That was woeful, I won’t pick on one player although that would be easy, but pick on them all, each and every one of them, even those that did try a leg. It was pedestrian, half arsed, clueless and we were out thought by another manager again. We didnae deserve to win, you have to earn it.

To the team…

Oxley – I thought he had a good game today, indeed he had a couple of good saves and was not at fault at the goal.

Watson _ I said it last week, he is a better centre half than he is a right back. Today proved that, especially when he forgot where he was playing. He can beat a fan going forward but cannae cross to save our season.

Fontaine – Captain for the day, Liam was excellent other than when he and his colleagues fell asleep at the Queens goal.

Hanlon – He made a boob in the first couple of minutes, I said to my mate at least he got his weekly error out the way, he promptly had a couple more boobs. He did have a good second half other than when he and his colleagues fell asleep at the Queens goal.

Stevenson – I love Lewis, he had his usual game, but he cannae beat a man when attacking, he can cross, but he cannae beat a man.

Robertson – I though Scott did show the necessary passion, he was by far the best midfielder yet again.

Fyvie – Fraser had a good first half but fizzled out second and was take off for Dja Djedje with 10 to go.

Allan – I thought Scott had a good game today, although his need to play a wonder pass every single time is infuriating.

Stanton – Sam had some nice touches and has a place in our team I think? Just needs to get involved more.

Cummings – Was buzzing about but never really got the service. Was taken off after an hour for Farid, which was booed by the fans, and I know why as I think he is still injured and got an hour.

Malonga – He was useless, lazy, disinterested and useless. Stubbs should have removed him, he didn’t. I blame Stubbs more than Malonga as he should have been hooked. Farid done more in his half hour than Malonga has done since he came back from the African nations (excluding his hatrick game, where he tried).


Farid – Came on for Cummings, which was a mistake. I think a Cummings and Farid pairing would be decent. Farid did well and when fit might save our season yet.

Dja Djedje – Buzzed about for 10 minutes in a three man attack. Had a half chance to score but the ref gave offside/ foul, neither of which I seen?

Stubbs and Co – Got it wrong again. As some of you know, I also follow Everton. I see so many similarities, we have went from a fast paced, passing game, strikers getting down the channels, full backs getting down the line. Now we are a pedestrian team with no plan B, over passing, never pulling the trigger, the opposition have worked us out. Time to work on a Plan B and Plan C Alan and drop Malonga, how he got 90 minutes today is beyond me. Letting it fall apart now will cause more carnage than maybe the club can stand. Sort it out Alan.

Queens, came for a draw, pinched a win. I thought Derek Lyle was decent for them today. Lets hope they can turn the Huns over.

Ref – Hearts bastard, baby steps when pacing a wall was disgraceful and along with ignoring kicking the ball away constantly until the last five minutes and the time wasting that went on was a disgrace.

Next – Dumbarton away, I wont be there as I am in Ireland working, its a must win though.

Man of the match – Disagree with the 12th man, it was not the decent Fraser Fyvie, but for me it was the excellent Scott Robertson for the second week in a row.



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