Hibs 1 v 1 Gunts

Just back and it must be horrible watching that Gorgie Gash every week, it makes your eyes bleed. Their fans, the ones that turned up, or certainly the wee Red Hand Gang nearest the east terracing trying to start the Hello Hello chant during the minute’s applause for Billy McNeill summed up Heart of Midlothian for me, putrid, classless wee scrotes who need a good hiding. Well done the Hibs fans and decent Gunts who gave the man a minute of their time.

Usual rules, I was sat in my normal seat in a packed out Hibs end so TV watchers, correct any mistakes I make.

As for the game, well I felt we let them get control for the first twenty minutes, then slowly took over. I dinnae want to talk about them, they give me the dry boak, their offensive fans, their loyalist songs, their complete fucking weirdo of a manager and assistant, they are the shame of the capital, on and off the pitch.

So Hibernian, well I think we defended well right up until their equaliser, we played some nice slick football against the hackers from Haymarket, not incisive enough for sure, Flo looked hapless, McNulty not getting enough or often any kind of service. There left and right backs were there for the taking, Sir Gray and Lewis went at them, Omeonga too went at them, Flo and Horgan for me did not do so enough. Daz and Paul handled the beast up front for them, who should have gone off for fouling Lewis when Lewis was booked. Mallan took a while to get into the game but did do his bit. We just could not break them down.

Pity we didnae beat them, they celebrated like they had won which says it all for me. Still, we remain ahead of them and have an outside shot at Europe.

The Team

Rocky is a good keeper, but his distribution lets him down.

Sir David Gray, scorer of that goal on that day as he captained Hibernian to that Cup Victory had a smashing game today, I felt he could have done with more help from Horgan.

Daz was magnificent, given he had to incorporate both the best fitba and wrestling skills when dealing with the boy who plays up front for the puddle drinkers.

Paul Hanlon too had a smashing game, stopping man mountain.

Lewis had a great game and was very unfortunate with his shot, played in a great ball which Slivka should have scored and should not have been booked when attacked by the aforementioned man mountain.

Mark Milligan had a smashing game today. I liked his efforts after the game with the young Aussie Futsal players, well done Mark.

Stevie Mallan started slowly but really got into the game as we pushed at them.

Daryll Horgan was the last Hibs player to touch the ball before Berra scored his goal for Hibs, otherwise I felt he didnae offer enough today.

Stephane Omeonga is simply a buzzbomb, he never stops, he chases down, is hard but fair, direct, a baller, and all round great wee fitba player. I thought he was superb today.

Flo was the opposite. It’s clear he disnae like playing wide, but too often he looks like he is not trying or indeed caring. He deserved to be hooked at half time, he had been booked, I could see him getting a red.

Marc McNulty should not miss the target when taking a penalty, the keeper saving it is one thing, but missing the target is unforgivable. Otherwise his running is very good, but ploughs a lonely furrow much of the time.


Slivka replaced Flo at half time and for me gave one of his wet blanket performances, better than Flo, but not much better. Missed a good header from a fine ball put across Lewis.

Agyepong got five minutes at the end and I think touched it twice?

I felt we could have brought on another sub earlier, after we missed the penalty and subsequently Berra scored for us, the Gunts looked like they were tiring, instead they got a second wind and equalised, I think Horgan off for Agyepong or Gauld earlier might have seen us keep control, instead it ended up backs the wall and we let the pub team equalise.

Hecky and Stocky continue their unbeaten run in the league, and I do think next season could be a good one, they have mastered Potter and Bloodied Stools, pity we cannae kill them off.

The Puddle drinkers, well fuck them and all who sail them.

Thomson had a reasonable game, he tries to let it flow and booked a fair number of Gunts. If he had more balls he should have sent the big boy off for a second yellow when he fouled Lewis. The second penalty incident was more of a penalty than the first one, and the first one was a stick on!!

Man of the Match for me was Stephane Omeonga, I love watching him play for Hibs, I hope stays after the summer. Honourable mentions for the six players who defend for Hibs, Rocky, Sir David, Daz, Paul, Lewis and Millie, along with Stevie Mallan.

Next up it’s the Huns at the Hunnery next Sunday at 3.30. Must win if we want a European adventure. 900 v 49,000, feels like a fair fight, bring it on!

Hibernian Forever!!

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