What a day, I was still in my office looking onto St Paul’s in London at 14.10 today. Power limp along to Bank Station, DLR train, Plane, Taxi and a drive got me to Perth at 18.50. I thought, well Hibs, I have done my bit now you do yours. For an hour, I thought, what the hell has happened we looked like that ugly Hibs we thought we had got rid of?

OK St Johnstone press, they hoof it over midfield, they make it hard for teams, indeed they played some nice football and too were worthy of their halftime lead. We came out after half time looking more up for it, then Slivka was booked for diving, no something I like to see a Hibs player do. I was in the top row of the main stand tonight, I witness Stocky pass a note to Heck, Heck read it then passed it to Slivka, who showed it to Mallan. Horgan moved wide left from wide right, Mallan moved right from middle and Slivka stayed in the middle (are you following me?.Two minutes later Omeonga replaces Mallan and a minute or two after that, Slivka gets sent off for a daft foul. Some feckin note that was!!! We had just equalised with penalty won by Flo, that looked a spot on decision my seat, that fat Irish guy that manages Saints seemed to think otherwise? In my head the title of tonight Just back was going to be ‘Note Gate’. Nae need, Omeonga simply makes a difference and he drove us on to feed Marc Mac who slotted the winner home with aplomb to send the large and noisy Hibs support into raptures!

I thought we were slow, clumsy and lacking ideas for an hour, then we shone for 20 minutes before defending like gladiators for that last ten. Well done Hibs, it wisnae pretty, but with Sparky McNulty in the team and wee Steph Omeonga working some magic, we always have a chance.

I came out the ground with palpitations, hoarse by an awfy Happy Hibby! I then heard the Gunts had been beaten and Barca had pumped Madrid 3 zip. I dinnae rate Carlsberg, but if they making perfect evenings…………

The Team

Rocky, wobbled a bit tonight, his kicking was rotten all night.

Sir David Gray, Captain and scorer of the winning goal on that day in May 2016 when he held that Old Lady high above his head was up and down that line all night. I thought he had a smashing game?

Darren was immense, he was that gladiator!

Paul is still not quite the Paul Hanlon we know and love, distribution still poor and weak in the challenge.

Lewis had a tough time first hour but we saw another Lewis when we was joined by Stephane Omeonga.

Mark Milligan I felt had yet another fantastic game for us, really showing his value now.

Stevie Mallan played well enough but with no pressing game he was often ineffectual.

Slivka made too many mistakes tonight, I would have hooked him when we hooked Mallan, PHB got that one wrong. Diving is shite and his one was rotten, you would be chucked out the baths for that.

Flo worked his arse off, chased everything, tried to link up with Marc Mac and won us the penalty. Need to work hard with him on his first touch. How he was booked that squint faced prick Craig wisnae only the ref knows? Indeed how nae St Johnstone players were booked is beyond me.


Omeonga replaced Mallan after an hour and again was great, his through ball for the winner was inch perfect and he is quickly becoming a fans favourite.

Marv came on to replace Horgan to shore up our defence following Slivka’s sending off. He did well.

Young Mackie came on for McNulty which allowed the Hibs fans to give Marc a well earned ovation. Sean done well in his cameo to.

PHB and Stockie mentioned post match on the radio that we cannae play well every week but we won and that is key. For me teh high press high tempo the guys have brought to our games didnae appear tonight until we equalised. When we did there was only going to be one winner, although the 5 minutes injury time at the end were nerve wracking!

Saint Johnstone are not good to watch, that will be why they had around 2500 home fans in the ground. Possibly a meeting at the local Conservative Club on too which may have affected numbers? Hibs, whilst not being at their best play to win, play for 90 minutes, that is why 1500 Hibs fans head north on a Wednesday night to noisily back our club. Special mention to the Since 1875 guys and girls, they never stopped supporting their team all night.

Referee, I thought he was poor. How they got a foul when Mark Milligan has studded by a Saint is beyond me.

Man of the Match for me could easily be Marc McNulty, he scored two. I thought Daryll Horgan offered a lot tonight too, however my man of the match goes to Mark Milligan who was calm personified.

See you all on Saturday, Just Back may be more of Just the Next Morning After as its my birthday and I may partake of a refreshment or two, pre and post match?

Hibernian Forever!


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