Ok, it was only Morton, a team managed by that affable if useless Duff Jimmy, but you can only beat what is in front of you, we did and whilst it was not great, there were more positives than negatives.

Last week I complained Hibs were lacking in ideas, pedestrian, played a slow tempo and were matched by the opposition. I thought whilst we improved after going to 442 from 451, when Cummings came on, it was simply too slow, ponderous and not good to watch.

The positives had to be the excellent John McGinn, not only does he want to thread passes to Hibs players, but he can. I think the lad will become a firm favourite. The positive attitude of Jason Cummings after being dropped was first class, he changed the game for us. Then there was the big, strong Liam Henderson. This laddie has no fear.

The negatives for me are the pedestrian pass to death and switching of position between Boyle, Fyvie and Carmichael, what a shambles, then there was Mason Boyne the referee who, let’s be honest, was a cheat.

We started slowly, we proceeded to plod on, some half chances, a good save from Oxley but it was not working until at around 65 minutes Stubbs changed it, fair play as we were far better with that change and might have won by more.

The players

Oxley, had a good save when tested, flapped a little but he done fine today.

Fontaine, I felt he was poor last week, I didn’t think he was much better this week. Why is it neither he nor Paul Hanlon can header a ball powerfully? Just watch Jordan Forster, he knows how to do it? He was hard done by in not getting the penalty from the useless ref mind, blatant two handed push in the box, seen but ignored by Donald Findlay’s nephew.

Hanlon, not a patch on last weeks performance, although a couple of nice passes.

Stevenson, better today, enjoyed playing with Henderson.

Fyvie, I thought he was poor in his roving role, but improved and settled down when he slipped into Bartley deeper position.

Bartley, last week he looked like me playing fives. This week he was much improved, worked very hard for 65 minutes, when he earned a deserved round of applause for his efforts. I think he will get better.

McGinn is a graceful, intelligent football player who is exactly the type of player that I like to see wear a Hibs shirt. If this boy continues to develop, he will earn lots of plaudits and I expect earn Hubs a lot of money. A smashing player.

Boyle started and came in and out of the game, he does have to give more if he wants to start. He was also hard done by in not getting the penalty from the useless ref.

Carmichael looked like a lost wee laddie today, I think the tactics did that, and he will improve.

Malonga is an enigma, he clearly has ability but his body language has the dafties at his throat. He is no lone striker. Must do better Dom.


Cummings didnae start, but when came on for Bartley, his direct positive attitude got us the goal and the win. Well played son.

Henderson came on to warm applause replacing Dan Carmichael and by Sauzee this laddie is strong. Liam has me looking forward to the season, big, strong, hard (he was involved in a couple of bone crunching tackles) and oozing skill and confidence.

Stanton came on for Boyle for a few minutes at the end.

Stubbs and his team need to up the tempo, you will not get the missing fans back playing pass across the back. 451 disnae work with our players, dump it Alan.

The referee was simply disgraceful, a cheating barsteward, two, arguably three clear penalties ignored.

Morton are yet another decent wee team, supported by 572 fans in the crowd just shy of 9000, they will cause upsets this season, although only Franck knows why given that useless baldy fandango Duffy is manager.

8500 Hibs fans isnae great, but the club have to win people back, and a few new names added might help, a natural leader should be one, another defender and a target man might be good? John Daly is on the dole.

I don’t think that was great, but its progress in the right direction and we can only get better Shirley?

My man of the match was not Fraser Fyvie as selected by the 12th man Boaby Greens guide dug Bonzo, but the excellent young star in the making, John McGinn. Well played son.



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