Cold, wet and dreich, I sat in my car in a car park pre match wondering why I love the fitba. 2 hours later, I tell you why, because seeing your team win, in front of the die hards, away from home in some souless Lanarkshire cowp, sitting with supporters who back the team, want us to win, roar the stand roof off when we finally get that goal. It special, its fitba, its being a Hibby.

Reading the lineup on twatter at 2pm, I sat baffled, Nelom starting after his lackluster efforts last Saturday, and dropped on Wednesday, Lewis in the midfield holding role, Bogdan then injured in the warm up, och jings here we go again. And for the first half we huffed and puffed, Mavrias looking puggled, Nelom looking disinterested, Mallan looking better, Lewis struggling in the middle, Boyler all over the place without offering much, Oli and Flo slogging it out with the heifers at the back of the Accies defensive, it was sair to watch. We might have had a penalty had the ref not been that cheating Rangers barsteward Madden , Porteous was fouled in the box, nothing given. Boyler was then bundled in the box, their sub goalie landing on Boylers napper which seen him carried off. It was a blessing, Neil ran on to an affectionate cheer form the Hibs support, their second keeper was replaced by their third and Hyndman came on. Hibs came out second half like a different team.

We have struggled recently, many blame the strikers, for me its the link from midfield that is missing. The link returned second half. Stand up Emerson Hyndman. To have a player who could feed the front line properly, work hard in the opposition third and when Horgan replaced the hapless Nelom he added to that missing link. His ball for Oli Shaw’s goal was a peach, as was Ollies finish. As I said the roar of relief in the Hibs end was a joy to hear.

Hamilton are a poor team, a more confident Hibs team would have brushed them aside. How a club with around 500 fans in a 2200 crowd survives is beyond me.

The Team:

Rocky came back to replaced Adam injured in the warm up. He had little to do, when he did he dealt with it.

Nelom, I am sorry he is rotten. A fellow bouncer suggested I watch Neloms warm up, I wish I had not. It looks like he does not give one shi* of a shi*. Very poor.

Efe was magnificent. Efe is magnificent.

Ryan Porteous is future captain of both Hibernian and Scotland. If he leaves us, it will be for much more money than Super John McGinn.

Mavrias looks like a full back in the latter part of his career, nothing fancy simple passes, steady but no David Gray.

Lewis played the Milligan/ Bartley role and found it difficult but done just fine.

Stevie Mallan I felt offered a bit more today and did fine.

Slivka drifted in and out the game, a player but final ball is not what it might be.

Boyler was injured, a sair yin.

Oli worked his socks off, put himself about and showed the promise I had not recently seen, he scored a fine goal too.

Flo again worked his socks off, was unlucky with efforts and he plays better when teh fans support him. Well played son.


For me the introduction of Emerson Hyndman changed the way we played. he looks to go forward, likes to slide a pass through to the forwards and generally lifted out play. He looks like the type of Hibs player we like. Stay fit son.

Daryll Horgan also came on for Nelom and improved our attacking play, he is direct and takes a man on. Much more the Hibernian way than passing the tits off the fans and the ball without getting anywhere.

I have nothing more to say about Hamilton.

The referee is a lazy Hun barsteward. To see him tell Hibs players not to waste time celebrating after Hamilton has wasted the same time since kick off as he turned away, showed him up for what he is. Refs from the centre circle.

An emotional moment was seeing our manager, Neil Lennon run on after Boyler got hurt. The welcome he was given as he came on told Neil everything he needs to know about how we feel about him and his managerial role at our club. A poke in the eye of the erses who talked of getting rid of him. Feckin erses that they are.

Neil came to the Hibs end after the game with his players to thank us for our support and us for their efforts. Let the wobble be over Neil and lets get Hibernian back up where we belong. You are the right man for Hibernian.

My man of the match was a square go between Ryan and Ollie. Ollie gets it for the goal. Ryan won the square go.

Onwards and upwards.

Hibernian Forever.


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