Thawing out after a Baltic day sitting with 1207 other Hibs fans in the away end in Motherwell. It was a funny, slightly turgid game and we may even have nicked it with Flo’s header off the post. Motherwell are third in the league but are no great shakes, we look bare bones and the link play between the middle to front was sadly lacking. Jack stuck with Horgan, Newell and Omeonga, the latter two were our best two players, with young Tom James replacing Sir David at right back, Dave laid flat with a bug.

Shrink and I car shared with my young nephew and his pal, car seats bone dry post match which was a bonus, I am looking forward to getting the feeling back in my hands and feet, although Shrinks suggestion on where I might stick my hands to warm them up was not on, old an or not.

We started pretty well, well Well didnae really get going. Their 17 gave Tom James a torrid first 40 minutes (that was when James got his first challenge in on him!), Well then proceeded to stick the 17 up against Lewis second half. Lewis tamed him.

We looked dangerous in spats, Doidge was winning plenty of the ball, Flo was causing trouble, although they had Boyler tightly marked. Both Omeonga and Newell fought hard in the middle, returning the faith put in them by JR, I thought both were excellent for Hibernian today, given Steph was booked early and we feared he might get a red from the card happy idiot ref.

Our best chance of the game came after the break, after great play, Flo hit the post with a good header, other teams the ball hits the post and goes in, Hibs, the ball bounces out instead. Rocky had a great save second half to stop Motherwell getting the winner, and all in I felt the two teams cancelled themselves out.

Best for Hibs, Newell, Omeonga, Doidge, Jackson and Hanlon, best for Motherwell, I dinnae ken any of their players, so bugger knows.

Hopeless, the referee, baltic, the bitter wind, tasteless, the coffee.

The Team

Rocky, one smashing save from Manzinga (Pow, Zap, Boof), tested a fair bit all game. Also managed to keep the ball in from kick outs from the ground and from hands, which is good.

Tom James, we forget he is 23, just a laddie really and is third choice right back/ second choice left back and sixth choice centre half. First half he was run ragged by their 17, second half he was much improved and started winning the ball.

Adam Jackson had a fine game again, described by Shrink as a modern Jim Black, I see why, he disnae mess, he hits the ball the way he is facing and wins it, no nonsense.

Paul played well today, another clean sheet for the keeper and back 4.

Lewis too was fine, pity he cannae cross a ball.

Joe Newell sat in front of the defence with Stephane Omeonga, switching roles all game. He started a bit slow but by end of the game, him and Steph had mastered the midfield. A revalation in this position, once he got comfortable with it.

Stephane Omeonga is simply a very good football player, wins the ball, passes, harries and wins the ball, passes, commits a foul when he needs to and goes forward. I expected him to be subbed after the yellow card, no need.

Daryll Horgan didnae do enough. As is his want, he can play football but seems almost to lack confidence sometimes. Chose to chip the ball across the goal when a low hit crot (cross/ shot) might have got us a goal.

Boyler was marked tight all game, when he did get space they were all over him. The marked man of the Hibs team didnae get much opportunity today. The one time he had a chance to shoot he passed.

Flo worked as hard as ever but other than his header which hit the post, a low cross the goal, it didnae come off for him today.

Chris Doidge won headers, chased the ball down, harried, kicked, shoved, niggled and had half a dozen nice touches from long balls. Very decent game without ever looking like scoring.


Scottie for Flo. Sorry, Scottie looked cauld and slow.

Jamie Gullan for Daryll Horgan, Jamie came on and made his mark, I liked his work rate, his effort and his desire to get the ball.

We didnt use a third sub, not sure why.

The Boss, well he gets us results, however and I know this may upset some, I think he needs to learn to understand that Hibernian supporters like flair, skill, attacking fitba, ballers……. grinding oot a draw at Motherwell has many greetin’ and moanin’. Today was just that, personally it is not the way I like my Hibs teams, but I get its early in Jack’s HIbs career and am sure he has ideas that may only be stifled by lack of funds this time of the season.

Motherwell flatter to deceive, they are not that good, I thought that at Easter Road, it was underlined today. Grimshaw, their no. 4 is decent. Their coffee was awful though.

The referee was a card happy fud that stopped the game too much. I feared a player would be send off for not very much.

Decent Hibs support through, given this month had been 100 days long. I like the young dafties that follow us, they get behind the team all game, drum free today, its good to see young, gallus, slightly radge Hibs fans having a good day out from my seat in the top teir beside the auld farts, grumblers and moaners.

A boy behind me berated Hibs and our players all game, he sounded like a fucking jambo. Why would you do that?

I dropped a bag of bits and bobs into the Motherwell Foodbank collection, the collection point was weirdly after the security check going into the game. My poly bag of beans, noodles, rice pudding and tins of soup were not checked at all, although I was given a full pat down by a steward. 


Man of the Match for Hibs, well its between two, Joe Newell and Stephane Omeonga, it hard to choose, both had very good games. In Joe we see a player reborn, I had written him off by September. In Steph we have a player who has started 3 times this season before coming ‘home’…..slight, short, he defies it all and works like a trojan. I am going with Steph, but its by a bawhair, both were excellent. Mention too for Christian Doidge, he never stopped working.

In summary, it was one of those games, could be seen by some as poor, others as a good away draw. I am in latter camp, Motherwell are third, we are sixth, we drew, we may have nicked it. I think we need another defender, one who can play a few positions ideally, we still lack a ball winner in the middle although Stephane has plugged that gap ably assited by Joe Newell and most certianly a goal scorer. I cannae see three players joining Hibs between now and Friday. That raises concerns around ambitions for the rest of the season?

Next Up, Dundee Hibernian in the cup at Easter Road. I hope we take it seriously and look to scud that jambo fud Neilson’s shower.

See You on Tuesday Night.

Hibernian Forever!

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