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A group of St. Patrick’s School pupils with Father Edward Joseph Hannan (later to become Canon Hannan).


Celebration of the 140th Anniversary of the Founding of Hibernian F.C.

Hibernian F.C. celebrates its 140th Anniversary on the 6th August 2015.This historical event has started debate amongst St Patricks Branch members, who would like to see this important event celebrated with a series of high profile and visual events.Unanimously agreed by 50 Branch members at the Branch meeting on Thursday 20th November, amongst the many suggestions put forward by members, the following were passed to Hibernian F,C for consideration…….

Proposal 1     2015-16 Season Strip

Our membership feels that a tangible and visible way to commemorate our Anniversary would be to reference it on the 2015-16 strips. Our proposal would be to incorporate the Clubs original Harp and Shamrocks crest, a la the crest on St Patrick’s Branch flag which is proudly flown in the stadium, with1875-2015, into that seasons strip.We would not intend to replace our current crest but simply include this historic symbol as a commemorative addition.

Proposal 2   Stadium Plaque

We would like to propose to fund and commission a commemorative 140th Anniversary Plaque or Stone to be situated on the exterior stadium wall, ideally by the West Stand main entrance.The Plaque or Stone would include reference to our origins by depicting the clubs original Crest, 140 Anniversary, the dates 1875 – 2015 and that it was erected by Hibernian F.C. Supporters.

We would intend to hold similar fund raising events to those which self-financed our previous two successful projects, the Plaque to Hibernian’s Founding Fathers in St. Patrick’s Church and the magnificent gravestone for Hibernian legend Dan McMichael, both subscribed to by fans of the Hibs who made it possible. As before, we would invite all the Hibernian community to become involved and make donations, should they wish.

Other Proposals for Consideration

At the time of our Clubs founding there was a high level of economic uncertainty, wide spread poverty and financial hardship amongst the those who gave support to the Club.

Unfortunately, many of these features still remain today and we would like the Club to consider giving some support to our many fans that do not have the financial resources to attend a football match at any given time.


Subsequently we were invited to meet Leeann Dempster Chief Executive, Gary O’Hagan Director & Club Secretary, and Bruce Langham Director, prior to the Alloa game on Saturday.

Representing the Branch were Dougie McLeod, Robert Henderson, Tam McVay and Brian Duffy.

Our reps. report that it was a positive meeting, however because of time restraints and the nature of our proposals further meetings and discussion will be necessary with Hibs and of course the Branch membership.


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