A two hour drive in heavy rain there a two hour drive in snow back, interspersed with a decent dinner, two pints and a complete lack of ideas from Hibernian. They pass, and pass, and pass, and pass, and pass, and go nowhere. then pass, and pass and pass and go nowhere. Then they pass and pass and pass and miss a half chance. They let the opposition get one shot on target but poor defending and hapless keeping ensure we lose.

The 5 or 600 Hibs fans who made that journey know, we have lost our way. The goalie is back being a liability, the defence defended well enough but hoofs up front from the full backs who either cannae over lap or cross, midfielders who give us 25 minutes each strikers who are so off the pace and have lost their magic touch and a manager who doesn’t change it soon enough. And when he does he brings on James Keatings, for crying out loud.

Not good enough the lot of you.

The players

Oxley – I would drop him, he wastes time when he shouldnt and he misses easy blocks when he should save them. Their shot was decent enough, but a decent enough goalie would have blocked it.

Gray – Got into good positions then only put a couple of decent crosses all night

Fontaine – Did fine defensively, done nowt in the opposition box.

McGregor – Did fine defensively but hoofing it forward gives us very little

Stevenson –  Cannae bet a man, ever.

Bartley – Start with the good stuff, he was very good defensively and never stopped all game

McGinn – John its not enough to do well for 20 minutes, dinnae copy your peers. You should have scored too.

Henderson – Started well, played well for 25 minutes and vanished, see John McGinn and peers

Boyle – Never stopped all night and gave his all.

Cummings – Done nothing all night, nothing of note anyway

Stokes – Did nothing apart from miss a clear chance other than a brief 10 minute effort after half time.


Keatings – Came on late for Cummings and did what he does every week, nowt. Waste of a jersey.

Dagnall came on with a minute or two to go, no time to make a difference.

Not sure we made a third sub?

Oh Alan, you did a doo doo again. I listened to your post match interview and it might fool those who had to watch the game on the radio, it disnae fool those that were there. You should have changed it earlier, you should have brought strikers that can be arsed on, you need to rest that clown of a keeper. Possession disnae win games, goals do.

The referee could have sent a couple of their cloggers off if he had bottle and understood that the game is not about him. His faither was an erse too.

Queens are the worst of the three teams we have lost to the last week. We got beat.

What next? Well we need Dylan back badly, we are nothing without him, we need to try the other keeper out, I would drop Stokes on Sunday and play Dagnal and Farid. Boyle should keep his place. We have blown it in the League. Lets win on Sunday. No replay in Inverness please.

Thank Sauzee for the good company provided by South West Hibby and Son and the Tully’s.

Miller Must Go.


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