We should have murdered them, how did we not kill off an average team who carry more luck than a man sized box of lucky bags, I just don’t know?

First half we were all over the gunts, the midfield was magnificent, Gray, Fontaine and Stevenson were stopping them, McGeoch, Robertson, Allan and Handling were matching the very good Hearts central midfield blow for blow, and half the team had an attempt before we finally scored. So why sit back second half?

Oxley – Did everything he had to and I have not seen any reruns, but it looked like he could have saved their equaliser, am I being harsh?

Gray – Had a great game, puts challenges in that makes you think he has been a Hibby all his days.

Fontaine – I thought he was first class first half and poor second.

Hanlon – I thought he was poor first half and first class second.

Stevenson – Was almost my man of the match, well played Lewis.

Robertson – Much better performance, especially first half.

Allen – Was excellent for 60 minutes, then his battery quickly went flat and we lost a major presence. Get fit son, we need players like you for 90 minutes.

Handling – Not my favourite, but he played his role very, very well today.

McGeogh – He was my man of the match, all over the pitch, nipping away, chasing and giving the gunts no time. First class.

Malonga – Scored one, could have easily had at least a hatrick. His body language is awful, he looks like he disnae give a shit. I think he does, but the fact he is lazy makes him look poorer than he is?

Cumming – Just didn’t go right for Jase today.


I thought Stanton and Boozy for Allen and Handling might work, positional changes ensured it never.

Kennedy for Cummings was not the right change, I would have brought Heffernan on, he holds things up better.

Stubbs – He had it right, we matched and bettered them all over the pitch, but we sat too deep last 20 and let them come at us, 12 minutes against 10 men, we should have been pressing them, we never. Mistake Alan.

Ref – Seemed quicker to book Hibs players than Gunts, then straight reds one of theirs?

Lucky, lucky Gorgie b’s.



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