….and we were beaten by a better team, simple really….

Aberdeen started well, mastered the midfield and played some tidy football, zipping passes about and counter attacking at will. Hibs played as 11 reasonable players, no sign of a team though.


  • Williams – Didn’t have too many saves to pick the ball out of net twice.


  • Stevenson – Might have got himself man of the match but for being left stranded by his Manager and caught short at both goals.


  • McPake – Reasonable return but wasn’t faultless at the goals.


  • Hanlon – Did ok today but needs to stick the heid on the ba’ in the opposition box,


  • McGivern – I thought he had a very good game again


  • Craig – How he was man of the match only Stevie Wonder in the Sponsors box knows. I thought he was very poor.


  • Thomson- Took half an hour to get going, I am afraid Willo Flood did to him what Thommo did to Brown last week?


  • Tudor Jones – Some poor passes but won a lot of the ball and it started to go wrong when he went off.


  • Robertson – By far Hibs best midfielder, I thought he came into he game and was excellent second half.


  • Zoubir – One to forget, left on far too long by the manager, you wonder if Fenlon does it to deflect things away from himself?


  • Heffernan – If we had a chance, it is with the Heff on the pitch, who knows why Fenlon took him off.


  • Collins – You should have scored at 0-1 son, you never, its the reason you have dropped down the pecking order.
  • Vine – Deary, deary me.
  • Handling – Imagine bring on Handling then put him through the middle, wrong again Pat.


  • So to Pat. Last week you got it right, this week you undid your good work with some thoroughly stupid decisions. Credit, you did make earlier subs, its just you took the wrong people off at the wrong times? Zoubir was blowing out his erse and having a stinker, he survives two substitutions and you take Tudor Jones off? You take the most dangerous striker and most likely goal scorer off for no apparent reason and when you do make a swap and bring Handling on you play him though the middle. Pat, you were out thought and well beaten, it’s what will ensure your contract is not renewed in the summer.


  • Man of the match for Hibs – Well in a game of poor Hibs performances, for me it was Scott Robertson who did his damnest to get us something. Real man of the match was that alien, Willo Flood, he was fantastic.


  • Fans – Good noisy crowd from both supports.


  • Ref – Poor, but its not often you say otherwise nowadays.


  • Aberdeen – I like the cut of their gib, some good football and a will to win.

Post match road controls, a total shambles, the Police closed Albion Road, St Clair Street and Hawkhill Avenue for 30 minutes after the games you could not leave the area in your car and left the stewards to deal with it, idiots.


Mark Strachan

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