Day 1. Friday 3 May: London to Stamford, Lincs = 100 mile

Hugh phoned to say that he completed the first part of his journey at about 4 this afternoon. Pretty knackered by the sound of it to be honest . Relaxing in a hostelry, on the orange and water, with one of the Lincolnshire St. Patrick’s Branch Massive Kevin Bold and friends.
It gave Hugh a bit of a boost to hear that two of Dan McMichael’s great granddaughters have contacted the Branch and have sponsored him.

Day 2. Saturday 4 May: Stamford to York = 122 miles

Well that is Hugh at the half way mark. ‘ Bits of me are sore that I didnae ken existed.’ as he put it to me tonight. Although 22 miles more today than yesterday I think the extra miles seemed like hundreds. All the charity cyclists are keen amateurs. Compare that with the whippet like group of serious lads and lasses who left London this morning and arrived in York not much later than Hugh’s group and who are leaving early doors tomorrow and arriving in Edinburgh the same day!!
Hugh will arrive at Easter Road around 5.00 on Monday night. Several Branch members will be there to greet him.

 Day 3. Sunday 5 May: York to Morpeth, Northumberland = 113 miles

 Spoke to Hugh and his Mrs who joined him at Morpeth too give encouragement. Totally sunburned back of his napper . Mrs C said that he was shivering like a jelly a la sunburn. Not good. Cannae wait to see and congratulate this Hibs Hero at Easter Road about 5 on Monday. Kick on Shug mate.

Day 4. Monday 6 May: Morpeth to Edinburgh = 109 miles

Well done Hugh! He arrived at the stadium at the back of 6 to a warm reception from Branch members, Andrew Sleight Media Manager at Hibernian FC, Pat Fenlon who kindly gave his time on his day off and folk from the media. Hugh was clearly moved by the reception for him. Photos were then taken inside the Holy Ground which will appear on the St. Patrick’s Branch website shortly. Most of us then headed to the Hibs Club where refreshments were quaffed whilst listening to Hugh’s recollections of the past four days epic journey. A massive thank you goes out to all the Hibs fans and others whose generously sponsored Hugh to the tune of over £1,000 to help towards a suitable memorial to the great Dan McMichael who rests a short distance from journey’s end.

More photos and videos here:

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