Isn’t it good to come home from the match having thoroughly enjoyed it. Hibernian were at times today a joy to watch. OK, we know an early goal is what is missing, but once we scored against a very negative Alloa, we really did cruise to victory. We had fine performances again from McGeogh, Henderson, McGinn, Bartley and Paul Hanlon.

As I have been repeating weekly, we need to take our chances, we finally did, a few minutes before half time with a well taken goal by Liam Henderson, created by the wonderful John McGinn with a lovely move and great pass. Alloa had to start playing after that, they had been timewasting since the seventh minute, the couldn’t and didn’t.

As I said last game, some of the football was very easy on the eye, especially that passing between John McGinn, Liam Henderson, Marvin Bartley and Dylan McGeogh. I am delighted to repeat that today, what a smashing midfield we have, they really are something special. Good stuff again Hibs.

We also had young Islam Feruz on the bench and a return of Danny Carmichael.

The players

Oxley, had very little to do, was barely tested all game.

Gray for me had a poor first half, however the second half he again looked more like his old self.

Fontaine, I know some might disagree, but I thought he was poor today.

Paul Hanlon however was very good and strolled through the game.

Stevenson looked much better today and linked pretty well with McGinn.

Bartley, word for word with the Raithgame, he sat in deep and had a smashing game, big, strong and a touch of fitba about him too. He gets better and better.

McGinn is the man, what a player, he along with his fellow midfielders were great to watch, especially shooting doon the slope second half. His very well taken goal was cleverly created by a lovely quick corner from Henderson, repaying John for his wonderful pass for Liam’s goal first half. John is slight but by Sauzee he is hard as nails.

Dylan McGeogh was magnificent, he is a tireless workhorse, who oozes ability. As I said previously, another player I thoroughly enjoy watching. Dylan is good for Hibs, I think Hibs are good for Dylan.

Henderson, must have read my report last game as today he stepped up and looked much, much better, set up a goal, scored another and had a very decent game.

Cummings came in and out of the game, but importantly he scored, that is his job. Some Hibs fans should remember that.

Keatings continues to impress, he works, times his run, shoots when he can and looks a very good signing. He went down hurt around 70 minutes, and was swapped for Boyle. I hope its not serious as he brings something to the front line. From my seat it looked like he had earned a penalty, the referee thought otherwise.


Malonga came on for Cummings and missed an easy chance. Looked lively though.

Boyle came on for the injured Keatings and got himself into some decent positions, he has a very good turn of pace, however he needs to beef up, he is easily pushed off the ball.

Islam Feruz came on for Henderson. Man, the wee fellae is a wee fellae. Lets hope he can bring something different to our game.

I thought Stubbs and co got the tactics right, we just need to score earlier. People will come and watch this team if we play that wonderful football, but it has to include goals. At halftime, of 14 shots Hibs had , only two were on target, one of which went in. It’’s not good enough.

The referee was rotten, rank rotten. The royal blue shirts could not be more appropriate.

Alloa came to grab a 0 0, when they lost the goal they had no plan B. Its not entertainment at all. I like Danny Lennon, but that was pish pal.

My man of the match was as hard a decision as I have had to make since the days of Tony Mowbray. John McGinn is fantastic to watch, what a great player, Dylan McGeogh, especially second half, was equally fantastic, he is one hell of a player. Marvin Bartley however simply played his role to perfection, breaking up play, winning balls, playing easy passes to players in green, so its Marvin, Marvin, because we might just have found a new Matty Jack.

Guys, what a midfield we have, pity they pass it a little bit too much, when shooting might get us more goals. However I do think we are witnessing the start of something special, lets hope more people come along and see it happen.

Refugees Welcome



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