OK, it was a miserable day, cold, wet and dreich. But that does not mean that Hibs players don’t try, sadly one or two never turned up today. Its a weird stadium, three stands and one big empty, open expanse. There is no atmosphere and it makes for a crap football experience. On the pitch, as I suggested pre match, Stubbs would struggle to replace Malonga, he did. It didn’t help that his replacement offered very little but he had no support from the over greedy Cummings and the useless Handling. We did miss the improving Liam Craig, although Sammy Stanton came in and did very well. I don’t think we deserved to lose, it was a classic 0-0 boring draw to be honest.

On to the players as ever.

Oxley – I think he is poor, I know others disagree, his kicking first half was dreadful, but he persisted, he didn’t improve.

Gray – Worst I have seen him play, never went passed a player the whole game.

Fontaine – Did pretty well whole game, on occasion he takes a little too much time and slows the game down.

Hanlon – Was magnificent, had a great game.

Stevenson – Had the whole left side to himself, which was a hard shift.

Robertson – I though he played very well today.

Stanton – Sam also played very well today, he should keep his place.

Allan – Scotty drifted in and out of the game, when in it, he is braw to watch, when he thinks he is World Cup Willie, he disnae help the team.

Handling – Useless is the politest term I can think of. No idea where he was supposed to be playing, neither did he.

Cummings – Just too greedy, constantly.

  Heffernan- Drifted in and out, but his body language does him no favours.


Allan – Came on for Cummings at half time, started well but lost his way as the half went on.

Harris – Came of for Heffernan for a few minutes near the end.

Martin – Came on after the goal, no idea who he replaced?

Management – He must now realise that we have a paper thin squad, we lose a couple of regulars and we have nothing to replace them? You have to ask why we have players on loan if they never play? I was not impressed today Stubbsy, you did not have your tactics right, left the ineffectual Handling on when it was clear he was clueless and useless to all watching.

Falkirk – They were poor, which is frustrating as we lost to them.

Crowd – Decent Hibs support given the crazy ticket only arrangements, they really are killing the game with their nonsense. Falkirk support really has got small, and their was no atmosphere in that soulless stadium.

Referee – Woeful. If he had any balls he could have sent a Falkirk player off, for two yellow cards, he never.

Man of the Match – For me Scott Robertson and Sam Stanton both gave good performances, but Paul Hanlon was my Man of the Match by a country mile. Well played Paul.

Next – Well Malonga will be back, but its at Easter Road so I don’t expect much.



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