Jeez, as a fellow bouncer said after the game, am sweating, I kicked every ba’ that second half!

The Hibs 1000 sat in the away car park discussing the team formation as Hibs tweeted the team. No Daz, no Paul, aw naw we thought? Well the teams lined up inside a piped noise Hunnery, it was clear Neil was here to beat them, Rocky in Goals, a back three of Efe, Ryan Porteous and Lewis Stevenson, Barts covering, John, Dylan and returnee Scott Allan, with Boyler, Barker left and right (ish) and Flo Kamberi up front.

The Huns had their usual mix of Flops, Cheats, Thugs and Fandans, same in the stands. The Hibs support never stopped singing, the Huns sang when the music played on the tannoy, when they sung unprompted, every one was a sectarian, bigoted rant, from cheer up Neil Lennon/ Fenian barsteward, some song about a joiner building a big giant gallows, or putting the roof high on the Barras or something else irrelevant to a fitba match, to No Surrender, the full repertoire. Fair play to the polis who managed to block out the massed ranks breaking the law by staring uninterrupted at Hibs fans instead. They did sing about Jason Cummings, f*** knows why, he was hopeless.

So, Hibs started brilliantly, after an initial blip with Barker being replaced by McLaren following an early knock. McLaren, Kamberi, McGinn, McGeouch and Scott Allan took control, and played the filth in blue off the pitch. Flicks, chips, crisp passing, ball to feet, nae blooters, deft touches, Hibernian were a joy to watch, inspired by number 2-3 (think about it) Scott Allan. We had the ball in net, but it was given as off side, it saw one well kent Hibby  get himself lifted as he tried a one man pitch invasion. D’oh! McLaren then seemed to then miss a sitter, before Super John McGinn hit a twenty daisy cutter into the bottom right of Fotherinhun’s goal, the Hibs end went ballistic, the Huns revolting as half time came. The best first I half performance I have seen from Hibs in donkeys years.

For a patch work back three, Lewis, Efe and Ryan were superb, absolutely superb and Rocky has upped his game, he is as good as a goal or two advantage for us at the moment.

Talking of donkeys, the Hun centre halfs are just that, huddies, absolute huddies, although the left back, Sean Whateverheiscalled has a bit about him.

Second half we did the one thing we had agreed we shouldnae amongst my various pals, we tried to defend the lead. The Huns pummelled us for much of the second half, but the wonderful Rocky ably assisted by Lewis, Efe, and Ryan, before some Hun scored a fluke, no idea who…… hatred can blind you sometime.

So, Hibs say, bugger that, time to play fitba again, and we did, Scott Allan sailed through the statues in royal blue, he was fouled, penalty for Hibs. McLaren coolly slots it away with their goalie making a decent attempt to save it, but failing, just like their fans failed to save their club, letting it, instead, die. The Hibs fans are in heaven, taunting the Huns as they starting sneaking out.

As I said at the top of the report, I came home shattered, second half I kicked every ba’ (and where I could try to kick a Hun). Hibernian today put Sevco 2012 in their place, we taught them a lesson in how to play the beautiful game.

Hibernian were fantastic, on the pitch and on the terrace, we own the Huns, we know it, they know it. Magnificent.

The Team

Rocky has taken the subtle hint Lenny gave him when he signed Scott Bain for half an hour. Ofir was fantastic today, three wonderful saves. Unbeatable!

Efe too was magnificent as the leader of our back three, graceful, a gentleman but ooze class, Efe plays these games in a smoking jacket, sucking a humungous Cuban cee-gar. Magic!

Ryan Porteous was chucked in to cover for the loss of the best defensive pairing we have had in years. He played like he has captained Hibs for 10 years. Hard, great headerer of a ball, a winner. Three mistakes, in 90 minutes, Ryan, a Hibs supporter is a mix of Paul Hanlon and Darren McGregor. I thought he was brilliant!
Lewis takes a bit of stick from the hard of thinking sometimes. He played as our left sided centre half in a three, he played like he had played that position his whole career. Fantastic!

Marv played in front of the three and sooked up the Hunnish pressure. Solid, hard, and occasionally skilled, he let the Huns know this was Hibernian they were playing, not Aberdeen, we don’t roll over, we own them. Solid.

John was pushed left, but like us, he hates Rainjurs and he simply kept battering into them, running at them, pressing them, charging! His goal was a thing of joy, a great goal, not a good goal. Super!

Dylan had a tough shift, he had to play up against a very aggressive bunch of Huns, but as the best midfielder in Scotland outside of Parkhead, he worked his way through them and treated their presence as the nothing it is. Skill.

Scott Allan, well I have to admit I was not happy at his return. I had my reasons. I am also man enough to admit I am wrong. Scott might have been a daft, poorly advised laddie, but Scott is 100% fitba, his first half performance destroyed the Billy Boys, he was simply unplayable at times, the flicks and tricks between him and his team mates had me even shouting his name at one point. His skill to gain the penalty that won us the game was football intelligence, he is a football maestro. Scott is nae Hun, nae Hun has his intelligence or guile, that is clear. Hibs fans who don’t come watch him are missing as good a player as we have had in years. I also like his number, 2-3, will do for me. Wow.

Brandon was rumoured to be injured and lasted 7 minutes before going off holding his calf. It worked for us, the introduction of his replacement Jamie McLaren was a masterstroke as many of us expected to see Danny. Hurt.

Boyler ran himself ragged first half and tired badly second half, as the Huns targeted him with their only reasonable player Sean Toss kept targeting his space. Ran and Ran.

Flo Kamberi is the striker we have been missing, I would make Grasshopers an offer asap, this laddie has it, his touch, his movement, his work rate, his desire. A young Grant Holt with more flicks and shuffles. I like this laddie. Good.

The Subs

Jamie McLaren came on after 5 or so minutes and I am delighted to report, he looks a great player. His link up play with Flo, Scotty, Dylan and John was excellent and he stroked the winner away with aplomb. Fair Dinkum.

Olly came on with ten to go and done his job, watch and learn from Flo and Jamie son, proper team players, proper strikers. Keen.

Danny came on to waste time at the end. One of our own.

Neil Lennon and his management team got it spot on, a makeshift team but we had to go at the bigots, we did and they quickly sh@t it. Neil enjoyed that win as much as us, but then he would, as he hates them just like we do.

The referee booked six Hibs players and only three Huns, yet we never broke one Hun leg or ankle although we did break their hearts, if the f@%”!@s had one. The coward should have booked and red carded the Plug looking boy for persistent diving, he didnae, Moraless dived five times during the game, no foul, play on, maybe the skool teechur cannae spell his name, maybe the fact the guy looks like Plug fi the Bash Street Kids cut him some slack, right up until he booked him for nowt I could see? Golum is a useless fearty, a good referee might have had at least one Hun off first half.

The Huns are f@%”!@# rubbish, Cummings is a waste of space, their fans are spent, they spout their hatred but its forlorn, they are yesterdays people, a nothing, a stain on the sheet of a cheap hotel, nothing will ever change about them, they are trapped in their ignorance, dwindling defiance, sneaking home after 70 minutes to batter their families and salute a dying tradition. Their team is f@%”!@# rotten to the core as well. Sean Toss looked decent though. Declan whatever was invisible, Murphy did nothing, I found out post match he was playing. I have no idea who most of the rest of them are, I don’t care, they are putrid and we own them and our target must be to ensure they do not get into Europe, which I hope might just kill them off for good.

So, man of the match, well so many fine Hibernians to choose from, Marciano was brilliant, Scott Allan was a genius in parts, Efe strolled it, Super John kicked them back, battered them, fought and fought and fought, Flo nailed them, but for me, ignoring daft errors, Ryan Porteous was absolutely brilliant, for a young laddie, he played today like he has captained Hibernian his whole life. To think the laddie is one of us, a Hibs man. Wow again.

Lets take a rest now, its been a hard yin recently but the Hibs are a team, a real team and Neil and his people ken a player when they see one. This phoenix continues to rise from the ashes, and boy are we good when we want to be.



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