Big crowd, chance to go above Livi and get right behind The Sheep and we go and do a Hibs. That was pretty poor, too many Hibs players didnae fancy it, a fe wbasically didnae try, the changes didnae work, were late and the referee was a disgrace. Livi are industrial, they play little football, although Efe was majestic much of the game. I have lived the majority of my life in Livingtson, I have nevee liked the football club, I still don’t, but then drugs were never my thing.

We started with the same team as last Sunday, or so we were told at 2pm on twatter. A late change meant Joe Newell droped out the team, and the squad, Lewis came in and Melker Hallberg came back into the squad. A couple of things around that, what happened to Joe? Why has Melker dropped down so low in the pecking order, especially when two good games a season Slivka is starting, why I am at at why has the drive, skill and dynamism of Steph Omeonga not getting a game, when Slivka and a half arsed Allan are? Onto Allan, his penalty was piss poor, sloppy, I felt his approach to the whole game was one of a player no really enjoying playing in the cauld? Paul Hanlon is too casual, nearly causing a goal by a half hit pass back and Lewis has now had two poor games in a month, I have never had to write that, and it makes my soul ache to type that.

I like the shape of the team, its very attack minded, although no Joe Newell means we are less effective down the left as Joe is a better atacking left half than Lewis. Boyler gives his all, so does Docs, John’s Big Brother and Adam Jackson and good and steady, Marc makes clever moves and is getting fitter, but is not match fit (although no as unfir looking as the Livi Number 3), Doidge scores and offers no very much more for too many games n’all.

I thought the boss managed the game badly and should be at least partly to blame for blowing a good chance to chase 3rd down.

On to the team….

Rocky had no chance at the goal, but has no idea what teh word urgency means and his distribution is poor.

We played as a back three most of the game.

Paul McGinn is fine, makes the odd error but can pass, wins the ball, can defend and does attack well. Paul is a not problem for Hibs, he is a solution to the permanently injured Sir David Gray, the man that won us that cup on that day, scoring that goal.

Adam Jackson has developed into a good, reliable defender. I like him now, sans the Yorkshire Pudding.

Paul had a good enough game today but is prone to being sloppy, it has to stop.

Lewis didnae have his best game, I hate to say, he an dSlivka, both of them were at fault in the run up to the Livi goal.

Greg Docherty was excellent, I expect he always will be.

Vicky Slivka proved why he should go in the summer. Two good performances are followed by a piss poor, effortless, shirking one, next he will be losing his place for yonks before the whole cycle starts again. To think he keeps Stephane Omeonga, Fraser Muray and Melker Hallberg out the team?

Scott Allan should have stayed in, heating on and watched a film on BBC2 today as he was rotten, he missed a penalty taken with all the gusto of a player who thinks he is better than he is. Pity that, it is magic when he is magic.

Boyler never stopped twisting, turning, running on, taking a man on and trying to improve the flatness of the game. I love the way he takes a ball in and turns to go forward, too many of his team mates go back wards every time a sign of a lack of confidence for me. Not our Boyler, he loves going at teams. Hi srun to keep the ball in when his two striker pals stood and done nowt said it all. They targeted him and Docs today, that tells you something. Thank Sauzee for Martin Boyle.

Marc McNulty kept making runs not picked up by his team mates, he is a player but is lacking service.

Doidge scored, can someone tell me what else he offered all game? A few seconds before he scored he let an excellent cross from I think Horgan go right across him when a better player would have stuck his head on it. When I say a better player, I mean Colin Nish would have. Ite weird, he scores goals but……

The subs well too late and wrong for me, dead simple. Okk they were attacking players but two if them can be too cautious. None of the three can do much in the time allowed.

Let me explain that a little.

Fraser Murray did get 25 minutes BUT 10 of those minutes are in a position where he can do very little. Flashes of excellence, a good shot popped off but matinees will never make Fraser a regular. He is better than Slivka imo, so give him a start. Prone to going backwards with a pass although by no means the worst.

I get why we want to play Jamie Gullan ( I found out today he is a Jambo, fuck sake son), I want to se eteh laddie play too. But not out left with 15 to go. If he is good enough, play the laddie.

Daryll Horgan comes on and passes back too much. Pity as when he does take a man on and stick a ball in, its pretty decent. No for 10 minutes though.

I thought Jack’s approach was poor today. It was clear it wasn’t working the way it was set up, it was clear their 3 was poor so we dont feed Boyler enough to challenge him, the changes were ‘soft’, it needed Stephane Omeonga, we got Fraser Murray and Daryll Horgan. Sorry, that was mundane, and was not good enough Jack. 60+% possession means nothing when half of that is going backwards is not what we pay to see.

Livingston are horrible to watch, I imagine its like being on hallucinatory drugs, or at least selling them. A pub like team who come to grind out a result, pushing, pushing and pushing, ohh aye and pulling, shoving and kicking as the ref ignores it all. Ugly fitba. ugly team, 300 fans, most of whom must have supported someone else before dealing with Livi. You wouldnae pay a score to watch that every week. Their Goalie however was very good, as was their defender, a boy called Ambrose from Nigeria, he looks a player, one to watch? Bit cheaky yon slippers, smoking jacket and cee-gar but seemed to get away with it. He cheated last minute right enough.

The referee was a fucking idiot and if I was a Celtc fan I would say he had a thing about Hibs, a thing he didnae like, maybe a bad night doon the docks or short changed in Ali’s Cave? The throw in decision told you all we already knew, we have refs who either hate Hibs or over compensate for supporting our club. No idea what that useless baldy pricks background is but he is a fucking buffoon.

The fans, lots of us but no atmosphere as the east didnae sing and dafties corner in the Famous Five Uppers words were blown away straight doon to North Berwick. Move back to the East Stand guys, the atmosphere is now dire, no helped by a boring, half arsed Hibs perfromance. Good crowd too.

Man of the Match was Martin Boyle, well mine was. Martin is worth the entrance fee.

Next up is Inverness and Fat Robbo the Jambo Jakey. They are doing ok in the diddy league and will come to ER looking for a lucrative draw. We welcome our hero James Keatings back (great news about James today). James will always be a Hibernian hero, the man that run the other way on that glorious day. Pre match, lets show the love for the laddie, he is a good guy, treated badly by injury and those *&*^ at the SFA. During the game fuck um though, its all about Hibs.

See you on Friday, Hibernian Forever!

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