Can you imagine if we had actually upped a gear there, we gave the miscreants a doing and it could have been much much more. After a false start with Mrs Humphries laddering her tights after two minutes, the tactical masterstroke of introducing Shinniesta so early was the turning point, after a full two minutes of fitba Hibs decided to give the Dumbos a right good tanking. A great keeper, a solid defence, a masterclass in midfield and the best performance I have seen of the Holt and Cummings pairing. Neil, you got it spot on, players you gave your all, fans you filled the stadium and silenced the Jambos. WE ALL ARE HIBERNIAN FC TONIGHT!

We started with two wide players, Marv slotting in in front of Daz and Fonts, John more of a play maker, Holt causing absolute carnage and Jase’s game coming together in a manner we had hoped we might one day see, he scored, he laid off, he protected the ball, he passed, he ran the raggety erse of the maroon balloons, he was a terror, the terror of the Hearts.

Cathro was punch drunk (he had a can of Topdeck shandy after detention today), Granny McPhee had his hair in his eyes and the Jambo players bickered with each other as the silent section in the Dunbar End offered the odd boo and an auld song or two that barely raised a chorus. They took their captain Bobby Bathroom off at halftime, making Jamie Walkers sisters pants captain second half, captaining a supposed football team and one time war winner.

As I sip a cold Peroni, considering my thoughts on the teams performance, can I just say, I am a very Happy Hibby tonight, along with thousand of others! I like Wednesdays now.

The Team

I thought Marciano had very little to do, but had a couple of confident clearances and a fantastic parry at the end of the game.

David Gray, winning goalscorer and captain of Hibernian when they won the Scottish Cup on the 21st of May 2016 had a smashing game tonight, best he has played in a long while.

Tonight something strange occurred in my football life, Darren McGregor was only average, still hard as nails, still HIBS through and through, but he had a tough shift against the 77 who has mare names than Jimmy Savilles note book.

Fonts had a great first half, but wobbled second half, when he started to try and be Pique not Liam. Did well though.

Mixed opinions in my wee group about Lewis, I thought he done well, others thought he was a bit out of sorts. Who cares, he was in a winning team over that shower of shite.

Big Marv was solid, he was hard, he got us going with his bone shuddering challenges. He did tire, but had a cracking game.

SJM was superb in glimpses, easily lost the ball at other times. He done well enough though, and helped create our third goal.

Although Humphrey started he was off in two shakes of Cathros school blazer. Shinnie replaced him and gave us his best game in a Hibernian jersey, Ok him and SJM are casual and lose the ball too much, but Shinnie talking a Jambo on, playing a simple pass and getting tore right in tonight was a joy to watch. His pass for Jases goal was inch perfect, his goal was wonderful, what a peach, drifting through their defence before unleashing a pearler…..brilliant.

Boyler tries awfy hard, can regularly beat a man but should have done so much more. Needs some upper body work.

Now, Grant Holt. Well I have never taken to him. Tonight I finally did. I thought he had been decent at the Guntery, tonight he was superb. He ran those Gorgie barstewards ragged, he harried, shoved, pushed, kicked and got right in their faces. It worked, their defence was frazzled. Add to that fine touches and knock ons, a wonderful strike home for Jason’s great pass, tonight I wished he was 10 years younger, imagine that in a Hibernian shirt. Well played Grant, have a lie doon pal.

Jason tonight had for me his best performance for Hibernian. As one who defends the laddie, I have watched him develop this season. Yes he is a goal scorer, that is his job, one he does with aplomb, especially against his old employers, the ones that sacked him, the dafties. His touch, his link up play, his shooting, his all round game has improved so much. I thought he was unplayable at times tonight, I know the defenders did. His pass for Holts goal was sublime too, this laddie is going places, with a big cheesy smile plastered across that daft laddie mug of his. Jase, the Broomhouse Pirlo, I salute you son. Have a muffin on me.

The Subs

Graham came on for Holt and showed why Holt is picked ahead of him. Graham scores goals but does little else, Holt is the opposite.

Fraser came on for a cream crackered Jason Cummings and shored us up well, even for the few minutes he was on he got himself right into them.

I thought Neil Lennon and Gary Parker got it spot on, given the original game plan was changed so early. They had those laddies pumped up, the Jambos were never going to beat us with Neil in charge. He hates them as much as us. Thanks guys, that was much appreciated.

I though the supposed best ref in Scotland was poor tonight, no hesiation in booking Shinnie and McGinn, but he used the invisible yellows the gunts kept waving when Walker kept diving and 77 and 4 in bloodied stool coloured shirts kicked and shoved all game. No a good day at the office for the man who refereed that glorious day in May.

Man of the match at the game was given to John McGinn, I am guessing plucked oot the hat by the sponsors guide dug? For me the contenders were Holt, Marv and Shinniesta, however the winner was for me, Jason Cummings, I thought he was magnificent.

Better shoot off, on the 6.45 to Leeds in the morning, trust me to no be in the office the day after we beat that lot, I see a conference call sing song coming the morn at some point, if anyone can find any guntoids under a desk!

Finally, a special thank you to fellow bouncer Robert Barone, cannae beat a joyous manly hug and a beardy kiss on the forehead when Shinniesta scores a pearler against the filth.

See you all on Saturday.

Hibernian Forever!

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