Today we played the second best team in Scotland, after 25 minutes of the wrong Hibs, we bettered and battered the second best team in Scotland, they won, but if they are the second best team in Scotland, so are we.

Its fair to say, like all of you, I love my club, I love the players who represent us and I love my fellow Hibernian supporters, deeply. The show of unadulterated love for our Club after the match put us on a pedestal, we are the best, we are Hibernian.

OK, we lost, we lost to a sair yin, we gave them a two goal start, we succumbed to a 25 minute show of shambolic Hibs at their very worst. We rose above that, we cheered them on and on any other day, our football team would have won that excellent example of why Scottish football is good. The moaners and greeters about our game, they dinnae support Hibs, they dinnae support Aberdeen, they probably come from Limekilns, Bellshill or Aberfeldy and support Man United or Chelsea. 32,000 of us ken our game is healthy, it is good and well worth watching.

Our line up at the start had aww $#@! written all over it, Bartley and Fyvie in the same team, one man up front, and we paid the price, errors by McGinn, Bartley, Ambrose and then Daz and we are 1-0 down before many people had stood beside their seats. Then Rocky makes an **** of the second and it could be games a bogey.

Not Hibs though, Holt scores and magical football by half the team draws us level just after half time, we are level and the ground is rocking as 20,000 Hibbys back our wonderful fitba team. As I have said often, WE are Hibernian FC.

Then they score, against the run of play, right after a clear hand ball and foul to Hibs, the second best team in Scotland, scrape past us with a deflection. The bad breath, cannae hide your bigotry, hun $#@! Glasgow Polis sigh of relief whooshed right over us when Aberdeen scored.

The baton is passed to you Aberdeen.

Lets be honest, HIBERNIAN FOOTBALL CLUB WON THE SCOTTISH CUP ON THE 21st OF MAY, 2016 the best day of your life, my life, our lives. Its gone, but it is never forgotten. We love you Hibs, we are the best brand of football fans the words ever seen. Today was a what could have been, BUT we ken who we are are, we are HIBERNIAN FC. Next year, we will be trouble, big trouble.

The Team

Rocky is the good, the bad and the Kevin Rowland lookalike of fitba. He might have scored a wonderful headed equaliser in that magical 92nd minute, but then he should have saved their second for $#@! sake. Lets build from Rocky for next years assault on the Premiership.



David Gray had a tough game with the excellent Hayes as opposition, Hayes won the first half, Sir David the second. For the record, David Gray will be eternally the Hibernian player that broke that hoodoo, he scored that goal, he was captian when he scored that goal. You, Sir David, are my hero, you are a legend at our football team, today and every time you wear that magnificent jersey of ours.

Darren might be recorded as the Hibs player who made the last mistake in that first goal, worse, the guy who suffered the hell of an own goal to let Aberdeen win. But to Hibs Fans, he is wonderful, the best defender we have supported since Rob Jones and David Murphy. Darren, you are genuinely one of our own.

Efe was rotten first 25 minutes, I ken, but was immense for 65 minutes. You are class big man, one day you will be as good as Paul Hanlon.

Lewis looked like a Premier League player the whole game, people want him replaced?

Bartley broke the play up, but that was it for me. Sorry, I ken it rips other fans knitting, but he is boring, one paced and does nowt to help us win a game, he stops us losing, we lost anyway.

Fraser Fyvie started in the same team as Marv, he was taken off and we improved, but if I was Fraser I would be very, very annoyed and if he left the club only we would be to blame. We would miss him.

John Mcginn tried hard, very hard but it was not his day.

Dylans goal was wonderful, the best piece of play in the game. Only the metronome would get hurt celebrating and have to go off.

Boyles pass for our first was magnificent, his run better, but he went missing the whole second half, can we afford that?

Jason is not a single striker, even when Holt came on it never worked. Someone smarter than me has to work that one out.


Holt for Fyvie. Holt was brilliant when he came on, but done very little wrong for much of the second half, although he did get tore in. Best game in a Hibs shirt?

Shinnie came on for the injured McGeouch but done very little.

Graham replaced Efe with 2 to go but it was not happening, we were beat.

The ref was a fanny, but we know that, done everything in his (wizardly) power not to book the fouling Aberdeen players. $#@!er that he is.

Aberdeen, well, a good fitba team, strange a team of such ability cannae encourage the fans to come see them at home and in semi finals. If that is second best in Scotland, lets set our targets high Hibs. I hope they win it if playing the Huns. No fussy who wins if they play Thellick.

Man of the Match was Darren McGregor for me, simple.

So, its Raith on Wednesday, Ayr on Saturday then the Saints two weeks today. See you on Wednesday night.

Thanks Hibs, we are back, a great big team, with a great big support who can match the almost best in this country.

See you behind the goals.

Hibernian Forever.


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