Usual rules, I was behind the goals with 4000 fellow Hibernians so dinnae have the luxury of camera angles, re-runs and zooming in, those that did watch on the box, please feel free to correct any errors I make as my heed is mince!

Hoofball of Mudlothian 1, The Glorious Greens 2 and I am ecstatic, Hibs won El Radgio at the piggery.

A dreich, miserable day, no. 1 son sleeps in and misses the game, sair neck from the horrible Levein Hoofball and worst of all the Puddle Drinkers were better than us first half. Sloppy goal given away by Hibs with a mistake for Milligan in the lead up, no sure who lost the header, then a decent equaliser after good work from Sparky slid home by Horgan but at half time I had the feared we might lose to the pub team and their one song support. Pre match I noticed Leeann and Amanda joined us in the away end to watch the game, fair play to them singing Heck is at the Wheel.

Fear not, for Heck is at the wheel. Subtle tweaks at half time and Hibernian took control. Ok the Gunts had a few half chances but its god awful route one pish to witness, mind it probably suits the single digit brain cells in the home end with their nazi salutes and red hand of ulster flag. The second Hibernian goal was glorious involving Gray, Mallan, McNulty and finally a great dribbble and shot from Daryll Horgan causing carnage in the Hibs end. However it wa snot just about the goals, it was the work of Omeonga all game long, and a defence that stopped everything, that is as good as I have seen Daz and Paul in years, Darrens tackle on Haning was that of a Hibs fan on a Hearts fan, he took the hoofballer out, worthy of his yellow card. Rocky was great too and most of all, the Hibernian support were noisy, supportive and shut the Gorgie Gash up. The end of the game was as a good as a feeeling as it gets, us, our band of brothers and sisters and the team and management as the Bloodied Stools slunk off home and up the tunnel.

Our Team

Rocky was fantastic today, no chance at the goal.

David Gray, Captain of Hibernian today and on that glorious day in May 2016 done well, given he seemed ot take a knock before being swapped out for Spector late in the game.

Darren McGregor was fucking magnificent, he won almost everything and his scudding of the Pony tailed gunt was done with a passion on a fellow Hibby could show.

Paul too was magnificent, the route one hoofball they play makes it a nightmare to defend, a Hibee through and through, he stayed strong and looked like he enjoyed the win at the end.

Lewis Stevenson had a tough time today but done well.

Mark Milligan was a shadow of the player he has been the last few weeks, he does not have the pace to play in these games and his passes were awful slack today. I prefer him as a centre half.

Stevie Mallan had a poor first half, it past him by, but I thought he was excellent second half and his free kick was flying into the top corner before the gunt goalie got a hand to it.

Daryll Horgan scored a decent first goal and a fantastic second, after that he gave us 10 minutes of great work, pity he tires. Well played son, you made my day/ weekend/ week/ month!

Stephane Omeonga is a wee, tiny, hard, fast machine. The laddie is a real fitba player and never gave the Mercer’s a minute. Nipping at them constantly he was magic. Do, Do, Do, Stephane Omeonga!

Flo had a poor first half and was innefective, although he did play a part in the both goals. I thought he improved second half and gave his all.

Marc didnae score today but had a hand in the first goal, his tireless runs into the channels and never gave the Gash a minute.

The Subs

Barts replaced Flo with 15 to go, took him to minutes to settle in but did fine. We sat awfy deep last 10, I was having palpitations!

Jonathan Spector came on for Sir David Gray a few minutes later and I thought he done very well for a debut in a derby?

Slivka replaced the shattered Horgan to massive applause from the Hibs end and did what he had to do to see the game out.

Paul Heckingbottom and Robbie Stockdale set us up to soak up the pressure from the Puddle Drinkers first half, it worked, we went in even. Subtle tweak at half time and we went at them second half. The Heck press appeared and they had no answer other than big hoofs to their 20 stone, 6 foot five Huddie up front. Well done lads, and thank you!

The Gunts are awful. I would give Levien a contract for life at the Guntery, they deserve one another. Mind the Gap!


The referee was very good and let the game flow. Not easy in a blood and thunder derby.

The fans, us, the away end, we were fantastic, singing and getting behind Hibernian the whole game. The guffs have no response to us when we get behind Hibernian. Their wee group of diet huns in each corner tried to get behind their team but dinnae have the IQ to remember the words, do nazi salutes and wave their Union Flags all at the same time. The rest of their ground know they are shite and sat, mute for much of the game. Imagine paying to watch Avril Leveins pish every week, your eyes would be bleeding.

So, man of the match, well was it it two goal Daryll Horgan, was it the superb Stephane Omeonga, was it Paul Hanlon, a Hibee through and through or was it that other Hibby, Daz McGregor? They all had their merits but for me it was Daz for 90 minutes of brilliance capped with nailing The gunt with the poor hair…….. YLT Daz, Hard as Nails!

Fuck the Hearts!

Hibernian Forever!

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