Well Neil Lennon took this game seriously and I thank him for it. Without ever really getting out of second gear we gave the Junior side, their fans and lots of Jambo fuds in their end a right hammering. Only changes were enforced I think, with Forster in for David Gray, Captain and winning goal scorer in the 2016 Cup Final, eight months on to the day from that beautiful day in May.

Pre match I supped Black Gold and IPA with my Laddie and Big G whilst ripping the pish out of two Huns in the pub to watch their new team. What a laugh, they were typically hunnish, it was easy. A short hop on the bus and we were in the Guntery, a sorry shambolic shitehole of a place I have to say.

We lined up with Rocky in Goals, Daz and Liam at Centre Half, Lewis at left back, John McGinn appeared to be the holding role, with Humphrey out wide on the right, Keats just behind the front two, Shinnie with a free roving role, and Holt and Jase up front.
Bonnyrigg lined up with Pugh, Pugh, Barney, McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb, Captain was Flack and Windy Miller, Brackett and Bilton up front. Or whatever, I have no idea, sorry.

The Team

Rocky was hurt early in the game and was replaced by the very competent Laidlaw who had no chance at the penalty and otherwise gave his usual steady performance.

Forster replaced Sir David of Hampden and showed he is nae right back. I thought he was awfy easy beat and gave away a silly penalty. I suppose its no easy if you are not playing often. Scored a goal though, which is good.

Darren strolled through the game, takes nae prisoners and really is a class defender and fine replacement captain of Hibernian.

Fontaine done fine, he is no one that sets the heather on fire for me, but done enough.

Lewis enjoyed going forwards, set up one good goal and scored another. Looked like he was enjoying it too.

Super John was back and did not have his best game, much as we all love him, best if he is to have a bit of an off day, its against a junior team in the cup.

Shinnie blows hot and cold for Hibs, when cold he is useless, when hot, he really is a very good football player. Today he was hot, on fire, roasty toasty, scalding, burning hot. He ran the game and scored a goal too, sending us on our way.

Keats was excellent today, scoring two very, very well taken goals, wanting the ball, being productive when he got it and looking like the player he has really been most of the season when fit. I like Keats.

Humphrey didn’t get enough of the ball, certainly in front of him and had a quiet game really. Again he scored though, which is good for his confidence.

Holt too had a very decent game, he was all over their defence and worked very hard for his team mates. Even today though, he cannae score, even when given a gilt edged chance which Jason duly stuck home.

Jason has improved his overall game since he returned to the starting eleven and is better with the ball than he was. He scored two, if he had stayed on for the whole game, I reckon he would have bagged at least a hat trick.


Laidlaw replaced Rocky early and had his steady game again. As I said before, he had no chance at the well taken penalty.

Fraser Fyvie came on for Super John and upped our tempo. Isn’t it fantastic when we can take John off and replace him with the quality of Fraser.

Boyler came on for Jase and ran at the tired Rose defence, might have scored if he could keep himself onside?

I though Neil and Gary got it spot on, we put out a strong team, whilst never really hitting top or gear, we totally demolished Bonnyrigg. I asked for that before the match, I am glad we delivered. That is the correct approach Hibs. Good work guys, thanks for that.

Bonnyrigg had no chance, they started poorly and were 3 nil down before they realised the game had got going. I have not joined the love in I have to say, however I will say I am delighted Bonnyrigg Rose will make lots of much needed money to keep their local club going in the right direction and I hope the real Rose fans enjoyed their day, result aside. The erse Jambos giving Five One-ing us all game, and booing Hibs players, well get it up ye, your money comes to Hibs too, you stupid fuds. I hope that big nosed liar that plays for Raith scores a last minute winner tomorrow to knock you out.

Football wise, I thought the Rose did not sit and try to gain a replay, they played open attacking football and tried their best. It was nowhere near good enough on the day for them though.

The referee was fine, if they dinnae have me out my seat, I give them pass marks.

Man of the Match was easy, Andrew Shinnie was magnificent all the way through, try and do it every week pal.

A wee mention on the crowd, Hibernian were away from home today, we sold out 8000 tickets, indeed the last four Hibernian games we have played, the Hibs end has sold out. It may very well be the first time that has happened in Hibs history? Well done Hibernians, that is how we will rise again, getting behind our team.

Finally, can I wish a very Hibby Birthday to Big G, SKII and my Hibs daft nephew Allan, Hibs certainly delivered a good present to you, Big G, I hope you enjoyed Birthday Black Gold, what a laugh with the hun numpties, Allan I hope that Hibs gear is what you wanted and SKII, I ken that drip didnae spoil a good day at the Guntery.

See you all in Dumfries next week.

Hibernian Forever.

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