. (Does anyone know if they have overtaken us yet)

Earlier in the campaign, Aberdeen left Easter Road with 3 points they barely deserved. Even Dick Turpin wore a mask…This time there was to be no such injustice, with Hibs dominating the Sheep worriers from start to finish. Many of you will, by the time you have read this, watched the game online or on BBC Heuchter Teuchter. The usual rules apply here…I am only going on what I thought at the game. No telly box coverage is involved in the making of this just back. Some sheep may have been harmed though.

Today,*Hibs lined up with a central 3 of Efe, Darren and Paul. Both the latter making recovery from injuries sustained against Murderwell. Lewis and Boyler were deployed as wing backs with a midfield 3 of our Holy Trinity. Up top, Flo and Jamie partnered each other from the start. The Sheep were minus captain Shinnie – and I think it made a difference to some aspects of the game- so Kenny McLean took the armband…and was lucky to wear it for 90 minutes. Son of Dallas bottled sending him off in the 2nd half. But more of the Dons’ complete discipline breakdown later…

The first half saw Hibs take the game to the opposition and McGinn and McLaren both came close in the first ten minutes.
McLean had a shot on goal (singular) later in the first half but that was the only real action Rocky had to contend with other than the odd cross ball.

After a torrid time in Aberdeen before Christmas, some of the “culprits” that day were on their A game today. Efe and Boyler both were much, much better today and this meant a quiet afternoon for the much hyped GMS…quieter than a midnight swim in the Kelvin.

The game really came to life after the interval…and the Aberdeen team that tends to appear for games in Glasgow, finally showed itself against us. And, by Sauzee, it was a joy to behold…

McLaren, who had been playing like a clever Jason Cummings all afternoon, sitting on the shoulder of the last defender all game, making cute, quick runs onto reverse passes from such as Scott Allan, got through one on one with the Sheep World Champion keeper only to see his shot deflected, a subsequent rebound blocked…but thankfully the ball falling for Martin Boyle to nod into the net.

A few minutes later his strike partner, Flo, turned strongly in the area and directed a deserved 2nd past the keeper. It gave Hibs the confidence to go on to see the game out. Darren, Allan and others came close again and we could have run out even more comfortable winners than we did. But that’s not a criticism. This game was always under control. Make no mistake.

The same could not be said for the opposition who went on to kick everything that moved. Or push it. Or shove it. Or try to go fighting with it. Stupid boy, messing with Darren. McLean should have walked. Make no mistake. Others could have too…the Ferret Brothers, GMS and Christie, likewise.

It was a disciplinary capitulation to match the football one.

The team

Rocky- not much to do but was solid when called on
Boyle – best he has played against his own team. Good goal gave him confidence
Efe – pipe and slippers afternoon. Immaculate.
Darren – battleful best
Paul – some excellent reading of the game and fine challenges
Lewis – he will need to empty Logan from his back pocket tonight
SJM – so disciplined. He knew a booking today would put him out the derby. Polished and professional
Dylan- fine second half and official MotM
Flo – what a titan performance. He soaked up the physical barrage and went back time and time again
McLaren – a clever Jason Cummings. Deserved a goal. Great game.
Scotty Allan – sorry Dylan he was the MotM. You probably think it too. Sweet Sauzee, that was damn fine. I cannot wait for him to get in about the Gunts

Subs – Bartley and Danny came on but just to run down the clock.

The Boss – anyone still whinging about his signings in January?

Next up – The Fat Striker. On this form he won’t be singing.

Now I’m away for some black coffee and BBC Heuchter Teuchter on Sky +. It’s been a long day but travelling 1330 miles this morning to see us this afternoon was worth every beeping beep of the early morning alarm call…



Jeez, as a fellow bouncer said after the game, am sweating, I kicked every ba’ that second half!

The Hibs 1000 sat in the away car park discussing the team formation as Hibs tweeted the team. No Daz, no Paul, aw naw we thought? Well the teams lined up inside a piped noise Hunnery, it was clear Neil was here to beat them, Rocky in Goals, a back three of Efe, Ryan Porteous and Lewis Stevenson, Barts covering, John, Dylan and returnee Scott Allan, with Boyler, Barker left and right (ish) and Flo Kamberi up front.

The Huns had their usual mix of Flops, Cheats, Thugs and Fandans, same in the stands. The Hibs support never stopped singing, the Huns sang when the music played on the tannoy, when they sung unprompted, every one was a sectarian, bigoted rant, from cheer up Neil Lennon/ Fenian barsteward, some song about a joiner building a big giant gallows, or putting the roof high on the Barras or something else irrelevant to a fitba match, to No Surrender, the full repertoire. Fair play to the polis who managed to block out the massed ranks breaking the law by staring uninterrupted at Hibs fans instead. They did sing about Jason Cummings, f*** knows why, he was hopeless.

So, Hibs started brilliantly, after an initial blip with Barker being replaced by McLaren following an early knock. McLaren, Kamberi, McGinn, McGeouch and Scott Allan took control, and played the filth in blue off the pitch. Flicks, chips, crisp passing, ball to feet, nae blooters, deft touches, Hibernian were a joy to watch, inspired by number 2-3 (think about it) Scott Allan. We had the ball in net, but it was given as off side, it saw one well kent Hibby  get himself lifted as he tried a one man pitch invasion. D’oh! McLaren then seemed to then miss a sitter, before Super John McGinn hit a twenty daisy cutter into the bottom right of Fotherinhun’s goal, the Hibs end went ballistic, the Huns revolting as half time came. The best first I half performance I have seen from Hibs in donkeys years.

For a patch work back three, Lewis, Efe and Ryan were superb, absolutely superb and Rocky has upped his game, he is as good as a goal or two advantage for us at the moment.

Talking of donkeys, the Hun centre halfs are just that, huddies, absolute huddies, although the left back, Sean Whateverheiscalled has a bit about him.

Second half we did the one thing we had agreed we shouldnae amongst my various pals, we tried to defend the lead. The Huns pummelled us for much of the second half, but the wonderful Rocky ably assisted by Lewis, Efe, and Ryan, before some Hun scored a fluke, no idea who…… hatred can blind you sometime.

So, Hibs say, bugger that, time to play fitba again, and we did, Scott Allan sailed through the statues in royal blue, he was fouled, penalty for Hibs. McLaren coolly slots it away with their goalie making a decent attempt to save it, but failing, just like their fans failed to save their club, letting it, instead, die. The Hibs fans are in heaven, taunting the Huns as they starting sneaking out.

As I said at the top of the report, I came home shattered, second half I kicked every ba’ (and where I could try to kick a Hun). Hibernian today put Sevco 2012 in their place, we taught them a lesson in how to play the beautiful game.

Hibernian were fantastic, on the pitch and on the terrace, we own the Huns, we know it, they know it. Magnificent.

The Team

Rocky has taken the subtle hint Lenny gave him when he signed Scott Bain for half an hour. Ofir was fantastic today, three wonderful saves. Unbeatable!

Efe too was magnificent as the leader of our back three, graceful, a gentleman but ooze class, Efe plays these games in a smoking jacket, sucking a humungous Cuban cee-gar. Magic!

Ryan Porteous was chucked in to cover for the loss of the best defensive pairing we have had in years. He played like he has captained Hibs for 10 years. Hard, great headerer of a ball, a winner. Three mistakes, in 90 minutes, Ryan, a Hibs supporter is a mix of Paul Hanlon and Darren McGregor. I thought he was brilliant!
Lewis takes a bit of stick from the hard of thinking sometimes. He played as our left sided centre half in a three, he played like he had played that position his whole career. Fantastic!

Marv played in front of the three and sooked up the Hunnish pressure. Solid, hard, and occasionally skilled, he let the Huns know this was Hibernian they were playing, not Aberdeen, we don’t roll over, we own them. Solid.

John was pushed left, but like us, he hates Rainjurs and he simply kept battering into them, running at them, pressing them, charging! His goal was a thing of joy, a great goal, not a good goal. Super!

Dylan had a tough shift, he had to play up against a very aggressive bunch of Huns, but as the best midfielder in Scotland outside of Parkhead, he worked his way through them and treated their presence as the nothing it is. Skill.

Scott Allan, well I have to admit I was not happy at his return. I had my reasons. I am also man enough to admit I am wrong. Scott might have been a daft, poorly advised laddie, but Scott is 100% fitba, his first half performance destroyed the Billy Boys, he was simply unplayable at times, the flicks and tricks between him and his team mates had me even shouting his name at one point. His skill to gain the penalty that won us the game was football intelligence, he is a football maestro. Scott is nae Hun, nae Hun has his intelligence or guile, that is clear. Hibs fans who don’t come watch him are missing as good a player as we have had in years. I also like his number, 2-3, will do for me. Wow.

Brandon was rumoured to be injured and lasted 7 minutes before going off holding his calf. It worked for us, the introduction of his replacement Jamie McLaren was a masterstroke as many of us expected to see Danny. Hurt.

Boyler ran himself ragged first half and tired badly second half, as the Huns targeted him with their only reasonable player Sean Toss kept targeting his space. Ran and Ran.

Flo Kamberi is the striker we have been missing, I would make Grasshopers an offer asap, this laddie has it, his touch, his movement, his work rate, his desire. A young Grant Holt with more flicks and shuffles. I like this laddie. Good.

The Subs

Jamie McLaren came on after 5 or so minutes and I am delighted to report, he looks a great player. His link up play with Flo, Scotty, Dylan and John was excellent and he stroked the winner away with aplomb. Fair Dinkum.

Olly came on with ten to go and done his job, watch and learn from Flo and Jamie son, proper team players, proper strikers. Keen.

Danny came on to waste time at the end. One of our own.

Neil Lennon and his management team got it spot on, a makeshift team but we had to go at the bigots, we did and they quickly sh@t it. Neil enjoyed that win as much as us, but then he would, as he hates them just like we do.

The referee booked six Hibs players and only three Huns, yet we never broke one Hun leg or ankle although we did break their hearts, if the f@%”!@s had one. The coward should have booked and red carded the Plug looking boy for persistent diving, he didnae, Moraless dived five times during the game, no foul, play on, maybe the skool teechur cannae spell his name, maybe the fact the guy looks like Plug fi the Bash Street Kids cut him some slack, right up until he booked him for nowt I could see? Golum is a useless fearty, a good referee might have had at least one Hun off first half.

The Huns are f@%”!@# rubbish, Cummings is a waste of space, their fans are spent, they spout their hatred but its forlorn, they are yesterdays people, a nothing, a stain on the sheet of a cheap hotel, nothing will ever change about them, they are trapped in their ignorance, dwindling defiance, sneaking home after 70 minutes to batter their families and salute a dying tradition. Their team is f@%”!@# rotten to the core as well. Sean Toss looked decent though. Declan whatever was invisible, Murphy did nothing, I found out post match he was playing. I have no idea who most of the rest of them are, I don’t care, they are putrid and we own them and our target must be to ensure they do not get into Europe, which I hope might just kill them off for good.

So, man of the match, well so many fine Hibernians to choose from, Marciano was brilliant, Scott Allan was a genius in parts, Efe strolled it, Super John kicked them back, battered them, fought and fought and fought, Flo nailed them, but for me, ignoring daft errors, Ryan Porteous was absolutely brilliant, for a young laddie, he played today like he has captained Hibernian his whole life. To think the laddie is one of us, a Hibs man. Wow again.

Lets take a rest now, its been a hard yin recently but the Hibs are a team, a real team and Neil and his people ken a player when they see one. This phoenix continues to rise from the ashes, and boy are we good when we want to be.



Season Ticket for Hibernian F.C. (1894 -5)
                                          Season Ticket for Hibernian F.C. (1894 -5)


I must admit to being worried on my way to Easter Road tonight as there has been so much transfer speculation today, I was concerned about focus on getting the win. Beforehand Neil Lennon on BBC Sportsound increased my nerves as he spoke through the transfer movements and speculation. He then rightly questioned why we were even playing tonight when others are not. I was reassured however when towards the end of the interview, Neil spoke of the importance of a home win and I felt there was focus on the job in hand.

Inside Easter Road with all my family we cheered my wee nephew who was one of the many mascots for the night onto the pitch with captain Paul Hanlon and the rest of the team. It was a surprise line up with the inclusion of Florian Kamberi who signed yesterday on loan from Grasshopper until the end of the season.

I thought we started brightly and at a good pace. Early on Kamberi had some lovely deft touches. You could sense the crowd were encouraged by these and furthermore when he accurately directed a low hard drive towards the Motherwell goal that was cleared off the line. We then shortly afterwards hit the woodwork from Hanlon and Hibs were dominating proceedings. McGinn in midfield was dictating the play and looked like a guy with the weight of transfer speculation lifted. Kamberi then got his debut goal and he took it very well directing the ball high into the net. And boy didn’t he enjoy it as he ran towards the Hibs dugout. Hibs had absolutely dominated the first half and went in at half time deservedly ahead and would have perhaps felt their dominance should have put them more comfortably ahead.

Hibs again started the second half very well with Slivka off (didn’t notice any injury, was it tactical?) and Bartley on and we got the second goal our play deserved. Barker smashing the ball into the net following neat play down the wing in front of the West stand. And similar to Kamberi didn’t he enjoy his first goal for the club. Although of course he’s waited a little longer than Kamberi! The celebration though looked somewhat bizzare as after some delay he ran to pull out the corner flag and start waving it about….

I think we probably all felt at that point ‘Game over’ as we were by far the better team. Hugely frustratingly the referee was far far too lenient as Motherwell attempted to perpetually disrupt our game with incessant fouling. As all too typical of this season the referee offered our talented ball players absolutely no protection by waving play on when our players were clearly fouled.

I felt because of this lack of protection the flow of the game changed. We stopped doing all that we had been doing and let Motherwell back into it. Darren McGregor who had been at his usual brilliance was forced off with an injury. I must admit I thought the obvious replacement was swapping Darren directly with Ryan Porteous but Neil Lennon elected to put Ambrose in the centre and introduce Faycal Rherras at right back.

Many of us were probably thinking back to earlier in the season when we were 2-0 up at home against Motherwell only to drop two points. And when Motherwell pulled one back I must admit to being greatly concerned as the boys looked flat on their feet…. However, credit to the boys seeing the game out. It was a deserved three points.

Never really troubled. I just wish sometimes he’d dominate his six yard box a little more and come for balls that look to me his to take.

Commanding throughout. When he keeps it simple he’s a class act. His shot at goal in the second half just lacked power!

The guy is just everything you want in a centre half. Does he ever lose a high ball? He certainly never loses a 30:70 ball….

At fault for their goal when he should have booted it wherever? That aside a usual efficient Paul Hanlon performance.

He took an early sore one but the guy is a machine. Thought he played very well. Sometimes his final ball let’s him down but he’s won both the Scottish League Cup AND Scottish Cup with us. X’s2 Legend!

I think he’s still adjusting to our game. I thought he did ok in the first half but needs to impose himself more.

Not at his best I thought. But maybe that’s because his standards are so high? He’s such an intelligent player he does simple things that perhaps he doesn’t get credit for. Please please stay Dylan!

Back to his best. The only thing about McGinn that upset me tonight was the poor half hearted rendition of “We’ve got McGinn….”. Sing up!

I love this kid. I think he’s got loads of ability. He can go past players at will. If he increases his desire and finds a better final ball what an asset he will be. Great finish and give us more please.

I thought he was quiet tonight. I feel at times he’s brushed off the ball too easy. Given no protection by a useless referee.

Man of the match. Lovely touches. Intelligent feet and tremendous goal. Well done son. Keep it up and we will love you.


As always he does his job effectively.

Maybe nervous in his debut but I felt he never looked to take the positive option?

He just looks the real deal. Such composure. I hope we soon see more of him.

Who was he? Hopeless. Some really bizzare decisions.

Not a bad turn out on a school night but far too quiet.

And 7 points ahead Levein you Jambo pri**




Branch Flag (Hibs Club)

Geebsie will be doing a Q and A at our next Branch meeting on Thursday 15th February at 7.30 in the Hibernian Supporters Association Club, Sunnyside.

                      Gordon Hunter runs off to celebrate after netting against Hearts

Gordon ‘Geebsie’ Hunter played more than 400 games for Hibs over a thirteen year period, helped win the Skol League Cup and appeared in two other finals.

However, he will be always be remembered for one goal in particular, scored in front of delirious Hibs fans in the Gorgie Road end of Tynecastle on August 27 1994; a goal which ended the 22-game winless streak against the Hearts stretching back five years.

Due to ground refurbishment at Tynecastle, a smaller than usual number of tickets were allocated for the away supporters, which caused many Hibs fans desperate to be there when the run finally ended, to buy tickets amongst the home support.

This became apparent when the teams emerged, and the first half saw a constant stream of Hibs fans being removed from the Hearts end. Most, if not all were allowed to join their ‘colleagues’ behind Jim Leighton’s goal.

After a goalless first half, Hibs took the lead in 62 minutes. After being awarded a corner, Michael O’Neill sent a dangerous cross into the centre of the box and Dave Beaumont flicked the ball on for Gordon who arrived at the back post and fired an angled shot high into the net from ten yards. The Gorgie Road end erupted in a sea of green and white, but experience taught the fans that the game was far from over as the Hearts’ players were determined to keep their record going.

Stephen Frail and Mo Johnston were booked for fouls on Darren Jackson and Steven Tweed respectively, and then with 17 minutes remaining, Gary Mackay was sent off after his second booking of the afternoon for pushing Brian Hamilton on to the track as they fought for a ball near the dugouts.

Eventually, referee Les Mottram blew for full-time sparking unprecedented levels of celebration from the Hibs fans, with several running onto the park to congratulate the players, and a great weight had been lifted off the shoulders of everyone at the club, while Gordon gained immortality amongst the Easter Road faithful.

There was much more to Gordon’s career than that one goal however.

Brought up in Wallyford, Gordon made his name with Musselburgh Windsor, before signing for his boyhood favourites. At that time, Hibs had a number of quality youngsters coming through the ranks including Paul Kane, Mickey Weir, John Collins, Eddie May, Kevin McKee, and as part of their football education, the youngsters would take on the coaching staff including Jimmy O’Rourke and George Stewart.

Legend has it, manager Pat Stanton watched the young Gordon flying into tackles, and referring to the letters GH on his training kit, allegedly said; ” GH, more like GBH” and the name ‘Geebsie’ was born.

Soon after, Pat handed the youngster his first team debut as a 16-year-old in November 1983 in a 2-1 League Cup defeat to Kilmarnock at Rugby Park, alongside Willie Jamieson and experienced full-backs Alan Sneddon and Erich Schaedler in the back four. Ironically, Gordon Rae whom he would partner in the centre of the Hibs defence played centre forward that night.

Gordon played a further two games that season then seven the following campaign as the club changed managers with John Blackley taking over from Pat Stanton.

His career took off during season 85/86 when he made the number six jersey his own, and helped the club reach the League Cup Final, beating both halves of the Old Firm on the way. Celtic were dispatched on penalties after a memorable 4-4 draw at Easter Road in the quarter final then Rangers were beaten 2-1 over two legs in the semi-final.

Unfortunately, big Gordon Rae was suspended for the final, and the Hibs youngsters were no match for Alex Ferguson’s experienced Aberdeen side.

A poor start to the following season saw John Blackley replaced by Alex Miller, but if Gordon had any concerns about his place in the team, they were quickly proved to be unfounded as he was selected for Miller’s first game against Rangers at Easter Road which ended on a 0-0 draw.

Gordon remained a regular under Miller and scored his first goal in a 2-0 won over St Mirren at Easter Road in December 1988, playing his part in helping Hibs qualify for Europe where he featured in what many consider to the club’s finest away performance, beating Videoton 3-0 in Hungary.

Following the unsuccessful takeover bid by Wallace Mercer, Hibs started the 1991/2 season in style, reaching the Skol League Cup final after beating Walter Smith’s Rangers in a never to be forgotten game at Hampden thanks to a Keith Wright goal. Gordon and the defence then held firm against an onslaught from a Rangers team which included a forward line of Ally McCoist, Mark Hately and Maurice Johnstone.

A fine defensive performance in the final against Dunfermline resulted in another clean sheet, whilst Tommy McIntyre and Keith Wright scored the goals which brought the trophy back to Easter Road after an absence of 19 years.

Two years later, Gordon helped Hibs reach another League Cup Final, but the multi-million pound Rangers team put together by Walter Smith lifted the trophy after a closely fought contest at Parkhead where the teams were separated by an overhead kick from substitute Ally McCoist.

Gordon’s loyalty to his boyhood heroes was recognised in September 1996 when he was awarded a testimonial match against Gordon Strachan’s Coventry City at Easter Road, becoming only the 10th Hibs’ player to have ever been bestowed that honour.

Another change of manager saw Jim Duffy replace Alex Miller, but a poor run of form meant that Gordon’s testimonial year coincided with a relegation battle, which ended in a play-off against Airdrie.

Gordon’s last game for the club was the first leg at Easter Road, which Hibs won narrowly, despite his controversial first half red card which ruled him out of the return leg at Broadwood.

Thankfully, despite losing an early goal then conceding a penalty to a stuffy Airdrie side, Hibs fought back and a fantastic performance from Darren Jackson in particular saw Hibs retain their top flight status.

Freeing Gordon caused some raised eyebrows amongst the fans who could only speculate as to whether his presence in the team could have helped avoid the subsequent relegation which arrived at the end of the following season.

Next stop for Gordon was Australia with Canberra Cosmos then he briefly played in Iceland before returning to Scotland to feature in the colours of Dundee, Cowdenbeath and Hamilton.

Gordon continues to play several charity games each year with former Hibs teammates, remaining a popular figure amongst supporters.

With thanks to Hibernian Historical Trust

  • In front of Scotland’s largest crowd today, 16,477 we had to battle hard against a competent Pars side. We started well, could have been three or four up by half time, wobbled a fair bit, a couple of tactical masterstrokes (that I had suggested at halftime) and viola, a good goal and a good win.

Team lined up same as Tuesday, that frankly worried me, for all the reasons I mentioned Tuesday and that became apparent as the game progressed. Laidlaw looked fine, the 3 2 3 2 was simply wasn’t needed for a hame game v Dunfermline, we struggled against them with our squint midfield, players no showing form and poor links between midfield and the front two. We resorted to hoofball too much and Holt was not winning the hoofs, it was painful. Jase had a chance with a good header, SuperJ really was super and we finally saw the return of Scottish Cup 2016 winner Dylan McGeouch, he was great when Lennon woke up and changed the game, bring on Boyle then Dylan.

I thought the Pars were decent, a good team who played some good football and gave us a game, they will be there or there abouts I think. Good support too, a proper team with proper fans.

The applause for Ali were slow to start as Hibs pressed down on the Pars goal, but were given with gusto by both the Hibs family, and by the Dunfermline fans too, respect for that guys, it is appreciated. I hope you enjoyed that comrade, watching down from on high.

So to the team….

Laidlaw had a steady game, could do nothing at the goal as the defence parted like the Red Sea, something Rocky Marchiano might appreciate more than the wathcing 15,200 Hibs fans.

Gray was anonymous today, when he is we suffer, so does the system. Still he scored the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final as captain of Hibernian Football Club, so he is allowed.

McGregor was our best defender today, I am glad of that as he was rotten the other night. Good bounce back Daz.

Paul Hanlon was pretty poor today, there is something you don’t say too often, looked off his game and a bit wobbly.

Liam Fontaine hoofed too much but otherwise done fine. His removal saw a change in the game though, with Dylan McGeouch replacing him for the last 15. The introduction of a fitba player helped us get the killer winning goal.

I thought Lewis was poor today, no link up play with Super John, poor balls and indecision as to whether he was playing right back, right half or right wing.

Marv is a good football player, great at breaking up play, wrong for a home game against Dunfermline, he slows it down, his passing is poor but he does give his all and get tore in.

I thought Keats had a smashing first half, he is like a new player. His delivery from a dead ball is also excellent, although his teammates need to remeber that. He vanished second half though, which is a pity as I really do think I am finally warming to him, he has reacted to Neil Lennon being boss in the correct way. Keep it up James, good work fella.

And then there is John McGinn, Super John McGinn, he was very good first half and wonderful second half. John, on your day you are one of if not the best midfielder in Scotland son. I love watching you doing your job, you are a craftsman and a gentleman.

Holt works hard but for me looks like a slow Craig Brewster, he has a lovely touch and a fitba brain but he is almost trying too hard, he might have had a couple today if he had simply taken a touch first.

Cummings takes some stick from his own fans, but scores goals and I thought he was actually excellent first half, scored an excellently worked goal and never stopped wanting the ball. Cut the laddie some slack guys, he is a talent, an annoying, greedy wee shite, but a talent.


I have been less than impressed than the speed of changes under Neil, today I was getting more and more annoyed as we delayed the obvious changes. When they happened it worked.

Squirrel came on for Holt with 20 minutes to go. Direct, clever with his feet and positive, Boyl, working with Dylan and Jase gave us the three monts. I like the laddie, he looks like he enjoy playing for Hibs.

Dylan McGeouch replaced Liam Fontaine with 15 minutes to go as we went to 4 4 2, his footballings are a joy to watch, and his slide rule pass to Squirrel and onto Jase gave us a winner. I would love Dylan to have an injury free season, as when he is in team, we are are better to watch, a better team and the football is good.

Jordan came on with a minute to go, replacing Marv for a minute or so. I wouldnae mind seeing Forster starting.

I thought Dunfermline were very good, nice football interspersed with hoofs, much like us. Great support that would put most top league teams to shame, they will do well this season and I wish them well too.

It took me til half time to realise Gollum was referee, he was decent enough first half. I thought he was decent all game to be honest, go figure as he is a funny looking wee fucker.

Hibernians support was magnificent today, for over 15,000 fans turning up it shows you the size of out club. To have a crowd bigger than the game between the two teams who were 2nd and 3rd in the top league last season must have the penis length measurers in Gorgie seething. Credit to the 1200 plus Pars fans, that is a good following.

Man of the Match for me was the same as the sponsor, John McGinn was magic.


Next week, lets fill our sections in Paisley and support our team right through the league, help the players win it.

My summary today is dedicated to the memory of Ali Tait, a great Hibby, a great husband to Tina and a man who will be missed every day by those who loved him.

Ali, your memory marches on.