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Long time no speak, comrades.  Trust everyone’s well.

As some of you may know through other web channels, Sandy Macnair has a new book entitled ‘Grumpy Gibby the West Stand Hibbie’.  It’s basically 250 pages of everyone’s favourite torn-faced disaster from Mass Hibsteria on an uber rant about anything and everything.  I do the prologue, which is thankfully only a few pages long.  As ever with the garrulous old git, he finds himself in the most impossible situations, including a date with Beyonce Knowles (aka Bouncy) and appearances on Mastermind and Countdown.  Is it merely a coincidence that ‘loadypish’ consists of nine letters?

They’re available to buy from the usual BB outlets, namely; Blackwells on the Bridges, 6 Yard Box on East Market Street and the club store.  At £11.99, it’s s bigger steal than the signature of Benny Brazil back in the 70’s.

Happy to accept mail orders too. £15 gets it delivered to your door in a lovely padded envelope, the padding coming from Gibby’s cell in the Royal Ed.  You can pay by bank transfer (87 70 04 – 83286368) or via PayPal at  Please send an email to to confirm your address – only way I know where to send it to if you’re paying by bank transfer, andPayPal can be a bit of a hit and miss at times.

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