KP update – November

Afternoon all,

November quickfire update – what has been happening since my last update on 1st November.

I mentioned in that update that I was unhappy to hear lots of Hibs fans were disengaged or disappointed. We needed positive change and our charge up the league (unbeaten) and lots of communication from the club in November is fantastic.
We all ken Football is a mad game and the Hibs rollercoaster is wild at times. Keep persevering and shouting up if there is anything I can do.

The support played their part in November and I noticed Jack Ross and Ryan Porteous strongly backed that in interviews in during the month. Noise and backing at pinch points in games not to be underestimated.


Lots to call out this month.

Click on the Club Update Links





P – We all collectively want the best for Hibs and it’s really important to respect every Hibs fan and employee (player or staff) that represents Hibernian

I thought this interview was great – When Darren met Darren – WHEN DARREN MET DARREN!

We’ve all been working together with the club and what we’ve been flagging has produced positive change.

Points flagged to the board by myself (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a sizeable proportion).

– Club communication on the 7th of November from Ron, Leeann and Graeme have landed very well with the support.
KP – More to come

– Look at initiatives to continue to foster stronger and deeper relationships with the support.
KP – Something I can look at for us but always good to work together

This doesn’t mean other important long-standing points flagged again recently – tannoy, catering, toilets – aren’t still on the pad. Still there and working towards improvement.

As always, Hibs fans are barry – the dedication and commitment by Helping Hands Edinburgh to organise the Foodbank collection next week against Aberdeen is brilliant. Remember to get involved.



Gamechanger, the Public Social Partnership set up by the Club, the Hibernian Community Foundation and NHS Lothian, is still running in the FF Almond Suite and West Stand with a number of Partners.

Cyrenian’s is one of those partners. Home – Cyrenians

This charity supports people excluded from family, home, work or community on their life journey. One of the ways they do that is with Hibernian and NHS Lothian at Easter Road stadium – providing free lunches weekly
Historic link – Cyrenians provide over 600 free lunches in partnership with Hibernian – Cyrenians

I’ve sent over a small donation today to ensure they keep up the good work they do in Partnership with our club

This is what it feels like to be Hibs.




Everyone get right behind Hibs in December. It’s a tough month but we can make the difference.

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Hibernian Foodbank

St.Patrick’s Branch are proud to support Edinburgh Helping Hands and a donation of £200 was agreed unanimously at the last branch meeting. Please support this excellent initiative.

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Just Back and we got mugged

I thought we were by far the better team today, to come out of that with only a point is an injustice, thats what it is. Hibernian were excellent first half, we should have been out of sight. When we scored the second, which was a cracker, we should have seen the game out. We didn’t. Although the manager replaced three attacking players with three attacking players we slowly let a pretty average Killie into the game before the inevitable blunder cost us a late equaliser. I am sure Jack is already thinking of solutions, one of the easiest of those might be swapping keeper for now?

I thought Slivka was superb, Doidge was excellent, Ryan and Paul played very well and Newell had his best game yet. Naismith was good right up til Miller came on for them, Lewis had a tough shift against Burke, but we seemed ot sit further and further back as the game went on, when there was no need. Another question, 9 games unbeaten, a Hibs Kids game and the crowds are going down?

Doidge’s goal was yet another weird one, its what he does, and the build up play ( I think 8 passes in a row) for Naismiths stoatir was a joy to watch.

On a catering note, I had the home made lentil soup today, brave of me after getting poisoned the last time I had it. Turns out, it was tasty, salty, warm and with a dash of black pepper it warmed my cockles on a cold day. Lentil soup also has the added benefit of a wind powered evening on a Saturday night!

I didn’t think much of Killie, I thought less of the fucking clown Clancy. His error in giving them a thrown in when the Killie player kicked it out started their build up to the equaliser. It was one of many errors for this incompetent buffoon, he is useless.

The Team

Maxwell, well I am sorry I know he made a couple of saves but I would like to see his efforts at both goals?

I thought Naismith was excellent right up to the introduction of Liam Miller who skinned Naismith often and well. Excellent blooter of a goal, when the whole stadium and their goalie expected a cross, bang!

Porto was Porto, smashing laddie.

Paul was as good, his cross field passing was immense today.

Lewis found it hard marking the decent ginger ex hun Burke.

Hallberg played well but a couple of errors sneaked in to his play today, his shots were liek pass backs too.

Vicky Slivka today played like the Juventus player we signed, his very best game in a HIbs jersey, I thought he was excellent, great feet, a couple of crunching tackles and nice movement. Very well played.

Joe Newell gave us a good 60 minutes, I would say his best hour for Hibs too. He tires and loses interest around the hour though.

Scottie had a very quiet day, I hope things are ok as he didn’t produce much on Tuesday either.

Flo done ok, he is the grafter up front.

Doidge scored again, he is improving like a fine bottle of MD 20 20. He wins plenty of headers, mostly finds a fellow Hibs player and looks pretty decent now. Go figure.

Before I talk about the subs, I felt the three changes, Boyler for Flo, Horgan for Newell and Mallan for Allan won us teh games v Motherwell and St Mirrren. Today it didnae work. Lets mix it up a wee bit please?

The subs

The first change was Mallan for Allan on the hour. I thought Mallan brought an energy Scottie was not showing. His poor pass prevented us possibly going 3 1 up.

Boyler replaced Flo with 20 to go and he really makes a difference. HOWEVER we played him as a winger and it didnae work, the one up front shite is rotten, its not a Hibs thing.

Horgan came on for Newell, he did mix it up but his woeful blootered cross when a simple ball along the grass to Mallan may have sealed the three points. Not good enough, the pass was abject.

None changed the game, they need too.

I hope Ross and Potter learned a lot from today, its clear the goalie isnae good enough, he is like Nick Colgan at cross balls, the missing link in the middle is a cross of Marv, Millie and Dylan, Dylan would sort it though. I hope sitting deep at 2 1 up isnae their idea, Hibs fans hate it as it conjures up memories of a Hibs team pre Neil Lennon. Shivver!!! One observation, Potter is a talker, He was at it all game. Good.

Killie were there for the taking, no Brophy gave us a chance, we didnae take it. They are certainly not better than Hibs, we need to look to end the season above them. Same with Motherwell last week. Decent support. My sons Uni pal and hosuemate is a Killie fan, we give him a birl back to Waverley post match, he couldnae believe they left with a point.

Clancy is incompetent, he should not be refereeing senior football. A clown.

The fans were muted, the new heed chanter in the Since 1875 group disnae have a voice that carries and I miss the old days of 1000 squeaky voices shouting Hibees Hibees on days like today!

Man of the match was, as the sponsors correctly picked, Vikki Slivka, well played son, nice fitba, great feet, keep it going.

In summary, we played much worse on Tuesday and won, harrumph!

Next up a cauld and lonely run up to Dingwall on Wednesday night, a nights sleep over in the sticks with some well kent faces in tow.

See you behind the goals!

Hibernian Forever!

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Just back and that was the Hibs I love to watch

I said a few weeks ago that we had our mojo back, I think someone suggested in the replies that I calm down. Well, two weeks on, the same players, a new boss, the same shape as St Johnstone away and another win. Tell ye what, you would pay to watch that every week. Let’s be straight here, Motherwell are a good team and a goal down twenty minutes in you would not have expected to witness such a fine result and some excellent fitba fae Hibernian. The roars at the goals tell us all what we already knew, its joy, mixed with relief, as we knew there was a team in there, there is, and Jack and Potter know it. Nae tinkering with the team, subs at the right times, tweaks to counter the opposition, deft ouches, lovely passes, fine strikes and a wee bit of passion from our players. I thoroughly enjoyed that and we are now top six.

As we look at the team, there are a couple of really good players in their, Scotty is a baller although not at his best today, Flo is a handful, Doidge can win a header and holds the ball up well, Boyler, Mallan, and Horgan can all change a game and in Melker Hallberg we have unearthed a diamond.

First twenty minutes Motherwell played very well and we were at sixes and sevens, but once Doidge scored following great play from Scottie and especially Flo, we really started to play, I thought Porteous, Hallberg, Slivka, Newell, Allan and the two frontmen linked up well and the forward passing was often deft, sublime and accurate, a joy to watch our team playing the Hibernian way. Naismith and Allan done well to set up Flo for the second who worked hard to smash it home and Horgan took it well to kill the game although from my seat it looked like he tried to cross it to the back post, it didnae hit a well player as the BBC suggested? I like Motherwell’s wide players, they are good players and nice to watch, indeed Hibs v Motherwell games are smashing games to watch, two teams who play fitba the right way.

To come home, pour my glass of vino tinto and write this with a smile on my face is a great feeling, add to that, the word is the puddle drinkers were pumped today and they think they are going down. Hoorah! I think Fanny McPhee should be given the job tonight.

So to the team, as I mentioned above, nae changes to the team that gave us that fine performance in Perth, I was happy with that, indeed I suggested that team on the pre-match thread, why change a successful line-up? Wrapped up in layers and sporting my new ‘lucky’ bottle green wooly hat, I liked what I saw, the 4 1 2 1 2 line up works for us, it allows Flo and Scotty to play, its really makes Hallberg earn his corn and it shows that both Newell and Slivka are fitba players, better going forward than back right enough. Wee areas of concern I expect will be addressed at Christmas are the lack of a leader in the middle beside the excellent Hallberg and the lack of pace of Paul Hanlon, much as that kills me to say that. The goalie too looked poor a couple of times, and it takes Naismith 20 minutes to start playing, although once he gets going his fine.

Maxwell – He is fine but I just cannae take to his Nick Colgan like stick on his line stuff, he got away with it today and even stopped a couple of shots. He disnae keep clean sheets.

Naismith tends to start slowly but by the end of the game he had become one of our best performers, he can wear Sir David’s shirt whilst Sir Dave is injured. Noting David Gray scored the winning goal in the Scottish Cup final captaining Hibernian on the day we won the Scottish Cup on the 21st of May 2016*

Porto took one for the team and whilst raw is still future captain of both Hibernian and Scotland, I love the laddie, he plays for Hibs like I would if I had been good enough.

Today indicated for me that Paul is nearing the end of his Hibernian playing career and it hurts to say or think it, as he is one of our own. He was skinned by Well’s excellent attackers too often.

Lewis, however, plays like he is 21, Lewis is a legend.

Melker Hallberg was magnificent, he has grown into a great player. His ball-winning attributes, his composure under pressure, his deft touches and simple passing were a joy to watch. A real find by the scouting team.

Vicky Slivka flatters to deceive, the man from C&A is a bloody good player, won a couple of decent challenges but just disnae ever do that wee bit more. Weird to see Hibs playing an inside right, it worked though although in Mr Jack’s first tweak to counter the opposition, Vicky moved into the middle more when Boyler came on. Good stuff.

Joe Newell under the Yorkshire Pudding, well I though he was rotten, but he has proven to be pretty decent last few games, although much like Vicky, he is better going forward than defending. He played well though and I am delighted to apologise for thinking he was rubbish, he isnae.

Scott Allan was involved in the first, played a great pass for the second and generally does what Scotty does best. Its great he plays for Hibs.

Flo scored a stoatir, set up Doidge for his goal and his taps and dinks worked well with a partner. I like the laddie and he received a well earned standing ovation when he was subbed. Nice to see you back son.

Christian Doidge has taken all our opinions and stuffed them in a pipe for us to smoke. He was superb today, good goal, he won copious headers and his hold and link-up play with Flo and Scotty was first class. Again, I apologise, he is not shite at all.

The Subs

replaced Flo to noisy applause with over 20 to go. Squirrel brings an energy to HIbs and the crowd reacts to him. Nice to have you back son, a proper Hibs player.

Daryll Horgan replaced Joe Newell with 15 to go, played well wide left and scored the goal that killed Well off. Nice sub to have.

Stevie Mallan replaced Scott Allan with 10 to go and might have scored. Good swap to be able to make I think. It’s Allan or Mallan not Mallan and Allan for me, although I want both in Hibs shirts.

The Management

Welcome to Hibernian Ross and a good start. I liked the starting line up, appreciated the substitutions and if you want your Hibs team to play like that, you will see the stadium full and the people behind you. Excellent. He will have noted we have good players and a decent squad, we do.

The Fans

Good support on a miserable day, more will come back if that is what we play like. The roars at the goals said a lot, the noise to get behind the team last ten are what got us over the line. Dare I say, the “Hibees are back,” it felt like it to me?


Good team, nice football, gave us a game, their wing play is very good. They are a top-six team we just beat 3-1. Think about that one. Decent support too, maybe 500 fans? Good luck, I like Motherwell’s fitba and their faithful fans.


A hopeless hun bastard. Card happy fandan who will no doubt enjoy a pint in the lodge tonight, prick.

Man of the Match

The beer in the sponsor’s bar must be strong, Flo played well, we love him but he was not the MoM. I though Doidge had a great game and on another day he was a “shoo in” for it but today the grace, composure, and ability of Melker Hallberg ensure he was the man of the match for me, fantastic performance.

Next Up

Paisley on a cauld November evening, brrrrrrrrrr. Wrap up, buy a ticket, see you there, get behind the team. C U Next Tuesday.

* I hadn’t forgotten Sir Dave,, I never will.

Hibernian Forever!

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Important information from your branch committee

Important information from your branch committee please do take time to read this short message.

As you perhaps have noticed we have had a number of problems recently with our communications. Some members have dropped from our email list and/or have had messages from us go straight to your spam box.  
As we have a number of very important announcements to make in the next few weeks we intend to firstly try and resolve this issue of communication. This will also retain our proud record of the branch’s communication with every single member.  To accomplish this, our intention is to send a Postal Letter to each and every one of our members, firstly clarifying the great work we have done on our Website and how to now access the website with your own personal log in, this will also update us with your current email address. We will also explain how to prevent our communication dropping into your spam box.There will also be the opportunity for those preferring not to use email to receive on-going postal messages but its hoped as many members as possible will sign up to the website and start to receive our regular communication.

Your personal account will also allow you to easily complete and pay for your forthcoming 2020 Hibernian Supporters Association and Branch re-affiliation. (a big thanks to those who have already managed this).
So what’s the point of this email message if we already know there are large numbers of Members not receiving them? Well, we would ask those who are receiving this message if you could start our big communication recovery by getting the word out to all your branch friends and to remind them and you to watch out for the branch letter in the post and to act on the information included in the letter.   In the mean time if you are receiving this message and have not yet created  your  own St Patricks web site password, here is  how to  do it:

Click on the link below,  on the next page you will be asked to input your email address, this should be your current email address which we will also use to communicate regularly.  If the email is recognised the system automatically sends you an initial password you can then use it to log-in to our website If you enter your email and the system does not recognise it, you will get an error message, don’t worry all you have to do is a quick email to the membership secretary Jamie Millar at supplying as many details as possible, name, address, mobile number, Jamie will endeavour to  get back to you within 24 hrs

 Get your account password here 

So once you’ve done the above you have your own personal account and log in, well done!You can also now proceed to your  MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT  where you will see details of your current membership and you will be able to change your password to a more memorable wording…Not ‘Hibs 1875’, that’s mine!You can also now

 View All Membership Options

Please note; All Branch Meeting Minutes/Videos will be on our private section of the website, that’s why it’s important to have your own account login or you will miss out on these.If you do need help with anything else, then please contact us, we strive to answer your enquiry within 24 hours. Usually however within 8 hours.  

Contact the Membership Secretary

If you are renewing  your re-affiliation for 2020 one of the Very Important Announcements mentioned is the change to the Hibernian Supporters Association rules,  these rules were brought in at the last AGM in May 2019 and apply to all memberships into the New Year (2020 ) So Please Note:  For Out Of town Members only (international members and all other memberships remain unchanged)As per HSA new rules, there is NO longer an Out Of Town membership category, this has been replaced by the Associate membership, however, this new category of membership will severely restrict your access to the Club and your voting rightsChoosing this membership will not  allow you access to the HSA on match days nor will you  be entitled to a vote at HSA AGM’sHowever if you are currently an Out of Town member and wish to retain your full Club Access and Voting rights you can simply re-affiliate as a Full Member, please note the cost to do this is simply the re-affiliation price there will be no requirement for a full rejoining fee!
If you do need further information or clarity on this please email your committee.

Email the Committee

Click Here To Visit The Website 



Wed 27th November 2019 👍🏻KO 1930 In The Stanton Suite, Hibs Club.

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Just back….and Hibernian have their mojo back….

St.Johnstone 1 v 4 HIBERNIAN

I hope as I write this you are all watching Hibs on BBC Alba, if not do so. I am still thawing out but I have to say I write this with a smile on my face. We got our Hibs back today. What is clear is we have the players, we didnae have the manager who knew how to set them up, motivate them and to get them playing free flowing football and most importantly playing for that jersey. What changed it, easy, the Heckingbottom blindspots, two up front, Florian Kamberi playing as we know he can, him and Scottie with free roles, play where they want to influence games, Christian Doidge proving he can score good goals, Melker Hallberg giving a masterclass, and a back four/ five who almost kept a clean sheet.

Normally I struggle to find players to give pass marks to, or struggle not to give the man of the match to Scottie or Lewis? Today it was a choice of Good, Better and Best. Now Saints are no great shakes but at 2-0 they did get into the game and we looked like we might lose a goal. But second half we came out and battered them. Not easy as they kicked us all game.

The shape was everything, Maxwell kept his place and almost a clean sheet, the back four were solid, all four of them, although Naismith stood out. Hallberg was immense in that holding role, nearly scored too, Newell and Slivka playing the old inside left and inside right postition, Scottie top of the diamond but no scared to drop back and win the ball deep, Flo on fire, left, right, left again he ran himself ragged, set up two and was the difference and then Doidge, finally given a partner to play with, it worked, go figure! Credit to Eddie, Grant, Whitts and Alan Combe, they made the tweaks we needed, they care, the talking from the bench never stopped, good, direct, intelligent coaching.

Shrink and I sat beside Tracey Smith, she is fine, she has lots of us both concerned about and supporting her. Plenty fans let her know that. We also had Jimmy Nicholl, Steven Robinson and Keith Lasley sitting to our right. No gossip there, we play Motherwell next at Easter Road, although I noticed they took no notes and left after 80 minutes. Jimmy Nicholl was maybe hooking up with them to plan next summers visit to Norn Irelun for the 12th?

The fans, well watching on BBC Tuechtar it may look like a small Hibs support behind the goals, weirdly the half of the main stand given over to us was full of Hibs fans, it was cheaper to sit there with the better shelter and view than it was to sit behind the goals???

What else, well coming in it seemed to take an age to get to my seat, as I met so many good Hibby’s I know saying hello, you all know you who you are, and I expect all of you are sitting with the same self satisfied slightly smug smile as I am tonight. We got out mojo back, we got our Hibernian back. On another positive, well done to the Hibs ticket staff who gave the away season ticket holders superb seats, thanks for that.

The Team, a wee bit different summary from me tonight, I am doing a Good, Better and Best approach….

Maxwell was good, tested a couple of times and done his job, wish he has kept a clean sheet, just seen it on the telly, sloppy one to lose.

Naismith, much much better from him, indeed I would say he was best of the defenders. No nonsense challenges, a peach of a pass just out of reach of Doidge for a third within 30 minutes, a great ball for Doidge’s 3rd and two cracking shots that on another day would have been fine goals.

Porto, strolled thorugh the game, better every game.

Paul, he too had a smashing game, better than he has been in a long time.

Lewis, well Lewis was better than ever, he would run through a wall for Hibernian. Wee observation you might no see on the telly was the clear instruction for Lewis to not cross the half way line, he stepped back a number of times after his brain said go.

Melker Hallberg had his best game in green, superb performance for the Swede, we may have unearthed a diamond here?

Joe Newell, well I have to say I never fancied him, a fop who does not contribute enough. He was good, better than he has been and played his role well and nearly scored near the end

Slivka, described as the nicest guy you could ever meet by a fellow fan at half time. Maybe so but he did not give us enough today, in a handsome win. Good going forward but left Naismith with a lot to do defensively. I hope he is just not mentally match fit yet as he and Newell offered something different to our shape today, something better.

Scott Allan, is the best, really the best attacking midfielder I have seen in a  Hibernian jersey since Russell Latapy. He changes games, he works damned hard off the ball and roamed around that last third like the graceful, ball playing gazelle he is. I said to Shrink, I worry some hunnish thug will nail him bad as he takes the piss with his ball work. Hi sgal today was a chnage of foot wonder, a Scott Allan goal if ever I seen one. I felt he played with a freedom that Heckingbottom would not allow, I can’t explain that but I hope you see my point? Sigh.

Florian Kamberi had his best game in a Hibs jersey in months, play where you want son, just do what you do best said Eddie and Grant, whilst out in the street there was silence. Nae bother says Flo, am playing on the front line, he then sets up two for Doidge and runs Saint Johnstone ragged, shots, passes, runs, rolling players, tore in, the laddie who you will all know I have proclaimed from the beginning, is a player, he showed that today, a team player. If Flo had scored a couple no one would have said a word, he was BRILLIANT!

Now Christian Doidge. I heard only last week we had been tracking him since the Lennon days. Today he was like a new signing, played beside a hungry worker like Flo, Chris done what good strikers do, scored a hattrick, just like a striker, tap ins and a strikers headed goal. I am delighted for him, I want out Hibs people to succeed. Chuffed for him and for us on that one. Whomever had the hattrick Doidge bet (Big G?), money well earned. Best he has played for Hibs, keep it going pal.

The Subs

You know, if we had not made a sub, well for the first time this season I would not have been annoyed, Slivka tired, as did Newell but not so much I felt we might crumble as we regularly did under Heckingbttom.

Boyler replaced Doidge with 10 to go and went right up front and caused a lot of bother. Doidge went off to massive standing applause from the 1500 or so Hibs fans, he needs to recognise that we support him and the jerseys, acknowledge it mate, we get its no been easy but you are one of us.

Both Stevie Mallan and Daryl Horgan came on after the Saints nicked a consolation, replacing the knackered Allan and Newell. Fine, like for like, again Heck never seen that in too many games. Good game management, another thing you could not say about the Yorkshireman.

The Management

Its nice when you have Hibs people who have witnessed the shite just like us make the tweaks us, ahem, “clueless” fans have called for and it works. Thanks guys, best day as a Hibs fans since we beat the puddle drinkers in Edinburgh West. Clearly tactically smart, those tweaks saw a convincing Hibs win. I am happy that Eddie, Grant (oh no we’re gonna), Whitts and Alan ken the score and are a core part of the spine of our club.


Have some duffers but just look like a team with no confidence. I must say I hate Murray Davidson, bet he is a Jambo or a Hun, if no, he looks like one. If I was Tommy Wright, I would duck oot and take the North of Ireland job.

The Ref

The son of Dallas was determined to keep his orange sash/ cards in his pocket, he did but really should have booked  a few of the farmers heifers.

My Man of the Match

I ken the anally retentive hate when I pick more than one, but that is their problem, no mine. Hibernian had a few great performances today, Naismith, tough, Hallberg, superb, Allan, genius, Doidge, hatrick, but for me, the driver in that win was the maginficent Florian Kamberi, what a performance.

Now for another pishy international break, lets keep talking, the bounce goes deed when these shitey breaks come. Today, we saw the Hibs we hoped was there, there is something there, a team with some good players, I hop e you all come along to Easter Road for the well game, there is a team there, today showed that ?

Hibernian Forever!

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KP update – October

Afternoon all,

October quickfire update – what has been happening since my last update on the 30th September

I mentioned elsewhere recently that I’m unhappy to hear a lot of Hibs fans are either disappointed, disengaged or even angry at the moment. I’m taking full responsibility of that supporter feelings and doing everything I can in my power to get it fixed (I absolutely get how people are feeling). Where we are right now isn’t where everyone (fans and all at the club) wants to be. We’re all in it together. Football is a mad game and can change in an instant – we’re all needing that positive change.

Keep doing what you do – thanks for feeding back, thanks for engaging, thanks for being resilient and keep backing the team on the park.

Since my last update the turnstile performance and stadium access has improved vastly overall but I know there has been the odd turnstile failure or intermittent problem – this will continue to be perfected.


Other noteworthy news

Graeme Mathie comfirmed as Sporting Director


I attended the board meeting this week. Points flagged to the board by myself and Tracey (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a sizeable proportion).

– Supporter feedback – The unhappiness of supporters regarding on field matters has increased massively and is very visible in a number of ways.
KP – The club is aware of the concerns. Let’s be honest, there is a lot of fans unhappy with performances and Paul Heckingbottom (a sizeable amount want him removed) – only winning games and better performances from the team will change that for some, for some it won’t.

– More communication – a large amount of the support want to hear more from behind the scenes at the club (this was flagged in August and September – Leeann update received 30th August via Hibs TV). Being straightforward the majority want to hear more from Ron Gordon.
KP – It’s been stressed that this is now becoming urgent as well as important. I’m empathetic that there has to be granular detail to what is communicated by the club and it’s not just a general statement/update but it’s needed soon.


As always, Hibs fans are barry – the organisation and commitment by all to get donations to the Changing Room at the recent Hibs Livingston match was brilliant. Well done all.



I was glad to hear the supporter that took unwell in the West Stand against Celtic is making a full recovery. Well done to everyone that assisted and the first aid, paramedics and then NHS too.



This is what it feels like to be Hibs.

Darren and son Max.


Everyone get right behind Hibs tomorrow. Resilience and perseverance to bring it back home to Leith.


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New Additional Logo/Badge

We have a new badge that has been designed by our very own Branch Member Eddie Duffy ( thank you eddie )

This is an additional logo/badge, it will NOT be replacing the original. It is available to be placed onto other merchandise.

If you require this on merchandise, then follow the same procedure as in the below link…

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Just back and its yet another draw….

I dont want to go on about the Yorkshire pudding every week, a few of his players were as much to blame for tonights display. BUT I will start by saying that Heckingbottom does himself no favours with this two wingers one striker thing, it does not work. To get Hecky out the way first, I heard that it was proposed that he be removed from post at board yesterday, but was voted down, they want to give him more time. Nae idea how much truth there is in that and what fucking drugs they are on.

The removal of the ineffectual Middleton at half time, and introducing Flo changed the way we played. OK, Flo played kind of inside left, but the laddie tries his fucking hardest and him, Lewis, Scott Allan, Hallberg and Boyler got us a point tonight.  Flo takes abuse but he wants the ball, he gets the ball, he loses it but wants it again. Sorry but that cannot be said for the duffer that is Doidge.

There were some positives, Hibs showed some fight second half, the fans that stayed got behind them, not, for me enough to save Heckingbottom his job but enough to know we have some good players there, players that care. He also dropped Vela.

Negatives were the performances of Mallan who was dreadful, James who proved me wrong, Doidge who is another lightweight shirker and Middleton who I think the Huns gave us to weaken us. Who all remembers the Bertie Auld era, draws, draws and mare draws. Oh aye and the fitba was pish tae!

Its late, I dont have my normal laptop so I will straight on with my thoughts on the team.

Maxwell catches a ball at corners well, his distribution is better than Rocky’s but he rarely makes a wonder save or even a good save.

James, as I said, I am wrong, Naismith isnae worse than him. I thought he was rotten, all over the shop?

Porto strolled through the game.

Hanlon struggled first half, and I think their first goal game off him to beat our goalie. Missed with a poor header to score too. Paul cares though, he went as mad as us when Boyler equalised.

Lewis was excellent I thought, he cares, he kens how to tackle and he kept going, he wisnae getting beat tonight. If only many of his colleagues give it their all like Lewis.

Hallberg is improving most games, at least he is a defensive midfielder. I now get a wee panic when we take him off near the end as I feel its part of the reason we lose late goals.

Mallan had his worse game in a Hibs jersey, I usually defend him but his lack of desire to win the ball cost us their second goal, he shat it. He also nearly gave Livi a third at 2-1 with an awful pass back. I would have hooked him, Hecky never does.

I am not sure what position Horgan played all night, no sure he did either? Missed a total sitter too.

Middleton needs punted back to the hunnery, especially now Boylers back. Another in a long list of guff loanees Hibernian have wasted time and money on.

Allan looked knackered by the end, he gave everything, to the extent he injured himself scoring the penalty he belted it that hard. He went off and spewed with 5 to go and although injured he came back on and helped us get a point. Scotty cares.

Doidge is just another failure, what a waste of money. When Flo came on I paid particular attention to Doidge, the boy is a hider, a chancer, he offered Flo no help at all. His one knock down which we scored from was offside. Rotten.


We can make 3, we made 2, no idea why?

Flo gave us drive, he wanted the ball, he got the ball, he lost the ball, repeat ad infinitum. He does make mistakes, he is greedy, but I pay to watch strikers who work hard to score or help team mates score. He tries his very best to do that. Good effort son. It will come.

Boyler replaced a shattered Halberg with 10 to go. He gained us a well earned point, indeed I felt we should have won. Great goal, good pace and lovely to see a good guy like Boyler back. No a great lover of badge kissers but the delight on his face when Boyler scored told me everything I need to know about Martin Boyle, Great to have you back son. Another Hibernian player who cares.

The manager is finished, he cannot recover his position, even if we beat Celtc at Hampden, he has lost the fans. He is a dead man walking. Worse he sounded happy we scraped a draw tonight in his post match interview.

Livi came for a draw, I bet they couldnae believe they were 2-0 up, but still managed to go home with a point. I thought their keeper had a very good game and I mind why I never really took to Bartley the Fitba player in the way some other fans did.

The referee had a very decent game I thought?

Over 14,500 there (if ye include the many many season ticket holders who stayed in to watch a boring draw between the Arse and the Red Shite or Coronation Street). We did get behind the team last 20 though and helped get a point that at least took us above the puddle drinkers in the “who is the most useless in Edinburgh” competition.

Man of the match wisnae Darrell Horgan as voted for by match sponsors, Royal Guide Dugs for the Blind, for me it was a toss up between Scottie and Lewis. I am giving it to Lewis, Lewis cares.

Next up is a good day out with loads of pals we dinnae get to see too often, to talk of good times watching the Hibs, hear how life is going with everyone and sip drinks in preperation of a trip to Scotland’s National Stadium to see the fitba club we all love play in a Cup Semi Final. Its only Celtc, what is the worst that could happen eh?

See you all on Saturday and remember, Hibernian Forever!

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KP update – September

Afternoon all,

September quickfire update – what has been happening since my last update at the end of August.

I think we can definitely say the season has been a slow burner – last Wednesday and Saturday is most welcome and I believe it’ll be onwards and upwards. Keep doing what you do – genuinely believe we, the fans, got us over the line in both games recently.

Turnstile performance and access was flagged in July and escalated in August. Thanks to all the supporter volunteers that gave up their time on Wednesday 18th to help test around the stadium – the software and access is back to the right performance levels (no lag, quick changeover and QR recognition). Stewarding will still be on hand to support the niggles.

We asked for more communication in August and Leeann posted an update via Hibs TV on 30th August.


Other noteworthy news

Semi-Final details confirmed

Club statement – George Craig

This was emotional – Rena’s story


I attended the board meeting last week. Points flagged to the board by myself and Tracey (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a fair proportion).

– Supporter feedback – Sizeable number of fans are unhappy with results and performances before our recent games. I passed on concerns (covering a number of points – results, performances, losing faith in football management, wanting change, need to keep improving) which are always taken into account. On the flipside, fair number of fans are keen to build on the last two games and charge up the league – starting Saturday at Aberdeen before we take on Hamilton and Ross County.

– More communication – to hear from the club on direction of travel once plans put in place (linked to the above youtube video)


As always, Hibs fans are barry – the Since 1875 display was well landed.


Met up with Mickey Weir recently – the legend is an ambassador of Show Racism the Red Card initiative – a fantastic cause which continues to tackle racism through education – enabling role models to present an anti-racist message to people. The educational charity has a wear red day initiative on Friday 4th of October.


This type of initiative isn’t exclusive to this one date and I’ve no doubt we’ll see it again around Easter Road soon(advertised during big live televised matches last season). I’ve made a donation of £20 to this cause.




I took Drejc, a student from Trglav, Slovenia, to the game on Saturday. Owen W alerted me to a post online to say he will be coming to study here next year and is keen to find a team that fits – it had to be the cabbage.

Drejc plays at a decent standard back home in Slovenia and was an avid watcher on Saturday. He loved our passion for the game – he thought Scott Allan and Christian Doidge were our best performers (I’ll not repeat what he thought of the referee and the opposition).



There is a young lad in our support that is going through a really tough time at the moment. Got him the purple away kit to let him know that #WeAreAllHibs and this will always be his home from home.

This is what it feels like to be Hibs.


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