Due to the stupid kick off time I couldn’t make it up to Aberdeen tonight, so elected to watch the game in the comfort of my mates house, sipping beers. I thought we were very good first 25 minutes.Aberdeen worked us out and were the better team for most of the rest of the match. It was a penalty when the Heff was tripped but the big nosed gunt was never giving us a penalty that early and so to balance it out when the Admiral did handle it and it should have been a penalty to Aberdeen too. Not only is Thomson a ****, he is a useless one at that. We simply didnae push Aberdeen enough, the 12-1 corner stats says it all.

To the players….

  • Williams – Did fine right up to the goal, where, although not mentioned by the BT Sport panel of five fuds on Baltic Corner at Pitoddrie, Williams might have saved Willie Gollums wee Brother Willo Flood’s shot, he never made an effort so we will never know?


  • Forster – Coped well against very difficult opposition coming at him, not so much going forward tonight.


  • Hanlon – A smashing performance from Big Paul yet again.


  • Nelson – I thought he did well, they were solid, but he made more errors than his fellow centre half.


  • McGivern – Done ok but he makes too many silly errors from poor headers to bad passes


  • Cairney – JP always beats his first man, tonight he never beat the second man once that I can remember. Still like to watch him


  • Robertson – I felt the game passed him by after the first twenty minutes and Stanton coming on for him with 30 minutes to go was the right move, we all have off days.


  • Craig – Sorry Liam, I am hard on you but you have to do better pal. You were poor tonight, although you and Scott were up against the excellent Barry Robson and Willo Flood.


  • Stevenson – Great game again from Lewis, I can almost cut and paste this week to week.


  • Heffernan – He is not fit yet, seen him for 25 minutes.


  • Collins – Works his socks off, tonight he had a first touch like a coo with ice skates on. We need an alternative pronto.


  • Sammy Stanton – Came on for Robertson and make a presence, mair Guinness and chicken and you will be good Sam, gets stuck in for a wiry lad


  • Cummings – Learning from Sunday, Terry and Mo brought the laddie on for Heff. Nae service but did what he could when he got the ball.


  • Boozy – Lovely to see the mercurial Boozy back in green, had three touches of the ball, one of which was a soft foul, cannae wait for him to get going though

Terry & Mo – Got it right tonight mostly, cannae do anything about wonder goals scored by aliens. I think they know we need more options up front.

The Ref – The boys is as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Aberdeen – They were not firing on all cylinders tonight but they are a good team and I like Robson and Gollum. What good football players they are. They play for 90 minutes, that is how they win with late goals, learn from it Hibernian.

Hibs Fans – Well done the 5-600 folk, who must have skived school and work or took leave to get there, pity you never got a reward for your efforts.

My man of the match for Hibs was Paul Hanlon and unusually I also would like to say I thought Barry Robson was fantastic for Aberdeen.


Mark Strachan

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