This e-mail was received by the Branch earlier this week. Some of their supporters were over for the St. Mirren game and were in the Hibs Club:

Dear Hibees.

Thank you for the hospitality after the match in the supporters’ club and later on in the stadium, it was a great experience.
We met Stuart, Gary and I believe Irvine was his name.

We hope that the Branch will visit our club Roda JC in the Netherlands for a football weekend.
You can visit our Club site    The site for our Branch is

I send you an attachment with a picture of the shirt I got as a present. My son is very pleased with It.
Kind regards from the Dutch guys.

Verzonden van mijn HTC

Supporters of Roda JC Kerkrade (Hibs v St. Mirren 03 Nov’12)
Roda JC (03 November 2012)
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