St Pat’s own Calum Willis represented Scotland in the annual fixure between the Scottish Independent Schools Football Association (SISFA) and its English counterpart. Hosted by each nation alternately, it had never been won by Scotland away from home until last month at Davidson Stadium, near Manchester. The squad, drawn from seven independent schools across Scotland, bonded well as a group and put in a magnificent performance to win 1-0 with a stunning thirty yard free-kick. It was a great occasion for the players, parents and coaches,who were all made very welcome by supporters and staff at Altrincham FC.

Calum (17), a member of St Pat’s HSC since 2015 and Easter Road season ticket holder since 2005, collected his 2nd SISFA cap and was delighted not to concede any goals – a first for any Scottish goalkeeper in this fixture.

IMG_1660 (1)IMG_1645

Calum receives his cap
        from George Laing, SISFA Chair.(left)
The Scotland SISFA squad 2017 with Cup(right)



Today started by me heading down to Turnhouse at 7 this morning to pick up Nabser from Waterford via Dublin. Into Glasgow Southside for a pre match party, onto Hampden to watch our football team become legends, home to Livingston, drop off the bairns and Dr Shrink, then take our bus to Turnhouse to drop Nabser back off for his Dublin flight home. Onto Leith for beers and home again and just watched the highlights and yes, I can confirm Hibernian FC are Scottish Cup winners 2016. So good I am about to watch it again after watching it twice already.

So to our team, they were magnificent, to a man, to a woman, they gave their all, they found the holy grail, they brought the cup home.

The players…

Conrad Logan – A Legend

Lewis Stevenson – A Legend

Darren McGregor – A Legend

Liam Fontaine – A Legend

Paul Hanlon – A Legend

David Gray – A Legend and our Captain

Fraser Fyvie – A Legend

John McGinn – A Legend

Dylan McGeouch – A Legend

Jason Cummings – A Legend

Anthony Stokes – A Legend

Liam Henderson – A Legend

James Keatings – A Legend

Nikolas Gunnarsson – A Legend

Mark Oxley – A Legend

Marvin Bartley – A Legend

Martin Boyle – A Legend

Chris Dagnall – A Legend.

The Coaching Staff

Alan Stubbs – A Legend

Andy Holden – A Legend

John Doolan – A Legend

Alan Combe – A Legend

Paul Green – A Legend

Graeme Mathie – A Legend

Kitty Forrest – A Legend

George Craig – A Legend

Eddie May – A Legend

Joe McBride – A Legend

Tam McCourt – A Legend

Joyce McCourt – A Legend

Dr Duncan Reid and Dr Stephen Miller – Legends

Leanne Dempster – A Legend

The team above destroyed a hoodoo, these people made Hibstory today, they should never have to pay for a drink in our city again. Each and everyone one of you, I thank you from the depths of my soul.

Now lets talk about us, the fans. WE are Hibernian FC, the 24000 Hibs fans today witnessed history, a history we didnae dare to dream off. I know others will be critical of the end of the game, let them be.

Me, I could not give a chuff. Out football club, our bonnie bhoys won us the cup, I will love these people for the rest of my life, thank you, thank you, thank you.

So, my Just backs come to an end of this season, and it has been the happiest report I have ever filed for the bounce, our team, your team, my team today made themselves Hibernian Legends, they will go down in Hibstory as the people that finally won THAT cup for us and for that I once again thank them.

Hibernian Football Club Scottish Cup Winners 2016.

Hibernian Forever!

Sunderland based Hibs’ fan Hugh Cockburn has been carrying out some last minute training as he prepares for a very poignant commemorative cycle ride between Easter Road and Hampden a year on from one of Hibs the most significant weekends in history, in memory of  St Patrick’s Branch member Shaun McKinley.Hugh’s cycle run will take place on Monday 22 May; one year on from the day Shaun watched his beloved Hibees lift the Scottish Cup.Shaun sadly passed away after a brave fight with cancer on 31 Dec 2016 and it is therefore fitting that Hugh should mark Shaun’s memory with this charitable sponsored cycle, not just Easter Rd to Hampden, but also the return leg back from Hampden to Easter Rd the following day.


In preparation for the cycle ride, he recently visited both The Stadium of Light, home of Sunderland FC and St James’ Park, home of Newcastle United FC, meeting legendary managers Bob Stokoe and Sir Bobby Robson.


Hugh told the Edinburgh Reporter: ” Three  of my biggest passions, away from family, are Hibs, cycling and my membership of the St.Patrick’s Branch. When I heard Shaun had cancer I was devastated for him and his lovely family. Since contacting ‘Big G’ (Gordon McKinley, Shaun’s father) to enquire about joining the Branch, some years ago, I have been met with nothing but kindness, support and wonderful friendship from mainly Gordon but also all people associated with the Branch. I consider many of them as close friends. The Branch epitomises the Hibs theme of ‘Family’.“I attended Shaun’s funeral and the turnout was amazing and I realised then that I wanted to do something to ‘honour’ him and the McKinley family. It has been in the back of my mind to attempt to cycle to all the senior Football grounds in Scotland but the logistics and ‘time away’ from family is a concern. I decided that it is possible to do in stages and my first stage is Easter Road to Hampden and back via, Hearts, Livingston, Airdrie, Clyde, Rangers, Celtic, Partick, Hamilton, Motherwell, and Edinburgh City. I am hoping to do another stage sometime late summer, possibly Fife clubs. All stages will be in memory of Shaun, as the Hibs David Gray banner , “Shaun McKinley, live forever”


Monday 22 May

Depart Easter Road 9am- visiting Livingston FC-Airdrie FC-Partick FC-Clyde FC-Rangers FC-Celtic FC- arrive Hampden

Tuesday 23 May

Depart Hampden-visiting Hamilton FC-Motherwell FC-Hearts FC-arrive Easter Road hopefully mid-afternoon-Train to Newcastle 6:30pm

Three years ago, Hugh took part in a charity bike ride from London to Edinburgh to raise funds for the St Patrick’s Branch of the Hibs’ Supporters Association which was supported brilliantly by Hibs fans from ever quarter of the Hibernian Family, in their campaign to purchase a fitting memorial to club legend Dan McMichael who had rested in a paupers grave in the Eastern Cemetery .


The cycle is a sponsored event in aid of Sarcoma UK. Sarcoma is  a virulent type of cancer which Shaun succumbed to .

Hugh’s Just Giving page.

Reporter John Hislop


Says it all. The Branch Committee would encourage all members to donate, no matter how little or private to help him reach his target which now sits at 90% and also if possible get down to see Hugh off tomorrow morning at from Easter Road reception.


There is a Charity match being played in memory of Shaun Woodburn and in aid of Street Soccer Scotland at Leith Links week on Friday.The Hibs side will include Darren Jackson, Mickey Weir, Gareth Evans, Gary Smith, Hunter, Kano, Nish, McGraw, Keith Wright, Willie Jamieson with Anthony Stokes, Kevin Thomson and Danny Swanson all coming down on the night too


Leith Legends vs Hibernian Legends 19th May 2017 @ Leith Links 6.45pm kick off
Game will be played for the Peter Smith Memorial Cup with the Man Of Match being awarded the Shaun Woodburn MOTM Trophy.


St. Patrick’s Branch member Robbie Wood is Programme Co-ordinator for Street Soccer Scotland.

Street Soccer

Champions 2


The sh~t adventure is over, we are out of this horrible League. Hibernian Football Club today celebrated their return to the Premiership. Just under 20,000 fans in the stadium, ensuring Hibernian had the first, second and third biggest attendances in Edinburgh this season. The crowd also included 1900 Buddies from Paisley who managed to stay up, which is good for them and good for Scottish Football.

For me we started with our strongest available team, bar one. I thought playing Bartley was not necessary. I was right, a) he did nothing, b) he won his first challenge in the 45th minute and c) Lenny hooked him for Fyvie. The wee St Mirren midfield ran rings round him.

Hibs started very well and had a few decent moves, with McGinn, Boyle, Holt and Shinnie all playing good football. As the first half went on we let St Mirren start playing and I felt we were watching a real end of season kick about. Us not really breaking them down, them time wasting. Second half, Captain Dave went off injured, replaced by Forster and Marv didnae come back out, but instead we saw a fitba player, Fraser Fyvie come on and within a few minutes Hibs were 1 up and playing much, much better.

Its an interesting thought, we have won the League, only playing for pride and the opposition not sure if they have to try or not until they lose a goal. When they did lose a goal, the buddies upped their play and replied with a very neat equaliser sending their fans delirious. Hibs did get at them again, although Jase looked tired and jaded, rumour being he had been ill all week, however I thought Holt was very decent again.

It was great to see over 18,000 Hibs fans packing the 3 1/2 stands of home support. With over 9000 season tickets already taken up, it would be great to have Easter Road full like that every home game next year.

A nice wee story today. Some of you will know, I faithfully picked up my old Uncle from his home in Loanhead and took him to Easter Road with me, my sons and my best pal. Slowly my old Uncle has lost almost all his sight and couldnae manage the games any more. He gave his season ticket to his daughter and two grandsons. As I stood in the warm sun today chatting with pals, who sneaked up behind me? My old Uncle with his grandsons. He cannae see the length of himself, but felt he had to be at the Holy Ground today to hear, feel and experience Hibernian being crowned Champions. That is dedication, that is the Hibernian way. I was delighted to see him.

So, to the team

Rocky had little to do, but no chance at their very good goal. One good punch and not much else needed. I would like him to stay if he can.

David Gray, Club Captain who captained the winning team, Hibernian, in the Scottish Cup Final on the 21st of May 2016, scoring the winning goal n’all, is simply a legend. He hurt himself half way through the first half and did not come out second. If, as rumours suggest, Captain David might leave us, he should know that he is loved by every Hibernian fan, he is a hero, a Hibernian hero. If he played for Hibernian until he retired I would be delighted.

Darren McGregor is magnificent, he is a Hibee through and through, I wish he was 10 years younger.

Efe started as centre half and moved to right back. He has his wobbles but is clearly a good football player. His kids are lovely too. I know that not everyone agrees, but I would be very happy if Efe chose Hibs to continue his Premiership career. Great acrobatics in the post match celebrations.

Lewis Stevenson gives his all every week, he is 100% and never hides. How some people can suggest we replace him is beyond me. I hope Lewis plays his whole career at Hibernian. Thank you Lewis, you may not have been born a Hibby, but you are one now.

Marvin Bartley was rotten today. I watched the battle between him and Mallen particularly today, Mallen won. Marv won his first challenge in the 45th minute, it was not a game for him. We will need him next season, I hope he stays.

Shinnie started well and has a lovely touch, but I expect he played his last game for Hibs today. Thanks for your efforts Shinniesta, they were appreciated.

John McGinn had a storming first half, like he was playing ftba with his pals. Well he wiz, Hibs ones and St Mirren ones. He dropped out a little second half, I get why, it cannae have been easy against the team who found and developed him. Post match he shook hands with every St Mirren player, their coaching team and then went over and applauded their fans. You are a good laddie son, I fully expect you to star for Hibernian in the Premiership next season son. You are Super John.

Boyler had a decent game today and as others have pointed out, his pace is a big asset. I expect Boyler to play a part next season, he can give defenses trouble. Practice your first touch pal.

Grant Holt has grown on me. Much of the season he was often hopeless, the last few weeks he has been immense. He scored again today and did a power of work for an auld fellae. This will surprise a few of you but I hope he stays on, possibly as a bit part player and coach. He has certainly developed Jase.

Jason had a quiet game today. I know many of you expect him to leave but something in my head thinks he might just do one more season with us in the top League. If he does chose to move on, like a few others, he will always be a Hibernian legend to me. Daft as a brush, he brought me and all the Hibs fans some great moments, he is the modern hammer of the Jambos. The Broomhouse Pirlo is magic, he just wisnae the day.


Two subs at half time, Fozzie for the injured David Gray and Fraser Fyvie for Barts.

Fozzie did nothing wrong, was big and steady, but I dinnae expect to see him at Hibs next year. He will do fine elsewhere though.

The way Hibernian played today changed when Fraser came on, we were more upbeat, more forward passes, a goal. I think it is utter madness that we might consider letting Fraser leave. If he does, he will go to the competition and we will regret it. If its a Lennon/ Fyvie/ Fiery Ginger thing, sort it out and sign him up. A key player. Stay with Hibs Fraser, you are right for us.

Keats came on for Shinnie and did plenty. I know he likes the Club, he is another of our Cup Winners, but if expects more game time next season, he is better looking elsewhere. He again would always be warmly received by us, a good guy and a decent player who, for me, just never took his chance when he was given it.

I thought Lenny got the team wrong today, Fraser Fyvie was excellent last week, Marv wisnae needed and we were guff to watch first half. Once Fraser came on we were better, although it still felt like the last game of the season. Neil and Gary have brought a steel to Hibernian, they are winners, they want Hibs to be winners. In his post match speech, Neil showed he has grown to love our club, and we have grown to like him. I have great hope for next season under Neil and Gary, its their chance to recover their career after a dent in Bolton, its also their chance to continue wakening the sleeping giant that is our football club. We loved Stubbsy and his team, we have grown to do the same with Lenny and his. You are welcome addition to the Hibernian Family Neil and thank you for getting us out of his stinkingly difficult League.

The referee should have booked a few more Saints, otherwise no a bad performance.

I think St Mirren are a very decent team, I also think they are a damned decent club. Their fans can choose Celgers or Rantic, they dont, 1900 turned up to see them over the line, the fact a few hundred stayed to applaud Hibernian when presented with the Championship Trophy is great. Also great were the Hibernian support who applauded the Saints off the pitch. Thingk we should try to sign Stevie Mallan.

From a team perceptive, the aforementioned Stevie Mallan passed his trial, he is quality. I know SJM’s brother has been spoken about, but I think their other key player is Lewis Morgan, number 17, if we were to have a punt on a player, it would be him, I thought he gave us a torrid time today and in the past. Well done on staying up Buddies, you are a proper Club with proper fans.

Man of the Match for me was Grant Holt, lose a stone, get fitter and I would be content to see you pull on a Hibs shirt on again next season.

20,000 in Easter Road, we are a big team, maybe THE BIG TEAM. Come back please, Hibs is forever, not just trophy days. Special thanks to Since 1875, you guys have helped wake the giant, keep it up.

So, the season is over, we are champions, we are back in the top league, we fill the stadium, we make noise, the Hibees are Back.

Thanks for reading my slaverings this season, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts, those of a simple Hibs fan, who loves our Club in the same way you all do. Also thanks to those who stood in for me when I nipped off to foreign climes, especially SKII who, like me, simply loves the Hibs unconditionally.

Hibernian Forever!

See you all next season.



A more recognizable Hibs team ran out in front of a small traveling support in a dull, dreich and drizzly Err today and first half played some very decent football to put the points to bed before half time. We improved as the second went on too and it could have been far more than four, ask Grant Holt!

Coming through the turnstiles in Err, you step from 2017 to 1947 in a millisecond, thank Sauzee we are out of this League, what a sh**hole. I stood with Big G, Greenman and Fiery Jack on the terrace in the drizzle, whilst my kids, mate and daughter chose the dryer shed behind the goal. I could hear the Err dafties 10 feet from us on the other side of the fence. The Hillbillies enjoyed singing about paedos and Fenians. They must have been hurting after their big team were humiliated earlier in the day up in Govan.

Laidlaw and Forster kept their places, Daz, Captain Dave and Lewis returned along with Frazer Fyvie, SJM, Humphrey and Boyle in midfield and Holt and Jase up front.

Hibs were very good first half, indeed we should have been 4 or 5 up by halftime, with Jase and Holt missing easy first half chances. However Jason did score a fine header and Boyler followed up with a finely drilled shot to put us 2 up at half time. Second half was all Hibs again, with Keats coming on to score a decent goal, then Jase rounded off a decent Hibs performance from a difficult angle to kill them off.

They were poor, Hibs were more than decent.

The Team

Laidlaw had a wonder save to stop them getting a consolation goal, otherwise he had little to do.

David Gray, the winning goal scorer in the Scottish Cup Final, when captaining Hibernian on May 21st 2016, was booked for a solid challenge that was not a foul, but didnae really enjoy playing behind Humphrey.

Darren McGregor, is a class defender, he never gives the ball away and is Hibs through and through. Solid.

Jordon Forster was made captain today and had a fine game, although Harkins did try to give him a hard game, he sailed it. I think he is nervous about that shoulder of his.

Lewis had a smashing game I thought. A premier player for me.

It was lovely to see Fraser Fyvie back, he was excellent, especially first half, he and John McGinn ran the show.

John McGinn almost tried too hard today, he and Fraser had a smashing first half.

Humphrey isnae fit but did get down the right line a few times and stuck the ball in.

Boyler played left wing and I thought he had a good game, played really well and scored a good goal too.

Jase scored two, might have had two more. His header was very clever, his shot was difficult but well executed. I fair enjoy watching Jason when he is playing well.

Yet again, Grant Holt did well today, although he too should have had a brace, and missed a complete sitter right on the line. When reminded of that by our very own Greenman, he looked miffed then laughed it off.

Neil Lennon had his suit on today and sat in the stand. Him and Gary thought this might be a tough one and set up accordingly. I like Hibs when they play this way, its good to watch, so credit there. I would NOT lose Fraser Fyvie Neil, he ran that midfield today.

The Subs

Keats replaced Mrs Slocombe after an hour and had a good half hour, scored a decent goal and but for a pass from Holt might have scored two. Played well.

Boyler went off for Shinnie after 70 minutes but Shinnie didnae do too much.

Around the same time young Murray replaced SJM and had flashes of skill, One to look forward to I think.

I thought Err were rotten, their daft wee laddie fans sectarian @?$holes and the Club Shop the best stocked Club Shop I have ever been in. The ground is a shambles though. I wont miss us playing them.

Ready for this, the referee had a decent enough game, other than missing one bad attempt at strangulation on Grant Holt.

Small Hibs support of I would say 5 – 600 but then there is nothing to play for and it is down to the diehards and ground baggers.

My Hibernian man of the match was difficult, Darren is always good, Jase scored two, Boyler played well, but for me it was the excellent Fraser Fyvie, he ran the show today.

Get along and cheer the Champions next Saturday if you can guys, I expect a good game with Saints who are playing well just now.

Hibernian Forever.

Today we played the second best team in Scotland, after 25 minutes of the wrong Hibs, we bettered and battered the second best team in Scotland, they won, but if they are the second best team in Scotland, so are we.

Its fair to say, like all of you, I love my club, I love the players who represent us and I love my fellow Hibernian supporters, deeply. The show of unadulterated love for our Club after the match put us on a pedestal, we are the best, we are Hibernian.

OK, we lost, we lost to a sair yin, we gave them a two goal start, we succumbed to a 25 minute show of shambolic Hibs at their very worst. We rose above that, we cheered them on and on any other day, our football team would have won that excellent example of why Scottish football is good. The moaners and greeters about our game, they dinnae support Hibs, they dinnae support Aberdeen, they probably come from Limekilns, Bellshill or Aberfeldy and support Man United or Chelsea. 32,000 of us ken our game is healthy, it is good and well worth watching.

Our line up at the start had aww $#@! written all over it, Bartley and Fyvie in the same team, one man up front, and we paid the price, errors by McGinn, Bartley, Ambrose and then Daz and we are 1-0 down before many people had stood beside their seats. Then Rocky makes an **** of the second and it could be games a bogey.

Not Hibs though, Holt scores and magical football by half the team draws us level just after half time, we are level and the ground is rocking as 20,000 Hibbys back our wonderful fitba team. As I have said often, WE are Hibernian FC.

Then they score, against the run of play, right after a clear hand ball and foul to Hibs, the second best team in Scotland, scrape past us with a deflection. The bad breath, cannae hide your bigotry, hun $#@! Glasgow Polis sigh of relief whooshed right over us when Aberdeen scored.

The baton is passed to you Aberdeen.

Lets be honest, HIBERNIAN FOOTBALL CLUB WON THE SCOTTISH CUP ON THE 21st OF MAY, 2016 the best day of your life, my life, our lives. Its gone, but it is never forgotten. We love you Hibs, we are the best brand of football fans the words ever seen. Today was a what could have been, BUT we ken who we are are, we are HIBERNIAN FC. Next year, we will be trouble, big trouble.

The Team

Rocky is the good, the bad and the Kevin Rowland lookalike of fitba. He might have scored a wonderful headed equaliser in that magical 92nd minute, but then he should have saved their second for $#@! sake. Lets build from Rocky for next years assault on the Premiership.



David Gray had a tough game with the excellent Hayes as opposition, Hayes won the first half, Sir David the second. For the record, David Gray will be eternally the Hibernian player that broke that hoodoo, he scored that goal, he was captian when he scored that goal. You, Sir David, are my hero, you are a legend at our football team, today and every time you wear that magnificent jersey of ours.

Darren might be recorded as the Hibs player who made the last mistake in that first goal, worse, the guy who suffered the hell of an own goal to let Aberdeen win. But to Hibs Fans, he is wonderful, the best defender we have supported since Rob Jones and David Murphy. Darren, you are genuinely one of our own.

Efe was rotten first 25 minutes, I ken, but was immense for 65 minutes. You are class big man, one day you will be as good as Paul Hanlon.

Lewis looked like a Premier League player the whole game, people want him replaced?

Bartley broke the play up, but that was it for me. Sorry, I ken it rips other fans knitting, but he is boring, one paced and does nowt to help us win a game, he stops us losing, we lost anyway.

Fraser Fyvie started in the same team as Marv, he was taken off and we improved, but if I was Fraser I would be very, very annoyed and if he left the club only we would be to blame. We would miss him.

John Mcginn tried hard, very hard but it was not his day.

Dylans goal was wonderful, the best piece of play in the game. Only the metronome would get hurt celebrating and have to go off.

Boyles pass for our first was magnificent, his run better, but he went missing the whole second half, can we afford that?

Jason is not a single striker, even when Holt came on it never worked. Someone smarter than me has to work that one out.


Holt for Fyvie. Holt was brilliant when he came on, but done very little wrong for much of the second half, although he did get tore in. Best game in a Hibs shirt?

Shinnie came on for the injured McGeouch but done very little.

Graham replaced Efe with 2 to go but it was not happening, we were beat.

The ref was a fanny, but we know that, done everything in his (wizardly) power not to book the fouling Aberdeen players. $#@!er that he is.

Aberdeen, well, a good fitba team, strange a team of such ability cannae encourage the fans to come see them at home and in semi finals. If that is second best in Scotland, lets set our targets high Hibs. I hope they win it if playing the Huns. No fussy who wins if they play Thellick.

Man of the Match was Darren McGregor for me, simple.

So, its Raith on Wednesday, Ayr on Saturday then the Saints two weeks today. See you on Wednesday night.

Thanks Hibs, we are back, a great big team, with a great big support who can match the almost best in this country.

See you behind the goals.

Hibernian Forever.



Well guys, the Phoenix has risen, our Hibees are back, we are the CHAMPIONS!!!

I am sure many of you agree, it was a wee bit of an anti climax, I get the “no tempting fate” thing but the celebrations were a bit amateurish, no? Still, isn’t it lovely to see Hibs play football, press, attack and score three goals. I think we are a better team when Fraser Fyvie plays, we were certainly were today.

We set up to win and win we did, but the goals came from the strangest of places today, two headers for one of our own, Darren McGregor and another from that master of the winning goal header, Captain David Gray. So three headed goals, not done since we scored four headed goals in a 4 0 thumping of Duff Jimmy’s Morton earlier in the season.

Some good performances today, Rocky had it easy, Gray and Lewis both did well, Darren was majestic, Efe was on easy street, John McGinn was great, Fraser Fyvie was everywhere, Dylan looked best in the middle, Shinnie worked his socks off, Boyler had a good game and Jase was the only one who looked a bit lost. Queens were pretty insipid, the referee robbed Jase of an almost clear goal scoring opportunity. Still Hibs played more football today than they have in weeks, and most of it was direct and forward. Nice.

So, Hibernian FC are champions, winning the league in front of over 17,000 fans, more home fans than can fit into the guntery in any given week.

The wee team are back, the big teams are $#@!ing themselves.

The Team

Rocky had a very quiet afternoon, other than two fantastic saves from close range. I hope we sign Rocky up.

David Gray, Captain of Hibernian and scorer of the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final on the 21st of May 2016 scored a good header and had a decent game linking with Boyler.

Darren McGregor scored 2 and won every challenge, whether that was against the opposition or his own team mates. A fantastic Hibernian player.

Efe fair enjoyed himself, capped with his back flip forwards in the post match celebrations. I would love Efe to sign for us.

Lewis had a very good game today and swung in a couple of cracking balls both halfs. I would like Lewis to remain a Hibs player for the whole of his football career.

Fraser Fyvie came back into the holding role and took over the metronome role. Hibs ticked nicely today, much of it coming through the tireless work of Fraser Fyvie. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him play today. I hope he extends his contract with Hibs.

Dylan and John McGinn swapped places for 70 minutes, they did so well. I would hate to see Dylan leave. He was best when in the middle last 20, picking out passes and keeping the tick tock ticking with Fraser.

John McGinn had a smashing game, he worked his socks off and looked like the SJM we love. His shots were eehhh, a bit astray all day. His passing was precise though. His brother scored for the Buddies, Hibs next year Stephen?

Andrew Shinnie started slowly but came onto a decent game before being subbed with 25 minutes to go. I would be delighted if he signed for us for next season.

Boyler had a smashing game, I thought. He ran, dribbled and scunnered the Queens defence today. Boyle like this is a decent player who clearly enjoys his fitba and playing for our club. I think he will be a bit part player in the Premier, but we need a squad, not an 11.

Jason is nae lone striker, today proved it. Petulant, lost and lacking service, he never clicked at all, although might have scored if not for a doughnut of a referee. He enjoyed the post match celebrations though and was belting out Sunshine on Leith. That will do for me. Stay for a season in the top league please son.

The subs

The first to come on was Alex Harris for Shinnie. Boozy had a very good 25 minutes and looked like the player that broke through a few years back. I don’t think he will be with us next season though.

Next came Keats for Boyler. Keats has scored some special goals, but I don’t think he gives enough. I expect he will leave, but will always be well thought of by the Hibs fans.

Barts came on for a 5 minute cameo replacing Dylan. He will be crucial in games against the big teams like Thellick, the Hun $#@!s and Aberdeen next year and the diddy teams who hoof the fitba like the Gunts. I prefer watching the fluid Hibs midfield of Fyvie, McGinn, Shinnie and McGeouch, but appreciate what Barts does for us.

Neil and Gary read my twelve player team last night on the Bounce, cheers guys. Its nice watching Hibs play football although I felt Queens offered nothing. I hope you stay on guys, you have brought steel to our club. You are winners, and for me, welcome additions to the Hibernian story.

Queens best player was Danny Carmichael and their decent keeper, Robinson who has had a few good games against us. They are a reasonable enough championship club. What I do like about them, they represent their community, and their fans were magnificent after the game today, around half of their 200 supporters stayed to applaud Hibernian as champions. That is fitba for me, well done and thank you Doonhamers.

The referee was average, he did book when he had to (Nae Hibs players either), was a fud when he stopped play for a Hibs foul when Jase had broke free and may have scored. I have seen worse though, most weeks to be honest.

The 17,056 supporters that came along were noisy and proud. Keep coming along everyone, this club are going places. The Phoenix has risen.

Man of the match was Darren McGregor, Mr Hibs. My only frustration is that we didnae sign this Hibs man 10 years ago. Darren loves our club just like we do.

I would say, had Daz not won every ball and scored two goals, Fraser Fyvie would have got my MOTM I thought he was excellent. Credit to Captain Dave, Boyler, Lewis, SJM and Shinnietsa too.

So, next week we are Hampden bound. No got a ticket yet? Get one, we have won the League, now its time to retain our Cup. Get there and support the boys, if you can?

Here we go, two in a row.

This Just Back is dedicated to Shaun McKinley, our lost brother and all our fellow Hibby’s no longer with us.

I assume Big G had his 3-0 win safely placed in a bookmaker of his choice.

Hibernian Football Club, Scottish Championship Winners 2016 – 2017.

Hibernian Forever.

St. Patrick’s Branch have commissioned 2016 Scottish Cup mug sets unique to our Branch designed by long standing brilliant Hibernian caricaturist and St. Pat’s member ‘Splodge’ At 15 quid for the set which  it is a snip.



The sets are accompanied on the superb packaging by well known Branch member Mark’s ‘Just Back’…..of that history making day.