Dumbarton 3 Hibernian 2

Deary, deary me Hibernian, you know how to hurt the most faithful of your fans. The 700 Hibs fans who headed west today, give or take two or three total erses, who I will come to later, really didnae deserve that.

Just me and Shrink in the car through, although joined by Southwesthibby and son, Southfield, Tricky, Greenman, SKII and laddies and Sunshine on Leith’s wee group, all with the misfortune of sitting behind two or three of the most disruptive, argumentative, crap talking idiots I have seen supporting Hibs over the last 40 years. Worse, it was the same fannies that caused the bother at the poisonous first trip to Dumbarton in August, the self same ones, slagging Hibs, asking fellow fans to fight them, swearing in front of their kids and then complaining when others swore back at them. For me, their behaviour was part of the reason we let that fat Jambo Nade score that second goal, they distracted the Hibs team and decent fans with their carry on, coupled with a shocker from Oxley who should have knocked the fat man’s heid off instead of losing the challenge to let him score their second. I am not a grass, I frankly have no time for the police at football, but these idiots need to stay away from our Club, they are poison.

On the pitch we miss McGeouch and Fyvie so much, our engine is flat without them, Bartleys fine but he brings nothing to the team going forward, John McGinn was lost to us first half, the defence other than Gunnarsson was very poor, the goalie cost us one goal, Keatings is a waste of a jersey, Carmichael did ok, Jason did nothing again apart from miss two sitters. Then there was the player with passion, a player that cares, Liam Henderson, a diamond sparkling in a crumbling dream. Let’s hope Liam doesn’t make the cut at the dodgers, we need him badly, we need players like him, players that care.

Paul Hanlon got hurt when that obese Nade landed on his leg. He later went off  carried  by Thomson and Fontaine at the end, his season may be over, if it is, so might ours.

I felt that Stubbs delayed the changes yet again, although his starting 11 was as good as he could choose. The problem Alan is, you started believing your own press pal. We are just not that good and the wee diddy teams have worked us out, so well they know how to beat us. Hibernian are a Premiership club in the wrong League, the problem is we have to be a Premiership team to get back to where we think we belong. We are not.

I met  Leeann before the match, possibly scared her a bit with my request to have a wee word with her, I shook her hand and thanked her for her efforts so far. Even Shrink shook her hand, although the request for a ‘photo’ probably crossed the line. I wanted her to know even moany old Hibby’s like me support what she is slowly doing. Her parting words were prosaic though,  ‘we need to win today’ was I felt a wee bit patronising (as I said I think we scared the wummin), but she was right, we did and we didnae.

The players

Mark Oxley made an erse of their second goal, simple.

Gunnarsson was the best of the backs, he pushed forward, linked well with Carmichael and kept going at them.

Darren McGregor started well then quickly went sour, losing the ball to the fat guy they had up front.

Paul Hanlon done ok, but was hurt early, tried to soldier on but I think the laddie has a sore one, a proper sore one.

Stevenson should have been on the post at their third, he wasn’t. He cannae beat a man and its getting wearing now.

Bartley was the only choice today, pity as it was not a game for him. How do you get bullied by a part timer, he did, too often.

McGinn, looked lost and over did things on that basis first half. Every ball disnae have to be a World Cup ball John, as pointed out. Improved second half but he was short of super today.

Danny Carmichael is a wee laddie who is good at fitba. I heard the laddie has a long term niggling injury he cannae quite shake off and was surprised he started today. He did ok actually, there are worse players to have pulled on a green shirt, but we have to work out how we bring him into the play, he is tricky, he can play fitba, but he waited a long time for the ball too often.

Liam Henderson has become the next young Hibernian midfielder to earn a catchy song. When others around him have stopped trying today, Liam didn’t. His goal was a wonderful dribble and shoot effort, his desire is what I want to see shown in that green shirt. My fellow West Lothian Hibby I salute you.

James Keatings is useless. A waste of a jersey.

Jason Cummings has started believing the hype, sorry son that was woeful. Get your finger out pal or you will be working in McDonalds, no throwing muffins around them.


El Aligui came on for Keatings after an hour and done more running onto the pitch than Keatings has done since 2015. Farid then got owned by a guy that works as a plumber most of his week. Well taken goal though.

Boyle came on for the poor Bartley and wanted the ball, pity they didnae give him it.

Fontaine came on for Paul Hanlon. At least he wisnae to blame of any of the three goals as I suspect he and McGregor may be our centre half pairing the rest of the season? That worries me greatly.

The call to Jim Duffy worked. Dumbarton are poor, some of their fans cheered when the Huns scored. They still managed to beat the perennial bottlers though. Nade giving us the 1 5 as he lumbered off was nippy, but if we sing songs about him being a fat johnnys onion rings crispy chicken wings f*****, what do we expect.

The referee was either a cheat or incompetent. I have no doubt on this occasion he was a Hun cheat.

My man of the match today for Hibs was Liam Henderson who was magnificent, his goal was fantastic, his effort could not be questioned, his desire was admirable.

The erses in the stand that poisoned the visit yet again, dinnae come back, I am sure Tynecastle will welcome you, that place is full of the likes of you.



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