Hibernian 1 Queen of the South 0

Ooooohh yaaaah, snatching a victory from the jaws of a p@!: poor draw, it’s the new Hibernian way. The fans that stuck with the team until the end were rewarded with a late looping headed goal from Dominique Malonga, and went tonto, much to the fury of the Queens players and fans who had wasted time, dragged their heels and by the way, nae luck, negativity gets nowt, you got nowt. Although if I did support them, I would be pi@@ed with the ref too, rolling the ball to Fontaine at a drop ball was wrong, but then there was nowt wrong with their time wasting player anyway. Tonight Hibernian sit top of the league equal with the Sons of Satan and we have not really performed in two games now.

Frankly the vast majority of the Hibs players were rank rotten today, another tinkered line up, more players looking uncomfortable in strange positions, misplaced passed, poor touches, some disinterested attitudes and slow reactions from the technical team when changes were made. That is the worst I have seen Hibs play since that depressing day in Dumbarton in August, we were stinking, we won!

Well done to Stevie Wonder the 12th man for finding a Man of the Match, I assume you were reeking on the free swally in picking the hapless Fontaine? Very few Hibs players get pass marks for me today, it was poor, very poor. It’s a pity as more and more Hibs fans lost to the cause are dribbling back, we won’t get them investing in season books watching that s**@e.

The Players

Mark Oxley is one of the few Hibs players who came out the game with plus points, other than one wee stutter he was his now reliable self. He has gone a long way in a short time with another clean sheet.

David Gray was our best defender, his efforts to get that late goal were superb must have run 100 meters to get that ball, beat the man, swung the cross in Dom to nod home.

Darren McGregor strolled through the game, that should be a compliment but its not, he was way too slow in the build up play, it was tortuous watching the back to front play.

Liam Fontaine was also torture to watch, I will repeat, he cannae heider a ball, especially in the opposition box, and he too was way too slow in the build up and his passing is p@$:. Stop aiming for his head at corners, indeed stop starting him, we miss Paul Hanlon.

Lewis Stevenson, well every week I talk Lewis up, he generally gives his all. Today I thought he was rotten.

Fraser Fyvie did ok, but too often over played the ball, miscontrolled it or mispassed, pity as I thnk he is a good player overall.

John McGinn is a lost sheep in the position he is stuck in which is a waste of the best fitba player in our team. When he did get the ball, he generally done the right think. Left half isnae right for him though, he can give us much more played in the right position.

For the second week running James Keatings is noted by us fans as a good a player, he was guff today, a waste of a jersey.

Liam Henderson, looked clueless first half, useless. At least he listened to the boss at half time as he offered far more second half.

Boyle. Why? He is an impact player and should never replace players like Malonga. Brought nothing to the team.

Jason ploughed a lonely furrow, nae support from Boyle and Keatings, no good balls from McGinn as McGinn was starved of the ball and it took Henderson so long to get into the game, Stubbs had taken Jason off before Liam’s improvement could make a difference. Punting hoofballs to him are not what Jason wants, neither do we.


Malonga and Anier came on in a double substitution on for Boyle and Cummings and I thought they worked damned hard. There is a big strong player in Anier, pity United want him back and Dom, whilst missing a decent chance, did what matters and scored the winner. Thanks Dom, you made our day.

Feruz Islam came on for Keatings, by working hard for the ten minutes, he done more than the player he replaced.

We need Dylan back, we miss his craft and guile, we need John McGinn more in the play, we need the excellent Paul Hanlon back leading the team. And playing a bit, we need to stop pis@@ng about and slowing the game down, its sh@@e to watch. That said, we have caught the Huns before Christmas, we have a great squad, we will have a better one soon, we have a fine manager and a spirit about our club we have not had since the halcyon days of Tony Mowbray. 4 points form 6 when we have been pretty poor, it will do. The Hundogs are sh!@*ing themselves, we have them spooked, we will overcome.

The referee was average, that is good as most are awful nowadays. 7 minutes injury time, that is good refereeing.

Queens, well I like them, they punch above their weight, they try to play a bit of fitba, if I came from there, I would probably have supported them, a proper local team. Pity they came for a draw, wasted time and received the boot in the b@@s they deserved with Doms late winner.

My man of the match was no one, not one, well until Dom stuck in the winner in Fergie time, so it goes to David Gray for being a captain for the first time in the game.

I said last week, the new Hibernian are a positive one, I was wrong, we were pi@@ poor for much of the day, but we have a passion and never say die attitude that may be enough to ensure we will win this League.

Would love to know what Dom did at the end to wind up the QOS players so much, I hope it was something nippy!! They were going daft!

Glory, Glory.


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