Just back …and we are through

Hibs 5 v 3 Morton (aet)

Well no long in after driving through a tropical storm on the way home. It wisnae the only storm that I might have been involved in today, with Morton scoring in the 90th minute and the pitchforks and knives being drawn for our dour Yorkshireman and a few of our piss poor players. Boos echoed round the ground at the end of 90 minutes. I dinnae boo ma team, but I fully understood the folk that did, too many of our players were rotten. But we are through, two extra time goals and it disnae seem quite as bad.

5-3 will have non attenders thinking it was a good game. Dinnae, just dinnae.

It would be easy for me to moan and groan, I will say my peice on the poor performances in due course but I thought I might start this Just Back with some of the positives today, there were a few. The return of Lewis and Sir David makes me proud, it also makes Hibernian a better team. Glenn Middleton had a very decent first game, and I look forward to him producing the goods, he is a player. Scott Allan’s passing and movement is a joy to behold, his pass for Flo’s second was a Scotty special. Daryll Horgan looked busy and dangerous, but couldnae cross himself today. Finally Florian Kamberi played like a man possessed, I thought he was magnificent, scored two, involved in others. Gossip round the small crowd was scouts were in the stand. Flo’s performance has me in a panic. If I was a cash rich Swiss Club looking for a striker, a Big Swiss striker, 2 million quid is nowt. It will be a disaster for Hibs though.

Shape, well its the Hecky the on Trick Pony Show there, 4, 3 2 1, at home to Morton. Worse is all the unnecessary changes. 11 games in, we have not started the same team once. You are not Pep Guadiola pal. To counter that, even Hecky has spotted how guff Newell is, he was an unused sub.

6500 at the game, with at least 750 Morton fans should have our custodians shiting their knickers, the stupid prices and the poor performances are what chase fans away, of my normal 7, 2 attended today.

The negatives, well there were many, Daz off injured early, Sir Dave off injured, the central defensive performances of Hanlon and Jackson, the vanishing act that is Josh Vela, the invisible man, the final confirmation that Slivka is not and never will be a defensive midfielder and has the heart of a mouse, which is about the same size as Velas. A goalie with nothing really to do that loses three goals. Rotating keepers for nae reason, one is far better than the other. Fucking Alice Bands. The weird away kit used as a goalies kit? The fact only one Hibernian player knows how to header a ball properly, one. The collapse after cruising for 38 minutes, which was a defensive and midfield shambles. I actually dont think we could have done anything at either own goal, both were attempts to clear dangerous balls. I would question Jackson at both, and possibly the third goal. At 3 3 I thought we might get beat. 40 minutes later I had no idea why I thought that as Morton’s battery went flat.

Another negative, well I got in first time with my season, nae bother. An old pal was turned away and told to go the ticket office and join the long queue of complainers. He had topped up his season ticket but it didnae let him in saying he had not, he told them that he had, but he had no proof (take proof to a game, ffs) so was told to buy another ticket or move away from the window by that lassie from Glasgow City who has one of those ‘dae we really need people to do this job’ roles. My mate is Hibs daft, he disnae cheat the club, he paid his way, but had to buy a second ticket today if he wanted to get in and was told to come back and prove purchase if he wants his money back. Like me, he disnae live in Edinburgh. If he was right, do they cover expenses?

The team

Maxwell – Had nowt to do yet lost three goals. Looks overweight and takes an eternity to get the ball out.

Lewis – Magnificent, welcome back pal. Any player who would like to learn how to tackle hard, win the ball and show effort and passion for 120 minutes after being injured all pre season, watch the man, he is a star.

Daz – Went off early injured.

Paul was rotten, all game, soft, slow, indisisive, possibly past it.

Sir David Gray, the Captian of Hibernian Football Club on the day we won the Scottish Cup on the 21st of May 2016, scoring the winning header in the 92nd minuted to secure a 3-2 victory, ensuring the position of superhero for the rest of his careeer, went off hurt, we missed him. Hibernian are simply better when Lewis and David play, injured or not.

Slivka was a waste of jersey. Dinnae get me wrong, he was involved, involved in winning the ball sometimes and playing it back immediately, involved in crapping out of challenges and bringing very little to the team.

Vela is a chancer, he hides, he let Slivka be fall guy, he is no ball winning midfielder, he is a shirker. I am very disappointed, very very disappointed. He scored, I would have too, am 53 and have a gammy ankle.

Scotty Allan. Sigh. He scored a cracker, linking up with Middleton and laid on a beauty for Flo’s second. I dont think Scott plays 2 hours often, he looked bushed last 10 of extra time, his face was beetroot. Great player though.


Glenn Middleton had a good debute, he will get better after tiring second half. Reminds me of Ivan Sproule with a better touch. He linked well with Flo and Scotty. No that handsome, but we all ken that song.  

Daryll Horgan also gave us a decent performance, although his final ball was honking. He tired badly second half though. I like him, he is a tanner ba’ player, look it up if ye dinnae ken.

Flo was immense, superb, full of deft touches, goals, strength, fantastic to see him back to his best. Pity arseholes cannae see it and think he is the player who’s confidence was destroyed by Lennon. Scored two.


Jackson replaced Daz after 15 or so minutes. He can play a lovely 40 yard pass, very accurately. Pity he is a garbage centre half. He was at fault at two, possible three of the Morton goals. 4th of 4 for me, and I dinnae rate Paul any more!

Whitts replaced Sir Dave with 15 to go of normal time, he done just fine. The dafties who think its clever to moan about him want to shut their holes. Slavering idiots.

Murray replaced Middleton with 10 to go of normal time. I really want Fraser to succeed, but he wont with in and out performances like that. Not strong enough, although playing beside jessies like Slivka and Vela, its easy to pick up bad habits. Hit the post with a decent effort.

Christian Doidge came on at the start of extra time for a shattered Daryll with the League Cup law of a 4th sub allowed for extra time. I know he can easily be lumped in with the other pish poor signings, I dont think he should be. He scored a clever goal and worked well with Flo and looked  very pleased to have done so.  I am good with him.

The Management, well, I could be a moaning arsehole with the shambles of a defensive performance, but I put that down to Hanlon, Jackson, Vela and Slivka mostly. We looked decent going forward, without the waste of space that you signed, Newell, glad you noted that. Flo starting was a positive stroke too, the performance of Middleton and Horgan, supported by Scottie were all positives. Stick to the shape but answer uptairs to the beancounters as fans stop coming along, reminding them that prices are stupid. We support Hibernian, not the puddle drinkers, hoof ball, lumpin fuck players, they are not what we pay our hard earned to see. Sort it out, the lot of you, and as been pointed out this week, there are plenty of you.

Morton, they were well organised, Hopkins teams are, good crowd following them to visit the big city. They will do well this season I think. Boy with the fucking stupid looking man bun was decent before dying after an hour. I hear they claimed in the press they were the better team, fuck off Craig Brown and Billy Brown, naw ye wurnae, we are just shite at killing diddy (or any) teams off.

The referee Manuir was terrible, clueless, as show in the drop ball incident. Useless, but again not the reason Hibernian struggled.

Well done the 5500 or so Hibs fans that came along, especially the 50 Since 1875 folk who tried ot create an atmosphere. We deserve so much more, so ,so much more.

Man of the match is a tough one, although you would not think so given the efforts. Two players spring to mind, Flo Kamberi who was given the man of the match by the sponsors. I like Flo, you all might have known that any way, he is a good laddie. He scored, cause carnage, had a lovely touch. Next week we start the rumour that the Grasshoppers scouts are there. Next again week Sion, the nesx again Servette, no sure about Young Boys.

For me though, its Mr Hibs, Lewis Stevenson. He was superb, blood, guts, thunder and effort. The Millennial Erich Schaedler.

Next week, a shoogly St Johnstone. I fear for us this season, even against team struggling like us. How the fuck did that happen?

Hibernian Forever!

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Grumpy the novel

GG front.jpg
GG back.jpg

Long time no speak, comrades.  Trust everyone’s well.

As some of you may know through other web channels, Sandy Macnair has a new book entitled ‘Grumpy Gibby the West Stand Hibbie’.  It’s basically 250 pages of everyone’s favourite torn-faced disaster from Mass Hibsteria on an uber rant about anything and everything.  I do the prologue, which is thankfully only a few pages long.  As ever with the garrulous old git, he finds himself in the most impossible situations, including a date with Beyonce Knowles (aka Bouncy) and appearances on Mastermind and Countdown.  Is it merely a coincidence that ‘loadypish’ consists of nine letters?

They’re available to buy from the usual BB outlets, namely; Blackwells on the Bridges, 6 Yard Box on East Market Street and the club store.  At £11.99, it’s s bigger steal than the signature of Benny Brazil back in the 70’s.

Happy to accept mail orders too. £15 gets it delivered to your door in a lovely padded envelope, the padding coming from Gibby’s cell in the Royal Ed.  You can pay by bank transfer (87 70 04 – 83286368) or via PayPal at paypal.me/masshibsteria.  Please send an email to masshibsteria@gmail.com to confirm your address – only way I know where to send it to if you’re paying by bank transfer, andPayPal can be a bit of a hit and miss at times.

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Just back and that was total shite….

Rangers 6 v 1 HIBS


I am sorry for the bad language , but nothing else describes the performance, the team, the tactics, the effort or the shape. High press, high fucking press, its an urban myth, it does not exist, you made it up Heckingbottom, you are trying to kid 20,000 kidders mate. Work in progress he keeps saying, aye we are progressing backwards at a rate of knots, its no working. Hibs are boring to watch, predictable, gutless and the new signings, with the exception of the excellent Scott Allan, well they are duffers. I won’t pick on them alone, some well kent faces gave us very little today and if it had not been for the absolute brilliance of Ofir Marciano, it could have been double figures. Ken what is worse, whilst the Huns are far better than Hibs, they are no really that good. Their 36 year old striker ran our 29 and 34 year old ragged, but then I felt we have not looked very fit all pre season, today showed it, the Huns walked and ran all over us for 75 minutes, after playing on Thursday night.

First the team, why in fucks name was Doidge played instead of Flo, I read it may be because he holds the ball up better, sweet Sauzee, its goals we need, ye dinnae win games holding the ball up. As for Newell, he is as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Two words that help describe him, languid and turgid, I have a third, fourth, fifth and sixth. HE IS FUCKING RUBBISH. Josh Vela, as soft as a skitter after a bad curry, couldnae tackle a fish supper and as slow as a week in Saughton. That is the quality we have brought in. For me players from the english lower leagues rarely cut it, especially ones who have not played the Scottish game, they are off the pace, want to much time on the ball and have the heart of a mouse. Nae passion, nae fight, nae wee digs, shiting out of tackles, or not tackling at all. I will add to this Heckingbottom, does he think he is too good for us? Tell you what, as things stand, he is not good enough for me. Cheeky bastards, treating our club and our fans like we are fucking idiots.

The tactics, its piss poor. we have no midfield, well when I say that I mean we don’t have one that can compete, Vela, then Mallan in front of him, then Allan in front of him then Horgan crying out for the ball and Newell hiding, doing as little as he can get away with. That started in the warm up, I watched it happen, the shirking bastard. It was so clear even Hecky noticed and hooked him at half time, we started the second half with 11 men for the first time in the game, but even then Fraser Murray was asked to play wide left?????? Wisnae long til we were back down to 10 and the roof fell in.

We used to go the Hunnery with a bit of swagger under Stubbsy and Neil, they got it, they hated the Huns like the rest of us, we came home with a result. Now we go there, play statistics, numbers, percentages and respect for the opposition. But get pumped 6 – 1. Stupid.

As ever the Hibs fans turned up and noised up the Huns, pity our team didnae care like we do, pity the management team don’t understand the passion that comes with being a football fan, Stubbs and Lennon did, this pair will review it and count how many times the Hibs fans outsung the Huns and tell us we could do better, but its a support in the making. Its all about percentages. Deary fucking me.

The positives, 900 Hibs fans who only gave up when the Huns scored the 4th, Ofir Marciano, who was superb, that Scott Allan pass for our goal, the way Daryll slotted home past the lady batterer, that is about it. We done ok for five minutes leading up to half time and for the 10 minutes after, the other 75, we got skelped, the Huns pulled down our breeks and skelped our arses. That is never acceptable Heckingbottom, never.

No more signings, that means we are short of players, the changes showed that today. I hope he really does not think we are in a good place, he has what he wants, because he does not have what we want. We got pumped and as I said at the top of this summary, it could have been a lot more, Marciano was outstanding.

The Team

Rocky was superb, he kept it unrespectable, it could have been horrific, was man of the match but a million miles.

Whitts again was probably our best outfielder player, what is worse though is that whilst he was, he still had an error strewn game but that probably tells you more about his team mates.

Daz had a torrid time against Defoe then the Cabbage Patch Hun.

Paul had a torrid time against Defoe then the Cabbage Patch Hun.

SMackie was sent off when we are still in the game, stupid laddie. I felt heart sorry for him first half with that useless twat Newell in front of him.

Newell, I would not care if he never played for Hibs again. He is a liability. He is not  languid, he is certainly turgid, he is also no where near good enough for Hibernian.

Vela, if that is what a defensive midfielder does in the Championship, christ it must be pish down there. My auld Mum would have brought more to Hibernian’s game today, at least she cares about Hibs.

Mallan, well I felt he tried, it must be hard work in a mess of a midfield like that, he too gets pass marks for trying and looking like he gave a shite.

Allan struggled, that shape doesn’t help Scott, playing with two widemen and one striker restricts his options. A beautiful, no, wonderous pass for our goal. He too gets pass marks from me. I worry though, he has been hurt and its a sore one.

Horgan too gave his all, scored a good goal and would have been frustrated to have to go after Mackie was sent off. I felt he gave the Huns some trouble.

Doidge, well imagine playing a man who’s main skill is holding the ball up or knocking it down? To who for fuck sake. Play him in a twosome with Flo, or dinnae play him at all.

The Subs

Fraser Murray replaced the garbage Newell, then had to play wide left, he had no chance to influence the game there. Sweet Sauzee.

Sir David Gray, scorer of that goal, in that final, on the day he captained Hibernian to that Scottish Cup win, done ok after fillling in for Smackie and replacing Horgan. I would start him next week and stick Whitts at left back.

Flo came on an hour plus too late to put two up front v the Huns, at the Hunnery, with us losing 2-1 and down to 10 men. And you wonder why I am questioning Heckingbottom. Fitba suicide and we paid the price.

The management team

Personally, as a rash, impassioned, knee jerk, fitba fans reaction, I would fire the both of you for letting my fitba team go downhill so fast that we lose 6 – 1 to the Huns, a few months after we owned them, you pair of fucking idiots. That won’t happen but its fair to say I am firmly back in the Leeds United fans camp, that was clueless. Today counjoured up terrible memories of Butcher, Williamson, Calderwood and Fenlon. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

They are unpicking the good work of Stubbs and Lennon, they are ensuring that fans stop going, they are chasing us away, we do not want to watch that shite, its not good enough, its not what we, Hibernian FC, the fans and our club are about, sort it out or ship out. That is aimed not only at the manager and his team but Dempster, Ron Gordon, the silent new owners background team and the Board of Directors. The signings are shite, we are worse than we were at the end of the season and their is nothing, nothing at all to suggest we will improve.

The Referee, well nae hiding his Hun allegiances, his linesman was the biggest cheat of the day though. He was not the reason we lost today. Hibs and the management team managed that all on their own.

The Huns, fuck them, each and every one of them, their scumbag fans, their club, their bigotry, cunts the lot of them.

Our Fans

As I said above, Hibernian do not deserve their fans, dinnae forget WE are Hibernian FC. Well done Sisters and Brothers, we’ll support you ever more.

Man of the Match

Ofir Marciano, still the best goalkeeper in Scotland. Thank you, you were brilliant.

See you next week, although if you didnae go, I would understand.

Hibernian Forever!

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Just back and that is 3 points on the board…


Or is it bored, I am not sure after that pretty woeful first half. I know St Mirren came to close us down, stop us playing, they did and it worked but I felt we lacked drive, creativity and energy, we had to watch an hour of us passing and passing and passing going nowhere, whilst Rocky had two wonder saves to keep us in it. Against St Mirren, at home? I never come on here looking to moan, I try to offer an opinion, see the positives, dlight in them. Its hard when there are very few to wax lyrical about. As I mentioned, Marciano had two excellent saves, yet again Whittaker had a smashing game, first at left and then right back, Flo was powerful and dangerous, when he got any kind of service and expecially when Doidge came on and Scottie, well Scottie is just Scottie. It was a beautiful day, there was a big crowd, the coffee from Bosnian Bobs on Albion Road was braw, and my nephew made it after his Dad brought him down from his Highland Caravan holiday especially for the game. The goal was a cracker, we did the post twice, had a goal disallowed and Doidge did miss one sitter and one good chance, Flo also was unluck with a decent attempt when through on the keeper. I was delighted to see the Since 1875 young team back, good to see you back and a 16.600+ crown is not to be sniffed at. The display was excellent, good work guys.

What I did not enjoy was two ineffectual wingers, one up front, poor defending and Scottie Allan so far upfield first half he was playing as Flo’s strike partner. It didnae work, it doesnt work. I also did not enjoy the performances of three or four of the players, they were not good enough.

One other thing, well two. Both me and my mates season cards did not work, although fair play to the stewards, we were quickly waved through. Secondly, Hibs have decided that you have to go through specific turnstiles iin the west stand, when you come out in the same area when you get in, it seems they have pre programmed the cards specifically to do this. So you have large queues for three turnstiles (one other was shut), and no queue for four others right beside them, stupid idea, it makes no sense.

So, the team

Marciano, had two great saves and a couple of flaps, pretty much a normal day for Rocky then.

Tom James started at right back. Reasonable idea I thought? He was rotten, out paced, flat footed, easy beat and often out of position. This was before he was injured in a challenge that should have been a booking for a player who was later booked. I had thought him the best of the summer signings (excluding Scottie of course), today I thought he was poor.

Adam Jackson started on the right side of the centre half pairing. He is a pretty simple centre half, but is not a patch on Darren or Ryan. A few ill thought hoofs showed that.

Paul started on the left side of the centre halfs as Captain, I thought he improved second half but he never looks to his left, where Mackie and Newell wanted the ball, tappy, Moonface Wliiamson type passes to Jackson, Mallan or occassionally Slivka and Allan was one of the reasons I used the word bored above. Its boring.

Whitts started at left back and finished at right back and done his job the full 90 plus minutes, not many in the team can say that.

Josh Vela, well I had great hopes for him. They diminished a little today, he looks unfit, second to the ball and the St Mirren players won the ball from him regularly.

Again Stevie Mallan is expected to almost play beside Vela, its too deep, we lose his attacking abilities as he joins the tippy tappy passing stuff that rarely takes us anywhere? Why? He did hit a couple of good shots but our set up does not suit his style of play.

Daryll Horgan is a good player, we saw wee snippets of that but not enough.

Joe Newell, wel I have anopinion of him, it has not changed, you all can tell me what you think.

Scottie Allan scored a great goal, but what a waste sticking him up front with Flo first half. Sitting a bit deeper he causes carnage. He is still a baller, I am so glad Scottie has come home, he will make our season I think.

Flo Kamberi too played very well. The set up never worked first half but he tracked back, won the  ball back and had that extra bit of oomph about him. That oomph set up Doidge for a simple tap in that Doidge promtly missed. Pity there are still plenty arseholes who have brought Neil Lennon’s attitude to Flo back to Easter Road this season. I thought he looked good.

The Subs

SMackie came on for James just before half time, taking up the left back positon, Whitts going to right. [USER=12095]WJC1848[/USER] had suggested that Sean drifts inside too much, I watched for that today and WJC1848 was spot on, its a real flaw in Sean’s game, it left us open too often.

Slivka came on for Vela and I felt slotted in nicely, he brought a bit of creativity to th eteam, although he lost the ball poorly a couple of times.

Christian Doidge came on ad for me teh two up front gave us the impetus to go on and win a game that was fizzling out in a nil nil draw. Ok he missed a sitter and another good chance, but imporatnty, his clever play set up Scottie for the wnner.

The Management Team

I know they get paid the big bucks to set the team up to win, what do I know? Well what I know is that that first half was rotten, guff, poor. Many others around me agreed, where is the mystical high press, one up front and two sitting midfielders at home to St Mirren in a game we were lucky to win. Not impressed. Must do better.

St Mirren

They came for a draw, the nearly got what they came for, possibly a bit unlucky not to go home with a point. They have been written off by a few pundits already, I think they may surprise a few people, decent, well drilled unit and a great away support who made plenty noise.

The Referee

Poor, should have booked the buddie for the foul on James, then booked Vela for a raised arm when a St Mirren player had done the  same 10 minutes earlier.

The Fans

A big crowd, great display from Since 1875, great to see you back. Pity the disconnect between the East Terracing singers and Since 1875 folk in the Famous Five continues, the once every one joined in at the same time, it became a wall of noise.


So, three points, must do better, some need to get their finger out, we need to go at teams earlier, no hope for late winners. It was lucky it takes me 45 minutes to get home, I think if I lived in the Holy Ground environs, my Just Back would have been more damning.

Man of the Match, well our best player over the 90 minutes for me was probably Whitts, Rocky had two great saves that kept us in it, both at 0-0, but Scottie with his moments of magic and winning goal get the man of the match for me. As I have said above, a few more need a right boot up the arse.

Next Up, the Hunnery, see you in that sectarian cesspit next Sunday.

Hibernian Forever!

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KP Update – July

Ron Gordon has taken over the majority shareholding in our club – the biggest change in nearly three decades –​ http://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/news/10094. Ron is now Executive Chairman and in his first month in charge brought a wave of energy to everyone at the club (I’d encourage those that haven’t listened to any of his many interviews to go gie’ them a listen). He is a very enthusiastic and engaging person – his vision for Hibs is to be THE BEST at everything they can be (on and off the pitch).. My first impressions of him are great (his of mine will be that guy is always in shorts or cycling gear) and looking forward to hearing and seeing mair’.

Hibs have been back for several games and the full League cup group – It’s been a slow burner but we’re starting to ramp up fitness and strength towards the season starting this weekend. Newcastle had a bit more class and a killer touch better than us earlier but I’m quietly confident. Bring it on.

The Away strip has been on sale for a fortnight and, much like the home one, has been a fantastic success so far – Hibernian Community Foundation Sponsor prints are popular on this number too, as is leaving the tops blank but still making a donation to our Foundation –​ https://www.hiberniancommunityfoundation.org.uk/donate/famous-fivers-hibernian-community-foundation-10th-anniversary-appeal/1-/credit-card

It’s probably been my busiest month in terms of low level support ‘problems’/feedback but I’m available as ever to help and influence where I can.​ 

Working Together Meeting this month was pushed to next Monday because of tonight’s game. Easter Road Stadium, Monday 5th at 6:30pm.

I attended my third board meeting on Thursday last week up at HTC. Points flagged to the board by myself and Tracey (and as always, not on behalf of all supporters but a fair proportion).

– Ticketing and Stadium Access – New system glitches experienced by many (Including Alloa and Arbroath online ST Discount availability, Interactive Seating functionality, Mobile e-ticket not available initially and then not completing as expected) some of these issues have been fixed – with process improvement and familiarity the new changes will be fantastic for us when 100%.​ 
Stadium Access has been a problem in the three games whilst in the middle of the scanner changeover & updates but continuous improvement is there (very similar to onboarding the barcode scanners a few years back). I was hoping for another big step in improvement for tonight’s game against Newcastle and there was in pockets (turnstile sensor and screen change) but overall the experience is still poor for a lot. The club will ken this and I apologise that it hasn’t been smooth or fixed three games in – got my fingers crossed for Saturday.
The back-up of handheld scanners have been successful (improved stadium signal to allow) but this is a back-up and shouldn’t be used regularly.

– HSL – Sizeable proportion of supporters that contribute to HSL are keen to hear on next steps – intentions of support towards this initiative were varied but collectively we want it to be a success.

– Tom Farmer recognition – A high percentage of online supports and general feedback of those spoken to face to face have voiced that Sir Tom Farmer is recognized for his contributions to the club and community – club have acknowledged this request.

The club are not only working hard to have us burst into the new league campaign on the pitch but looking at reaching for the stars for us off the pitch in a number of areas, including matchday experience – it will be very exciting to hear more about this once it’s been discussed, reviewed, planned and communicated. Nothing is off the table and that includes our known hotspots (PA system, catering, stadium maintenance, ticketing, recycling etc etc).

Some more great work happening by Hibs fans, this caught my eye.
– Edinburgh Adler Hibs fans have donation all profits from their recent German Cup final movie Cameo Cinema showcase to SANDS Lothians. A fantastic day supported by over 100 people from the Edinburgh Football Community. Great work by all.

I’ve made a donation of £20 to the Hanlon Stevenson Foundation this month now that they’re up and running –​ https://hanlonstevensonfoundation.co.uk​ I hope this turns out to be a bigger success than planned – key objectives of the Foundation is primarily youth related charity funding with a view to assisting less privileged children.

Additionally, I’ve made a donation of £46 to the Bounce on request of my laddie (Gray’s boots). The Bounce has been my online home for nearly 17 years (half my life! FFS) and I’ve got a lot to thank it for. Hope it’s here for many more.

As always, gies a shout if something needs flagged and of course any time I can help – Hibs related or not.


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Just back and signs of improvement…..

Nope, none, not one, nothing. Its not very often that the man of the match is based on who was least shite today Christian Doidge got that rather dubious honour and truth be told, deserved it. Hibernian are pedestrian, frankly look unfit, others look disinterested, others have lost ‘it’. No Scott Allan to start, Kamberi off at half time, Shrinks prediction of a Josh Vela no show was spot on, pity a lot of his team mates decided on no shows too, given they were stripped and in the squad.

The new ticket system will be a joy when the season starts given the amount of people who were sent to the ticket office after queuing for ages when their phones and tickets didnt work at the gates, they also seem to have changed the system so people in the west lower cannot use the west upper gates, meaning long queues at one set of turnstiles and none at the one beside it. Good old Hibs eh, left it to the poor stewards to try and sort it out. Neither wonder the crowd was so poor, shit fitba, shit systems, and as for the latest price hike at the food counters for the worst steak pie I think I have ever eaten that was not cooked by Mrs 1875. I really hope there are season ticket gates and walk up gates as today showed it is needed.

So, the positives, I do really and honestly only ever wish to write positives about Hibernian. The club shop was rammed, and the new kit and training gear was flying off the shelves today. I bought my nephew the new away shirt, it is rather smart I have to say and even I joined the christmas trees by investing inthat rather dashing black and grey training 1/4 zip for myself and my laddie. I banged into Hibbyradge, someone I had not seen since the peak of the Bounce v Hibs Net battles of the old days, also managed a quick glass of shandy with my pal Colin and his son Scott who live in Madrid post match in the Hibs Club and banged into another mate Calum who now lives in Bergen and his brother Paul who I have not seen for years. We all agreed, Hibs were shite!

First half I felt we were clueless, Stevie Mallan is not and never will be a defensive midfielder, Josh Campbell (whom I discovered today is not only a Hibby but comes from a long line of Hibby’s) is a decent enough one, why do we need two against Alloa. Hanlon and McGregor were back at centre half, as was Rocky in goals, happy with that, I was also happy with Flo and Doidge up top, pity Horgan and Boyle was awful and offered them nowt. Flo paid the price when in fact either Horgan or Boyle could have been hooked at half time, neither would be missed.

I could groan on, but rather than do so I will credit Alloa with a fine first half performance, they were better than Hibs. I realised Peter Grant was their boss half way through the first half, how the mighty have fallen eh?

The first half was crap, mundane, pishy passy, lacking in penetration, devoid of creativity and poor to watch. Second half improved with the introduction of Fraser Murray and Scott Allan, but it remained painful and disjointed. What we gained in Scotty and Fraser’s creativity, we lost in having only Chris Doidge up front and very much alone. Thank Sauzee Christian has a bit if endeavour about him and in injuring Alloa’s very capable keeper at the goal, probably won us the game. Great shot and goal from James, more on him further down.

So, the team….

Nice to see Rocky back, his distribution has not improved but he had an easy day at work, resplendant in an all white kit.

Whitts was as bad this week as he was good last week. Not awful just no very good, his shot from four yards that was a certain goal nearly broke a window in the a corporate hostility box in the empty Famous Five. Fucking useless and as much a non team player there when an easy pass for Doidge was on to stroke it home as #(I think?) Mallan is a team player for unselfishly setting up Tom James blast home his goal.

Daz strolled his way through the game. Ye dinnae mess wi Daz.

Paul was more like the Hanlon I enjoyed watching, but it was Alloa.

Tom James scores an excellent goal, well struck and I like his clinical shooting. However he slows it down too much, under hits far, far to many of his passes and gives off the impression of someone who is meandering through the game, go back not forward, easy pass, dont take a man on. Pity, as there is a player there, a good utility player with a decent shot and is very calm. But slow, not so much in speed but, well fuck it, a bit boring.

Josh Campbell worked his socks off and hopefully we will see a young, Hibs supporting laddie come through the ranks, he can only get better. Nae need for him and Mallan to play defensive midfield though.

On that, Mallan is wasted so deep, Hibs are best when he, Scotty and Fraser Murray are linking up, we saw snippets of that second half. But no where near enough.

Horgan, couldnae be arsed today, played 90 minutes.

Boyle, well I mentioned people losing it, Boyler couldnae beat a plumber and a postie today, all game. Hopeless. He was on the pitch for 90 minutes too.

Flo got no service, the dafties got their moans in and he was subbed. I like Flo, but I think his days at Hibs are numbered? I hope his replacement is at least as good as him, none of the other signing shave looked as good as the player they are filling in for or replaced?

Christian Doidge worked his socks off, scored a brave goal, was unlucky with a good header, well saved by the Aloha keeper, for me he is poor mans Stephen Fletcher. Good workrate and can hold a ball up and header it, needs a partner.


Scotty did fine, but with one man to thread passes too it was often ineffectual. Especially as Boyle and Horgan spent most of the second half hiding.

Fraser Murray deserves a start, he has a touch of class and is more attack minded and braver than Boyle.

For all the talk of trying things out, we brought on Ollie. I want Ollie to do well, he is one of us, one of our own, giving him five minutes does nowt.

Once again I am not remotely impressed with Hecky and his approach, you will not hit last years season ticket numbers with shite like that. High tempo pressing game, nope, speed, none, skill, limited, boos at half time, yup we got them. Once again, I hold the Leeds fans opinion of Hecky, not the Barnsley one, its boring, its not the Hibs I want to see. Boring and dull.

Alloa were the better team first half, much better. They tired badly second half and it lost them the game. Grant can work on that. Hope the big goalie is ok, he had a couple of fine blocks. Good luck with the season.

Clancy is a hopeless #$%^@!#$%^@!#$%^@!#$%^@!, but then we knew that. Dreadful referee.

Least shite man of the match was Chistian Doidge.

Next up, a team we should be wary of, but are easy to boo with the bloodied shite strips and that Hun bastard Campbell as a boss. I am not particularly looking forward to it, the way we are playing we could lose.

Hibernian Forever!

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Sirling Albion 1 v 1 Hibs – Hibs 5-4 on Pens

Ok, I feel like writing this Just Back in capital letters as that was fucking rotten. Where to start? Well I could start by saying that Albion could have been mistaken for the Premiership team, Hibs the second division’diddies’. I could start with the fact that far too many Hibs players looked like they were out for a kick about, not to stake their claim in the new era team. I could start by saying that the mythical pressing game linked to Hecky, is just that, mythical? I could suggest that at least one of the new signings is NOT good enough, the majority of the others are squad plaayers. Maybe I could start by saying that these games are being treated as pre season games with lots of changes and trying new things out, only we didnae make changes and the only thing we tried was everything to get the so far useless dud Newell into the game. Then I could strat by saying that dinnae worry, when the ‘real’ season starts, we will be fine, I cannae, as I dinnae want to lie to you all. I accept we started without Rocky, Gray, Stevenson, Daz, Boyler and Flo. Everyone of them would get a start for me before the players today, possibly with the exception of Rocky as Maxwell had two good penalty stops to secure us an extra point. However I will start by saying we were fucking garbage and were lucky to come away with the extra point. slow, lethargic, half hearted, pishy passy, lacking in dig, no natural goalscorer up front and worryingly one substitution when we are playing poorly.

The line up was as expected a mix of experience, newbies and youngsters, BUT Hecky promised we would play to win. We didnt and he didnt change it. Maxwell in goal would have pissed Rocky off, Whitts came in at right back and was a diamond in a massive, steaming, smelly toly of a team, Jackson switched to right sided centre back, Hanlon was poor at left sided centre back, James at left back. Mallan and Campbell sitting as deep as Milligan or Barts most of the game, Newell out wide offering nothing, not even effort or endeavour, Horgan trying but fizzling out after 60 minutes down the right, Scotty sitting in as a false number nine when not asked to move around to accomodate the useless Newell and Christian Doidge working really really hard but ploughing a lonely big field up front on his own. Only Fraser Murray came on for Newell. I could have came on for Newell and done more than this duffer. The only other change I saw was asking Scotty to go wide left to bring Newell into the middle, how very dare you Hecky. Scott and Stevie Mallan were so far apart they could not influence the game much of the time and when we did make the switch we put Fraser on the left where he ended up letting James get down the wing, waste of Fraser’s ability, given Daryll was burst after an hour. None of the play showed any desire, no-one really lead the team, the gap between the back six (4 + 2) and front four was the size of the grand canyon. My eyes were bleeding, Shrink pished his seat.

Who done their job, well Whitts, Jackson, Josh Campbell and Christian Doidge can go home feeling like the gave it a go, the rest should be in at training at 8 tomorrow morning. I also know Whitts, Jackson, Josh Campbell and Christian Doidge would turn up fot training if asked, its called application and too many DID NOT apply themselves.

Where was Flo by the way, it was suggested he was at TRANSMIT in the weege by his agent? WTF?

Before I go into the team and individual performances, I think it is worthwhile pointing out two things, the long grass, well done Stirling Albion, any advantage take it. The other is the fantastic Hibernian support today. Stirling Albion suggested 2100 fans at the game, I hope the Inland Revenue had a rep there? Two ends full, and a third end half full of Stirling fans and an overspill of 20-30 or so Hibs fans? In a 3808 capacity stadium where in Sauzee’s name were 1700 fans going to sit/ stand. Well done those that came along, they dinnae deserve us. Stirling Albion, you deserve more fans though, well done. Well done on the cash gates Binos! 


OK, the team

Maxwell, no chance at the Stirling goal and two very good penalty saves.

Whitts had a good game and done little wrong and a whole lot right. I have more faith in him covering for Sir David than others, he played well.

Jackson is a big no nosense centre half than can play left or right. He is not quiet Tommy McIntyre, he is not Daz but he is a bit better than Shaun Dennis, that give you an idea of what we have signed?

Paul Hanlon was poor, sorry, I hate to ever, ever write that but he was.

James played left back after starting right back previous games, he did fine, but he disnae have a cross in him, little attacking instinct but did hit a fine shot last minute. Cannae wait for Lewis to be fit again.

Mallan had to play so deep he was ineffective. I heard today Hecky in one of his burgeoning soundbites said Hibs don’t have defensive midfielders we only have midfielders. Your right Hecks, we don’t, but we are fucking well missing one. To sacrifice Mallan and Campbell to cover for the fact we have lost Barts and Millie is shameful and weakened us greatly. Worse against a wee part time team.

Josh Campbell, like Stephen Whittaker, at opposite ends of their careers, was a workhorse, a player in a field of dross. Great laddie who I already love watching.

Scott Allan scored a penalty, missed another and we saw snippets of your genius. I was fair pissed off when you were pushed out left to accomdate a switch for the duffer from Rotherham, bet you were too! Hair was a bit buoffant today, bit mair wax/ gel needed son.

Newell is rotten, think Paul Holsgrove, Brian Hamilton, Jarkko Wiss and Alan O’Brien, then think what could be worse. Then think of Brandon Barker and Kevin McAllister and what we thought we had signed.

Horgan gave us snippets of his ability but is back to flagging after 60 minutes, yet he played 90. I blame the management team for that. If we had no one to replace him, we picked the wrong subs as Daryll always flags last quarter of any game.

Christian Doidge is a player. Sadly he is nae single striker. He will score goals, but could set up more if he had a partner with a nose for goals. Wins the ball well, can win a header, likes a knock on. Nae #$%^@!#$%^@!#$%^@!#$%^@! near him though. Imagine Flo , Sparky 1 or Sparky 2 beside him. We will have too imagine it though as Flo wisnae in the squad, Sparky 1 plays for Thellick and Sparky 2 is doing his gairden.

Sub, fucking SUB!! One sub!

Yes, sub, we were gash yet only one change. Fraser Murray, who has looked decent in the ahem real friendlies, came on but in replacing Newell ended up as a left winger, for fuck sake. Clueless by the management team.

The Management team

Do not think the Hibs fans are mugs, be warned. The pish about trying things out, well its pish. The pish about playing to win, well what the fuck was that today. The physical, pressing game, try fucking DE=pressing game. The pish about you signings, well excluding the blessed Scotty who signed before you arrived, the signings are all squad players, not one stands out, not one. I know you all live in your wee bubble of fitba, with fitba 24/7, good wages, press attention, but remember WE are Hibernian FC, not you, you come and go, we are here for life, we have to watch that shite, we pay to do so. Get your act together, sign a defensive midfielder, sort out a striker to compliment the reasonable Doidge if Flo is not the one in your mind, get Omeonga back or Mulumbu in. There is a lot of good will from the fans, we want to give you a chance but there is no sign of progress, we have gone backwards, the signings are average, and whilst we are turning up in numbers, people will quickly drift off if you expect us to watch a Hibernian team play like the fucking Gunts. Sort it out and do not treat us like dafties.


The Ref was poor but that was not the reason for us scraping a win on penalties.

Stirling Albion, well I felt sorry for them today, they did not deserve to get beat. OK they had a twelfth man in the long grass, but we should accept that, thats fitba. I felt they played to our weaknesses and had we lost we could not of complained. Well done and I wish you all the best this season, another proper Scottish Local Club who deserve better, I hope the ehh, ahem, 2100 crowd’s income is spent wisely!

Man of the Match was Steven Whittaker, only Josh Campbell comes anywhere close.

In summary, imagine winning a game on penalties against a team three leagues below who had bettered us during the game. Fucking hopeless and I feel more like a Leeds fan than a Barnsley fan tonight.

Next up is Alloa back at Easter Road but only viewed from your own seat if you are willing to pay a premium. I hope we will be fielding some further new signings, as that was rotten today.

Hibernian Forever

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Just back and we are going to win the league…..

Carlisle 3 v 4 Hibs

Right, that is me settled and ready to explain, at 3-1 down to a poor Carlisle team with 10 to go and looking clueless there were a few moans coming from the large, very loud and half pished Hibs support. 3 quick goals later Bounday Park was echoing to the sound of ‘We’re gonnae win the league’ from the Hibs support. The ups and doons of watching Hibernian eh.

Arriving a good hour before kick off, we discovered an excellent wee bakers between the club shop and away end entrance, Meat Pies and a Lentil and Bacon soup purchased we sat on a wee wall to munch. The pie was excellent, it was as if it had been filled with Stovies. The lentil soup wisnae bad either. 2 meat pies, 1 sausage roll, one lentil soup and a £1 Haribo mixture, £5.60, good start.

Into the ground, cheap bar under the stand and approximately half the hibs support on the peeve. 1875 Junior had his first pint in a fitba ground, 1875 senior being designated driver had a a haribo. Noisy does not begin to describe the support tonight, they sang from start to finish, although one or two of the songs are for me unacceptable and not what I want to hear from a Hibs end. Half pished, empty heided and tooted up describes far too many of the fans. Singing under the stand for 20 minutes into the second half isnae supportig your team either, that is pissing about with your pals. Each to their own though eh, I was young once, now I am just a moany auld Hibs Da eating fecking Haribos as the young team get pished.

The game, well it was another guess who is playing where show. Marciano in Goal, James Right Back, Daz and Jacko in the middle, Smackie at left back, Mallan in front of the four, playing well beside the impressive Campbell, Horgan on the right, Newell left and Flo and Shaw through the middle. Many changes second half which I will try and go through in a mo. Rocky made a boob early in the game, but we started well, then they scored a decent goal against the run of play. Mallan was running midfield and stood out although ably supported by the very impressive Campbell, Daz disnae play friendlies, Jackson reminds me of Tommy MacIntyre, and Horgan and Flo both gave decent performaces with Flo capping it with a fine strike to equalise.

Half time saw the unimpressive Newell (I think?) swapped for Moon, with more changes made with 20 to go. By then we had let that fandan Pressleys team get ahead with a cracking strike. On came Allan, Murray, and Doige (I think?) for Horgan, Kamberi and Shaw and we actually went 3-1 down to a Daz ok. Boos came from a few dafties, others left. More fool them. In bringing on Allan, Murray and Doige, Hibs looked better, different, driven, more skillfull, and by Sauzee Scotty Allan is a winner, he clearly wants to show the world and those arseholes at Thellick what they have missed, he was magical, again ably supported by the brilliant Fraser Murray new star, Josh Campbell and Christian Doige. First Scotty battered it in to make it three two, Christian Doige then made it 3-3 and with a minute to go Josh Campbell rose to score the winner, causing mayhem in the Hibs end, less the dafties that had went downstairs or tried for a headstart home. Scenes. Both young Sterling and Doig also got runs outs for the last few minutes in a win that looked unlikely 10 minutes before.

The Team

Rocky fluffed at the beginning but wisnae at fault for the goals.

James was as poor as he was decent on Saturday, ponderously slow, this isnae English fitba pal, play with pace, and quick thinking when you play for Hibs. Hope Gray is back soon.

Daz disnae play friendlies, Daz plays fitba, same way every week, ye dinnae mess wi Daz, Daz is YLT.

Jackson is ok, I prefer Hanlon but he will do for me.

Smackie looked lost again tonight.

Mallan was magnificent, covering every blade, pinging passes left right and centre, playing deep and looking like the player we hoped we had signed. I see a beautiful relationship forming between he and Scotty.

I was very, very impressed with Josh Campbell, didnae put a foot wrong all night, scored the winner and looked like he had played for Hibs for 10 years. Well done son!

Daryll Horgan looked dangerous and up for it. Could be aplayer for us this year too.

Newell was rotten, another one who needs to improve, slow of thinking, poor of crossing and easy beat.

Oliie Shaw was poor again, he does try and played a pass to Kamberi tonight because he knew if he didnae Hibs fans would have been baying for blood. I want Oli to succeed, he needs to do more, much, much more.

Flo Kamberi scored a beauty, he second in two games. His touch is also back, but then he is back playing in hs best postition. Another one who could do a lot for Hibernian this year, he had a great attitude.

The scond half….

Moon, no convinced at all, no bad, but Omeonga, Malonga, Agyepong, Barker and McNulty are all far better.

Scott Allan is a joy to watch, his passion tonight won us the game, he has nothing to prove to us, but has a desire to prove who the rela Scott Allan is to other. Brilliant son, brilliant.

Fraser Murray has put on some musle, he complimented Scotty with his desire and ability and was as much responsible for our win as Scotty, great to see that.

I didnae fancy Doige’s efforts Saturday, tonight he scored and lead the line well. That will do for me.

Doig got a few minutes, a good laddie, big and strong.

Ben Stirling also got a few minutes, another laddie who does not look out of place in the first team.

I wasnt sure if Heck was there tonight, it looked like Robbie was taking the team, can anyone confirm? Too many changes for me again, regardless of a friendly or not. A blend of both teams will be a damned fine team I think, with one or two youngsters really staking their place the last two games, Stirling and Campbell have both really stood out for me.

The referee had a good game, hassle and incident free.

Steven Pressley is a Hearts bastard, I have no idea about him or his team but they did not impress.

As I mentioned, a large and noisy Hibs support, many pished up or chemically challenged. Drop the shite songs, we dinnae hate England, our manager is English FFS, Stokesy disnae play for us anymore and that prick Skatchel has retired, let it go. Its no big, its no clever and can someone get a good, original modern Scott Allan/ Stevie Mallan song going, it rhymes FFS, come to think about out in Heck is that the wheel, change it to Fraser Murray and Flo Kamberi……Marc McNulty plays for Reading. Good backing though young team, wouldnae like to be you and your heeds when ye wake up for work the morn!

Man of the match, well it was the Artful Grafter Stevie Mallan for me but he was closely pushed by the excellent performance of Josh Campbell, well done son, that was a brilliant starting debut for the first team.

Next Up Stirling Albion on saturday and the crazy plan to make it pay at the gate at the 3800 capacity Forthbank), get there early if you want to get in to see this team that might just stop ten in a row. (The song is now, “We are fucking loaded and we’ll stop ten in a row” to the tune of This is how it feels).

See you all on Saturday

Hibernian Forever!

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Just back and things are taking shape….

Pars 1 v 3 Hibees

OK, ok I know some of the unhappier Hibs fans will be mumping and grumping about this and that, but it was a friendly on a warm afternoon where I think and ye can count at the end, there were 19 Hibs players on the pitch over the 90 minutes. Before I start, can I just say that was like watching a bruise, Hibs resplendant in all purple, the Pars in all black, both with a fine pinstripe and white sponsors logo, more than once ye didnae ken if it was a Hibs or Dunfermline player who had the ball. Very poor by the clubs and ref. It was my first game of the season after missing Arbroath due to me being on my holibobs. I was like a bairn at Christmas today, the fitba back, a Stephens, steak bridie and warm enough to sit in shirtsleeves. It went wrong early though, in my desire to ensure our American Bouncer Super Tortolano got photo of a bridie and broon sauce, I opened the sachet to give a slight drizzle of broon on the pastry, only to discover that Dunfermline use a watery chippy sauce that literally did give me a money shot right down the from of my emarald green polo Lacoste. Pah.

Hibs wore the new purple away kit today, its suits us I have to say, looks like a decent kit. The starting team line up was exactly as I expected, confusing, with Heck trying new things out. New boyo Maxwell in goal, James at rightback, Daz and Paul at centre, Smackie at Left back, Mallan in front of the 4, Murray kind of right mid but in the middle too, Newell kind of left, that magnificent specimen, Scotty Allan in the middle, Boyler down the right and Doige thorough the middle. As there were so many changes second half, I will summarise my thoughts of both halfs. Pars took a very early lead following poor defending and sloppy goalkeeping, with many of the massive Hibs support still either queuing to get in or queuing for a Steak Bridie thinking it was 0-0 at half time, fans were still trickling in 30 minutes into the game. After early pressure from Dunfermline, Hibs spent the majority of the first half, playing  wee slick passes between Mallan, Allan, Murray, Boyler, James, and to a lesser extent Newell, Doige seen a lot of the ball but never really looked dangerous for me, he can knock a ball on well though, pity as one up means he is knocking it down to no one in partiuclar most of the time. To be honest the first half was easily forgetable, with only really Mallan, Murray and James standing out for me.

Second half we only made one change at half time, Hanlon for Jackson and we plodded on. Then a raft of changes, announced as 4 changes, I counted five with Allan, Mallan, Murray, Boyler and Doige going off and Horgan, Flo, Stirling, Shaw and Moon coming on with around 30 minutes still to go. Daryll Horgan changed the game for Hibs. First of all we scored a fine goal from a corner. Although announced as Newell scoring, it was in fact Adam Jackson who scored a smashing overhead kick to equalise and way up the mumbling hIbs end. The changes brought a far more direct Hibs, going at the Pars, Daryll Horgan running at his man, jinked and was taken out for a clear penalty. Daryll took it himself with a fine penalty. He then worked well with Mackie to get a great cross to the back of the six yard box from where Flo Kamberi scored a fine header to put us 3-1 up. Flo looked delighted, I was too, a very good team goal from Hibernian. We then continued to carry out substitutions, bring on Sadiki, Campbell and Doig as we saw the game out to send out thexpectant Hibs support a wee bit happier.

Maxwell – Flapped twice, once at their goal, another time from a corner soon after. Had a good save second half though. Lose the fucking man bun son, you play for Hibs now.

Tom James impressed me at right back, composed, can pick a pass and like to attack. I thought he looked the best of a our new signings by a country mile today.

Daz disnae play friendlies, he just plays for Hibs, no nonsense, I wish he was five years younger. A few half chances with headers in the opposition box.

Paul done ok, he is now deidicated passer ooter fi defence, he is not Efe though.

Smackie got a two year extension this week, well done son. He proceeded to have the worst game he will ever have in a Hibernian shirt. Disnae matter, its a pre season friendly, get the shite games out your system early son, you will do just fine once you settle in.

Stevie Mallan played like Dylan did at his peak today, I thought Stevie, Scotty and Fraser linked up really really well once we got going. A few half hit chnaces before being subbed to. May be a key player for hIbs this year, looked up for it.

Fraser Murray is a baller too, lovely fitba player and looks like he has played for us for years, another one who could be important for Hibernian this season. One twist and turn in particular was more Scott Allan than Scott Allan, nice.

Scotty, ohh Scotty with that shining hair and deft touch, sigh. To think I thought you were a Hun bastard at one point, shame on me. I think with some muscle in midfield to help, the triumpherate of Mallan, Allan and Murray could be very exciting this year.

Newell I felt was simply not very good and offered very little, I hope he is just out of shape and short of match fitness.

Boyler look happy to be back and gave it a few good goes without really getting anything really dangerous into the box. Nice to have a bit of pace again.

Doige showed snippets of something, he can win a ball, he can head a ball, he can hold it up well, but played as a single striker, it really didnae work.

So that was the eleven who played 45 minutes or more from the start.

Jackson played the whole second half and did nowt wrong, no nonsense centre half who scored a cracking overhead kick ( I think it was him?). Can he header a ball properly in the opposition box, if he can we have signed a winner.

Horgan changed the game. I suppose if Daryll did what he did in every game he would not be playing for us. Excellent 30 minutes.

Moon, thought I would get this in early, he played down the right but is clearly left footed, it did not work and he didnt particularly impress. Time yet though.

Flo came on with apoint to prove and I felt he offered far more as s striker than Doige, his header was a thing of joy, if Oli had a fitba brain, Flo would have had a second. He did well and did his starting chances no harm at all.

Ben Striling. Well the laddie for me may just fill the role of midfield ball winner that we are missing. Maybe not right away, but blooded in, as the laddie looks like he has it, I thought he was cool, composed and strong.

Shaw fluffed a sitter should have passed to Flo but missed instead and looked poor. I will keep saying, he needs to get out on loan, dare I say it at somewhere like Dunfermline where he can get himself back in the goals. Pity, as I always want the Hibs supporting laddies to do best.

Sadiki – I atcullay think this young man mountain will go on to for part of the best centre half pairing of Hibs near future with Ryan Porteous, another one who did not look out of place.

Campbell and Doig both came on I think but with so many changes and similarity of kit I struggled to work out what they could do in their five or so minutes.

Hecky and Robbie are still tinkering, I think we are still missing an Omeonga, a Marc McNulty and a younger, fitter and better passing version of Milligan and Bartley combined. I am confident we will formma good team this year, I am looking forward to watching it take shape in the friendlies and leagie cup. Those going along with their negative, anti Hibs attitude need to mind its early July and we are trying things out, shouting down good Hibs players will never win us anything, you will still go home to you sorry, shitey lives. Watch Hibs to enjoy life, not to take out your frustrations on the things we love ffs.

I have nothing to say about Stevie Crawford and Dunfermline, I was there to watch Hibs taking shape today. I do wish them well, proper local club with excellent pastry based snackage.

The refereee looked like something from 1976, weirdly old fashioned looking but was insipid and booked no one letting the game flow. Fair enough. I hope you enjoy your Vesta Curry and the Good Life on the telly tonight.

Massive Hibs support, I expect this will continue. No Since 1875, drums or songs the whole 90 minutes?

Overall, the first half was poor, we passed the tits of ourselves after struggling for the first 20 minutes. Too many short, under-hit passes, too much indecision at the back, powder puff up front. Best were Mallan, Murray and James. Last 30 minutes were a  Daryll Horgan led attacking Hibs performance with Horgan, Kaberi, Jackcon James and Striling looking good.

Man of the match, well it was between Mallan and Murray first 60 but for me Daryll Horgan scored, created and changed the game. he gets it fo rhis excellent 30 minutes.

Next stop, a trip to Ingerlund, see you in Carlisle on Tuesday night, should be a quiet wee trip.

Hibernian Forever!

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Just Back … and a new season begins

First things first: thank Sauzee for the return of Hibernian business. After all the Champions League nonsense, and the ever-so-worthy-but-still-a-bit-shit wummin’s World Cup, it felt good to watching the Hibs again.

Today I was attending with ma Uncle Bob, who has been a regular at Gayfield since he was 8 or 9 (approximately, by his own reckoning), giving him 67 years service to Arbroath. A season ticket holder, he’s been going up and down from Silverknowes every other week as long as I’ve been alive and then some. That’s dedication for ye; and I’ll just add that to the shaming of the “ah’ll no be back till Petrie’s gone” crew. Anyhoo, had a wee sunbathe and a cheeky Peroni in his back garden on a braw summer’s afternoon, soup, mince, and creme caramel off Auntie Magret, then we set off up the road.

Pre-match, stopped for a swift lager at Tutties Neuk, and it already appeared that a healthy Hibs contingent had made the pilgrimage to the northern shores:


Full marks for the hairdo for Sideshow Bob in the foreground there.

Suitably refreshed, it was time to scoot over the road to join the 1,000ish strong crowd, of which a very healthy proportion was of the Hibernian persuasion. It was a fantastic evening, and I must say, it’s a great wee ground, with a great view over the back, and an excellent playing surface, too.



Using my 20p teamsheet, it was time to decipher who was taking the field. I’ll start with the ratings for the first half lineup (unsure of formation):

SDG – Jackson – Hanlon – Mackie
Squirrel – Campbell – Murray – Horgan

Paddy Martin – oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. An evening to forget for the young goalie. You could perhaps say “could’ve done better” for the Red Lichtie’s first goal, but bloody hell – the next two were horrorshows, one with his head and one with his feet. Left the Arbroath players with an empty net to shoot into for goals 2 and 3. On my way out the ground, someone said to me “that first team goalie shirt weighs heavy” for a kid who’s apparently performed well at development level. Rocky and Maxwell have zero to worry about on this showing, though.

Sean Mackie – solid, unspectacular. A decent outing.

Paul Hanlon – was Paul Hanlon. Didn’t do much wrong.

Adam Jackson – The first of our new guys: very tall, with a lolloping stride. He looked not bad, but I don’t see him dislodging a fit Daz (on this showing – which is the disclaimer for everyone here, given that it’s game 1 of preseason).

SDG – The pick of the back four, and offered more than Mackie in an attacking sense. Great to see the SDG-Boyler axis reinstated, their understanding is obvious.

Ben Stirling – wow, he’s a big lad. Couldn’t work out whether he was in the middle of a 3, or at the base of midfield at first, but it became obvious as the half wore on it was the latter. The best of the 3 young lads in midfield, for my money. One to watch.

Martin Boyle – how good was it to see him back? Lively, pacy, intelligent, direct, he was pretty much what we’ve come to expect from him…

Daryl Horgan – …and you should be looking across the park at the Squirrel on the other wing for your own benchmark, Daryl son. Didn’t do much wrong, but didn’t really make an impact either.

Fraser Murray – I thought he was anonymous.

Josh Campbell – …as was this lad. Neither him or Fraser really affected the game.

Christin Doidge – Hmmmm. I have to say, this was the most concerning outing. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t look bad, but there was a lot of running about with not a huge amount of end product. Got himself in areas, etc, etc. First touch not great. Absolutely HONKING penalty, which the Arbroath keeper didn’t have to work hard to save comfortably. Jury out at Aggie Towers.

As for the first half, it was pretty forgettable. A shocking foul on SDG after about 20mins was the most interesting thing that had happened by then. Their goal from Doris was from a simple ball over the top, but it’s not like we’d been under the cosh. They always looked dangerous, though. My favourite moment was ex-Gunt Thomson getting proper TELT on about 42 minutes while taking a throw-in – if he’d forgotten he is a Hertz ****, he’s been reminded tonight.


Roger – Daz – Hanlon – James
Allan – Mallan – Newell
Moon (trilaist) – Flo – Shaw

Martin – see above

Steven Whittaker – for all the stick he gets, you can see he’s got class. Saw a lot of the ball, and used it well. We could have worse squad players than Roger.

Daz – was Daz. Him and Paul together just look … right.

Paul – see above

Tom James – I thought he looked good, very composed, very good feet. A wholly satisfactory debut.

Mallan – along with the next guy on the list, instantly turned us into a more formidable prospect. Intelligent, pinpoint passer of the ball, and a class above the rest.

Allan – welcomed back raucously by the Hibs crowd. If anyone was in doubt about which Scott Allan was returning, that question was answered tonight – it’s the one we all wanted. All action, all football. Our best move of the night thus far occurred on about 60mins, when he and Mallan combined, culminating in a shot from Tom James. Then unlucky from Moon, again from an Allan through ball. Great comedy moment when we could clearly hear him shout at a static Moon “GO! Ye can fuckin run ye know!” Then BOOM, welcome back – Scotty crowned his return with Hibs’ first, a worldy from the edge of the box into the top corner. Believe me, it stayed hit. Will be a huge player for us this season.

Joe Newell – unfortunately, I can’t be as effusive about this guy. Played more central than I was expecting, and seemed to struggle. Looked a bit lost. Another one who will need to find his feet, as opposed to hit the ground running.

Ryan Moon – I don’t think he did his chances any harm: looked lively, always wanting to be involved, and scored our second with a good far post header.

Oli Shaw – He’s a tidy footballer, but I just think he lacks conviction when big moments come around. I’d honestly prefer to see him loaned out.

Flo – okay, I have something to say here. Touch a bit off, but did more in his half than Doidge did in his, and Shaw has done in his entire Hibs career. However, it seems some Hibs fans have already made up their mind about him, because he gets absolutely slated for the exact same errors that Shaw doesn’t. Have a word, guys, eh? On tonight’s evidence, he’s still the most accomplished looking forward on the books, but he was still desperately trying to fashion himself opportunities. Very nearly did score, but just couldn’t stretch his legs far enough – or perhaps misjudged the ballspeed? Anyway. I’m glad he’s still at Hibs.

Kosivar Sadiki – on for Paul. Never heard of him?? Nothing much to say, because to be honest, he was rarely tested.


But for the goalkeeping howlers, we win the game 2-1 quite comfortably. Allan’s goal was the blue-chip moment. Arbroath were decent, but a couple of heavy-handed moments for a friendly. We should scud them at ER in a couple of weeks, though.

I enjoyed a steak pie and two coffees for £4 (unfortunately, the steak and black pudding pies were sold out). I had a great outing with ma uncle on a braw summer’s evening. I am feeling pleased that the metronome of my life, the Hibs, are back, and I’m looking forward to another thrills and spills-laden season with all y’all.

Here we, here we, here we fcukin go!


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