I dont want to go on about the Yorkshire pudding every week, a few of his players were as much to blame for tonights display. BUT I will start by saying that Heckingbottom does himself no favours with this two wingers one striker thing, it does not work. To get Hecky out the way first, I heard that it was proposed that he be removed from post at board yesterday, but was voted down, they want to give him more time. Nae idea how much truth there is in that and what fucking drugs they are on.

The removal of the ineffectual Middleton at half time, and introducing Flo changed the way we played. OK, Flo played kind of inside left, but the laddie tries his fucking hardest and him, Lewis, Scott Allan, Hallberg and Boyler got us a point tonight.  Flo takes abuse but he wants the ball, he gets the ball, he loses it but wants it again. Sorry but that cannot be said for the duffer that is Doidge.

There were some positives, Hibs showed some fight second half, the fans that stayed got behind them, not, for me enough to save Heckingbottom his job but enough to know we have some good players there, players that care. He also dropped Vela.

Negatives were the performances of Mallan who was dreadful, James who proved me wrong, Doidge who is another lightweight shirker and Middleton who I think the Huns gave us to weaken us. Who all remembers the Bertie Auld era, draws, draws and mare draws. Oh aye and the fitba was pish tae!

Its late, I dont have my normal laptop so I will straight on with my thoughts on the team.

Maxwell catches a ball at corners well, his distribution is better than Rocky’s but he rarely makes a wonder save or even a good save.

James, as I said, I am wrong, Naismith isnae worse than him. I thought he was rotten, all over the shop?

Porto strolled through the game.

Hanlon struggled first half, and I think their first goal game off him to beat our goalie. Missed with a poor header to score too. Paul cares though, he went as mad as us when Boyler equalised.

Lewis was excellent I thought, he cares, he kens how to tackle and he kept going, he wisnae getting beat tonight. If only many of his colleagues give it their all like Lewis.

Hallberg is improving most games, at least he is a defensive midfielder. I now get a wee panic when we take him off near the end as I feel its part of the reason we lose late goals.

Mallan had his worse game in a Hibs jersey, I usually defend him but his lack of desire to win the ball cost us their second goal, he shat it. He also nearly gave Livi a third at 2-1 with an awful pass back. I would have hooked him, Hecky never does.

I am not sure what position Horgan played all night, no sure he did either? Missed a total sitter too.

Middleton needs punted back to the hunnery, especially now Boylers back. Another in a long list of guff loanees Hibernian have wasted time and money on.

Allan looked knackered by the end, he gave everything, to the extent he injured himself scoring the penalty he belted it that hard. He went off and spewed with 5 to go and although injured he came back on and helped us get a point. Scotty cares.

Doidge is just another failure, what a waste of money. When Flo came on I paid particular attention to Doidge, the boy is a hider, a chancer, he offered Flo no help at all. His one knock down which we scored from was offside. Rotten.


We can make 3, we made 2, no idea why?

Flo gave us drive, he wanted the ball, he got the ball, he lost the ball, repeat ad infinitum. He does make mistakes, he is greedy, but I pay to watch strikers who work hard to score or help team mates score. He tries his very best to do that. Good effort son. It will come.

Boyler replaced a shattered Halberg with 10 to go. He gained us a well earned point, indeed I felt we should have won. Great goal, good pace and lovely to see a good guy like Boyler back. No a great lover of badge kissers but the delight on his face when Boyler scored told me everything I need to know about Martin Boyle, Great to have you back son. Another Hibernian player who cares.

The manager is finished, he cannot recover his position, even if we beat Celtc at Hampden, he has lost the fans. He is a dead man walking. Worse he sounded happy we scraped a draw tonight in his post match interview.

Livi came for a draw, I bet they couldnae believe they were 2-0 up, but still managed to go home with a point. I thought their keeper had a very good game and I mind why I never really took to Bartley the Fitba player in the way some other fans did.

The referee had a very decent game I thought?

Over 14,500 there (if ye include the many many season ticket holders who stayed in to watch a boring draw between the Arse and the Red Shite or Coronation Street). We did get behind the team last 20 though and helped get a point that at least took us above the puddle drinkers in the “who is the most useless in Edinburgh” competition.

Man of the match wisnae Darrell Horgan as voted for by match sponsors, Royal Guide Dugs for the Blind, for me it was a toss up between Scottie and Lewis. I am giving it to Lewis, Lewis cares.

Next up is a good day out with loads of pals we dinnae get to see too often, to talk of good times watching the Hibs, hear how life is going with everyone and sip drinks in preperation of a trip to Scotland’s National Stadium to see the fitba club we all love play in a Cup Semi Final. Its only Celtc, what is the worst that could happen eh?

See you all on Saturday and remember, Hibernian Forever!

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