Or is it bored, I am not sure after that pretty woeful first half. I know St Mirren came to close us down, stop us playing, they did and it worked but I felt we lacked drive, creativity and energy, we had to watch an hour of us passing and passing and passing going nowhere, whilst Rocky had two wonder saves to keep us in it. Against St Mirren, at home? I never come on here looking to moan, I try to offer an opinion, see the positives, dlight in them. Its hard when there are very few to wax lyrical about. As I mentioned, Marciano had two excellent saves, yet again Whittaker had a smashing game, first at left and then right back, Flo was powerful and dangerous, when he got any kind of service and expecially when Doidge came on and Scottie, well Scottie is just Scottie. It was a beautiful day, there was a big crowd, the coffee from Bosnian Bobs on Albion Road was braw, and my nephew made it after his Dad brought him down from his Highland Caravan holiday especially for the game. The goal was a cracker, we did the post twice, had a goal disallowed and Doidge did miss one sitter and one good chance, Flo also was unluck with a decent attempt when through on the keeper. I was delighted to see the Since 1875 young team back, good to see you back and a 16.600+ crown is not to be sniffed at. The display was excellent, good work guys.

What I did not enjoy was two ineffectual wingers, one up front, poor defending and Scottie Allan so far upfield first half he was playing as Flo’s strike partner. It didnae work, it doesnt work. I also did not enjoy the performances of three or four of the players, they were not good enough.

One other thing, well two. Both me and my mates season cards did not work, although fair play to the stewards, we were quickly waved through. Secondly, Hibs have decided that you have to go through specific turnstiles iin the west stand, when you come out in the same area when you get in, it seems they have pre programmed the cards specifically to do this. So you have large queues for three turnstiles (one other was shut), and no queue for four others right beside them, stupid idea, it makes no sense.

So, the team

Marciano, had two great saves and a couple of flaps, pretty much a normal day for Rocky then.

Tom James started at right back. Reasonable idea I thought? He was rotten, out paced, flat footed, easy beat and often out of position. This was before he was injured in a challenge that should have been a booking for a player who was later booked. I had thought him the best of the summer signings (excluding Scottie of course), today I thought he was poor.

Adam Jackson started on the right side of the centre half pairing. He is a pretty simple centre half, but is not a patch on Darren or Ryan. A few ill thought hoofs showed that.

Paul started on the left side of the centre halfs as Captain, I thought he improved second half but he never looks to his left, where Mackie and Newell wanted the ball, tappy, Moonface Wliiamson type passes to Jackson, Mallan or occassionally Slivka and Allan was one of the reasons I used the word bored above. Its boring.

Whitts started at left back and finished at right back and done his job the full 90 plus minutes, not many in the team can say that.

Josh Vela, well I had great hopes for him. They diminished a little today, he looks unfit, second to the ball and the St Mirren players won the ball from him regularly.

Again Stevie Mallan is expected to almost play beside Vela, its too deep, we lose his attacking abilities as he joins the tippy tappy passing stuff that rarely takes us anywhere? Why? He did hit a couple of good shots but our set up does not suit his style of play.

Daryll Horgan is a good player, we saw wee snippets of that but not enough.

Joe Newell, wel I have anopinion of him, it has not changed, you all can tell me what you think.

Scottie Allan scored a great goal, but what a waste sticking him up front with Flo first half. Sitting a bit deeper he causes carnage. He is still a baller, I am so glad Scottie has come home, he will make our season I think.

Flo Kamberi too played very well. The set up never worked first half but he tracked back, won the  ball back and had that extra bit of oomph about him. That oomph set up Doidge for a simple tap in that Doidge promtly missed. Pity there are still plenty arseholes who have brought Neil Lennon’s attitude to Flo back to Easter Road this season. I thought he looked good.

The Subs

SMackie came on for James just before half time, taking up the left back positon, Whitts going to right. [USER=12095]WJC1848[/USER] had suggested that Sean drifts inside too much, I watched for that today and WJC1848 was spot on, its a real flaw in Sean’s game, it left us open too often.

Slivka came on for Vela and I felt slotted in nicely, he brought a bit of creativity to th eteam, although he lost the ball poorly a couple of times.

Christian Doidge came on ad for me teh two up front gave us the impetus to go on and win a game that was fizzling out in a nil nil draw. Ok he missed a sitter and another good chance, but imporatnty, his clever play set up Scottie for the wnner.

The Management Team

I know they get paid the big bucks to set the team up to win, what do I know? Well what I know is that that first half was rotten, guff, poor. Many others around me agreed, where is the mystical high press, one up front and two sitting midfielders at home to St Mirren in a game we were lucky to win. Not impressed. Must do better.

St Mirren

They came for a draw, the nearly got what they came for, possibly a bit unlucky not to go home with a point. They have been written off by a few pundits already, I think they may surprise a few people, decent, well drilled unit and a great away support who made plenty noise.

The Referee

Poor, should have booked the buddie for the foul on James, then booked Vela for a raised arm when a St Mirren player had done the  same 10 minutes earlier.

The Fans

A big crowd, great display from Since 1875, great to see you back. Pity the disconnect between the East Terracing singers and Since 1875 folk in the Famous Five continues, the once every one joined in at the same time, it became a wall of noise.


So, three points, must do better, some need to get their finger out, we need to go at teams earlier, no hope for late winners. It was lucky it takes me 45 minutes to get home, I think if I lived in the Holy Ground environs, my Just Back would have been more damning.

Man of the Match, well our best player over the 90 minutes for me was probably Whitts, Rocky had two great saves that kept us in it, both at 0-0, but Scottie with his moments of magic and winning goal get the man of the match for me. As I have said above, a few more need a right boot up the arse.

Next Up, the Hunnery, see you in that sectarian cesspit next Sunday.

Hibernian Forever!

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