By Sauzee that was frustrating. It would be easy to blame Livingston, but really it was all our own fault. Poor team selection by the Management, some piss poor performances from established players and you cannot miss a penalty in the way Flo did. Tactically Livi, like the Hun filth, came prepared and did well to earn their point, it might have been three. We chucked in too many laddies, some brilliant, some very good, some not good enough. They have an excuse, they are boys trying to do a mans job.

For me Milligan was poor, Slivka was invisible, Boyle was rotten then started trying with ten minutes to go, just not good enough. Thank Sauzee for Ryan and Efe, they are a joy to watch, Adam Bogdan is a good keeper, Daz gives his all and Hyndman has something, although upper body strength and shooting practice needs worked on and Flo cares, how he is benched in place of young Allan is beyond me. To start with the team he did start with was disrespectful to a very decent Livi. They are a fitba team, laddies playing against them is not acceptable. Too much thinking about who to rest, not enough about how we might win a game. Dropping Lewis Stevenson for example, is like cutting your nose off to spite your face.

The Team

Bogdan – Lost a goal he could do nothing about, otherwise I am comfortable when he plays, same with Ofir.

Efe at the right side of a back three, magnificent. To be our most creative attacking player from that position tells you how piss poor our midfield is.

Daz done fine, its nice to see him play for his team.

Ryan is superb, great goal, he has all the balls that Ollie hasn’t in the opposition box, his goal underlined that. Learn from it Ollie, Ryan is the real deal, the future Captain of Hibernian and Scotland. What a goal, that was a 70’s centre half’s goal if ever I seen one!

Milligan gets worse every time I see him. What is going on?

Slivka should have his match appearance money deducted, he didnae turn up. Seems to only try in TV or big games.

Mackie done his long term future no harm, a player there with lots to learn. Start by studying Lewis Stevenson son.

Boyle was sh*te for 80 minutes. He tried for 10. Personally I will be happy when he is playing in the Asia Cup or whatever the feck it is he is fixated with, we can then concentrate on not trying to fit him in to every team. Must improve.

Allan is not good enough, sorry.

Shaw is weak, lightweight and disnae get stuck in. Not good enough although I hope he starts buying protein drinks and works on his upper body strength.


Kamberi replaced the limp Shaw at half time. He should have started. OK he should NEVER miss a penalty so weakly but he has presence and works his socks off. He is ten times the player of Shaw or Allan at the moment although only a couple of years older. Support the laddie, don’t pick on him for feck sake.

Horgan replaced Hyndman. I was happy to see Horgan, wrong decisions and all but I wish he had replaced Slivka. Great ball for the equaliser.

The off form McLaren replaced Allan, neither done anything? What is that about?

The Manager changed it too much and we paid the price. Every week we do this. Make your mind up and stick with it.

The Ref did fine, despite our moaning. Our problems were not from him.

My Man of the Match was probably Efe, however Ryan was a bawhair behind and his wonder goal secures the Bounce/St. Pat’s bottle of Red Kola for me.

Next stop, the Hunnery. I have seen the plans for Hibs fans access and egress today. They are practising for Celtcs visit, its fair to say, metal cordon’s too and from the car park, police escorts to the M8, Hibs security facing and filming the Hun fans, the only time the Huns will get near us is the waft of sweat, Buckie and intolerance during the game. Not that I give a sh*te, we mastered those barstewards 30 years ago, nothing has changed.

Can I wish each and every Hibs fan the best of Christmas holidays, I extend that to any fitba person who is not born with the joy of Hibernian but reads the Bounce and for followers of Heart of Midlothian and The Rangers 2012, I hope your next shi*te is a bunch of Holly.

Hibernian Forever.


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