Just thawing out thanks to the heating in the hoose and a warming glass of shiraz. I enjoyed that today, it was 4 coming on a dozen. Some lovely fitba played, debuts, returns and a much better way of playing football. All eyes were on Ryan Gauld, and rightly so, new boy Tommy Block must have been fair chuffed to be on the bench and Marv was back in the team with both Sir Dave and Big Ryan on the bench. Elgin brought more fans than Hamilton, and possibly Dundee, St Johnstone and Motherwell and made more noise than the Hibs fans. They appeared to enjoy their day out in the big City, by the state of a few of them before the game. Good, because their team did them proud.

I did hear a few stories today, which include young Flo behaving as a Billy Big Baws in the changing room and needing a word from a defender who never gives the ball away, and an Australian who hasn’t settled in Scotland and may end up going home sooner than we expected? I do know that Stephane Omenonga has signed too.

Starting with Bogdan, a flat four of Whitts, Daz, Paul and Sackie, Barts sitting in front of them and freedom given to Mallan, Slivka, Horgan and Gauld and Flo up front, we simply passed Elgin City of the pitch. In the end it might have been double figures, but for a decent keeper and some bad misses from Hibs. Still we are in the next round and that is what matter most.

The Team

Bodgan had very, very little to do. He was hurt with around 10 minutes to go after a 50 50 with the City striker and took a sore one. I hope he was taken off as a precaution. The good thing is we bring on Rocky as a replacement. When was the last time Hibs had two such excellent keepers?

Whitts started poorly with 4 or 5 poor passes in quick succession. He settled down and had a decent enough game.

Daz enjoyed himself, although I felt his headers were awfy today. Mibbee had his heed on squint today.

Paul strolled through the game as he can and does regularly.

Sackie ( I am told that is his nickname, might be baws?) has slipped into our Lewis’s position like he has been there for years, I think he is a smashing player.

Marv enjoyed his day, bit of work needed with the hard working midfield of Elgin all trying it on with him. I enjoyed watching Marv today, he played well. SHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT man!

Stevie Mallan had a game much more like the type we expect from him. I put it down to having Marv there to mop up, having other fitba players beside him in Horgan and Gauld and his desire to get a goal. He got one from a well taken penalty, one in the eye of the too quick to moan Hibs fans. Well played son.

Slivka had a quietly excellent day and was involved in a lot of what was good from Hibs today. I wish he would fucking shoot though!

Daryll Horgan was a buzzbomb today, scored two, wanted the ball, linked up well with the front men and gave an excellent 80 minutes, the first 70 and the last 10. He took 10 minutes rest which he earned but couldnae do against better opposition. Two goals, one a weird heeder, one after a great ball from both Gauld then Whitts.

I know, I know, you are all bursting to see what I though of Ryan Gauld. Frankly, I thought he was magic. His introduction has changed the way we play, has improved the performances of the ballers like Horgan and Mallan and links up the front man like Scott Allan’s wee brother. He lasted 70 minutes but had tired by 60. This is the type of player we need, I would pay to watch Ryan every week. His ball to Flo for his goal was immaculate, a joy. I cannot wait for Scott Allan to join him, Hibs need to get that one sorted pronto, as the fans will flock back with Ryan and Scott on the pitch together. Magic.

Flo scored a stoatir, had a reasonably taken penalty well saved by the decent laddie in the Elgin goal. He looked hungry and if we have Gauld and Allan, he will need a rest by the end of the season, with the running he will have to do after those fantastic through balls. Arrogant, aggressive, a baw bag, ayes maybe, but the laddie is a goalscorer.


Shaw replaced Kamberi and done nothing to say he is the future, sorry son.

Fraser Murray replaced the excellent Ryan Gauld and it was good to seem him back. He has built his upper body up a bit and I think he will become a regular.

Sir David Gray, captain of Hibernian on the day he scored the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final on May 21st 2016 was stripped and ready to come on with 10 to go when Bogdan was injured and Rocky had to come on instead.

The Management Team

I though the bench got it right today. Putting young Tommy Block on the bench was a clever, i am sure the laddie is chuffed. Right team for the tie. We are through.

Elgin City

Well played Elgin, tried to play fitba, didnae come for a draw, noisy fans, a couple of decent players in the keeper, their left side midfielder and the number 10 who never gave up. Good luck with the rest of the season.

The Referee

I thought he had a very good game, let it flow and no bookings or red cards.

The Fans

7082, of which I guess around 500 came doon from Elgin. OK a small crowd but it would have raised around £100k, which will be welcome by Hamilton. I thinks we need to look at cheaper concession prices for these games. No singing section at all, either the ‘official ‘ones, or the ones in the old section 43 made for a quiet Hibs end. The pished lads and lassies from Elgin had a good day I hope.

My Man of the Match was the same as the official one, Daryll Horgan although I thought Marv was great, Mallan was much better, Mackie is a star of the future and Ryan Gauld will no doubt win the vast majority for the rest of this season once he settles, this laddie really is a player, come along and support him.

Next up, Motherwell on Wednesday night away in deepest darkest Lanarkshire. Get along and support the team if you can, I fully expect an excellent second half of the season. See you behind the goals.

Hibernian Forever!

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