I did hint at the dangers of writing the smaller teams off and it came to pass, a lack luster Hibs lost to a well drilled Ayr. Nae thanks to the barrow load of chances we missed first half, the sluggishness of mind and play of certain players and the stupidity of one in particular right enough. Neil you got it wrong pal, we are pedestrian due to the player selection and line up, you make the mistake many before you have made of sticking with off form players and making your substitutions too late. If its not working, change it.

I thought Fraser Fyvie was head and shoulders above his team mates and only McGregor, Gray and occasionally McGinn in a day we need to quickly forget. Rocky the goalie was sleeping at the first goal, especially the simple headed pass back from Paul Hanlon that caused the goal. Stevenson was at fault at the second goal, take a card, foul son, you are allowed. I thought Bartley was as slow as a week in Saughton, and an idiot in the build up to his sending off. For a supposed strong man, he loses a lot of challenges. Shinnie was as bad today as he has been good recently, over playing constantly, losing out to soft challenges, I was very disappointed in his performance. John was good first half but tried to be World Cup Willie too much second. Jason scored a peach but did nowt else, Holt huffs and puffs but disnae give very much, especially from a goal scoring perspective. Boyle was poor in the lead up to the second Ayr goal, and how in Sauzee’s name Dylan didnae get a game is beyond me.

Ayr did well, the run from their sub for the second goal was excellent, indeed I liked a couple of their players and I admire other clubs who play fitba, give their all and their fans stick with their local team. Ayr did all of that today and I say well done to them.

The ref was rotten, but did not cost us the game, poor play, team selection, stupid challenges and a well drilled opposition beat us. Let it be a lesson to the excellent 15,000 fans who packed the home end.

The Team

Rocky Marchiano – Less than impressive, big factor in the first goal, he was dreaming at the pass back and was slow to react a number of times.

Stevenson was very decent last week, today I thought he was poor, never linked up, didnae get a good ball in all day and didn’t try to beat his man. Poor at the second goal, should have pulled the Ayr player down and took the booking.

McGregor was the best defender by far, he did win challenges and got tore right in.

Hanlon had a quiet game and didnt look as assured as he normally does.

David Gray, winning goal scorer and captain of Hibernian FC when they won the Scottish Cup on May 21st 2016, got up and down the line well, more a winger than a right back for much of a game.

Bartley played bottom of the diamond, and frankly for me he cost us the game with his lunge after a couple of Ayr players nibbled at him. Indeed he lost a few challenges during the game and if he were a Metronome, you would chuck it in the bin after a couple of tortuous dirges. Dylan, come home. At least he is suspended next week, Lennon will have to play Dylan/ Martin/ Uncle Tom Cobbly instead.

Fraser Fyvie in contrast never stopped, he did win the ball, he did want the ball, he does pass, he does pass it forwards, not always perfectly but he is the energy we need sitting in Bartleys position.

McGinn flitted in and out of the game, when good John is a joy to watch, when he over does it or plays a loose World Cup pass, we have to remember he is just a young laddie with immense drive and ability.

I have enjoyed Shinnies introduction, but have felt bad for the much improved James Keatings. I thought Shinnie was rotten today, over playing, dribbling like a Jambo in a swing park, falling over at the slightest touch and generally reminding me of a Bobby Williamson type player.

Jason scored a stoatir, a 20 plus yarder in the top corner. That was the sum of his game though. Its enough when we win, its no enough when we lose son.

Holt ran, tapped, missed. You can see he was very decent once, but I reckon it was in the past and he, like Bartley slow us down so much it nullifies the other things we have going for us.


Brian Graham replaced Holt on the hour and had the idiot Bartley not got his straight red, it may have been decent to see how he linked up with Jase. Graham ended up as lone striker.

Squirrel replaced Jase with 12 minutes to go. I thought that he was poor in the build up to the second Ayr goal, we were attacking, we only had ten men, he stood looking lost when Ayr won the ball in a Hibs attack, Ayr broke and scored, Stevenson seemed to take all the blame.

We brought on James Keatings on for the poor Shinnie when the guy really had little time to make a difference. Give the guy a chance Neil, he has replaced Paul Hanlon as our most improved player right up until Shinnie arrived. Best crosser of a dead ball in the team.

I think Lenno and Parker have been decent in keeping to the same 11, pity one or two of those picked are waayyyy tttttooo sllllooow and need to be dropped. Just drop them please, some time on the bench might do them some good, or give them a rest.

The referee was poor but in a general way, not that I think he was wrong to send Marv off. How they only had 5 players is beyond me.

I thought Ayr were very well drilled, had 2 or 3 very decent players, a decent turn of pace and scored a cracking second goal. I also think their 300 or so fans would go home delighted tonight. Fair play to them, that is what football is about. Going along to games every week in the hope your team wins.

Going forward, well we have Queens away then United at home. Must wins, hell yes.

My man of the match is the same as the sponsors, stand up Fraser Fyvie, you were very good in a sea of half arsedness.

I won’t be around next week, I am off to Atletico Madrid Deportivo La Corun(y)a. SKII will stand in for me showing me up with her excellent fitba reporting skills.

Hibs eh?


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