Whilst United caused us some minor trouble, we strolled our way into the semi final. United reminded me of us two or three years ago, a team spiralling downhill, confidence gone, nothing about them. Nae luck McGowan, ya Gorgie munter.

Changes saw Keatings in for the injured McGeoch, Fontaine replaced a rested McGregor and Farid El Aligui was back on the bench. Marvin Bartley dropped out completely which I assume was an injury?

For there was pleasing things to see across the pitch and in the stands, not one Hibs player had a poor game, some were very good, some were excellent, a couple were verging on brilliant. In the stands the suggested crowd of 11,500 with 1400 united fans simply did not ring true, where in Sauzee’s name do we seat over 8000 more fans tonight? Has Rodney sat on his calculator whilst he twiddles his thumbs. Ms Dempster gets things right. Keep playing this way Hibs, Easter Road will fill up, people cannot afford to miss the phoenix rising, it’s a fine sight. Great support from the Since1875 lads supported by us codgers in the West!

We, again scored a couple of good goals, both Gray’s volley and Stevenson’s deflected shot were well worked and it was a penalty, Mixu only knows what Rankin was thinking.

Players, well special mentions to Mark Oxley, the most improved player in the Hibs team, the fine return of Fontaine, the excellence of Stevenson, Fyvie and Hanlon, the hard work from Henderson, Malonga, the shoot on sight attitude of James Keatings, the fine work done by Jason, I could go on and on, our team are really, really good to watch.

The players

Mark Oxley was excellent, he really is shaping up to be a very, very good goalkeeper. Done everything he had to and done it well.

David Gray was very good, he was up and down the line all night and put some lovely crosses in. Very well taken volley to put us in the lead.

Liam Fontaine came back in and took the hint, he was very, very good and was playing to get his place back. He managed it I think, great response.

Paul Hanlon was one of two brilliants for me. Paul has become a fine centre half, his softness gone, attackers are now feart of this big, strong, determined fine fitba player. Paul is a Hibs man through and through and has turned into a great centre half. What a performance.

Lewis Stevenson was excellent tonight capped off with a fine goal. Like Gray he was up and down that line all night and United got no change out of Lewis.

Fraser Fyvie was my second brilliant of the evening, he harried, dug, passed, kicked, pushed and swept their midfield aside. What a performance.

John McGinn was good tonight and was strangely substituted, however he wasn’t his usual brilliant self. He is allowed the odd good game.

Liam Henderson was very good, and occasionally excellent. He does tire but stayed on to see a a good game out.

James Keatings was very good and again sometimes excellent, he shoots on site, a great thing to witness. His work rate is first class and its hard to believe he was ever a Jambo. He fits in very well at Hibernian.

Jason played well again, he lead the line well, his penalty was well taken his first one on one with their keeper, was not offside and he chipped the keeper very neatly . He is bringing more and more to his game and is a crucial player for us as he does the one thing that matters for a striker he scores goals. He did that again tonight. Jason was excellent.

Malonga – He played very well, worked hard and had regularly bouts of clever footwork. He toyed with United’s defence for large parts of the game. Should shoot, not pass sometimes.


McGregor came on surprisingly for McGinn, whilst Darren is a fine player and was very good, it did knock our shape for 10 to 15 minutes and we sat too deep until other changes were made. It’s a fine luxury to have an interchangeable centre half group that includes Paul Hanlon, Liam Fontaine, Darren McGregor and Jordan Forster.

Boyle came on for Keatings in a clever substitution as the Squirrel has pace and drew United back.

The final sub saw the welcome return of Farid who replaced the very decent Dom Malonga. Nice to have you back Farid, even had a couple of lovely touches and miss hit a sitter from six yards!!

The Blessed Alan is fast becoming a better manager than Tony Mowbray, the last gaffer to get the Hibs fans back in the ground, on their feet and cheering their heads off. His team played great football, demolished an SPL team whilst playing the best brand of football…… ken the rest.

Are you sitting comfortably? Well I thought Willie Collum refereed very well tonight, firm, fair and generally correct in his decisions. Line got Jason’s first offside chipping of the keeper wrong though.

Dundee United look like we did under Butcher, they are doomed. Mixu needs all the luck in the world to keep them up. I wish him well, Mixu is one of us and I cannae dislike the guy or bad mouth him. You have a battle ahead ma pal.

My man of the match isnae easy, there were probably two. Fraser Fyvie or Paul Hanlon? I think Paul shades it, just. Paul and Fraser you were both brilliant.

Magnificent Hibernian, Magnificent.

Glory, Glory.


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