Just back and proud to be a Hibby……

Today we played the second best team in Scotland, after 25 minutes of the wrong Hibs, we bettered and battered the second best team in Scotland, they won, but if they are the second best team in Scotland, so are we.

Its fair to say, like all of you, I love my club, I love the players who represent us and I love my fellow Hibernian supporters, deeply. The show of unadulterated love for our Club after the match put us on a pedestal, we are the best, we are Hibernian.

OK, we lost, we lost to a sair yin, we gave them a two goal start, we succumbed to a 25 minute show of shambolic Hibs at their very worst. We rose above that, we cheered them on and on any other day, our football team would have won that excellent example of why Scottish football is good. The moaners and greeters about our game, they dinnae support Hibs, they dinnae support Aberdeen, they probably come from Limekilns, Bellshill or Aberfeldy and support Man United or Chelsea. 32,000 of us ken our game is healthy, it is good and well worth watching.

Our line up at the start had aww $#@! written all over it, Bartley and Fyvie in the same team, one man up front, and we paid the price, errors by McGinn, Bartley, Ambrose and then Daz and we are 1-0 down before many people had stood beside their seats. Then Rocky makes an **** of the second and it could be games a bogey.

Not Hibs though, Holt scores and magical football by half the team draws us level just after half time, we are level and the ground is rocking as 20,000 Hibbys back our wonderful fitba team. As I have said often, WE are Hibernian FC.

Then they score, against the run of play, right after a clear hand ball and foul to Hibs, the second best team in Scotland, scrape past us with a deflection. The bad breath, cannae hide your bigotry, hun $#@! Glasgow Polis sigh of relief whooshed right over us when Aberdeen scored.

The baton is passed to you Aberdeen.

Lets be honest, HIBERNIAN FOOTBALL CLUB WON THE SCOTTISH CUP ON THE 21st OF MAY, 2016 the best day of your life, my life, our lives. Its gone, but it is never forgotten. We love you Hibs, we are the best brand of football fans the words ever seen. Today was a what could have been, BUT we ken who we are are, we are HIBERNIAN FC. Next year, we will be trouble, big trouble.

The Team

Rocky is the good, the bad and the Kevin Rowland lookalike of fitba. He might have scored a wonderful headed equaliser in that magical 92nd minute, but then he should have saved their second for $#@! sake. Lets build from Rocky for next years assault on the Premiership.



David Gray had a tough game with the excellent Hayes as opposition, Hayes won the first half, Sir David the second. For the record, David Gray will be eternally the Hibernian player that broke that hoodoo, he scored that goal, he was captian when he scored that goal. You, Sir David, are my hero, you are a legend at our football team, today and every time you wear that magnificent jersey of ours.

Darren might be recorded as the Hibs player who made the last mistake in that first goal, worse, the guy who suffered the hell of an own goal to let Aberdeen win. But to Hibs Fans, he is wonderful, the best defender we have supported since Rob Jones and David Murphy. Darren, you are genuinely one of our own.

Efe was rotten first 25 minutes, I ken, but was immense for 65 minutes. You are class big man, one day you will be as good as Paul Hanlon.

Lewis looked like a Premier League player the whole game, people want him replaced?

Bartley broke the play up, but that was it for me. Sorry, I ken it rips other fans knitting, but he is boring, one paced and does nowt to help us win a game, he stops us losing, we lost anyway.

Fraser Fyvie started in the same team as Marv, he was taken off and we improved, but if I was Fraser I would be very, very annoyed and if he left the club only we would be to blame. We would miss him.

John Mcginn tried hard, very hard but it was not his day.

Dylans goal was wonderful, the best piece of play in the game. Only the metronome would get hurt celebrating and have to go off.

Boyles pass for our first was magnificent, his run better, but he went missing the whole second half, can we afford that?

Jason is not a single striker, even when Holt came on it never worked. Someone smarter than me has to work that one out.


Holt for Fyvie. Holt was brilliant when he came on, but done very little wrong for much of the second half, although he did get tore in. Best game in a Hibs shirt?

Shinnie came on for the injured McGeouch but done very little.

Graham replaced Efe with 2 to go but it was not happening, we were beat.

The ref was a fanny, but we know that, done everything in his (wizardly) power not to book the fouling Aberdeen players. $#@!er that he is.

Aberdeen, well, a good fitba team, strange a team of such ability cannae encourage the fans to come see them at home and in semi finals. If that is second best in Scotland, lets set our targets high Hibs. I hope they win it if playing the Huns. No fussy who wins if they play Thellick.

Man of the Match was Darren McGregor for me, simple.

So, its Raith on Wednesday, Ayr on Saturday then the Saints two weeks today. See you on Wednesday night.

Thanks Hibs, we are back, a great big team, with a great big support who can match the almost best in this country.

See you behind the goals.

Hibernian Forever.


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Just back……in the top league again. Hibernian FC Championship Winners 2016 – 2017


Well guys, the Phoenix has risen, our Hibees are back, we are the CHAMPIONS!!!

I am sure many of you agree, it was a wee bit of an anti climax, I get the “no tempting fate” thing but the celebrations were a bit amateurish, no? Still, isn’t it lovely to see Hibs play football, press, attack and score three goals. I think we are a better team when Fraser Fyvie plays, we were certainly were today.

We set up to win and win we did, but the goals came from the strangest of places today, two headers for one of our own, Darren McGregor and another from that master of the winning goal header, Captain David Gray. So three headed goals, not done since we scored four headed goals in a 4 0 thumping of Duff Jimmy’s Morton earlier in the season.

Some good performances today, Rocky had it easy, Gray and Lewis both did well, Darren was majestic, Efe was on easy street, John McGinn was great, Fraser Fyvie was everywhere, Dylan looked best in the middle, Shinnie worked his socks off, Boyler had a good game and Jase was the only one who looked a bit lost. Queens were pretty insipid, the referee robbed Jase of an almost clear goal scoring opportunity. Still Hibs played more football today than they have in weeks, and most of it was direct and forward. Nice.

So, Hibernian FC are champions, winning the league in front of over 17,000 fans, more home fans than can fit into the guntery in any given week.

The wee team are back, the big teams are $#@!ing themselves.

The Team

Rocky had a very quiet afternoon, other than two fantastic saves from close range. I hope we sign Rocky up.

David Gray, Captain of Hibernian and scorer of the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final on the 21st of May 2016 scored a good header and had a decent game linking with Boyler.

Darren McGregor scored 2 and won every challenge, whether that was against the opposition or his own team mates. A fantastic Hibernian player.

Efe fair enjoyed himself, capped with his back flip forwards in the post match celebrations. I would love Efe to sign for us.

Lewis had a very good game today and swung in a couple of cracking balls both halfs. I would like Lewis to remain a Hibs player for the whole of his football career.

Fraser Fyvie came back into the holding role and took over the metronome role. Hibs ticked nicely today, much of it coming through the tireless work of Fraser Fyvie. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him play today. I hope he extends his contract with Hibs.

Dylan and John McGinn swapped places for 70 minutes, they did so well. I would hate to see Dylan leave. He was best when in the middle last 20, picking out passes and keeping the tick tock ticking with Fraser.

John McGinn had a smashing game, he worked his socks off and looked like the SJM we love. His shots were eehhh, a bit astray all day. His passing was precise though. His brother scored for the Buddies, Hibs next year Stephen?

Andrew Shinnie started slowly but came onto a decent game before being subbed with 25 minutes to go. I would be delighted if he signed for us for next season.

Boyler had a smashing game, I thought. He ran, dribbled and scunnered the Queens defence today. Boyle like this is a decent player who clearly enjoys his fitba and playing for our club. I think he will be a bit part player in the Premier, but we need a squad, not an 11.

Jason is nae lone striker, today proved it. Petulant, lost and lacking service, he never clicked at all, although might have scored if not for a doughnut of a referee. He enjoyed the post match celebrations though and was belting out Sunshine on Leith. That will do for me. Stay for a season in the top league please son.

The subs

The first to come on was Alex Harris for Shinnie. Boozy had a very good 25 minutes and looked like the player that broke through a few years back. I don’t think he will be with us next season though.

Next came Keats for Boyler. Keats has scored some special goals, but I don’t think he gives enough. I expect he will leave, but will always be well thought of by the Hibs fans.

Barts came on for a 5 minute cameo replacing Dylan. He will be crucial in games against the big teams like Thellick, the Hun $#@!s and Aberdeen next year and the diddy teams who hoof the fitba like the Gunts. I prefer watching the fluid Hibs midfield of Fyvie, McGinn, Shinnie and McGeouch, but appreciate what Barts does for us.

Neil and Gary read my twelve player team last night on the Bounce, cheers guys. Its nice watching Hibs play football although I felt Queens offered nothing. I hope you stay on guys, you have brought steel to our club. You are winners, and for me, welcome additions to the Hibernian story.

Queens best player was Danny Carmichael and their decent keeper, Robinson who has had a few good games against us. They are a reasonable enough championship club. What I do like about them, they represent their community, and their fans were magnificent after the game today, around half of their 200 supporters stayed to applaud Hibernian as champions. That is fitba for me, well done and thank you Doonhamers.

The referee was average, he did book when he had to (Nae Hibs players either), was a fud when he stopped play for a Hibs foul when Jase had broke free and may have scored. I have seen worse though, most weeks to be honest.

The 17,056 supporters that came along were noisy and proud. Keep coming along everyone, this club are going places. The Phoenix has risen.

Man of the match was Darren McGregor, Mr Hibs. My only frustration is that we didnae sign this Hibs man 10 years ago. Darren loves our club just like we do.

I would say, had Daz not won every ball and scored two goals, Fraser Fyvie would have got my MOTM I thought he was excellent. Credit to Captain Dave, Boyler, Lewis, SJM and Shinnietsa too.

So, next week we are Hampden bound. No got a ticket yet? Get one, we have won the League, now its time to retain our Cup. Get there and support the boys, if you can?

Here we go, two in a row.

This Just Back is dedicated to Shaun McKinley, our lost brother and all our fellow Hibby’s no longer with us.

I assume Big G had his 3-0 win safely placed in a bookmaker of his choice.

Hibernian Football Club, Scottish Championship Winners 2016 – 2017.

Hibernian Forever.

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2016 Scottish Cup Anniversary mug sets

St. Patrick’s Branch have commissioned 2016 Scottish Cup mug sets unique to our Branch designed by long standing brilliant Hibernian caricaturist and St. Pat’s member ‘Splodge’ At 15 quid for the set which  it is a snip.



The sets are accompanied on the superb packaging by well known Branch member Mark’s ‘Just Back’…..of that history making day.



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Just back and we are limping over the line…….



Jeezo its frustrating watching Hibs just now. I have to say I find it far too pedestrian and unadventurous. We set up too deep, to defend, and are happy to try and see games out way too early. As I have said before, their are nuggets of gold that shine through the sh”””, today that was Jason’s well taken goal and John McGinn. The word turgid is sneaking back into my vocabulary.

4200 turned up, easyily 1500 of them were Hibs fans and first half the support were noisy and got behind the team and Neil Lennon. Second half they gave us nothing to sing about with lacklustre attempts at goal and generally poor play. As I took my seat beside Right Said Fred in the main stand, Lenny and Duff Jimmy appeared to kiss and make up. The huns in their end didnae seem to forgive Neil or Darren right enough and enjoyed their regular chants of Hello Hello. They wont be singing that the morn when their big team get skelped at Aiburdeen. HillBillyBoy fandans.

Then there was the clear hand ball, which was a penalty to Hibernian at 1-0. Only that idiot referee and his linesman didnae see it clearly for what it was, everyone else in the stadium saw it was a clear handball, not ball to hand, not hit too hard, it was a handball.

Hibs did have some decent performances, Jason and Graham done well first half, McGinn was everywhere and Daz and Efe made a mistake each, pity they cost us a goal.

I really think we miss Shinnie, as SKII suggested on the post match blether on the way back to the cars, maybe he is still not quite fit.

The referee was hopeless, Morton had nowt much to admire, Hibs plodded, the sun was lovely.

The Team

Marciano didnae really have much to do but save a penalty, he didnae manage that.

Gray had a reasonably decent game, the scorer of the winning goal as he captained Hibernian in the Scottish Cup Final on the 21st of May 2016 only had to defend, as Boyle was in front of him. He done fine.

Darren was superb, he had no choice in the challenge that gave away the penalty. He is a wonderful defender, I love the fact he is one of us, plays for us and is hard as nails.

Efe had a smashing game, then made an ‘Efe’ that gave away the penalty. I think he is better at centre half, however my oldest son suggested and I agree that Hibs are better when Daz and Paul play together.

Lewis had a good game, he did very little wrong.

Dylan kind of played a left half role for those of you that can mind that position. It means we miss him in the middle and he as in and out the game when played out there, although he did last 90 minutes again.

Marvin had a reasonable game, it was a battle in which he didnae always win.

John McGinn was superb first half, as suggested by a well kent face, his arse is a key element of his play, second only to ex Thelt and Red sh***, Kenny Dalglish in arse ability. He might have scored, but was the winner in the midfield battles, especially first half.

Boyle just didnae get going, when he did beat his man, his final ball was poor, and for me that was nothing to do with the other forwards movement.

Brian Graham had a very decent first half, arguably his best in a Hibs shirt. He faded badly second half and missed a clear chance to win it for us. Its not good enough to give 45 – 50 minutes then fade.

Jason scored a beauty and like his fellow striker Graham had a good first half. He needs to learn to stay on his feet and that will add to his goals. He did little second half, but he really is our only proper goal scorer.

The subs

Holt came on for Graham with 15 to go, only thing of note was a good defensive clearance at a corner.

Weirder than weird, on came Boozy Harris for Boyle with 10 minutes to go. He offered as much as Boyle. No much.

The one player Hibs had been crying out for the whole second half came on for McGeouch with 3 minutes to go. Shinnie should have been on much earlier. I think he has got better as the season has progressed and we miss him when he doesn’t play.

Whilst we started well and the team Lenny set out was pretty much as suspected, it was poor that we fell away so badly second half, poorer still he never changed it whilst time was on our side. We are limping over the line and its ugly to watch Neil. You know that mystical ‘Celtic Way’ Neil, mind we invented that shower. The fitba we are watching is not what we want to see.

The referee was piss poor.

Morton are a decent team, given they have been built on nae money in A town that looks like Scotland in the 1950’s. Their centre half, Lamie, wearing number 3 is a monster of a man and no a bad defender. The boy with the Alice band looks like his face has been ironed. Duff Jimmy is still a baldy pr***, their ground is a disgrace, no toilets for male Hibs fans in their Main stand and a single burger van to cater for 1500 fans.

Hibs support was big and noisy, well done guys and girls, once again you turn up in numbers and back our Club. Who can fault us?

Man of the match for me was John McGinn, I though SJM had a great game, no one got near him and he is hard, erse and all.

Not sure of the maths, but I think if Morton lose or draw v St Mirren and Falkirk draw or lose to St Mirren, no one can catch us and next week, we beat Queens, we are champions? I hope its after a better performance than today’s second half?

See you behind the goals…..

Hibernian Forever…….


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St. Patrick’s Branch meeting with Kevin Thomson Q and A

Our next St. Patrick’s meeting will take place on Thursday 13th April, at 7.30 in the Hibernian Supporters Association Club, Sunnyside.

Following the Branch business we are delighted to have Kevin Thomson along to do a Q and A for Branch members.


Thomson joined Hibernian on 10th August 2001, becoming one of a group of young players to emerge through the youth team during the early noughties. The midfielder would go on to captain the Club in the heart of the midfield.


Kevin had three seperate spells at the Club as a player, intially making his first team breakthrough as a teenager as part of Bobby Williamson’s youthful side in the 2003/04 campaign, helping Hibernian reach the League Cup Final that season, including scoring a goal against Celtic in the run up to the final.

Despite suffering a serious cruciate ligament injury which kept him out of action for almost a year, Thomson returned to become a key figure for Hibernian in the campaign, captaining and dominating midfields in Scotland alongside Scott Brown, before he left to join Rangers in January 2007.

He would spend three years at Ibrox, before leaving to join Middlesbrough in 2010. An injury hit spell at the Riverside under Gordon Strachan saw him leave the club in 2013, re-joining at Easter Road under Pat Fenlon, playing for free until the end of the 2012/13 season. He then signed a one-year deal that summer, before being released at the end of the 2013/14 season, in which the Club were relegated.

Thomson moved north to Dundee and spent eighteen months at Dens Park, captaining the side, before returning to Leith again to see out the rest of the 2015/16 campaign. His final spell with the greens saw him help the Club to win the Scottish Cup, playing a crucial role in both Edinburgh Derbies in the Fifth Round of the competition.

Withe thanks to Hibernian Historical Trust







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Just back and that was poor Hibs, yet again….



By Sauzee we are limping over the line aren’t we? Once again the football gods looked down on us and United and Morton lost, only Falkirk gained ground. We started so well, charging at them, great early goal, some nice football played with SJM back to his old self. It didnae last though. Not that the Pars were anything like the team that gave us a game a few weeks back at Easter Road. I thought they were poor. But yet again, I got the impression too many Hibs players were treading water.

The football is pretty much eye bleeding bad, no Shinnie means no service to Cummings, McGinn was yet again the only midfielder of any worth and they got what looked like a very soft penalty after the referee took a few minutes to changes his mind after initially waving their claims away!!

I estimate 4000 plus Hibs fans in the ground, they gave Neil Lennon a rousing reception when he came to the dug out before kick off, they backed the team but frankly to many of the team let them down.

The Team….

Paul Hanlon was named as starting but word is he injured himself getting off the bus?

Marciano, actually didnae have much to do and nearly saved their dodgy penalty.

Efe was ok, nothing more. I prefer him as a centre half.

McGregor is Hibs best player this season, head and shoulders ahead of the rest of them.

McLean had a perfectly decent debut as a late replacement for Paul Hanlon.

Stevenson didnae play as well with Dylan in front of him on the left.

Bartley was poor, another game we really didnae need him in. Never got going at all.

Boyle was decent first half and did almost nothing second half.

McGeouch is always a good sight on a team sheet, but he didnae fancy the left sided midfield position and whilst there were wee snippets of his brilliance, he didnae bring us much.

Graham did plenty, he did make himself available for the ball but he disnae look like he will score and appears a light weight for such a big guy.

Jase got no service, he looked frustrated.

The Subs

Keats came on for Boyle with 20 minutes to go and added a little with some decent dead ball crosses.

Next came Holt for Graham with 10 minutes to go. A waste of a change, we were crying out for Bartley to go and bring on Fyvie. Holt came on, fouled a bit and mostly stood still for his 10 minutes.

Then surreally David Gray came on for Jason in injury time, Frank only knows why?

Sorry Neil, loved your fighting talk, we are right behind you mate, but by Sauzee that was gash. We were lackluster, half arsed and poor to watch. How we can come out second half and get worse is beyond me. Its not as if Dunfermline were any good.

The referee was not great, I am not sure it was a penalty, neither was he, he indicated play on then blew his whistle for a penalty 20 second later. He booked Dylan for getting kicked too!

As I said, I was surprised how poor the Pars were given their excellent performance at Easter Road. How we came away with only a point is beyond me. At least a few of their fans are turning up now. The Stephens steak bridies remain Scotland’s number one fitba pre match pastry. Lovely. The hot drinks were rotten right enough. I do think they are a proper club and they have proper fans.

Man of the Match, well as my son suggested, maybe I just say Darren McGregor in the first line of every summary I write. However today, there was another nugget of gold in the tolly of turgidness. John McGinn was back to his wonderful best. OK, I accept he often plays a poor final pass, or does a worldy when a simple ball to feet would do. But he scored a raker and got tore in. He gets my man of the match today.

4000 Hibs fans deserve more than Hibs gave us. Well done Brother and Sister Hibernians, we really do support them ever more. My wife isnae a fitba person, she kicked about Dunfermline town centre before and during the game, she said when I picked her up, ‘there are Hibs fans everywhere today’.

Next up, the grudge match, in the green corner, Neil ‘Red’ Lennon v the contender, Duff ‘BaldyPrick’ Jimmy in the blue corner. Lets get along to Greenock in numbers and ram those Hello Hello Hillbillies Banjos right up their erses. Take a piss and feed yourself before ye go, the snack van is a disgrace, the toilets, worse. Its cheap to get in though.

Hibernian Forever.

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Hibernian F.C. Scottish Cup Winners Tie

Screenshot (7) Screenshot (6)

With the anniversary of Hibernian F.C. winning the Scottish Cup almost upon us, celebrate with this unique tie conceived and designed by the Chairman of the Hibernian Supporters Association Crawford Corrigan.

This is a quality product with the names of the Cup winning squad subtly incorporated into the material. The HSA logo and #PERSEVERED at the bottom of the tie.

Whether to wear at Hibernian F.C. events or just to noise up your Jambo friends this is a must for any discerning Hibby. A perfect Father’s Day present this June.

Available to purchase from the bar in the Hibernian Supporters Association Club priced £18 each.


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Just back and that was poor……..



If it hadn’t been for the cairy on at the end, I could have summarised that game as total p***, Hibs were awful, Morton were cloggers. They were better first half, we had more of the ball second half. It was clear after 20 minutes the shape was wrong and they mastered us. It took Lenny until ten minutes to go to make a chanage, which he got wrong.

Far too many Hibs players looked disinterested or lacked drive, I will name, Keatings, Holt, Efe Ambrose, Marciano, and for at least parts of the game, Jason and Bartley. We started brightly, hitting the post with a SJM raker after less than a minute and for the first ten I was fooled into thinking we wanted this. I was wrong. I thought Morton were in command from 10 minutes in, if a team looked likely it was them. The referee ignored their consistent fouling, when he showed one midfielder the hand gestures to signify he had committed 4 fouls, then didnae book him, you knew we had another incompetent referee, underlined by the ref then booking Marv for his first foul.

It got worse. Injury time, Forster is jockeying the ball out for a throw in front of the dugouts when Morton Sub Oyenuga halves Forster in the midriff/ leg??? Darren McGregor runs in and squares up to Oyenuga, Oyenuga collapses holding his head although Darren has not touched him, meanwhile Duff Jimmy and Lenny are trying to knock lumps out of each other with the Big Eared Baldy p**** Duffy the protagonist, Oyenuga stands up like  Lazarus and is promptly red carded, feigning shock and horror. The referee then speaks to the linesman who could not have seen anything from his postition the other side of the set too and the ref send Daz off with a straight red. The ref then sends both Duff Jimmy and Lenny to the stand. Amateur hour has concluded.

On the pitch Daz was superb, as was Stevenson, McGinn did the job of two people as Bartley played in bits, and Jason gets moaned at for having to cover for that waste of a shirt Holt then is subbed. Boyle took a man off plenty but his crossing let him down and Keats proved he is an impact sub as he did little all game.

By the way, that sounds exciting, it wasn’t, it was gash.

The Team

Marciano was better than he was for Israel v Spain.

Efe is not as good a right back as he is a right sided midfielder. I can see where the too casual, about to make mistake reputation comes from when he is at right back.

Darren was fantastic, as good a Hibs captain as ehhhh David Gray!! From my seat he should never have been sent off.

Paul had a wobbly game coming back from injury, nowhere near as composed as we expect.

Lewis was fantastic, he is so much better when his job is to defend and build, not attack.

McGinn started brightly, hitting the posts and had a decent first half. I felt he spent too much of the second half covering for Barts.

I thought Barts was mastered by the dirty wee sh*tes in Morton’s midfield. He rarely stopped them, although they were aided by an idiot of a ref.

Keatings did nothing other than a brief ten minute effort after half time. I thought he was dreadful and looked disinterested. He played 90 minutes too.

Boyle did get passed his man regularly, he cannae time a run, he disnae run in the channels enough and he couldnae cross himself. He did however try for 90 minutes.

Holt was awful. He looked like a pub League player, not a good one either. He plays for fouls. Nae use to us at all.

Jason never really got a shot off but he did work very hard to get the ball, and try and get in dangerous positions. Cannae be easy being the lone striker when there are two strikers on the pitch.

The subs

Graham came on for Holt with 25 minutes to go and did more than Holt has done in his last three games for Hibs. Pity he is Bambi on ice. Nearly scored a header.

Dylan came on for Cummings with three minutes to go, a full 30 minutes too late Lennon and Dylan should have replaced Keatings who was blowing out his arse.

In a double substitution, Forster replaced Paul Hanlon, and we the fans sh** it for the last few minutes. Took a sore one that started the rammy.

I think Lennon got the set up badly wrong, we were overwhelmed in midfield and did not rectify it. To keep picking Holt is beyond comprehension, he is unfit and brings nothing to the team anymore. Accept your wrong Neil and make changes, that 4 1 1 2 2 horror didnae work and the result could have been worse. Well done on standing up for your players, your Club and yourself at the end.

The referee was incompetent.

I said before this game that Duffy is a tosser. Tonight proved it. Manager of the Year some dafties suggested, my  arse, a sleekit p**** who condones cheating. I hope we batter those banjo playing, hillbilly, cartoon Huns with their Hullo Hullo songs, next weekend.

Big turnout of over 14600 Hibs fans, 400 inbreds in the away end, good crowd but muted atmosphere.

My man of the match was Darren McGregor, Hibs must appeal the nonsense red card.

This weekend, lets get behind the team over in Fife, we are stuttering over the line Hibs, lets raise our game please.



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Just back and we did it when it mattered…….


Thank you James Keatings, what a wonderful goal you scored. Everything that was wrong about your performance last week you put right today, your pin point ball for Efe’s goal was sublime, your turn, and a 20 yard curler off your weak foot was a joy to behold, a wonderful strike, a worthy winner in that magical time of 90+2 that saw that plook heeded skitter of a man Houston’s napper explode filling the away dugout with spit, snotters and bile. Kaboom!!

Missing Captain Dave, the man who captained Hibernian on the 21st of May 2016, heading home the winning goal in the 92nd minute, John McGinn who is developing skelfs in his erky in Glasgow and Ofir Marciano, who I hear was poor in Spain last night. In came Laidlaw, Efe went to right back, and Dylan slotted in well for SJM.

Falkirk had a team full of folk with Buzz Cuts, it was like the GI’s had landed in Leith. All the rage in Falkirk I hear, the Teddy boys got (bryl)creamed this efty.

Lead out by Houston, beaming like a red light in a whore house, they are a team that are easy to dislike, word fi the prawn sandwich seats upstairs in the West Stand is Alex Totten is a wee bitter barsteward too. To say they were robust would be polite, the dirty barstewards would have had a few sent off if there was such a thing as a competent referee in Scottish football. The one today was hopeless, what is new. He wore his shorts like he was in ABBA, the weirdo.

We had snippets of brilliance, too many errors, a game of two halfs, where some improved, some got worse. Then an inspired but clearly required substitution, along with a welcome one. As Lenny said after the game, today may have been pivotal in the League title, we killed off Plookys challenge, probably spoiled his double pie supper and large Eldorado with his wife tonight. She had promised him that if Fawkirk won, he only had to take the one blood pressure tablet with his Viagra tonight tae. He will be phoning his glaikit pal Levien for advice in the morning. Potter will send him a note via John Daly about Hobos spoiling everything nowadays. Get it right up ye Houston.

It was fantastic to see Ivan, Rob, Zoomer, Whits, McNeil and especially David Murphy at half time. Brought memories flooding back of that day 10 years ago. Thanks guys, you are all welcome home any time.

So to the team….

Laidlaw had a decent game right up till he knocked an innocuous punt out for a corner and the Bairns equalised. He did make up for it a little when he took the ball off Sibbald cut your own hair later.

Efe slipped into captain Dave’s position at right back seamlessly. A few errors yes, but a smashing player with the ball at his feet. Loves a mazy too. Took his goal well too. If he signed for us, he would become a cult hero. Good guy.

Darren McGregor was imperious, magnificent, better than anything Scotland have.

Forster was poor, and didnae improve.

Lewis is hard as nails, and I thought he had a decent game today, he stopped the wee Hun Aird that people were pulling their plonkers over . Lewis dealt with him.

Dylan was back, stretching and rubbing. BUT, the guy is a fitba player, graceful, skillful and smart. Pity he didn’t do enough to change a game.

Bartley was poor first half for me, but had a smashing second half. One day he will shoot. He looked decent as he pushed forward.

Shinnie looked up for it but I think he dislocated his shoulder? Keats replaced him just before half time.

Boyler got past his man first half, but he couldnae cross a road. Second half he got tore in, but he couldnae cross himself.

Holt was honking.

Jase got no service, but gave very little.


James Keatings is the best dead ball player at our club. His crosses, passes and shots are more accurate than other players and his goal was wonderful, really, very, very well taken peach of a goal. All season I have felt Keats is hard done by, truth is, he is a brilliant impact sub, he runs tired defences ragged and had a fair bit of skill and an accurate eye with a dead ball. Great pass for goal number one and brilliant individual second. Thanks James, well played son, that was magical. Pity 2000 Hibs fans decided to miss it, or maybe not. Nae luck.

Paul Hanlon, the classiest defender at Hibs, strolled on to the pitch to warm applause. It is simply fantastic to see Paul back. Darren and Paul are the best centre halfs we have had in years.

Brian Graham replaced Holt and took heed of a wise stage in the West Lower when he was told he had done nowt since replacing Holt. He proceeded to win headers, feed Keats and be part of the wonderful winning goal.

Lenny knows Hibs are better than we are playing. Today we beat a decent Falkirk team, condeming them to at best a play off place. I think he knows we have enough to get over the line, but not much more. His post match interview suggests he was delighted we beat Houston’s bawbags.

Falkirk can f*** off though. Hoofballers, sleekit diggers, and poor haircuts.

The referee was hopeless. What is new?

Other observations were the giant crowd, nervous but out in numbers, Big G sitting on his tod in the Lower Famous five? WTF? Does anyone reckon Rob Jones will manage Hibernian one day?

My man of the match was our player of the season, Darren McGregor, what a great Captains role you played. Special mentions for Lewis, Efe, Barts and Keats for the wonder goal.

Next up, a defeated Duff Jimmy’s Morton, who give us a game, another six pointer. For me, win that, we win the league?

See you all on Wednesday.

Hibernian Forever!


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