Nope, none, not one, nothing. Its not very often that the man of the match is based on who was least shite today Christian Doidge got that rather dubious honour and truth be told, deserved it. Hibernian are pedestrian, frankly look unfit, others look disinterested, others have lost ‘it’. No Scott Allan to start, Kamberi off at half time, Shrinks prediction of a Josh Vela no show was spot on, pity a lot of his team mates decided on no shows too, given they were stripped and in the squad.

The new ticket system will be a joy when the season starts given the amount of people who were sent to the ticket office after queuing for ages when their phones and tickets didnt work at the gates, they also seem to have changed the system so people in the west lower cannot use the west upper gates, meaning long queues at one set of turnstiles and none at the one beside it. Good old Hibs eh, left it to the poor stewards to try and sort it out. Neither wonder the crowd was so poor, shit fitba, shit systems, and as for the latest price hike at the food counters for the worst steak pie I think I have ever eaten that was not cooked by Mrs 1875. I really hope there are season ticket gates and walk up gates as today showed it is needed.

So, the positives, I do really and honestly only ever wish to write positives about Hibernian. The club shop was rammed, and the new kit and training gear was flying off the shelves today. I bought my nephew the new away shirt, it is rather smart I have to say and even I joined the christmas trees by investing inthat rather dashing black and grey training 1/4 zip for myself and my laddie. I banged into Hibbyradge, someone I had not seen since the peak of the Bounce v Hibs Net battles of the old days, also managed a quick glass of shandy with my pal Colin and his son Scott who live in Madrid post match in the Hibs Club and banged into another mate Calum who now lives in Bergen and his brother Paul who I have not seen for years. We all agreed, Hibs were shite!

First half I felt we were clueless, Stevie Mallan is not and never will be a defensive midfielder, Josh Campbell (whom I discovered today is not only a Hibby but comes from a long line of Hibby’s) is a decent enough one, why do we need two against Alloa. Hanlon and McGregor were back at centre half, as was Rocky in goals, happy with that, I was also happy with Flo and Doidge up top, pity Horgan and Boyle was awful and offered them nowt. Flo paid the price when in fact either Horgan or Boyle could have been hooked at half time, neither would be missed.

I could groan on, but rather than do so I will credit Alloa with a fine first half performance, they were better than Hibs. I realised Peter Grant was their boss half way through the first half, how the mighty have fallen eh?

The first half was crap, mundane, pishy passy, lacking in penetration, devoid of creativity and poor to watch. Second half improved with the introduction of Fraser Murray and Scott Allan, but it remained painful and disjointed. What we gained in Scotty and Fraser’s creativity, we lost in having only Chris Doidge up front and very much alone. Thank Sauzee Christian has a bit if endeavour about him and in injuring Alloa’s very capable keeper at the goal, probably won us the game. Great shot and goal from James, more on him further down.

So, the team….

Nice to see Rocky back, his distribution has not improved but he had an easy day at work, resplendant in an all white kit.

Whitts was as bad this week as he was good last week. Not awful just no very good, his shot from four yards that was a certain goal nearly broke a window in the a corporate hostility box in the empty Famous Five. Fucking useless and as much a non team player there when an easy pass for Doidge was on to stroke it home as #(I think?) Mallan is a team player for unselfishly setting up Tom James blast home his goal.

Daz strolled his way through the game. Ye dinnae mess wi Daz.

Paul was more like the Hanlon I enjoyed watching, but it was Alloa.

Tom James scores an excellent goal, well struck and I like his clinical shooting. However he slows it down too much, under hits far, far to many of his passes and gives off the impression of someone who is meandering through the game, go back not forward, easy pass, dont take a man on. Pity, as there is a player there, a good utility player with a decent shot and is very calm. But slow, not so much in speed but, well fuck it, a bit boring.

Josh Campbell worked his socks off and hopefully we will see a young, Hibs supporting laddie come through the ranks, he can only get better. Nae need for him and Mallan to play defensive midfield though.

On that, Mallan is wasted so deep, Hibs are best when he, Scotty and Fraser Murray are linking up, we saw snippets of that second half. But no where near enough.

Horgan, couldnae be arsed today, played 90 minutes.

Boyle, well I mentioned people losing it, Boyler couldnae beat a plumber and a postie today, all game. Hopeless. He was on the pitch for 90 minutes too.

Flo got no service, the dafties got their moans in and he was subbed. I like Flo, but I think his days at Hibs are numbered? I hope his replacement is at least as good as him, none of the other signing shave looked as good as the player they are filling in for or replaced?

Christian Doidge worked his socks off, scored a brave goal, was unlucky with a good header, well saved by the Aloha keeper, for me he is poor mans Stephen Fletcher. Good workrate and can hold a ball up and header it, needs a partner.


Scotty did fine, but with one man to thread passes too it was often ineffectual. Especially as Boyle and Horgan spent most of the second half hiding.

Fraser Murray deserves a start, he has a touch of class and is more attack minded and braver than Boyle.

For all the talk of trying things out, we brought on Ollie. I want Ollie to do well, he is one of us, one of our own, giving him five minutes does nowt.

Once again I am not remotely impressed with Hecky and his approach, you will not hit last years season ticket numbers with shite like that. High tempo pressing game, nope, speed, none, skill, limited, boos at half time, yup we got them. Once again, I hold the Leeds fans opinion of Hecky, not the Barnsley one, its boring, its not the Hibs I want to see. Boring and dull.

Alloa were the better team first half, much better. They tired badly second half and it lost them the game. Grant can work on that. Hope the big goalie is ok, he had a couple of fine blocks. Good luck with the season.

Clancy is a hopeless #$%^@!#$%^@!#$%^@!#$%^@!, but then we knew that. Dreadful referee.

Least shite man of the match was Chistian Doidge.

Next up, a team we should be wary of, but are easy to boo with the bloodied shite strips and that Hun bastard Campbell as a boss. I am not particularly looking forward to it, the way we are playing we could lose.

Hibernian Forever!

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