I am sure most of you will have heard Neil Lennon’s post match interview, he was raging and quite rightly so, Hibs did not start playing until 60 minutes, not because Humphrey came on, more we seemed to wake up when Raith made 3 subs at once. That is not good enough, Neil doesn’t think its good enough, nor do we. Couple of things on that, 1, the fans pay to get into matches Neil, we have more to grumble about than you and you picked the team, 2 , it took you over an hour to make the most obvious change, the narrow diamond wisnae working, Raith’s midfield were running over the top of us, as you watched on. For the second week in a row, Fraser Fyvie and James Keatings have looked lost in the positions they are playing. John McGinn also had to work hard to get involved. The game was crying out for wingers, we have two on the bench, we didnae see them until it was frankly too late.

Team shape is everything in football, Neil talked about respecting the opposition, I don’t think he respected them much. He started the game the way he wanted Hibs to play and ignored Rovers shape completely until they scored and Keats got injured. Mvoto had Cummings in his pocket, it was crying out for Holt to mix it up, we brought him on with five minutes to go, right after Graham had won his fist header of any merit. I also think we piss about way too much, Marciano does not distribute a ball as well or as quickly as Laidlaw, Fontaine takes an eternity to blooter it to no one in particular, Lewis today took a touch and went backwards too much, Jason’s touch was woeful first half, Fyvie found a Hibs player with only one or two passes, McGinn played some lovely football in spurts, but I think the position he is being asked to play doesn’t suit him. Keats clearly disnae know what to do n that role, he barely brought anything to the game. We did start to play after Jasons wonderful free kick, but it was powderpuff, and I reckon we came into it as the balloon Hughes made three subs at the same time and Raith wobbled after it. Not good enough Hibs, no where near acceptable, in front of over 2500 Hibernian fans who pay good money to see more craft, guile and effort than was on show today. I have to say we have 3 or 4 lightweights in our team, jessies, poly bags, shirkers, call them what you will but they need to toughen up.

Your rant was admirable Neil, but you pick the team, you can make the changes to the team and shape, you left it too late. Change it when it is going wrong or not working.

The Team

I thought Rocky had no chance at the goal, but he was poor in his distribution and I wasn’t impressed.

Gray was fine, up and down that line, but no opportunity to get the ball in the box, although he stuck in a couple good headers that the two/ three strikers done nothing about it.

Darren was Darren, he has to be at the moment.

Fontaine did ok, but he hoofs the ball aimlessly and for me he should have got his head on the ball and scored a flying header, he didnae as he never scores with his head which begs the question why does he go up for corners?

Stevenson has a reasonable game most weeks, but it often goes wrong in Kirkcaldy, it didn’t today, I thought he did fine, a couple of very nice bits of football.

We needed Marv today, the Raith midfield was robust, aka hard and no feart to foul, not that the baldy prick of a ref noticed. He got booked, when Raith players didn’t for similar fouls.

John McGinn showed snippets of brilliance but clearly disnae like that narrow diamond, when he sits on the left, but he got more into the game when Boyle came on and John moved more into the middle.

Fraser Fyvie rarely found a Hibs player with a pass all game, he was generally brutal. Another one who does not play as well when we shape up like this. What a waste of a good player.

I like Keats, he tries, but he was rotten today, he just never got going. Even a number of his dead balls were poor. The third of four midfielders who are less affective when we play that narrow diamond. Pity, Keats gives a shite, but is another lightweight, easily bullied by Hughes’ hard men. Picked up a head injury and walked round the track after being replaced by Boyle looking like Benny Brazil.

I argue that Graham disnae get enough time to prove himself. He was given that time today and simply didn’t take his chance. Frankly I felt that Holt would have given the Raith defence more of their own medicine, we left it too late to find out whether that was the case.

Jason scored a wonderful free kick, but had a hard shift up against the excellent Mvoto who was all over him. Not that Jason didn’t try, he just had a torrid time against the big fellae.


Humphrey came on for Fyvie and has the odd burst of wingerness, but really didnae set the heather on fire. I am not impressed.

Boyle came on for Keats and was direct but is a jessie.

Holt came on too late, replacing Graham, with no time really to noise up the Raith back four. Pity, I am not his biggest fan, but I do think we needed him up there today, Neil, you waited until 5 minutes to go.

Neil’s rant on the radio was eloquent and full of passion. Pity he only blamed the players as he got the shape wrong and didnae sort it until we fell behind. He picks the team, he needs to admit his own mistakes, and correct them promptly. Like the attitude though, you sounded like a frustrated Hibs fan, that will do for me.

I was an admirer of Raith Rovers old Chairman, Turnbull Hutton, he stood up to the Huns when bigger clubs including our own representative didn’t. I liked their green away kit. It was all spoiled when they signed that fannies Skacel and Locke. I never liked Hughes but he went up in my estimation by not bringing on the snidey big nosed prick on. I thought Raith looked like a John Hughes team, hard, robust and ugly, much like Yogi. But they matched us for an hour. Hibs could do a lot worse than signing the big number 5, Mvoto, what a good, no nonsense defender. He had a couple of our players keeking their drawers today.

I thought the referee was appalling, Raith kicked, fouled and tugged with impunity. He booked one of them. Marv was booked for being black, Keats for having a beard and Graham for scratching his arse in an intimidating manner. He denied us two penalties. Only TV coverage will confirm if he was right, both looked penalties from my seat?

Hibs were pretty poor today, so much so we had no really player who shone, sadly I have had to say that too many times this season. One or two never stopped trying, Daz as ever, McGinn in wee bursts, but today I give it to Jase, his wonder goal got us a point, the laddie will be one of the reasons we get promoted (if we do), he scores goals. No one else looks likely.

Next its the Jambos, the horrible, bloodied turd wearing representatives of the establishment. The library dwelling puddle drinkers will no doubt be digging out a song or two they can sing at Easter Road on Wednesday. They may even sing one? We need to put them to the sword, batter them, blooter them and beat them to a pulp. Get the feel good factor back.

Get behind the team, doing so gives us a 12th man, doing so will help us over the line.

Hibernian Forever


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