We play great football in wee tasty bits and pieces, its very easy on the eye, but we dinnae have a killer instinct.

Hibs set up to win again today, and win they did, but then we should, we were playing the butcher, baker and whisky worker. For 70 minutes we played snippets of what we pay for, lovely fitba, good moves, effort and endeavour. In a few surprise changes we saw the return of Fraser Fyvie, with Dylan McGeogh a sub for nae reason I might know, the welcome return of buzzbomb and skilful James Keatings, and no Paul Hanlon, replaced by the return of Liam Fontaine.

I mumble most weeks about how teams sit in, credit again to the Sons who tried to play football initially, all be it with the regular dirty edge, coupled with the usual hapless referee.

We started well, fitba was good and McGinn and Fyvie were ticking, with Malonga and Keatings looking keen and Jason leading the line very well. Don’t we have a strong squad, I reckon we would be top six in the top league?

We scored a couple of good goals but lost two goals due to woeful defending.

I felt we let the game dip second half yet again, the last 20 minutes were dreadful to watch and the fans let it be known by leaving in their droves before full time. Whilst we made changes at 70 minutes, they slowed us down and instead of murdering a very poor pub team, we pissed about for 20 minutes, annoying the fans and keeping the Huns goal difference far superior to ours. It was awful to watch. And spoiled a decent enough first 70 minutes. Holding out against Dumbarton is not acceptable.

The players

Oxley was slow at both goals but neither were his fault. He wastes far too much time for me.

David Gray had a decent game, but then I might if I was playing Dumbarton? Major boob at their first goal, but he knew that.

Darren McGregor started again and looks like a decent player, nae nonsense, hard and one of us, that will do.

Fontaine, in for the injured Paul Hanlon. He scored a header, finally, but he roams too much and he is not half the player he was last season.

Stevenson had a decent game, but then I might if I was playing Dumbarton?

Fraser Fyvie had a surprise return and played very well before coming off after 70 minutes or so?

John McGinn played, for me, out of position again today and we lose from that decision by the management team. He is a good, hard working skilful laddie who never gives in.

Liam Henderson drifted in and out the game, if he wants to stay at Celtic or indeed get a game at Hibs, he has to do more. There are better midfielders at Easter Road, never mind Estadio Dodger.

Keatings is a good wee player an earned his standing ovation with an excellently taken team goal and all round endeavour and ability. I like this laddie, he tries to play fitba and score goals.

Jason played well, he lead the line, although his touch and passing remind me of his gorgie background. Won and took his penalty well.

Malonga – cracking 20 yarder and overall performance yet again. Dom gets better and better.


McGeogh came on for Fyvie and as ever took 10 minutes to get going. I assume he was dropped as he is injured or is part of some rotation system as he has been playing well and should start every week.

Bartley for Keatings was a strange one. I get taking James off, he was just back from injury, I don’t get bring on a slow the game down central midfielder, it killed the spectacle and made the last 20 minutes tortuously slow.

Feruz came on for Jason and proceeded to do nothing. Not impressed.

Stubbsy spoiled it for me today, the last twenty was $@?^!, the goalie wasting time, the poor defending of Fontaine, the pedestrian pace of Bartley, the overall $@?^!ness of an otherwise decent game. We should have been going for goals and we didn’t. I left the game feeling like we have scraped a win/ drew.

The referee was as ever, useless, its became my by-line.

Dumbarton started well and then tried to scrape a draw. That is the level we now play against Hibs and why 8000 attend.

My man of the match was Fraser Fyvie for his excellent 60 minutes. He played well and wanted the ball.

I am off to the Basque Country to watch fitba, eat pinxos and chill for a week. Give my stand ins a break for the Falkirk and Rovers games.

This summary is dedicated to my pal, fellow Bouncer, St Pats member and fine Hibernian, Brian in Qatar, keep the faith brother.

Glory, Glory.


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