Just back….and we didnae do our homework

Much has been said on this thread, making my belated Just Back a little easier and shorter than normal. I was looking forward to the game, but I am afraid we didn’t do our homework, we didn’t press (which is baffling, given Heck’s interviews), we didn’t have shot on target and we looked lost in the last third with the return of gap between the midfield and the eternally long time we take to take a shy!

Celtic to were not great, they have better players than us and scored two cracking goals, but a more up for it Hibs would have given them a game? Yesterday told us a last cup winner is past it, a couple more are in their twilight. Nuggets were the performances of Slivka and Omeonga, both did there very best to keep us in the game.

I hope Heck learns for last night, Celtic are beatable but now when we sit and and play to score on the break. One question, why was Scott Brown allowed to control the game, tactical failure there.

The Team

Rocky had no chance at their goals, he played well I thought?

Sir David Gray, a legend suitably identified in the Sportscene was poor I felt. Poor final ball.

Daz was our best defender I thought.

Hanlon was better than recently but was still distinctly average.

Lewis has a poor second half, Burke was all over him.

Milligan was decent until he tired badly.

Horgan again done reasonably well but again he tires badly.

Omeonga never stopped trying when many of his team mates did. I like this laddie.

Slivka was very decent i thought, he looked to play football all game.

Kamberi too done a shift, I like his play, he tried to hold the ball up and lay on McNulty.

I thought McNulty was poor yesterday, didnt offer enough?


Double switch after Celtc scored their first:

Bartley for Milligan – I thought Barts was rotten. He is finished.

Mallan for Horgan may become a weekly change. Mallan mentioned in interview that Horgan is a Gym Bunny. Horgan is clearly doing the wrong things as he cannae last 90 minutes, indeed he struggles after 60, which is a pity as he is good player?

Oli replaced Omeonga, as we tried with three up front. Agian didnt make his mark.

As I said above, Heck and Co should learn form this, it didnae work.

Celtic, well, all I can say is I am glad Lennon snuck in and back out with only an angry look from Tam McCourt. There fans songs about Rogers and Bobby Sands, well that was a strange mix.

Hibs Fans, 11,500 in the crowd is better than some expected. We gave up singing at 2-0 as people were scunnered. Whoever threw the bottle I hope is banned for life, arsehole. As for drinking Buckfast, double arsehole.

My Man of the Match was Vicky Slivka, I thought he was best of a pretty poor bunch yesterday. We might miss him when we play the Huns?

See you all next Friday!

Hibernian Forever!  


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Just back …..and by Heck that was stressful!

What a day, I was still in my office looking onto St Paul’s in London at 14.10 today. Power limp along to Bank Station, DLR train, Plane, Taxi and a drive got me to Perth at 18.50. I thought, well Hibs, I have done my bit now you do yours. For an hour, I thought, what the hell has happened we looked like that ugly Hibs we thought we had got rid of?

OK St Johnstone press, they hoof it over midfield, they make it hard for teams, indeed they played some nice football and too were worthy of their halftime lead. We came out after half time looking more up for it, then Slivka was booked for diving, no something I like to see a Hibs player do. I was in the top row of the main stand tonight, I witness Stocky pass a note to Heck, Heck read it then passed it to Slivka, who showed it to Mallan. Horgan moved wide left from wide right, Mallan moved right from middle and Slivka stayed in the middle (are you following me?.Two minutes later Omeonga replaces Mallan and a minute or two after that, Slivka gets sent off for a daft foul. Some feckin note that was!!! We had just equalised with penalty won by Flo, that looked a spot on decision my seat, that fat Irish guy that manages Saints seemed to think otherwise? In my head the title of tonight Just back was going to be ‘Note Gate’. Nae need, Omeonga simply makes a difference and he drove us on to feed Marc Mac who slotted the winner home with aplomb to send the large and noisy Hibs support into raptures!

I thought we were slow, clumsy and lacking ideas for an hour, then we shone for 20 minutes before defending like gladiators for that last ten. Well done Hibs, it wisnae pretty, but with Sparky McNulty in the team and wee Steph Omeonga working some magic, we always have a chance.

I came out the ground with palpitations, hoarse by an awfy Happy Hibby! I then heard the Gunts had been beaten and Barca had pumped Madrid 3 zip. I dinnae rate Carlsberg, but if they making perfect evenings…………

The Team

Rocky, wobbled a bit tonight, his kicking was rotten all night.

Sir David Gray, Captain and scorer of the winning goal on that day in May 2016 when he held that Old Lady high above his head was up and down that line all night. I thought he had a smashing game?

Darren was immense, he was that gladiator!

Paul is still not quite the Paul Hanlon we know and love, distribution still poor and weak in the challenge.

Lewis had a tough time first hour but we saw another Lewis when we was joined by Stephane Omeonga.

Mark Milligan I felt had yet another fantastic game for us, really showing his value now.

Stevie Mallan played well enough but with no pressing game he was often ineffectual.

Slivka made too many mistakes tonight, I would have hooked him when we hooked Mallan, PHB got that one wrong. Diving is shite and his one was rotten, you would be chucked out the baths for that.

Flo worked his arse off, chased everything, tried to link up with Marc Mac and won us the penalty. Need to work hard with him on his first touch. How he was booked that squint faced prick Craig wisnae only the ref knows? Indeed how nae St Johnstone players were booked is beyond me.


Omeonga replaced Mallan after an hour and again was great, his through ball for the winner was inch perfect and he is quickly becoming a fans favourite.

Marv came on to replace Horgan to shore up our defence following Slivka’s sending off. He did well.

Young Mackie came on for McNulty which allowed the Hibs fans to give Marc a well earned ovation. Sean done well in his cameo to.

PHB and Stockie mentioned post match on the radio that we cannae play well every week but we won and that is key. For me teh high press high tempo the guys have brought to our games didnae appear tonight until we equalised. When we did there was only going to be one winner, although the 5 minutes injury time at the end were nerve wracking!

Saint Johnstone are not good to watch, that will be why they had around 2500 home fans in the ground. Possibly a meeting at the local Conservative Club on too which may have affected numbers? Hibs, whilst not being at their best play to win, play for 90 minutes, that is why 1500 Hibs fans head north on a Wednesday night to noisily back our club. Special mention to the Since 1875 guys and girls, they never stopped supporting their team all night.

Referee, I thought he was poor. How they got a foul when Mark Milligan has studded by a Saint is beyond me.

Man of the Match for me could easily be Marc McNulty, he scored two. I thought Daryll Horgan offered a lot tonight too, however my man of the match goes to Mark Milligan who was calm personified.

See you all on Saturday, Just Back may be more of Just the Next Morning After as its my birthday and I may partake of a refreshment or two, pre and post match?

Hibernian Forever!


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Just back and we win again……

Well not five minutes in the door, a Waterfall earworm in my head and a smile on my face. The Hibees are back! Usual rules apply, many of you will have seen the game on the telly with its reruns, different angles and annoying fannies commentating, others will have watched it on the radio. I was sat directly behind the east goal half way up in among a massive Hibs support given Friday Night, Live TV Fitba and exorbitant ticket prices. The Hibs end sung all night, indeed the support was spread across the full stand meaning often two differing songs were going with gusto, it was great to be sitting with such an energetic pro Hibs support, although a fair few were half pished, which helps!

Pre match chilli con carne in the excellent Tinsmiths in town, I skipped the deep fried mars bar pudding, parked off Clepington Road and headed down to be welcomed by a large police and aggressive stewards presence. More of that later.

Team, well it was as I and many other predicted and expected. Rocky, Sir Dave at right back, Daz and Paul in the middle, Lewis left back, Milli holding mid, Slivka and Mallan kinda middle although Mallan slightly right, Horgan left and properly wide and the growing partnership of Flo and Marc Mac up front.

PHB and Stockies first away game, I hope they were as impressed with the large and noisy Hibs support as I was of the team and performance for 50 or so minutes of the game?

We are Top 6 now, its up to us.

The Team

Ofir could do nowt with either goal, and I believe he had a great save. Distribution let him down a few times.

Sir David Gray, who captained Hibernian on the day we won the Scottish Cup on the 21st of May 2016, scoring the winner in 90+2 minutes played well tonight although I felt he was partly at fault for their equaliser?

I thought Darren was immense tonight, he seems to have got his passion back and was the best of the defenders. One we error not stopping there player in the lead up to the equaliser?

Paul Hanlon had a good fifty minutes when he stuck to the simple defending and clearing, he lost his man at their equaliser and the last 20 minutes of the game he was all over the place making mistake after mistake, wrong pass after wrong pass?

Lewis strolled through the game, and was very good linking up with Horgan, especially first half. Was another one who got sloppy last 20 though.

Spike had another accomplished game, he is another one that if he avoids the world cup pass attempts, is simply a very tidy fitba player. He too got dragged into some poor defensive play last 20.

Slivka is a lovely fitba player, plays with his head up, great going forward, very clever passes and reads the game well. I do still think he is a bit of a blouse though. The subtle tweak when we took Horgan off and we seemed to change both Slivka’s and Mallan’s role at the same time, didnae seem to work. I felt we lost Slivka with that tweak?

Stevie Mallan had a great hour, PHB and Stockie have brought something out in him, more direct, more movement and his desire to shoot has returned. What a cracker of a goal too. From my seat behind the goal, as he beats his man, slightly feigns a pass, he looked up and saw the shot on. Ooft, a stoatir and the Hibs end went barmy!!

I thought Daryll Horgan tonight showed us what he is capable of. He was a menace, direct, importantly head up and driving at their defence, he and Lewis build up play for McNulty’s first was first class as was Flo’s quick throw. We faded when Daryll was replaced after an hour.

Florian Kamberi scored again, he out muscled the Dundee No 5 to score a fine goal and he and Marc Mac work well together, dare I say, better than Flo and Jamie Mac? He fades when he has to play with Shaw. He thrives on playing with a quality partner. I know pockets of Hibs fans dinnae fancy Flo, watching him come off at the end, he just wants us to support him, dare I say it, love him. Well played son!

Marc McNulty scores goals, he scored two tonight, one by getting in a good position, a second by being in one and the ball coming off him. I believe that spunkstain Sutton is trying to get Marc suspended for kicking out. I would take a suspension if it allowed me to kick that Gunt **** McGowan in the head just the once.


Doo Doo Doo Stephane Omeonga came on for Horgan and slotted in on the left midfield and although I thought he did very well, I felt that change messed with our shape and caused for an uncomfortable last 20 minutes. Guid player though.

Oli came on for Marc Mac and offered very little, sitting away out wide right and making too many wrong decisions.

I thought overall it was a decent outing for PHB and Stockie, they got to see the very best and the cringe-worthy worst of Hibs. First 10 we wobbled, last 20 was criminal and way too slack, middle hour, Hibernian were a joy to watch on occasion and I thought we might go on and win more comfortably?
I actually thought Dundee were decent and had they had a goalscorer it may have been a stranger score, they are better than both Hamilton and St Mirren. Did you hear the one about why Ryan McGowan’s auld man was lonely? He’s in his cell.

I cringed when saw Brother Beaton of Lodge 1690, Bellshill was referee, indeed the Dundee fans gave a couple of renditions of the Billy Boys to get him onside and prove they too are hill(town)billy neanderthals. Its didnae work, Hibs won, they had 4 booked, we had one. Nae freebies in the Ludj the night John. Seen worse refereeing performances, often from him.

A special mention now for the massed ranks of Hibernians, we sang from start to end, I have to admit to strangely going off the Roses after 30 years of enjoying them, maybe the Hibs version will grow on me. I would guess there were at least 2000 Hibs fans in a 6500 crowd. £26, Friday, live TV, well done my fellow fans, great support.

Now for the security staff (you thought I had forgotten eh?). The thick necked fandans waded into the young Hibs fans. Turns out it was to confiscate two innocuous green and black Hibs flags on sticks. For me the security antagonised the young fans, were heavy handed when there was no need. No idea what has empowered these fuckwits recently, I had one gobbing off at Easter Road last week when he should have kept his plooky neb out. You are there to help paying customers, you are not standing at a pub door at 1 in the morning here. Let the laddies and lassies enjoy the fitba, dafties wading in just caused trouble and ill feeling. I note the polis rightly stayed clear. Well done the young team!

So, man of the match? Well Marc Mac scored two, he is a big player for us. Milligan has got his mojo back, Mallan’s goal was a peach, however although he only got 60 minutes, I am going for Daryll Horgan, he was the difference.

Next, Perth on Wednesday night, if ye can get along, go along and back the team, we knew we had the players, now we have the management team.

Hibernian Forever!


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Just back and that is a good start to the PHB reign

I thoroughly enjoyed that, its great being at a positive Easter Road. Whilst the team pretty much matched what I thought it might be, the performance of key players improved significantly, the way we played, certainly for the first hour was lovely to watch, high tempo, fast flowing fitba’ against a team who gave there all but having nothing up front. Then there was the Ref.

One of the gripes of many of us was the performance of our spine, the players we can normally rely on. Daz looking past it, Hanlon not a shadow of himself, Milligan off the pace, Slivka too lightweight, Mallan no doing enough, Flo in the huff. Today Daz was Daz, the real Paul Hanlon showed up, both Milligan and Slivka had their best games in a Hibernian jersey and I though Flo was great. Add to that the movement of Horgan, Lewis and captain Dave enjoying their game, Rocky there when needed and McNulty on the score-sheet. If Heckingdale and Stockbottom can do that in a few days, what will be look like in a few weeks. It certainly has me intrigued and by Sauzee, excited.

The first hour we played a high press game, mixed with excellent passing from Milligan, Slivka, Horgan and Mallan, good running from the front two as the defence looked like they used to only a six months ago. I didnae even quietly weep at no Efe today ( I have been), and I only let John and Dylan slip into my thoughts once or twice. Last half hour there were changes, but I think those of us who watch the team regularly, know there is not 90 minutes of high press in the team…….yet. A fine goal from Flo which delighted me followed by a mental penalty where Marc Mac left his team mates under no illusions who take the penalties at Hibs nowadays, it could have been a fair few more.

I was impressed, two days to make an impression and the new gaffers did. We know we have good players, today three of four showed just how good they are.

The Team

Ofir was rarely bothered but had a fine save when called upon second half. Distribution still needs much improved, Sir David Gray saved Ofir’s blushes by keeping too many hopeless punts from the goalie in play.

Sir David Gray, scorer of the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final 2016 whilst wearing the captains armband had a smashing game today, A proper threat going forward and good defender, he is also is the best header of a ball at the club. Won us the penalty after being assaulted for no reason. A simple fact, Hibernian are a better team when Sir David is on his game and fully fit.

Darren McGregor played like a 21 one year old, I thought he was fantastic today.

Boaby Hanlon has left the stadium, to be replaced by the real Paul Hanlon, nice to see the Paul Hibs fans love, he was as good as Daz today.

Lewis was great, played left back in a four and utilised the space well going forward.

Mark Milligan started at Hibs like an Aussie Sauzee. That died a death quickly. Today Mark played like the player I thought he was, he had a magnificent first hour, winning the ball back and spraying passes like Sergi Busquets. One or two worldies didnae come off but I fair enjoyed watching a rejuvenated Spike. Best game in a Hibs shirt.

Steven Mallan again gave more today than he has in months, involved in everything and seemed to enjoy it too. Good son.

Daryll Horgan started, I assumed leading a high press but in fact as far left as Leon Trotsky. His ball for Flo’s goal was sublime. He managed 65 minutes before being subbed, that is five minutes more than usual.

I kept the best midfielder for last. I have been a wee bit critical of Vykintas Slivka, I do not doubt his excellent fitba ability, he is a player and I am delighted to have players like Vykintas at Hibs. I do doubt his heart. Today he brought his fitba talent and desire to go forward, play a pass, slow it down, speed it up and added desire to win the ball, close the opposition down and win the ball. A couple of his dragbacks and dinks were world class. Like Spike, Slivka had his best game in a Hibs shirt today.

Marc McNulty is a player. He scored again and leads the line well. I hope we can sign him up longer term.

Flo Kamberi has the moaners on his back, I thought he was superb today, he scored, his runs with ball at feet are great, he tracks back unlike other strikers and is showing confidence. His first touch needs improving but I see a great future in front of Florian, get off his back moaners.

The Subs

As I predicted at the game, Omeonga replaced Horgan after 70 minutes. Stephane was superb, skillful, nippy, hard and deserved a goal that came off the post. I like him. A player.

Oli came on for Marc Mac who got a well deserved ovation. Oli proceeded to duff two good chances and generally do his starting chances no good. You are better than that son.

Lewis Allan replaced Flo with five to go. Flo too received a well earned standing ovation from the support. Lewis proceeded to do his chances of another appearance no harm as he lead the line well. I was impressed son.

Accies are lead by two ex Hibs favourites, Brian Rice and Boozy. They are punchless up front although they do play some lovely fitba especially down their left hand side, with their number 11 Miller and 46 Sowah standing out. Much as I like both Brian and Boozy, I am afraid I would rather see Dundee United at Easter Road than Accies, sorry guys.

The referee was awful Alan Muir is incompetent and might have spoiled the game. If he is not demoted for that performance, it just underlines the levels of incompetency in out game. An idiot.

A good turn out for the kids holidays, 16,000 Hibs fans, a couple of hundred from Hamilton is decent. The signing section never stopped, the Easties added the odd murmur, us in the West rustled our sweetie wrappers and loudly ripped open our prawn sarnies.

My Man of the Match was Slivka, I thought he was magic. Honourable mentions to Flo, Daz, Sir Dave, Paul and Flo.

I have left Paul and Robbie until last , but they have got the winning start we all need in advance of a couple of tough away games. They had two days to tweak and tweak they did, same players but a different approach. I said I was underwhelmed on day one, warmed to PHB on second interview and am now distinctly positive that we have a good new coaching team that get the Hibernian way and their opinion on how fitba should be played matches ours. Its early days, just kissed, maybe got to first based, but I have a wee feeling we might enjoy this ride. Well done lads, well done Hibs.

In summary, that was 2 coming on 4 or 5, we have the players, we have the management team, we have the support, results went our way, although the Huns only drawing didnae help and wanting the Hertz to win the morn is no something I can do, but we are in the mix and I cannae wait for next Friday night and the banks of the Silvery Tay, even though the ticket prices are robbery and its live on the telly on Skidmark Sports or some such channel.

Hibernian Forever!


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Just back and a thoroughly professional job…..


Just thawing out thanks to the heating in the hoose and a warming glass of shiraz. I enjoyed that today, it was 4 coming on a dozen. Some lovely fitba played, debuts, returns and a much better way of playing football. All eyes were on Ryan Gauld, and rightly so, new boy Tommy Block must have been fair chuffed to be on the bench and Marv was back in the team with both Sir Dave and Big Ryan on the bench. Elgin brought more fans than Hamilton, and possibly Dundee, St Johnstone and Motherwell and made more noise than the Hibs fans. They appeared to enjoy their day out in the big City, by the state of a few of them before the game. Good, because their team did them proud.

I did hear a few stories today, which include young Flo behaving as a Billy Big Baws in the changing room and needing a word from a defender who never gives the ball away, and an Australian who hasn’t settled in Scotland and may end up going home sooner than we expected? I do know that Stephane Omenonga has signed too.

Starting with Bogdan, a flat four of Whitts, Daz, Paul and Sackie, Barts sitting in front of them and freedom given to Mallan, Slivka, Horgan and Gauld and Flo up front, we simply passed Elgin City of the pitch. In the end it might have been double figures, but for a decent keeper and some bad misses from Hibs. Still we are in the next round and that is what matter most.

The Team

Bodgan had very, very little to do. He was hurt with around 10 minutes to go after a 50 50 with the City striker and took a sore one. I hope he was taken off as a precaution. The good thing is we bring on Rocky as a replacement. When was the last time Hibs had two such excellent keepers?

Whitts started poorly with 4 or 5 poor passes in quick succession. He settled down and had a decent enough game.

Daz enjoyed himself, although I felt his headers were awfy today. Mibbee had his heed on squint today.

Paul strolled through the game as he can and does regularly.

Sackie ( I am told that is his nickname, might be baws?) has slipped into our Lewis’s position like he has been there for years, I think he is a smashing player.

Marv enjoyed his day, bit of work needed with the hard working midfield of Elgin all trying it on with him. I enjoyed watching Marv today, he played well. SHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT man!

Stevie Mallan had a game much more like the type we expect from him. I put it down to having Marv there to mop up, having other fitba players beside him in Horgan and Gauld and his desire to get a goal. He got one from a well taken penalty, one in the eye of the too quick to moan Hibs fans. Well played son.

Slivka had a quietly excellent day and was involved in a lot of what was good from Hibs today. I wish he would fucking shoot though!

Daryll Horgan was a buzzbomb today, scored two, wanted the ball, linked up well with the front men and gave an excellent 80 minutes, the first 70 and the last 10. He took 10 minutes rest which he earned but couldnae do against better opposition. Two goals, one a weird heeder, one after a great ball from both Gauld then Whitts.

I know, I know, you are all bursting to see what I though of Ryan Gauld. Frankly, I thought he was magic. His introduction has changed the way we play, has improved the performances of the ballers like Horgan and Mallan and links up the front man like Scott Allan’s wee brother. He lasted 70 minutes but had tired by 60. This is the type of player we need, I would pay to watch Ryan every week. His ball to Flo for his goal was immaculate, a joy. I cannot wait for Scott Allan to join him, Hibs need to get that one sorted pronto, as the fans will flock back with Ryan and Scott on the pitch together. Magic.

Flo scored a stoatir, had a reasonably taken penalty well saved by the decent laddie in the Elgin goal. He looked hungry and if we have Gauld and Allan, he will need a rest by the end of the season, with the running he will have to do after those fantastic through balls. Arrogant, aggressive, a baw bag, ayes maybe, but the laddie is a goalscorer.


Shaw replaced Kamberi and done nothing to say he is the future, sorry son.

Fraser Murray replaced the excellent Ryan Gauld and it was good to seem him back. He has built his upper body up a bit and I think he will become a regular.

Sir David Gray, captain of Hibernian on the day he scored the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final on May 21st 2016 was stripped and ready to come on with 10 to go when Bogdan was injured and Rocky had to come on instead.

The Management Team

I though the bench got it right today. Putting young Tommy Block on the bench was a clever, i am sure the laddie is chuffed. Right team for the tie. We are through.

Elgin City

Well played Elgin, tried to play fitba, didnae come for a draw, noisy fans, a couple of decent players in the keeper, their left side midfielder and the number 10 who never gave up. Good luck with the rest of the season.

The Referee

I thought he had a very good game, let it flow and no bookings or red cards.

The Fans

7082, of which I guess around 500 came doon from Elgin. OK a small crowd but it would have raised around £100k, which will be welcome by Hamilton. I thinks we need to look at cheaper concession prices for these games. No singing section at all, either the ‘official ‘ones, or the ones in the old section 43 made for a quiet Hibs end. The pished lads and lassies from Elgin had a good day I hope.

My Man of the Match was the same as the official one, Daryll Horgan although I thought Marv was great, Mallan was much better, Mackie is a star of the future and Ryan Gauld will no doubt win the vast majority for the rest of this season once he settles, this laddie really is a player, come along and support him.

Next up, Motherwell on Wednesday night away in deepest darkest Lanarkshire. Get along and support the team if you can, I fully expect an excellent second half of the season. See you behind the goals.

Hibernian Forever!

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Just Back and we robbed them……

Good eh. They Hun Fandans were cheering their empty heIds oaf, they thought Aberdeen were beating CeltIc, they thought Plug’s goal was enough for them to win, they sung about Sad Fenian Barstewards, Derry’s Walls, Leigh Griffiths mental health issues and the Irish Potato Famine, they sneaked out with 10 minutes to go thinking three points were safely in their Sports Direct Bags.
The Subway Loyal must have sh*t their Slazenger Joggies when they heard the roar of the Hibernian support as Daz headed home the late equalizer. Bedlam in the Hibs end, Silence of the Bams in all other areas of the Hunnery! Brilliant.

The day started weirdly with the Weegie Polis practicing for Celtics visit, free entrance to a car park especially set aside for Hibs fans, a Hun free walk up to the stadium, Broomloan Road closed to all but Hibs fans. It really was a Hun free zone, and kinda eerie, although the reek of bigotry was never far away.

Once inside, the 900 Hibs fans crammed in one corner gave it laldy.The Huns hate us, we hate them, so all is fair in love and war.

On the pitch, it was as near a perfect team as I would pick, 3 5 2 with my only tweak being Gray for Boyle. The Huns were frankly pretty poor, we were too. A better Hibs team would beat them easy. Hun McGregor had couple of good saves first half, Adam Bogdan a couple of crackers second, but their defence is poor, our midfield was rotten again. Positives was the return of Jamie McLaren who I felt played well, along with the return of Captain Paul Hanlon, Sean Mackie was smashing when he replaced Lewis and Bogdan needs to be signed up.

The Team:

Adam Bogdan had a great second half, a couple of fantastic saves.

Efe had a good game, couple of boobs but he did fine.

Darren McGregor made an erse of the Hun goal but more than made up for it for it crashing his header home after a great ball from Sean Mackie.

Paul Hanlon looked back to his old self, Hibs are better when Paul plays like that.

Lewis pulled up with what looked like a hamstring problem and was replaced by Mackie just before half time.

Boyle offered little again.

Hyndman I felt was missing most of game and we improved when Horgan replaced him.

Slivka drifted in and out of the game.

Mallan offered very little today, every pass was over hit and he struggled in Dylan’s position.

Flo never stopped working, Hun McGregor making a good save from a goal bound over head kick from Kamberi. He got no service from midfield, until Horgan and Mackie got involved.

McLaren had a good 70 minutes before the return of Captain Dave. It did have me wondering why he doesnt get a game?


Sean Mackie replaced Lewis and had a great game again. I think we have found the long term replacement to Lewis, Seans ball for the equaliser was perfect. His Maradona Turn on a Fugly Hun was class.

Daryll Horgan replaced Hyndman and changed the way we played, finally linking the midfield to the two front men.

David Gray, who scored the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final in 2016, captaining the club, replaced McLaren and had some good runs and headers. His appearance also got the Hibs fans singing again.

I think Neil and Gary went with the right team today. Our midfield in not good enough and we need a couple of new faces in there. Stick with a 5, 3, 2 and Flo and McLaren up front when this stupid Asia Cup fiasco is over.

The Huns are no very good and Slippy no doubt have some excuse ready about his pi*s poor team.

I thought Andrew Dallas had a reasonable game, not often I say that about a ref, especially a Hun ref from a family of Hun refs.

My man of the match was Adam Bogdan, he was brilliant and nothing he could do about Plug’s goal.

That is Full Fats out the way for a while, next up is the Diets at a sell out Easter Road on Saturday. Bring it on.

Hibernian Forever.


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Just back and its just too many changes Neil…………


By Sauzee that was frustrating. It would be easy to blame Livingston, but really it was all our own fault. Poor team selection by the Management, some piss poor performances from established players and you cannot miss a penalty in the way Flo did. Tactically Livi, like the Hun filth, came prepared and did well to earn their point, it might have been three. We chucked in too many laddies, some brilliant, some very good, some not good enough. They have an excuse, they are boys trying to do a mans job.

For me Milligan was poor, Slivka was invisible, Boyle was rotten then started trying with ten minutes to go, just not good enough. Thank Sauzee for Ryan and Efe, they are a joy to watch, Adam Bogdan is a good keeper, Daz gives his all and Hyndman has something, although upper body strength and shooting practice needs worked on and Flo cares, how he is benched in place of young Allan is beyond me. To start with the team he did start with was disrespectful to a very decent Livi. They are a fitba team, laddies playing against them is not acceptable. Too much thinking about who to rest, not enough about how we might win a game. Dropping Lewis Stevenson for example, is like cutting your nose off to spite your face.

The Team

Bogdan – Lost a goal he could do nothing about, otherwise I am comfortable when he plays, same with Ofir.

Efe at the right side of a back three, magnificent. To be our most creative attacking player from that position tells you how piss poor our midfield is.

Daz done fine, its nice to see him play for his team.

Ryan is superb, great goal, he has all the balls that Ollie hasn’t in the opposition box, his goal underlined that. Learn from it Ollie, Ryan is the real deal, the future Captain of Hibernian and Scotland. What a goal, that was a 70’s centre half’s goal if ever I seen one!

Milligan gets worse every time I see him. What is going on?

Slivka should have his match appearance money deducted, he didnae turn up. Seems to only try in TV or big games.

Mackie done his long term future no harm, a player there with lots to learn. Start by studying Lewis Stevenson son.

Boyle was sh*te for 80 minutes. He tried for 10. Personally I will be happy when he is playing in the Asia Cup or whatever the feck it is he is fixated with, we can then concentrate on not trying to fit him in to every team. Must improve.

Allan is not good enough, sorry.

Shaw is weak, lightweight and disnae get stuck in. Not good enough although I hope he starts buying protein drinks and works on his upper body strength.


Kamberi replaced the limp Shaw at half time. He should have started. OK he should NEVER miss a penalty so weakly but he has presence and works his socks off. He is ten times the player of Shaw or Allan at the moment although only a couple of years older. Support the laddie, don’t pick on him for feck sake.

Horgan replaced Hyndman. I was happy to see Horgan, wrong decisions and all but I wish he had replaced Slivka. Great ball for the equaliser.

The off form McLaren replaced Allan, neither done anything? What is that about?

The Manager changed it too much and we paid the price. Every week we do this. Make your mind up and stick with it.

The Ref did fine, despite our moaning. Our problems were not from him.

My Man of the Match was probably Efe, however Ryan was a bawhair behind and his wonder goal secures the Bounce/St. Pat’s bottle of Red Kola for me.

Next stop, the Hunnery. I have seen the plans for Hibs fans access and egress today. They are practising for Celtcs visit, its fair to say, metal cordon’s too and from the car park, police escorts to the M8, Hibs security facing and filming the Hun fans, the only time the Huns will get near us is the waft of sweat, Buckie and intolerance during the game. Not that I give a sh*te, we mastered those barstewards 30 years ago, nothing has changed.

Can I wish each and every Hibs fan the best of Christmas holidays, I extend that to any fitba person who is not born with the joy of Hibernian but reads the Bounce and for followers of Heart of Midlothian and The Rangers 2012, I hope your next shi*te is a bunch of Holly.

Hibernian Forever.


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Just back….and that was ugly

Freddo Morelos is one ugly looking hun eh? Almost as ugly as the game tonight. They did to us what we done to Celtic on Sunday, but we nicked a point, take it and move on.

Its late, am cold, I am not long in so I will keep it short. We lost a tactical battle tonight, the huns shut us down and we had no reply. That happens, they are not great but well drilled . They are a bunch of diving cheating barstewards though, Slippy has taught them well, Stevie Wonder, who was a late replacement for Thompson, never seen a thing.

The Players

Rocky laddered his tights early, Lenny was going barmy at him as he limped off. Adam replaced him and had a stormer.

Lewis had his work cut out tonight, he took them on.

Efe had a handful in Morelos to share defensive responsibilities with Ryan on. Plug gave Efe a torrid time.

Ryan too struggled with Plug, but I felt he finally mastered him. His tackle on Billy Bluenose or whoever it was well worth the booking. I believe the scouse gangster reckons had that being a Hun he would have been sent off. There is no Hun tackles like Ryan, learn that now.

Whitts had an error strewn game but did have some lovely touches too.

Mallan was closed down first half and looked poor, improved when moved left to accomodate Milligan.

Horgan was again closed down, makes the wrong decisions too often and was hooked at half time.

Slivka blew hot and cold and did not look fully fit. He should have blasted his chance high into the net, instead he dribbled into trouble.

Hyndman was my pick of midfield, he is creative and never gave up. He is not strong enough though and his shooting is weak.

Ollie offered little tonight other than to miss two very good chances, first one was a panicky blooter, the second, he shat it and tried to tap it.

Flo ran himself into the ground, more so when passenger Boyle came on and offered little. I would like to see the foul on the acting hun at the end, was there contact at all?


Milligan replaced Horgan at half time, he still does not look as assured to me as he did when he joined?

Boyle replaced Ollie and offered little, he is a wet paper bag nowadays. Passing it back when he should be shooting, looking more tired than guys that have run their guts out for 90 minutes is not good enough. Time to get Mrs Boyle to change the nappies and feed the bairn during the night pal.

The Huns are a bunch of diving, play acting fandans, with a support who only know sectarian songs, outwith a song about a Plug Ugly Columbian to the tune of the Banana Splits, which no doubt ends in some shout of fu** the Pope or some other intolerant backward red neck inbred brother/ sister  pis*. Its fair to say I have not warmed to them.

The Hibs fans turned out in numbers, well done all. 18,600 with 1,800 Huns is 16,800 Hibernians. I just wish there was a link from the singing section to the east stand, its like have two different sets of fans in the ground.

Neil was out thunk by Slippy tonight, Dinnae let that happen again Neil eh?

The Ref is a fud, even if my oldest son felt he had a decent game. I didnae.

My man of the match was Adam Bogdan for his three wonder saves.

See you all on Saturday for another game of high press, that nulifies the life out of football.

Hibernian Forever!

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Just back, well no really but…..

Go on my Bonnie Bhoys!

Late not because I was sinking black gold in celebration, but because after over doing the cooking sherry at the works do on Friday, I was hame pronto to put up the Christmas Deckies after doing my best impression of a burst couch yesterday! Tea now in the oven, small glass of shiraz breathing, Just Back to be done.

Hibernian’s performance of the season so far. From Rocky to Flo, every one of the laddies gave their all and it might have been more than the two we scored. I know the dodgers were missing players, we were missing more, I know they had a hard game on Thursday, they have 10 times the cash we have, tough toly. We bettered them all over the pitch, the high press worked perfectly. In Efe and Ryan we have two magnificent defenders, Flo in full flight is a joy to watch, Mallan, Horgan and Hyndman all found their mojo, Slivka scored early and made them work. Wow, I knew my faith in the master, Neil Lennon would come through, what a performance Hibernian.

I thought Celtic looked disjointed and heavy legged. Nae luck eh. Them playing McGregor so deep really does leave them with only Forrest going forward. Press them and they are hopeless. We pressed them.

The Team:

Rocky – Has won his place back with a safe performance, great to have to good keepers fighting over the No 1.

Whitts had a couple of poor passes but, with the help of Emerson, kept Sinclair quiet.

Efe was magnificent. Better than anything they have by a country mile.

Ryan Porteous today became a man. He is Hibernian through and through and had the game of his life. I fully expect this laddie to have many games just like that, and he will become the captain of both Hibernian and Scotland one day. I was bursting with pride for you at the end pal. Fantastic.

Lewis back where he belongs and stopped Forrest playing.

Stevie Mallan appeared to be back of the diamond and had his best game in a Hibs jersey.

Slivka scored early and did well until injured by a red card challenge by the boy with the shorts that are for too tight for him that used to play for us.

Emerson Hyndman’s return has seen Hibs improve. The laddie is a player, links up the midfield and front men and covered Whitts very well. Great game and I hope we keep him at Easter Road.

Daryll Horgan played top of the diamond and ran too tight shorts Broon into the ground. The Celtic backies must have been sick of him today he never stopped.

Ollie gave his all and had a good game, playing against people of a similar age.

I thought Flo was back to his old self today. The way he took his goal was brilliance, the roar was a joy to hear. Remember the laddie is 22 but plays like an old pro. I bet he sleeps well tonight!


Young Sean Mackie replaced Slivka at half time and had a very impressive second half. If Ollie, Ryan and Sean are the future of Hibernian. We are in safe hands.

Young Lewis Allan got five minutes at the end replacing Shaw.

Celtic, well they were well beaten.

The referee was fine, some daft decisions as ever when playing the infirm but he tried to let the game flow especially second half.

The Since 1875 guys never stopped and got a strangely quiet Holy Ground going. Nothing from the Celtc end which for me underlines the importance of selling them minimal tickets. B*gger the 1500 seats income, we could not hear them, meaning their players couldn’t, it benefited Hibs, that is all I care about.

Man of the match for me was Ryan Porteous, he never put a foot wrong. A magnificent performance.

Right, off for my tea.

Hibernian Forever!


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Just back and that was much better Hibernian


Cold, wet and dreich, I sat in my car in a car park pre match wondering why I love the fitba. 2 hours later, I tell you why, because seeing your team win, in front of the die hards, away from home in some souless Lanarkshire cowp, sitting with supporters who back the team, want us to win, roar the stand roof off when we finally get that goal. It special, its fitba, its being a Hibby.

Reading the lineup on twatter at 2pm, I sat baffled, Nelom starting after his lackluster efforts last Saturday, and dropped on Wednesday, Lewis in the midfield holding role, Bogdan then injured in the warm up, och jings here we go again. And for the first half we huffed and puffed, Mavrias looking puggled, Nelom looking disinterested, Mallan looking better, Lewis struggling in the middle, Boyler all over the place without offering much, Oli and Flo slogging it out with the heifers at the back of the Accies defensive, it was sair to watch. We might have had a penalty had the ref not been that cheating Rangers barsteward Madden , Porteous was fouled in the box, nothing given. Boyler was then bundled in the box, their sub goalie landing on Boylers napper which seen him carried off. It was a blessing, Neil ran on to an affectionate cheer form the Hibs support, their second keeper was replaced by their third and Hyndman came on. Hibs came out second half like a different team.

We have struggled recently, many blame the strikers, for me its the link from midfield that is missing. The link returned second half. Stand up Emerson Hyndman. To have a player who could feed the front line properly, work hard in the opposition third and when Horgan replaced the hapless Nelom he added to that missing link. His ball for Oli Shaw’s goal was a peach, as was Ollies finish. As I said the roar of relief in the Hibs end was a joy to hear.

Hamilton are a poor team, a more confident Hibs team would have brushed them aside. How a club with around 500 fans in a 2200 crowd survives is beyond me.

The Team:

Rocky came back to replaced Adam injured in the warm up. He had little to do, when he did he dealt with it.

Nelom, I am sorry he is rotten. A fellow bouncer suggested I watch Neloms warm up, I wish I had not. It looks like he does not give one shi* of a shi*. Very poor.

Efe was magnificent. Efe is magnificent.

Ryan Porteous is future captain of both Hibernian and Scotland. If he leaves us, it will be for much more money than Super John McGinn.

Mavrias looks like a full back in the latter part of his career, nothing fancy simple passes, steady but no David Gray.

Lewis played the Milligan/ Bartley role and found it difficult but done just fine.

Stevie Mallan I felt offered a bit more today and did fine.

Slivka drifted in and out the game, a player but final ball is not what it might be.

Boyler was injured, a sair yin.

Oli worked his socks off, put himself about and showed the promise I had not recently seen, he scored a fine goal too.

Flo again worked his socks off, was unlucky with efforts and he plays better when teh fans support him. Well played son.


For me the introduction of Emerson Hyndman changed the way we played. he looks to go forward, likes to slide a pass through to the forwards and generally lifted out play. He looks like the type of Hibs player we like. Stay fit son.

Daryll Horgan also came on for Nelom and improved our attacking play, he is direct and takes a man on. Much more the Hibernian way than passing the tits off the fans and the ball without getting anywhere.

I have nothing more to say about Hamilton.

The referee is a lazy Hun barsteward. To see him tell Hibs players not to waste time celebrating after Hamilton has wasted the same time since kick off as he turned away, showed him up for what he is. Refs from the centre circle.

An emotional moment was seeing our manager, Neil Lennon run on after Boyler got hurt. The welcome he was given as he came on told Neil everything he needs to know about how we feel about him and his managerial role at our club. A poke in the eye of the erses who talked of getting rid of him. Feckin erses that they are.

Neil came to the Hibs end after the game with his players to thank us for our support and us for their efforts. Let the wobble be over Neil and lets get Hibernian back up where we belong. You are the right man for Hibernian.

My man of the match was a square go between Ryan and Ollie. Ollie gets it for the goal. Ryan won the square go.

Onwards and upwards.

Hibernian Forever.


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