Important information from your branch committee please do take time to read this short message.

As you perhaps have noticed we have had a number of problems recently with our communications. Some members have dropped from our email list and/or have had messages from us go straight to your spam box.  
As we have a number of very important announcements to make in the next few weeks we intend to firstly try and resolve this issue of communication. This will also retain our proud record of the branch’s communication with every single member.  To accomplish this, our intention is to send a Postal Letter to each and every one of our members, firstly clarifying the great work we have done on our Website and how to now access the website with your own personal log in, this will also update us with your current email address. We will also explain how to prevent our communication dropping into your spam box.There will also be the opportunity for those preferring not to use email to receive on-going postal messages but its hoped as many members as possible will sign up to the website and start to receive our regular communication.

Your personal account will also allow you to easily complete and pay for your forthcoming 2020 Hibernian Supporters Association and Branch re-affiliation. (a big thanks to those who have already managed this).
So what’s the point of this email message if we already know there are large numbers of Members not receiving them? Well, we would ask those who are receiving this message if you could start our big communication recovery by getting the word out to all your branch friends and to remind them and you to watch out for the branch letter in the post and to act on the information included in the letter.   In the mean time if you are receiving this message and have not yet created  your  own St Patricks web site password, here is  how to  do it:

Click on the link below,  on the next page you will be asked to input your email address, this should be your current email address which we will also use to communicate regularly.  If the email is recognised the system automatically sends you an initial password you can then use it to log-in to our website If you enter your email and the system does not recognise it, you will get an error message, don’t worry all you have to do is a quick email to the membership secretary Jamie Millar at membership@stpats.club supplying as many details as possible, name, address, mobile number, Jamie will endeavour to  get back to you within 24 hrs

 Get your account password here 

So once you’ve done the above you have your own personal account and log in, well done!You can also now proceed to your  MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT  where you will see details of your current membership and you will be able to change your password to a more memorable wording…Not ‘Hibs 1875’, that’s mine!You can also now

 View All Membership Options

Please note; All Branch Meeting Minutes/Videos will be on our private section of the website, that’s why it’s important to have your own account login or you will miss out on these.If you do need help with anything else, then please contact us, we strive to answer your enquiry within 24 hours. Usually however within 8 hours.  

Contact the Membership Secretary

If you are renewing  your re-affiliation for 2020 one of the Very Important Announcements mentioned is the change to the Hibernian Supporters Association rules,  these rules were brought in at the last AGM in May 2019 and apply to all memberships into the New Year (2020 ) So Please Note:  For Out Of town Members only (international members and all other memberships remain unchanged)As per HSA new rules, there is NO longer an Out Of Town membership category, this has been replaced by the Associate membership, however, this new category of membership will severely restrict your access to the Club and your voting rightsChoosing this membership will not  allow you access to the HSA on match days nor will you  be entitled to a vote at HSA AGM’sHowever if you are currently an Out of Town member and wish to retain your full Club Access and Voting rights you can simply re-affiliate as a Full Member, please note the cost to do this is simply the re-affiliation price there will be no requirement for a full rejoining fee!
If you do need further information or clarity on this please email your committee.

Email the Committee

Click Here To Visit The Website 



Wed 27th November 2019 ??KO 1930 In The Stanton Suite, Hibs Club.

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