Heart of Hooflothian 2 Hibernian 2

Usual rules apply, the majority of you saw the game on the box, with the benefit of commentary, replays and such like. Me and 3500 fellow Hibs fans sat, soaked in the Roseburn Stand , ears ringing to the sounds of the John McGinn song. The adrenalin is still pumping as I sit on my cozy couch thawing and drying out.

Main changes today saw were Gray back in for Gunnarsson, and Big Marvin in for Fyvie. Jason was back in for Keatings and McGregor kept his place, as Fontaine was benched after getting hurt at Greenock. Caveman Neilson felt they were dominant first half, I have no idea what game he was watching through his straggly hair, we started well, and only the injury to McGeogh let the hoofers into the game. Two daft goals given away, we had a mountain to climb, but climb it we did.

McGinn and Henderson looked like they were struggling to get a foothold in the game first half, Big Marvin was a rock though, this game perfect for his style of play, and he was lumping and bumping maroon clad fandans from first minute to 94th. Thommo came on for the injured Dylan, shirt untucked to hide his impressive beer belly and got better and better as the game went on. Stokes never stopped, it wasn’t his day. Jase did pretty much nowt then scored that looping header ,however once we scored the slow motion first the Jambos crumpled, and Hibs ran all over them, John McGinn and Liam Henderson ably back up by Big Marv, Thommo, Stevenson and an impressive Gunnarsson just could not cope, a goalmouth scramble following a great header by Darren McGregor and captain and fellow Hibby, Paul Hanlon rattled it home, the drookit Hibs end went ballistic, mental, barmy in ecstasy as Edinburgh’s football team came back from the brink. Dare I say it, our team at the end looked far fitter than the hoofballers, even Kev Thompson sucked in the belly and gave his all as we battered them.

The players

Mark Oxley had little chance at either goal from my seat, and was solid otherwise.

Gray was fine but you could see he was playing with a limp and was replace after 50 minutes by Gunnarsson.

Darren McGregor clearly enjoys playing against the winners of World War One, he showed no fear and his header played a big part on getting the equaliser.

Paul Hanlon took the captains armband when Gray went off and showed himself to be a leader by scoring the equaliser.

Lewis Stevenson was guilty of holding onto the ball a second too long, I think made a mistake with is header 1 inch off the grounds at their second goal, but was a big part of that mass charge towards the Jambos last 20.

Marvin Bartey, I have offered my opinion before about Marv, good strong ball player but slow. Today he was up against a team ideal for his style of play and he bossed them all game. He was magnificent.

John McGinn just didnae get going first half, but last twenty John was hard, fast and direct. He’s better than Zidane, or at least he has the same moves, as the song went fifty times in two hours today.

Dylan McGeoch went off early and I felt they scored their first because there was no Dylan there to mop up.

Liam Henderson like John McGinn just didnae get going first sixty minutes, then the spark came and off the laddie went charging at the every opportunity.

Stokes took abuse from the Jambos this week, the wee huns dinnae like him I am sure the feeling is mutual. He wasn’t as effective as he can be but he did give us 90 minutes and will get us goals.

Jason did very little, he let his old team mates get into his psyche, then he scores the freak looping header, celebrated a full two seconds late by the Hibs fans and game on.



Kevin Thompson came on after around 30 minutes, shirt untucked, belly sooked in and looked puggled until he found the rhythm of the game. When he did find that rhythm though, he was stroking the passes around like we remembered him during his pomp. He celebrated like us and with us when we equalised.

Gunnarsson came on from Gray after 50 or so minutes and I thought he was very good, he went at the Gunts, linking up well especially with Stokes and Henderson and looked like the player I suspect Stubbsy and his backroom team knew he might be.

Alan Stubbs has a belief in our football team, it rubs off on the players . Their never say die approach, the dig, the pride in the jerseys, is part of what Alan and his backroom team have instilled in Hibernian. Thank you Alan.

Them. Well other than the nippy Nicholson, one word sums them up. Hoof.

9 bookings, should have been at least one Jambo sent off. Surprisingly Thomson didn’t send a Hibs man off. I have seen worse performances from this Ref.

My man of the match today was easy, Marvin Bartley was immense. The gunts were cacking it from him, bigger, stronger and better than their midfield.

I fair enjoyed that, still sitting here chuffed. Now all you stay at home Hibby’s get yourself a ticket for the replay, get behind Hibs and we will destroy the Jambos.



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