April showers, April Chilblains more like, by Sauzee it was freezing at the Holy Ground tonight, not helped by two teams who really cancelled themselves out. Ithought Killie played well, we can play better, the battle between Omeonga and Mulumbu was probably the most interesting part of the match, along with two great saves from Rocky, the hilarious efforts of Kris Boyd who really needs to retire, or the joy in the knowledge it looks like the Huns have signed a duffer in Jones?

I wasnt sure of the shape we started, assumed it was to counter Killie and save Daz for the Gunts? It may have worked but with us getting so little out of an off form Slivka and no much more from Horgan, only Omeonga looked keen, although Mallan and Kamberi offered sparks of effort and desire. Marc Mac wasnae in it much either, although the Killie backies marked him tight. I also thought Hibs defence was strong tonight, much improved.

We remain ‘unbeated’ in the league under Heck to quote the Hibs announcer, which will do for me. We have to remember we are lightweight as a squad, the subs showed that by coming on and offering little. We really could do with some players coming back soon to give us some adults to put on the bench. Overall, not the best game but top six is secured and we have a freshly pumped puddle drinker team to go above on Saturday.

The team

Rocky had two fine saves and a decent game.

Sir Dave had to mark Jones, and did so well.

Milligan at centre half then centre mid was majestic again.

Paul was back to his old self, 90% excellent 10% errors he should not make?

Lewis had a quieter game tonight, he doesnt do much wrong but was not man of the match.

Mallan sat deep with Millie at the back and done fine, its no easy to switch roles all the time.

Slivka looked off his game all night, could easlt have been hooked at half time. Cannae work the laddie out at all?

Horgan is an enigma, half an hour of brilliance and 3 hours of hiding and losing the ball. Cannae work the laddie out at all either?

Flo huffed and puffed but didnae really blow anything down.

Two games in a row Sparky has had a tough time as the single striker, both Livi and Killie’s defence basically stopped him doing what he does best, move off the ball and score goals.


Daz replaced Slivka, Millie moved into his midfield role and Mallan pushed up. Done wha Daz does.

Shaw replaced Flo and offered nothing. Too skinny, too lightweight. A season at Edinburgh City I suggest?

Fraser Murray replaced Horgan and didnae really make much mark on the game, which is a pity as I think he has something?

Heck is still pissing with the cock he’s got, so we are limited due to injury. His teams see games out but we are lacking pace and flare. That said, I am looking foward to Heck pissing all over Avril Levien on Saturday.

Killie are a good team but lacked a cutting edge tonight, Mulumbu and Findlay stood out for me from a fitba perspective, Boyd for his massive girth and hopeless efforts and **** Clubfoot for being the ugliest hun bastard in the league and outside Ibrokes.

The referee lost control a few times but I have seen worse, much worse and he has a bit of grace from me as he was referee on that glorious day on the 21st of May 2016 when Captain David Gray scored the header to win the Scottish Cup for Hibernian.

The fans were mute tonight, Killie made more noise. Has the drummer been grounded, or is still saving up for new sticks?

Man of the Match wisnae Lewis, sorry. For me it was Omeonga for a good first half and excellent second or Mark Milligan for an excellent first and second half. Easy for me, its Mark again. Ye cannae hide class.

See those of you with tickets behind the goals at the Guntery. Those of you that huvnae, just mind, Fuck the Hearts.

Hibernian Forever!


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