P1000074Just back and that was magnificent Hibs

I have came home and poured myself a large glass of red. Why? Well our football team tonight were simply magnificent.

I had mentioned marvelous Marvin Barkley’s performance on Saturday and was surprised to see him dropped to the bench tonight. I asked why, and Alan Stubbs answered loud and clear with some tactical genius. His 5 3 2 set up was even complimented by Derek McInnes post match on the radio, with McInnes saying he used the same system in Europe himself. To then bring Marvin in last 10 to tighten us up was for me one of the best things I have witnessed since our young manager came to town, well that and bringing on Danny Carmichael and Dominique Malonga when he did. Very impressed Mr Stubbs, very very impressed.

Much like the managers I felt two very good teams cancelled each other out first half, however Hibs just looked likely to break and score second, and boy did they do so.
Like most weeks in the lower leagues we have premiership players looking good, today w ehad guys in the Championship showing they really are premiership quality. Paul Hanlon was superb, Dylan McGeogh was, well Dylan, and David Gray had his best game in a Hibs shirt.

I also gave Malonga and Cummings a bit of a hard time for their efforts on Saturday. Tonight Jason’s goal was a thing of wonder, and Dom beat six men (or three men at least twice) before sticking it home that we know he just about can. A proverbial stoatir! Easter Road erupted like the good old days.

The players

Oxley, had a good save or two again, and on wee error when he punched when he possibly might have caught it. I will repeat, Mark improves weekly.

David Gray was magnificent as an overlapping right back/ winger tonight, he lead by example. I thought he was better than I have seen him in a Hibs shirt previously and he has had some smashing games.

Fontaine done very well tonight against the might of Rooney and Goodwillie. On their game, Hanlon and Liam can be very good.

Hanlon, yet another great game. Paul Hanlon was magnificent tonight.

MGregor slipped into a back three and whilst I felt he was slow of mind and off the pace first half, he did very well second. Another good Hibs player methinks?

Stevenson worked hard tonight, defending well although I felt he could have done with more help from Henderson?

John McGinn was off the pace a bit tonight, his set plays were not as good as usual, he seemed to slip and slide too much although he did improve last 20. You are allowed an off day son, especially when Hibernian beat the SPL leaders with you playing a part.

Dylan McGeogh makes Hiberniantick, its simple. Smashing fitba player, I think I could write the same thing every week.

Henderson, just didn’t get going tonight. Again, and like McGinn, we beat Aberdeen when two of our excellent young midfielders were not firing on all cylinders. Brilliant.

Boyle – Simply did not give us enough. Try chumming Paul Hanlon to the gym/ boxing son, beef yourself up.

Jason Jason, Jason, what a goal son, what a feckin goal.


Dominic Malonga came on late for Jason Cummings, he twisted, turned, dropped a shoulder, beat a couple of defenders and pinged it into the corner. What agoal goal son, what a feckin goal.

Carmichael – Young Dan came on for Henderson and for the first time in his short Hibs career he looked like the player I thought we signed he cause trouble all over the top third of the field. Well played pal.

Bartley sloted in with 10 to go and solidified the rear guard. It worked well.

Feruz – Not even on the bench, no sure I care why!

Stubbsy tonight showed just how far he has taken our once great club and frankly how much he has learned. Great system, fine performance, intelligent changes. That was a masterclass Alan.

The referee was useless, its became my by-line.

Aberdeen are a good team, they have a very good young manager and excellent, proper fans, much like Hibernian. We beat them tonight but I genuinely hope they win the SPL this season.

My man of the match was a straight choice between Paul Hanlon and David Gray. Both were excellent. I am giving it to David Gray by a proverbial bawhair. Great display David and Paul.

Well done the 9000 Hibs fans tonight, noisy from start to finish, and you turned up in numbers and backed your team.

So, in summary, Hibs tonight may not have given anyone a doing as we always hope for, instead we matched and bettered the number one team in Scottish football.

I am delighted, I am sure you all are too.

  Hibernian Go Bragh


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