Hibernian FC are in freefall, it is becoming an embarrassment, much like a couple of weeks back, we were beaten by a decent team who bullied us, played some nice football whilst we play one up front and like a team with a couple of men short. I am deeply concerned for the future of our club. To give some context, we started well and could and should have been a couple of goals to the good before Queens scored. BUT we cannae score, we pass the ball to death at a training game pace, it would bore you to death. However, what is really eating at me tonight is the lack of fitness our players show. They are blowing out their arses against teams who often field part time players. What the hell is going on?

So to the players:

Oxley – Actually didn’t have much to do and could do nothing at the goal, although I would like him to keep a clean sheet, before I finally wet my own.

Stevenson – I thought he had a decent enough game today, at least he shows a bit of bottle, although he is very very limited going forward.

Hanlon – Paul, you have been skipping you ‘man up’ classes again. Paul Hanlon is a decent football player, he can play a bit, but he remains too soft, he is often a push over. He also resorts to hoofs too much. Sort it out son and man up.

Forster – Jordon is just a big laddie really, but he gives a shite about our club, you can tell, he tries, cajoles, pushes and shouts at his less able colleagues. Someone in front of me suggested he was at fault at their goal. He wasn’t.

Gray – He is a real captain, takes the role on properly, and a very good player, he must be wondering what the hell he has signed up for. He was up and down the line all game and he can cross it. I think he carried a back injury through out the game, which he picked up early in the game?

Stanton – Waste of a jersey, buck up son. Time for him to be dropped, he brings nothing to the team out on the right.

Robertson – Caused the goal by taking far too much time on the ball, but then he slows our play down so much all the time, he has become a liability. I don’t think he is a holding midfielder, he doesn’t look like one. My trouble now is there are times he disnae look like a fitba player or give a shit? What happened to you Scott, you were a small diamond in a big pile of toly last season. Now you are toly numero uno.

McGeogh – Now this is a football player, he worked his socks off, takes people on, works back and tried to get us playing. He was Hibs best player for me today. Another one that must be wondering what the hell he has signed up to?

Kennedy – Started well, and ended well, didn’t do enough in the middle part of the game though, he can beat a man but his crossing lacks a killer finish. Should have scored early on when though on the keeper.

Malonga – Simply not ready for a full game yet, he looked a shadow of the player from last week and is no target man, he cannae head a ball! He does like to drive at defenders and has a touch. Likes to chest the ball, he has to as most of the balls to him were fecking neck height?

Sinclair – Started very well, took a few boots, shoves and kicks and vanished from the game. Chum Paul Hanlon to the man up classes wee man, it will do you good as you look like a fitba player.


Cannae mind the order of the subs as I was losing the will to live and waving at BIG G whilst watching our team huff and puff.

Allan – Looked better than Robertson, but then so could I by simply passing forward. I would start with him at the hunnery.

Cummings – I am baffled why he does not start, he is a buzz bomb, looks most likely to score and had probably our two best chances?

Handling – A crisp poke had been birling about the pitch for a good 60 minutes. Said poke looked more composed and harder than Danny but the same packet was much better than both Stanton and Robertson?

Alan Stubbs and his band of coaches – Alan, FFS, play two up front, it is getting embarrasing? I like the warm ups, look professional, but half time they players came out and booted a ball about, where was the coach we normally see? Alan Combe, you are excused, you work well with the keeper(s) and are a radge during the game, good man.

Petrie, Dempster and Co – Have a look at what is going on and SORT IT OUT or feck off, the lot of you.

Referee – Poor, very poor. But my mantra is, we are where we are, what do you expect?

Queen of the South – I know it annoys some  when I credit other clubs. Tough. Like Alloa, they use their artificial pitch to their advantage. No excuse Hibs. QOS played decent fitba, looked better than Hibs, were harder and crucially fitter. Well played, you deserved your win and well done the 2000 Queens fans for backing their team.

Hibs fans – Well there was around 1000 of us there again, what did we do to deserve what we are suffering? They do not deserve us and we will start drifting away, its torture.

As Corporal Fraser from Dads Army, who came from Dumfries, used to say……We’re doomed!



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